To get to the headquarters of the Black Order, Allen is forced to climb up the side of a mountain spire. The Exorcists inside headquarters don’t know who Allen is, but they do recognize Timcanpy as General Cross’ golem. They are doubtful when Allen claims to have been sent by Cross Marian, so the gatekeeper x-rays Allen and sees the cursed pentacle above his right eye. The gatekeeper assumes that it proves Allen is an Akuma and that he’s related to the Millennium Earl, so the Exorcists go on alert. The Exorcist named Kanda is already outside and ready to fight. Allen barely brings out his claw in time to defend himself from Kanda’s sword, which leaves a large gash. Noticing the arm that Allen claims is an anti-Akuma weapon, Kanda questions what the gatekeeper saw. Since the gatekeeper is unsure, Kanda decides to cut Allen with his Mugen sword, but Allen stops him by claiming that Cross sent ahead a letter of recommendation addressed to a man named Komui. Inside the headquarters, all eyes turn to supervisor Komui, who orders his desk searched for the letter. When it’s found and Allen’s story confirmed, the Exorcists open the doors to Headquarters. Kanda continues to hold his sword in Allen’s face until Komui’s assistant Lenalee hits him on the head and makes them go inside. As they part ways, Allen tries to shake Kanda’s hand, but Kanda refuses because Allen is cursed.
After a brief tour of the place, Lenalee brings Allen to Komui. The supervisor takes him to an operating room and examines Allen’s damaged arm. Komui realizes that Allen is a rare parasitic-type who can turn his body into a weapon. As she watches Komui repairing Allen’s arm, Lenalee asks if Komui is going to go check if Allen is human or not. Komui, however, is already sure that Allen is human because only humans get cursed in this world. Afterwards, he tells Allen that the parasitic-type is one of the best for activating the powers of Innocence. He then brings Allen in front of a group of shadowy men representing their boss who tell Allen that he has a God’s Innocence. Allen is then surprised when a creature suddenly appears from the darkness, embraces Allen, and lifts him up. It taps into his arm, and Komui believes that Allen can’t resist because of the anesthesia from earlier. However, Allen somehow overcomes this and activates his arm, forcing the creature Hevlaska to knock him out. She finds that his synchronization percentage with his weapon is at 83%, which is a number useful for determining how hard or easy it is for an Exorcist to activate their weapon. Having learned something about his Innocence, Hevlaska tells Allen that it will create The Destroyer of Time sometime in the black future.
Komui is impressed by this, but Allen reacts to him by attempting to punch him. As for what Innocence really is, Komui explains that a cube was found a century ago. On it was a message about winning against the darkness and a warning about more trouble. The cube was called God’s Crystal and Innocence, and Anti-Akuma weapons turn the Innocence into weaponry. The creators of the cube fought and defeated the Millennium Earl with the Innocence, but the world was destroyed in Noah’s Flood. Through the cube, they know about these Three Days of Darkness and how the world will end again because of the Millennium Earl. To fight him, there are the ones with Innocence, the Exorcists. The Millennium Earl meanwhile created Akuma with dark matter and wants to destroy the Innocence. Because of Noah’s Flood, there are 109 units of Innocence across the world, which the Black Order is trying to recover. The shadowy figures from before say that losing means the world will be destroyed, and it is thus Allen’s destiny to fight since he was chosen by the Innocence. After shaking hands with Allen, Komui adds that Hevlaska is an Exorcist too, the Guardian of Innocence. It is in his room later that Allen vows to himself and a person he calls Mana that he won’t stop and will continue walking until his life comes to an end.


Well, plenty of religious references this week as we get to learn a lot more about the back-story. As much as I want to believe that the Black Order are the good guys, I always have some suspicions that the religious side is hiding something big. It doesn’t help that it’s called the Black Order and has shadowy guys leading it. Or maybe I’m just paranoid. In any case, it seems that the Millennium Earl is trying to destroy all the Innocence whereas the Black Order wants to use those people to fight him.
Plenty of new characters (Komui, Lenalee, Kanda) introduced today who I assume will be part of the main cast from now on given how prominently they’re featured in the OP. There were also some nice effects on Kanda’s sword, which was one of the more impressive and exciting parts. The latter half of the episode was mainly explanation about the past, but there’s still plenty of stuff they haven’t revealed, like why Allen is cursed or who Mana is. Still, I’m looking forward to some more action net week.


  1. How long does everyone think the series will be by looking at the 2 eps and the manga?
    I think there SHOULD be 26, but i dont think it will be as long as 52…because they cut off alittle bit so far when in the manga, before going to the Black order, he meets a small friend ( some guy with blonde hair) and he is actually an akuma..I thought that would be episode 2 but they cut it out..other then that it looks very similar to the manga

  2. Predictably in the future Allen’s synchronization will increase to some stupidly high level, that arm will go through several major upgrades in power, and he’ll be able to take on whole armies of Akumas or whatever new monsters the show deign to throw at us…

  3. I’m guessing they skipped the chapters where they explain Allen’s curse and Mana so they could introduce the Black Order more quickly :X (which was a good choice imo since I thought the manga dragged a bit in the beginning).

  4. The episode looks good ,but they did seem to to skip some chapters that happened before Allen had reached the Black Order.Though we do get to see Kanda and Lenalee, I still wanted to see Mana and that boy,I think his name was Jean.

  5. I thought the mangaka is already back? All my current Jump has D Gray man in it. Only Togashi-sensei can be sick for a long time. Be careful when the series becomes darker. it can result in severe depression

  6. Yeah, it resumed serialization back in June (was on hiatus for four months). I’d say it’s probably in it’s final arc or is almost there (things are really pulling together). Probably once Cross finally shows his face, it’ll end soon. If the anime doesn’t rush things, it may be able to follow the manga to the end pretty well.

  7. I will continue it to the end also, its just so good once u get into it…PLEASE KEEP ON BLOGGING IT!! It could be the tuesday show, not including Death note cuz that is something different.

  8. Ya, they skipped the 2 chapter backstory on Allen. Which is a good move IMO.

    Anyway, I think, if they can play their cards right, this will last over 52 episodes, cause the manga is nearing 100 chapters and ongoing.


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