-The group arrives in another new world where Mokona almost immediately senses a feather. They track it down to a store owned by Oruha, but she tells them that it’s price is 100,000 Yul. In comparison, one cup of coffee runs 350 Yul. Although unable to afford it for now, Syaoran asks Oruha to sell it to them and vows to work to make the money, so Oruha decides to reserve it for them for three days.
-Fye trades in some miscellaneous stuff that he’s picked up so that they can get lodging. Erii tells them of a center that introduces jobs to people, but also warns that it’s hard to find work.
-The next day, the guys go out to work and ask that Sakura and Mokona stay in the room. Fye’s job for the two of them is to watch over the feather that they got from the previous world. After the guys leave, the feather starts glowing and soon the hijutsu power that was around the feather disappears, so the feather can be returned to Sakura’s body.
-From the feather, Sakura regains a memory of going to the market with her brother Touya and Yukito. Sakura had helped a vendor woman pick up a dropped apple and then had a request for that woman.
-After waking up from her memories, Sakura decides to go out to find a job herself. At the job referral center, Sakura first gets a job working with this world’s Touya and Yukito in their roadside bistro. That lasts until the car that the guys are operating out of explodes.
-Sakura’s next job involves driving a cart around a warehouse, but that ends when she and Mokona crash the cart.
-Sakura’s third job is in a pub operated by Caldina. Everything seems to be working out great until three thugs appear and want Caldina to hand over the place to them. When the thugs go after Sakura, it is Syaoran, Kurogane, and Fye who step in to help. It seems that Caldina had hired the three of them as special guardsmen, and they have no trouble scaring off the thugs.
-With the money they made, the group is able to buy the brooch that the feather is attached to. Oruha points out that despite the difficulties, it was fun for Sakura.
-Sakura puts the brooch on, but the feather reacts to her and returns to her body. From it, Sakura is able to remember the rest of the marketplace memory. She had asked that lady if she could help sell the apples and had ended up attracting quite a crowd of people as she happily called out to them.


-Another anime-original world, but this episode didn’t seem quite as bad as last week’s, but I can’t really explain why. This felt like it was an excuse to dress Sakura (and Mokona) up in different uniforms, though it was cute, especially the young Sakura parts.
-I wish that Syaoran hadn’t saved Sakura, so that we could see Sakura defending herself for a change. I really just don’t want to see Syaoran protecting her for the millionth time because it gets rather predictable. Still, it was Sakura who worked the hardest overall this episode, and she had fun doing it.
-We should be getting fairly close to a final arc now that we’re just a few episodes away from the end of this second series. It’s likely going to be all anime-original material, but we’ll see how it turns out.


  1. yeah, i agree with your statement; i want to see more Sakura defending herself, like that one episode in the race, where she won by herself!!

    and sakura is really a cutie, they did a good job on her, just wish she was a lil more self-reliant rather than leaning on Syaoran for all those times… although i guess that’s sorta what the story is about…

  2. There’s something wrong with me. I was actually glad to see mess up and land flat on her back. I like this anime but Sakura is beginning to grate. She’s never less than perfectly graceful, never says much other than “Syaoran-kun” and makes her little noises, and is perpetually sheltered and protected. Until this episode. I, too, would have liked to see how Sakura would handle herself. Foiled again. Curses!

    By the by, is there anyone still out there subbing this anime? Random Curiosity is doing a superb job of summarizing each episode (I always come here before watching the RAW) but it’s not quite the same as getting the whole thing line by line. The one group I know of still subbing (or at least, hasn’t formally announced that it is no longer subbing) hasn’t put anything out since Episode 40. I don’t need any links, thanks, I’m just wondering if there’s anyone else out there doing this, too.

  3. The episode was pretty decent. My favorite part was when sakura fell on her back in the warehouse.
    To S: there is another group subbing tsubasa. Just look on youtube and u’ll find some.

  4. I liked this episode, not that much cuz I almost don’t like these fillers except for somes, but this one was ok, though I may be wrong but the animation went down from the half of the episode to the end O_o; or something like that…o,O and when the guys were going to attack sakura, I didn’t think syaoran would save her, cuz, hell XD he wasn’t there…but oh he magically appeared @_@ and saved her, and I’m okay with it, I like a lot when he protects her, but…I can get a bit tired of it too XP

  5. i love it so much. forever sakura and syaoran!!! the best love and adventure story. i really like them than anything else.i always waiting 4 them. figthing!!! sakura n syaoran!! cardcaptor sakura n tsubasa reservoir


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