Since he’s following Light around, Ryuk has to sit through a day’s worth of boring class. After school, he watches as Light turns down his friends because he’s got something to do. That something is of course writing in the Death Note. Light works very hard on this when he gets home because he only has from then until when he goes to bed to write names. He wants to achieve his ideal world without evil, but he lacks the time. As he finishes telling Ryuk this, Light hears his little sister Sayu trying to get into his room because she wants help with her homework. He lets her in, but Ryuk warns him to be careful because a person touching the Death Note means that he or she will be able to see Ryuk.
Meanwhile, at the ICPO headquarters, the various national representatives are meeting to discuss the situation with all of the criminals dying mysteriously of heart attacks. There is disagreement between the countries about if those people deserved to die anyway and whether or not this was murder. With tensions flaring, accusations flying, and people starting to argue, one of the leading men declares that they need to call on “L” to resolve this. As the room quiets down to discuss this, the rookie Japanese representative asks his chief who L is. The chief explains that although no one knows L’s name, his location, or his face, L can solve any crime and is their last resort.
In fact, L is already investigating this, according to a mysterious man who suddenly appears in front of the Interpol body. The Japanese chief recognizes this man as Watari, L’s contact with the outside world. Watari asks everyone to be quiet and proceeds to produce a laptop through which L communicates with the group. L calls this an unforgivable, brutal murder and specifically asks for the cooperation of the Japanese police. This is because he believes that the culprit is Japanese or is hiding in Japan. As for why L feels this way, he thinks that it’ll become clear in the upcoming showdown.
During all this, Light is taking steps to ensure that no one else touches the Death Note other than himself so that he doesn’t end up having to kill his own family. When he returns to his room, he rigs up a system to hide the Death Note that involves a secret compartment in his desk. This compartment can only be opened with the ink cartridge of a pen used to lift up the cover from below via a small hole. What’s more, Light has booby trapped it so that it must be opened via the pen or else it will ignite the gasoline and destroy the Death Note. When Ryuk calls it dangerous work, Light suggests that he’s been risking danger from the very beginning and thinks that the danger has instead kept him safe.
With news of the criminal killings quickly spreading publicly, a legend of the killer – Kira – develops. Light even shows Ryuk a website proclaiming the legend of the savior Kira. Light thinks that Kira is probably from “Killer” and accepts it as his new identity, feeling that people know there exists a person serving justice. He tells Ryuk of a topic of discussion from school about if it’s okay to kill bad people. Like good children, everyone agreed that they couldn’t do that. Light believes that this is the way correct way people act in public, but how they really feel is represented by the websites. People who don’t have sins cheer on Kira and people who have sins fear divine punishment.
All of this makes Light quite happy because everything is going according to plan. But then an unexpected surprise that interrupts his fun appears on TV: a message from the ICPO. The man on TV, who is identified as L, introduces himself as Lind. L. Taylor and vows to capture Kira. Light’s not too worried because he doesn’t think that they have any evidence on him without the Death Note. What drives Light over the edge is when L claims that what Kira’s done is evil. Light believes that he is justice – the man who became god for everyone’s ideal new world to save the weak from evil. The people who go against this god are the evil ones.
Light then opens the Death Note and writes in large letters “Lind. L. Taylor.” He waits out the 40 seconds and happily watches as L dies on screen of a heart attack exactly as expected. To his shock though, the screen is replaced by a single “L” letter and a distorted voice proclaiming that he can’t believe what just happened. The voice realizes that Kira can kill without acting directly, but wouldn’t have believed it without seeing it for himself. It seems that the Lind. L. Taylor that Light killed was a decoy who was originally sentenced to be executed today anyway. In other words, it wasn’t L.
The real L now challenges Kira to kill him, but Light can’t do anything since he doesn’t know L’s real name or face. L realizes that there are people that Kira can’t kill, which he takes as a hint. But there was more to L’s plan than this: L had actually only broadcast this in the Kanto region of Japan, and since Kira had reacted, L now knows that Kira is in this area. L explains that the first victim had been the killer from Shinjuku and that this had only been reported in the news in Japan, which is how L narrowed it down. He is very interested in how Kira commits these murders and vows to figure it out when he catches Kira.
Ryuk finds this situation very amusing because both sides are looking for someone they don’t know the face or name of, and the person who’s found out first dies. Both L and Kira vow to find and deal with the other because each of them thinks of himself as justice.


They appear to be mixing things up a bit from the manga, cutting and pasting all the stuff around L’s introduction. This skips a lot of the police related stuff, but I assume that’s what the next episode will cover. Actually, one thing I noticed, which was true for the first episode too, is that this allows them to do away with the flashback scenes. Doing so takes away the pacing of the manga, and creates a new feel for the animated version, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing.
I find it very interesting that L is the hero, yet since Light is the main character, L also feels like the villain. But that same logic applies to Light too. For now, it’s all about the fundamentals of who’s good and who’s evil. Still, watching L outwit Light made me smile. L is voiced by Yamaguchi Kappei, though his voice didn’t ring any bells for me (no, it didn’t remind me of Inuyasha). On the other hand, Light’s sister Sayu is voiced by Kudou Haruka, whose voice does remind me of Hagu-chan from H&C.


  1. I agree. I hope they do the 2nd part of the manga, even though it isn’t as good as the first. I heard it was only supposed to be 37 episodes though o.O can they fit it all in? o.O I don’t want the story to be rushed.

    Looks good from the screencaps I’m excited to see L!!! *dances*

  2. Well actually OskarAnly, I dont HATE it…I only like the whole “shinagami/death note book” stuff…once it gets to the hardcore investigation stuff, it becomes very boring, so i dont like it very much. And so far, i dont like the anime at all..for alot of reasons.

  3. The investigation stuff isn’t AS good, but I still find it intresting. And yes, I love Death Note. The first episode was awesome, I hope it’s subbed quicker this time as well… >_>

  4. It might just be me, but if there were no L then it wouldnt be as popular. I dont like L…mabye thats why i dont think Death note is good.
    Mabye the investigations are interesting, but its pretty boring also.

  5. WOOOT! im really looking forward to hearing Yamaguchi Kappei do L’s voice. He is so talented (Usopp, Sogeking, Monta), but those are totally different voices as L. L protudes a calm, eccentric, unpredictable aura, let’s see how hes gonna fare in Death Note.
    Death Note is definitely up there among my favorite manga/anime, it’s the plot and the art that won it really.

    p.s: LOL i never knew Yamaguchi Kappei was Inuyasha, damn this guy has some high profile characters!

  6. I wouldn’t mind another ending. The manga’s 2nd part wasn’t nearly as good as the first. If the creator would make another script for the 2nd part, one that’s better then the manga. Then why not?
    Anyway this episode was cool. L’s VA totally fits him. I thougt he wouldn’t cause Usopp from One Piece sounds a little dorky.

  7. @psychohare
    LOL i never knew Yamaguchi Kappei was Inuyasha, damn this guy has some high profile characters!

    Definitely. He’s like the male Megumi Hayashibara. He was also Shinichi Kudou on Detective Conan, which I’m absolutely amazed no one mentioned already.

    And there must not be a lot of old-schoolers around here. No one’s mentioned that bit part he had in that harem anime a few years back. What was that character’s name? Oh yeah–Ranma Saotome.

  8. My spoiler is r-rated don’t read it if you have pure little untainted eyes

    Show Spoiler ▼

    4 me i like death note(the anime & the manga) but light sucks >_>

  9. o boy… i just looked at his profile
    never did realize it’s him, although i did watch Ranma and am still watching Conan (he’s Kaito Kid too ^0^)
    One of the kings in the male seiyuu world i guess’
    Chinese subbers! im counting on ya~

  10. Personally… i like Light alot more than L. Even if he’s an evil murderous stoic guy
    oh well~! … to each his/her own
    yamaguchi kappei! one of the greatest voice actors around. BUt i like Mamoru’s voice even more.

  11. I was drawn to Death Note’s manga. Everything started so cool. Then once the investigation started, everything started to suck. Sure, the whole mind games involved were great, but it kept dragging on and on. Then, someone was gone, then there were new characters at the last 1/3 of the story, and then, and then…. argh!

    Also, I really hated Light’s character. And I’m soooooo glad to see…
    Show Spoiler ▼

  12. It’s great to see Ryuku in his more laid back phase though. I was sort of curious if they were going to let him have his “Hey Raito, let’s play some Mario Golf.” line. Either way, the anime is still keeping up to the same standards. I still can’t picture Yamaguchi Kappei as L though. The Usopp picture still sticks in my mind.

  13. Wow wow it’s because of all the seiyuus that I got interested in this series.
    “Tamaki vs Inuyasha”…. hahahaa good one.

    So this series there’s Tamaki against Inuyasha watched on by Suzumiya Haruhi. hahhahaha…

    I’ve seen the manga. Grip onto me immediately from chapter two. This is really a good series, trust me.

  14. Er…Eld….watch first the first episode again. Light will not be burning in hell so please use some brains before cursing him.

    I don’t understand why so many people hated Light. I love both Light and L. I just hope people understand that Light’s intention to rid the world of evil was good, just that his method was wrong. Worse….he somehow got deviated from that path due to his own greed. Sad to see a genius fell into such a pitiful state. As for L….he’s a sort of eccentric person and I love the way he does things. Too bad nothing can be done to change his fate with Light….

  15. Dward, that’s it. As the series progresses, the motive behind Light’s actions becomes less and less b/c of his desire to save the world from evil but because he is a selfish dude who doesn’t want to die.

    The whole save the world from evil thing is just a cover up so he would not feel as guilty.

    That’s why I dislike him. Cause in my opinion, he is very irresponsible.

  16. hmm too bad this episode didn’t show us L introduction (i hope that one)
    but everytime i see light write the name into death note i feel scare ^_^; (i think because his face)

  17. Every time I listen Kappei Yamaguchi´s name I remember ” BREATH OF FIRE´S MAIN CARACTER VOICE ” Good times that never come back…..I have to be stucked with only ” the TALES of…” Nowdays…..With just Crap stories….That´s why sometimes when titles like Xenosaga
    pass by you are filled with a BIG VOID in your RPG fan no kokoro!!! 😆
    Ranma1/2 I loved it too!!!By the way where´s megumi hayashibara?????I knew she had a baby but too long ago…is she just singing????

  18. @linkinstreet at 8:44 pm on October 10th, 2006

    That pic really reminds me of HikaGo…..

    of course! what got me reading DN in the first place wasnt the story, but coz the illustrator for Death is the same illustrator for Hikaru no Go. The artform evolved in HnG and is consolidated in DN. He/she really pairs up with talented writers. Fantastic art~

    manga’s good, anime’s not boring too, i like the way the director set things up. This is definitely a must watch, well at least for me ^^

  19. Alright, here’s a BIG spoiler for those who are dying to know what happens..

    Show Spoiler ▼

    Show Spoiler ▼

  20. I don’t think I’d want L to sound like Inuyasha (or Gravitation’s Ryuichi), so I guess it’s a good thing that Yamaguchi Kappei sounds different for this role. Though I do think L’s voice when he says “ii hinto wo moratta” slightly resembles Inuyasha at his calm and more gentle moments.

  21. @Rev : a bit inaccurate,
    Show Spoiler ▼

    I’m hoping for the show to add more braincracking and interesting tricks Light and L has than the manga, and end the story halfway before the brat’s showdown. 95% in vain though.

  22. so far I really like death note. I don’t have much sympathy for L. He reminds me of the guy who is constantly trying to bring justice by force in the world. As for light I understand his point of view but I guess he is getting carried away. Can’t wait to see more deathnote! 😀

  23. Actually, there is one aspect I want to see. As I am unfamiliar with the manga, I was wondering if anything ever is killed wrongfully. Light kills based on people he finds that have been convicted. This presumes that the conviction was in fact proper. I would shudder to think of what would happen should someone die strictly because of a legal technicality. Still, the snare L set for Light was absolutely genius. Light walked right in. Go L!

    Yuri rocks

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