OP Sequence

OP: 「宇宙で恋は☆るるんルーン」 (Uchuu de Koi wa ☆ Ru-Rune Rune) by ルーンエンジェル隊 (Rune Angel-Tai)
Watch the OP! Mirror 1 (64MB, XviD)

ED Sequence

ED: 「Happy Flight」 by 富田麻帆 (Tomita Maho)
Watch the ED! Mirror 1 Mirror 2 (20.1MB, XviD)
Not a huge fan of either the OP or the ED songs, but I do have to say that the OP has a whole lot going on at once. It’s very flashy, colorful, has lots of movement, and looks quite good.

-I wasn’t planning on watching this either, but I did anyway on a whim. And boy am I glad I did. Though I came in with virtually no knowledge about Galaxy Angel, I found this premiere to be hilarious and of really high quality. Of course my favorite character immediately became Hirano Aya’s Kahlua/Tequila, and that was before she had that scene. I think that satisfies the yuri quota for now. 🙂
-The CG was quite impressive, much more than I was expecting from this series. Well, certain parts anyway. I didn’t really like the blurred motion CG, but overall it was very good.
-The whole KEEP OUT barricade tape reminds me of Chokotto Sister. Seems to be a recent fad, maybe? I wonder if they’re going to remove that tape for the DVDs like Chokotto Sister promises to.
-I may just end up blogging this series instead of La Corda D’Oro since this impressed me so much more. Looks like Sundays won’t be so boring after all.


  1. Producers: BROCCOLI (original game), Madhouse (animation production) and Bandai Visual – same producers of the first Galaxy Angel series (which was around four seasons), which I really liked for its great comedy and laughs. I hope we get to see Millfeulle, Ranpha, Forte, Vanilla, Mint and of course Normad (^_^) in Galaxy Angelune as well lol!

  2. i really liked the older Galaxy Angel series, so I’m happy that this one seems to be good as well ^^ Maybe you should take a look at the older ones as well, they were so funny imho =)

  3. I’m glad that you are blogging this serie over La Corda D’Oro since I’m have been followed all of GA series and it’s very hard to look for fansub who sub this serie and my japanese skill isn’t good enough to watch it raw. I suggest if you have time you should find the first 4 seasons of Galaxy Angel since it was hilarious show.

    AI Yun
  4. y didnt u summarize chokotto sister. its so similar to this episode with the keep out tape.
    btw did u guys notice the 7th picture down in the left. do u guys know wat it is cus it looks like se*** to me,but its probably just melting ice cream

  5. The previous series [at least the parts I watched, need to get the last part] were very episodic for the most part. You could pick it up anywhere and you wouldn’t be lost or anything.

    I’ll probably check this out, just because the original was so hillarious.

  6. Just from the screen caps alone, I find this series just as funny as GA. Since GA2 is on the same universe as GA, it remains to be seen how will the original Angels be involves in this anime (they did in the GA2 games, but I found Milfeulle’s fate in that game very disturbing).

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  8. Finally!!! Galaxy Angels FTW! Though I’d probably miss Forte, Ranpha, Mint, Milfielle and most importantly, Vanilla. Hopefully they’ll have some sort of cameo in the later episodes.

    Can’t wait to watch the first sub! Go Galaxy Angel! Keep blogging… I mean, entertaining us! 😉

  9. >I wonder if they’re going to remove that tape for the DVDs like Chokotto Sister promises to.

    I’m not sure if that has any meaning if they simply replace the tape with Moza, whats the difference.

  10. I’m probably gonna stick with watching with it only because it’s GA. Aya Hirano fans better not watch it just to fanboy it either, that’ll piss the hell out of me. Either way, I’ve been trying to avoid judging anime by first episodes this season. They totally mellowed out Nano-Nano’s personality though. This is not the same Nanonano nanoda, I remember from the games.

    Anywho, they better improve the battle scenes to. The whole battle in it had no substance whatsoever.


  11. Its Galaxy Angel whats not to like?! Anyways I’ll definetely be looking for this when it gets subbed cause even the raw made me laugh. The opening is still as crazy as any of the other Galaxy Angel openings and for some reason I can’t… stop…. listening to it!

  12. The thing to like about Galaxy Angel is the comedy and character interaction. The thing not to like about Galaxy Angel is the plot which is always the suck big time. Decisions…decisions. What the hell even if there is plot I’m going to watch anyway.

  13. I took almost 4 days to watch the 4 anime series that precede this one. My only hope for Galaxy Ange-rune is that they keep the humor stuff to the TOP-LEVEL.

    Damn those stupid “KEEP OUT” tags. If they don’t want to show something ecchi, don’t draw it… at least if they think to realize a DVD version uncensored. Oh well…

    Just finished with the Spring/Summer season (my HD is happy now with that free space he has now). I’m ready to begin with this show.

    Syaoran Li
  14. This show HAS.







    If this wasn’t based on Galaxy Angel, and if it didn’t have that “Laffy-Taffy-shaking” OP; it would’ve definetely suck.

    Oh well… Time to buy some DVD+RWs.

  15. Watching this.

    What Tyrenol said = Me watching.

    Looks like I have somehing to keep me busy till next year.


    Hope you continue. Good thing about GA is that it makes sense in not making sense. Am I making sense.

    Ah well, I love it. I watched all four of the previous seasons and I loved them but I will miss the girls. Hopefully, they will appear.

    Demon Eyes

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