-After having stormed out of Trapnest’s party, Shin is angry at Takumi for having taken their pet. He wants Nobu to get her back since he knows that Nobu likes her. Nobu, however, thinks that Hachi must really love Takumi and refuses to let Shin group Hachi together with the same women who pay to sleep with him. Shin claims that the women who sleep with him are frivolous and lonely, similar to how Hachi is since she had broke up with her boyfriend. In any case, Shin suspects that Hachi acted on impulse at the beginning, but is now really in love with Takumi. Shin is afraid that she’ll get hurt. On the taxi ride back home, he explains that Hachi is the only woman who is nice to him without wanting anything from him. He suggests that Nobu take Hachi away from Takumi, but Nobu isn’t sure. The only thing Nobu is confident about is that it can’t be Takumi.
-Yasu rushes to Nana’s side in a family restaurant after she calls him there. As it turns out though, she simply forgot her wallet. Of course, her mind is on Takumi staying over at her apartment with Hachi, and that’s what she tells Yasu about.
-Takumi and Hachi are meanwhile in bed together after sex. They both admit to not having significant others, with Takumi explaining that he doesn’t have the time. As they start kissing again, Takumi tells Hachi that he doesn’t want to give her over to anyone because he wants her to be only his.
-Nana tells Yasu that she supports Hachi, but she wonders why it had to be Takumi. She feels that all of her important things – Hachi and Ren – have been taken by Trapnest. Although Nana knows that neither Ren nor Hachi are things that she owns, she still finds it sad. Nana confesses to really thinking of Hachi as a pet dog and considers herself to be the worst. She then gets a mail from Ren, so Yasu suggests that they leave together in the same taxi.
-During the ride, Yasu admits that he was the same as Nana since the girl he was going out with came to Tokyo with Trapnest, as did his best friend. And then there’s the vocalist in his band who’s dating the guitarist of Trapnest. Yasu remembers that Ren had said the same thing before he left for Tokyo that Nana just said – people end up alone, so you can’t be one with someone no matter how close you get. It’s definitely impossible to think that anyone belongs to you. Back then, Ren had wished that Nana was indeed his and that he could take her to Tokyo with him. Yasu had suggested that Ren ask her to go with him, and Ren had said that he’d do so. However, Nana knows that in the end, Ren had instead told her to live how she wanted to.
-At his apartment, Ren offhandedly asks if Nana wants to live with him. She surprises him by saying that she’ll think about it.
-Back at Room 707, Takumi eats the food Hachi prepared and then eventually left because he had work. Hachi waits for Nana’s return, but gets impatient and is about to send Nana a mail when the doorbell rings. However, it’s Nobu who came. He tries to talk to Hachi, but he can’t say anything and decides instead to come again later. He feels that he can’t compete with Takumi yet, but vows someday to surpass him.
-At home, Yasu finds two messages on his answering machine. One is from Naoki, the drummer of Trapnest, wanting to see him. The other is from a Kawano from Gaia Music, who claims to have seen the live video and demo tape that they sent and wants to talk with them.
-At a party, Shin receives an envelope full of money from Reira.
-Ren and Nana are at a convenience store, and Nana insists on paying for her own things.
-In retrospect, Hachi says that despite them spending so much time together, she didn’t understand Nana at all. She hadn’t even noticed that Nana was hurt, and so she asks for Nana’s forgiveness.

Hachi’s expression in this shot is priceless.
-Yay for Reira hooking up with Shin! More Reira soon 🙂
-Nobu is the clear underdog for Hachi’s heart, but I don’t exactly find myself rooting for him, despite Takumi being the other guy. For now, Nobu really loses out to Takumi in all respects, except for maybe sleaziness.


  1. I don’t know about him really being as sleazy as Takumi. If anything, I would say Nobu’s most glaring weakness is is lack of confidence. That, and his indecisiveness. The fact that he professes to play the guitar out of no other ambition than to enjoy making music seems to suggest that he does not have ulterior motives very often. Deep down I think he does care for Hachi, it’s just that he feels his own merits are far from ideal, and he unconsciously is putting Takumi on a pedestal. Shin was definitely right that Hachi has the potential to be seriously hurt if she stays in a relationship with Takumi.

    Overall though, I am thrilled because now the anime is starting to capture the tone and pace of the Manga. The manga, for those who haven’t read it, is pretty addictive. Torrid stuff for sure. Can’t wait for the next episode!

  2. Either way, in the long run, Nobu’s own indecisiveness of who he wants will kill his chances. That boy needs some self esteem classes. He’s got to stop holding himself back and learn to go after what he wants.

    PS Omni, glad you managed to find the time to keep up the site. I can only imagine how hard it is keeping current with all the stuff ypu blog here. Thanks for keeping it going

  3. The only reason that NabuShow Spoiler ▼

    Thank goodness this manga don’t deal with VD

  4. Aaw. Nobu’s the best though… Though I don’t think they played his feelings out correctly in the anime, it seems much more sudden than in the manga for some reason.

    I actually like Takumi after the manga recently though, though Nobu’s still number 1~!

  5. It’s interesting that Nana will let Yasu pay for things but not Ren. I wish I liked either Ren or Yasu less than I do, but I like them both the same so I can’t say who I want Nana to end up with.

    Hachi is a lost cause in my book.

  6. Wow. what a great episode. I found this site by chance and now I’m absolutely addicted to it. Great work! I didn’t even know these sites existed! It’s great that you take the time to do it!

    Absolutely love this manga series and the anime. I actually like Takumi, especially in the manga. He’s a very complex character, even if he comes off as a sleaze most of the time.

  7. Thanks for another great summary and screencaps ^_^
    I haven’t read the manga, but personally, I think Hachi and Nobu would be good together.
    They both make up imaginary people, and Nobu has the money to support all the expensive things Hachi likes 😛

    I think that Hachi and Takumi will be together, at least for awhile.
    In episode 19 when she says something like “I don’t need a kind man anymore. Because it’ll hurt too much when he’ll betray me.” So far, I think Takumi fits that… I think eventually he’ll cheat on her… and then Nobu will have his chance 😉

    If Hachi/Nobu doesn’t happen, I think Nobu/Misato would be a cute couple as well.

  8. Huh. When we finally meet him, Takumi seems like a jerk, but, as this anime/manga progresses, it becomes more apparent that he isn’t a bad person (or not always). I rather like him. A lot of people seem to miss out on what happened in the episode where Shin threw his drink in Takumi’s face–and Takumi’s reaction. Show Spoiler ▼


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