OP Sequence

OP: 「最強○×計画」 (Saikyou OX Keikaku) by MOSAIC.WAV
Watch the OP! Mirror 1 Mirror 1 (26.3MB, XviD)

-Kuzuryuu Momoko is the female heir to the family martial arts style, but she’s not powerful enough. Her father thinks that she should go find the strongest guy to marry so that they can create the strongest descendant.
-Inazuka Koushi is a high school student who one day sees Momoko staring at him through the fourth floor window. She follows him around from the shadows for the rest of the day.
-Koushi’s father Unken isn’t happy that Koushi stopped learning martial arts and is instead aiming to become a public prosecutor. Their argument gets interrupted when Momoko arrives at the door with her bags. Momoko and Unken go out to fight, but she can’t beat Koushi’s father. Still, he recognizes her skill and realizes who she is. Koushi can’t believe it when he finds out that Unken and Momoko’s father made a deal a long time ago that their children would get married.
-Momoko lays out a bed and tries to get Koushi to sleep with her, but he flat out rejects her.
-Momoko doesn’t give up and follows Koushi around the next day. She tries to jog his memory about having met her before when they played together when they were young.
-At school, Momoko appears everywhere trying to appeal to Koushi. This includes making him lunch, but it’s filled with dead frogs and lizards. She also tries to model for him and shows up naked in bed when he goes to the infirmary.
-Koushi finds himself frozen still when he’s near some school bullies, unable to do anything. The thugs notice and pick on him, making him do their homework, and in the process proving to themselves that the rumor that Koushi was strong isn’t true.
-Momoko continues in her quest to get Koushi to sleep with her, but all attempts fail. She doesn’t think that she’s good enough for the strong Koushi, but Unken corrects her since he knows that Koushi is actually weak. He tells Momoko about how Koushi can’t do anything when there’s violence occurring in front of him and how Koushi quit martial arts.
-The next day, Momoko asks why Koushi quit martial arts, but he can’t remember. The two happen to pass by the thugs beating up on a guy, but Koushi freezes up and wants to leave them alone. He is instead looking ahead to going after bigger criminals and is fine with leaving this small matter. This makes Momoko wonder if her asking for help when they were young and she was getting bullied was a small thing too. She remembers how strong he had looked back then, and how she had remembered that through her own training. Koushi thinks that he’s a coward, but Momoko calls that a lie and points out that he’s got his fists clenched.
-Koushi goes to confront the thugs, but his form of attack is spewing legal jargon about their crimes. The guys don’t get scared and instead get ready to beat him up. Koushi hears Momoko telling him to do his best, and it triggers the memory of his past when something similar happened. But back then, even though he had stood up, he had been beaten up and humiliated – that’s why he stopped martial arts.
-Using his brains, Koushi decides to use Momoko’s fighting ability, so he acts like he’s superior to the thugs. They insult him to the point to where Momoko can’t stand it anymore and unleashes her powers. To follow it up, Koushi beats them each on the head with his law book. Koushi ends up declaring that he won’t stop fighting crime, which makes Momoko like even more.
-Having regained all love and respect for Koushi, Momoko once again wants to sleep with him, but of course he still refuses.

ED Sequence

ED: 「NO ROCK NO LIFE」 by Honey Bee
Watch the ED! Mirror 1 (56MB, XviD)
So while the OP is a fast paced song that sets the right mood for this series, I didn’t really like it. In comparison, I like Honey Bee’s ending song a lot more.

-The episode is about what I expected. I didn’t really laugh at the funny stuff because I had seen them all in the manga, so in that sense, I had already spoiled this series for myself. That’s not to say that this is a boring show. I mean, where else do you have a loli girl trying to have sex with the main character so they can produce a strong heir? Throw in some really absurd sounding martial arts moves and that’s what this series is. Those martial arts moves are probably my favorite parts of this episode, just because they feel so over the top.
-I probably won’t continue blogging this, but I will watch it until at least Iroha shows up (with scenes like this). That should also be long enough for Hirano Aya’s character Sanae to get some lines, assuming they continue following the manga.


  1. doesnt look bad, although i wouldve preffered more mature women than lolis, i mean who doesnt want normal girls try hatd to have sex with you?
    If you want a more mature looking woman instead of a loli, wait until Sanae (voiced by Hirano Aya) shows up.

  2. Whoa, it seems too much like Rizelmine. Anyways, i don’t think i’ll watch this one. The character design seem to be a little off and the story doesn’t really apeal to me either.

  3. omg, I love the OP! It’s just sooo…. The song is just amazing! And the part where koushi showed that “No” pillow… haha!!!! I thought that’s just for the no-Y’s benefit?

    Anyway,… OMG! The OP!!!! THE OP!!!! I love it! LOVE IT!!!! No, there’s no need to wait for it to grow on me; it already did the moment I heard it! When’s the OP album coming out??

    Anyway,… OMG! The OP…wait, did I say that before? 😛 Anyone know the title of the song? What’s that “OX” supposed to mean/pronounce btw?

    Personally, I really like Momoko’s voice. She’s got a really, … non-shana-like voice, which makes things really fresh. In fact, I think she sounds kinda like Himeko (Pani Poni Dash). Heck, she’s even got that ahoge!

    Definitely following this series!

  4. I finally got a chance to watch this… and from the opening, it really reminded me of Ranma 1/2 in its zaniness. I liked the opening better than the ending. As for the show itself, It wasn’t hilarious, but it had a lot of funny moments. I’m liking it. I take it Koushi never learns martial arts since he’ll have two other deadly girls chasing his tail?

  5. Animation and direction was good but somehow it looked kinda cheap. Maybe I’ve been spoiled by all the high-quality animation offerings of the last season (Ouran High School, Black Lagoon, Utawarerumono, etc) but I thought the art lacked a certain refinement that other shows have. Or maybe they should invest in a blur/anti-aliasing filter.

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