OP Sequence

OP: 「働く男」 (Hataraku Otoko) by PUFFY
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ED Sequence

ED: 「シャングリラ」 (Shangri-La) by チャットモンチー (chatmonchy)
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-I wanted to try out this series since it was in the NOITAMINA block, succeeding Honey and Clover II. The animation was actually pretty good (better than expected), and I really enjoyed the music, but the story itself just didn’t pull me in at all (as a side note, I’ve never read the manga). I laughed when Hiroko went into her working mode because it felt really ridiculous, like she was a superhero, only not.
-Like I said though, the music is good. There were a pair of insert songs from Sambomaster, one of which was Baby Yasashii Yoru ga Ki te. I recognized the other one immediately because it was the ending theme from Densha Otoko, Sekai wa Sore wo Ai to Yobun da ze.
-Odds are pretty low that I’ll continue blogging this, or even that I’ll summarize this first episode. My time is better spent Thursdays on Kanon, CODE GEASS, and homework/projects…


  1. Jarod at 10:06 pm on October 12th, 2006
    The art was ugly. I mean thick lips?! Won’t do for me I’m gonna have to pass on this one

    It’s a shoujo manga, whaddaya expect? I hope this will be as good as the manga

  2. Man I just love This season……
    Winny + share + BT + a nice season + my powerfull japanese = I have nothing more to do until the next season starts…..and sooooo goes onnnnnnnnn!!!!!!!
    I need to download some hentais to watch with my girlfriend sometimes too( she has to learn somethings too eheheh 😆 )…..been at 30 years is nice!!!!This my friends is the GOLDEN AGE for otakus like us” BEHOLD THE NEXTGEN OF ANIMATION ” and it has High files definition too 😀 😀

  3. the plot is so repetitive and the series has virtually no meaning. Yes, I know that’s what the anime is aiming at real life, which is often boring, but at least put some action into it. I’m still watching to see if anything interesting coming up


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