OP Sequence

OP: 「あい」 (Ai) by アツミサオリ (Atsumi Saori)
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Enomoto Chihiro and his childhood friend Akiyama Tokino win the positions of chairman and vice-chairman of the next student council through a lottery. With the help of Kamishakujii Renko, who is going to be the next secretary, and Yamada Kaoruko, Renko’s assistant, the group sets out to find the fourth and final part of their team – the treasurer – because the complete group must go see the current chairman within the next 24 hours. They finally figure out the next day that the treasurer is a girl named Asagiri Koyuki, and this results in a chase between her and them. Koyuki eventually flees into a clock tower, but Chihiro persuades her out, much like how he helped a chick back when he was young. The complete group rushes to the student council room, but end up being one minute late. All seems lost, but fortunately for them the current chairman Ritsuko Kübel Kettenkrad decides that although the instructions to come to the student council room were given out at 12:00PM the day before, Chihiro and company didn’t send an acknowledgment until 12:02PM. Because of this, the four will be tentatively recognized as the next student council officers. At the very end, Chihiro realizes that the chairman is actually one of the girls he used to play with when he was a kid.

ED Sequence

ED: 「Harmonies*」 by 野中藍 and 小清水亜美 (Nonoka Ai and Koshimizu Ami)
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Atsumi Saori sang the ED to Genshiken, which I liked a lot. So when I heard her singing OP when I saw the promo for this show, I was pretty happy. Nonoka Ai and Koshimizu Ami also did a pretty good job for the ED here. Still, as much as I hate to admit it, I miss UNDER17’s songs.

-I’m overall a bit disappointed at this. I didn’t find the episode that funny or that interesting, though I did enjoy hearing Gotou Yuuko as Kaoruko. There are some big changes from the designs and characters from the OVAs, which are what I’m measuring this series against. Maybe it’ll get better when the Chairman/Ritsuko gets more involved into the story.
-The best part of the episode was Madarame of Genshiken doing the next episode preview with Ogiue. That just made my day.


  1. ehehe too much better than the ova?
    well i guess some good stuffs here are ok…
    though there are some wierd stuffs like the characters faces
    though i like both op and ed + that cute little chairman! i like her! nice helmet i should say! ehehe

  2. ho heck with all the ppl moaning about wanting more genshiken. I rather liked the Kujibiki unbalance OVA but I’m really dissapointed that they changed so much. I would have liked all the roles to have stayed the same. I was always for ChaimanXchihiro

    Futari no heart unbalance, Kujibiki unbalance…

  3. Hyperkinetic and hilarious first episode. Wasn’t expecting much, so I was pleasantly surprised. I didn’t catch on to the fact that Gotou Yuuko was an android until much later…

    Was that a parody of mai hime in the OP?

  4. I really, really, really miss the Under17 OP for the KujiAn OVAs.

    As a standalone anime this TV series isn’t bad, but I keep thinking of how much better I’d like it if they kept the original OP song.

  5. I really like the Kujibiki Unbalance OVA and with all the material for stories they could have pulled from what episodes were there and what was in the manga about it I too am a little dissappointed they changed it so drastically.

    That said from what I have seen of the images and heard about it from summaries and such I think it still has a lot of the Kujiun magic, it’s just different magic now.

  6. It was random, least to say, and I’m going to suppose it gets more random as the series goes on. (The OP features the characters with superpowers… whoa) I never watched the OVA for Kujibiki Unbalance, but I watched Genshiken and that failed to get my attention, and this episode, for all its randomness, was interesting, at least to me.

    The OP and ED were allright, nothing special.


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