-Kiishimu confirms that there is indeed a feather in her world and blames it as the source of all the misfortune. She hopes that everything will be resolved if they can get the feather back.
-Syaoran finds it strange that even though Mokona’s not here, they are still able to understand each other’s words. Back in Nayutaya, Mokona is proposing the idea that Syaoran and the others went to a reverse world that’s connected with the current one.
-Kiishimu remembers that after the events of the last time Syaoran and company were here, she had brought Burugaru to this world. By chance, another feather floated into Burugaru’s hands, allowing him to stand up to Kiishimu’s powers. In fact, he now controls this world through the feather.
-Kiishimu finds Chun Hyang and Sorata a place to hide while Syaoran and Kurogane go off to get the feather. Chun Hyang wants to go too, but Syaoran wants her to wait there and Kurogane points out that she can’t fight without her mirror, which is back in the other world.
-After Syaoran and Kurogane leave, Kiishimu recalls a match with Chun Hyang’s mother, where Chun Hyang’s mother had used the Strongest Hijutsu. Chun Hyang wants to know about it, but Kiishimu says that she has to learn on her own what it is.
-Syaoran and Kurogane attack the front gate of Burugaru’s castle and are met by hordes of soldiers. Kurogane aims for the gems on the soldiers foreheads – cutting them breaks the control on the soldier and returns life to the corresponding person from Chun Hyang’s world.
-Sakura is with Fye and Mokona at the same river that Chun Hyang and Sorata are hiding at, except in different worlds. With the power of the mirror, she is able to walk over the water and cross over worlds. Sakura gives Chun Hyang her mirror back.
-Sorata sees all of this world’s villagers trying to protect their world from the humans and is reminded of himself. Knowing now that the people of this world were only being used, he apologizes to Kiishimu.
-When this world’s villagers finds Chun Hyang’s group, she jumps down and confronts them head on. Instead of using the mirror and her powers, Chun Hyang lays it down. She opens her arms and wants the villagers to believe in her, claiming that she believes in all of them. Kiishimu remembers that this is the same thing Chun Hyang’s mother did, what she had called the Strongest Hijutsu. Not using power becomes true power.
-Syaoran defeats Burugaru and is backed up by Kurogane and everyone else. He tries to make one last desperate attack at Syaoran, but is met instead by Syaoran’s foot.
-Afterwards, Kiishimu proposes to Chun Hyang that they link their worlds since they don’t need to fight.
-Having recovered another feather, Syaoran and company move on to the next world.


-So I almost fell asleep watching this episode. That’s partially because I was tired and partially because this episode just wasn’t that interesting – probably about as much as last week.
-You’d think that after what Syaoran learned in the Kero-chan and Mokona episode, he’d know better than to have people wait for him, yet that’s exactly what he wanted Chun Hyang to do.
-At one point, I seriously thought Chun Hyang was going to try to solve all this with a hug.
-Next week, Sakura’s going to be working a job.


  1. Nother interesting episode, i wanna watch it… stupid friend still hasn’t burnt it to DVD T.T i’m like…. 10 eps behind xD. and my net is capped so can’t dl, but man i wanna watch more. looks like it’s goten pretty far from where i’m up to T.T Mokona’s pic (picture 2)is so cute, just like him

  2. well… it’s still better than the one about the bus. I thought it was boring too. Looks like sakura will be working with gangsters or something. It also looks like season two will be full of fillers.

  3. LOL i can so imagine chun yang hugging everyone barney fashion…and whats with the repetition…like father like son thing, and didnt fye told him to not tell people to wait for him in the father episode???! urgh.


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