Yuuichi brings the unnamed girl home, but both Akiko and Nayuki think that she’s a rather large oden ingredient. After they lay her down, Akiko is worried that the girl’s family will be worried, so Yuuichi tries to wake her up. Although yelling and poking don’t work, saying the word “food” causes the girl to spring awake. Over dinner, she reveals that she doesn’t remember who she is – all she knows is that she has a grudge against Yuuichi. While going through her stuff, they find a set of photos with only her in them, though the girl says that they were taken after she lost her memory. In any case, she plans to stay here until her memory returns, so Yuuichi tells Nayuki to call the police. When girl hides behind Nayuki, Yuuichi points out that she has a grudge against him, meaning that it would be troublesome to live together. However, the girl calls Yuuichi her guide and explains that although she forgot a lot of things, she remembered that she hated him when she saw his face. After some more arguing and the girl hitting Yuuichi on the head, Nayuki suggests that they ask her mother if the girl can stay here. Akiko agrees almost immediately, though she privately tells Yuuichi that she’ll go out tomorrow to see the police about the missing person’s report. The next problem with the girl is that she doesn’t remember her name. Yuuichi decides that her temporary name should be Satsumura Kyouko, but that earns him a slap from the girl.
That night, Yuuichi hears a noise outside his room. When he goes to investigate, he sees the girl going downstairs, so he follows her to the kitchen where she’s rummaging through the refrigerator. Just as she’s finding some food, Yuuichi sneaks up behind her and drops a piece of konnyaku down the back of her shirt. The sensation of the konnyaku causes the girl to start screaming and jumping all over the place, which in turn awakens Nayuki and her mother. Akiko decides to make something because the girl is hungry, so all four sit down for a late night meal. It is at school the next day that Kitagawa suggests to Yuuichi that maybe the girl had some muddled love relationship with him a long time ago, causing her to hate him now. Yuuichi doesn’t think it’s possible since he came here last time when he was 10 years old, but he also admits to himself that he doesn’t remember anything from back then, so it is possible that something happened seven years ago. He then tells Nayuki that the coursework here is more advanced than his last school, so she promises to lend him her notes later.
Looking outside, Kitagawa points out that there’s a person standing there. Yuuichi notices that this is the same girl he’s met before, and so he goes out to see her, although he first promises that he’ll be back soon to go to the cafeteria with Nayuki. In the snow outside, Yuuichi meets the girl who reveals that she’s actually a student here, but was absent today. Yuuichi thinks that that’s cutting class, but this girl says that her health isn’t very good, so she’s been absent for a long time from school. She’s here now because her health got better recently. Yuuichi decides to ask about the sickness, and the girl surprises him by saying that it is a cold. He had expected something with a more difficult name, so the girl suggests calling it influenza. She then reveals that she’s meeting someone here today, but she doesn’t know the person very well nor does she even know his or her name, grade, or class. When Yuuichi asks what type of person it is, a male or female, the girl claims that it’s a secret. She starts walking off and announces that it’s time for her to go home, causing Yuuichi to question her about the person she was supposed to meet, but the girl thinks that it’s ok for today. After she walks several yards, Yuuichi calls out to her and tells her his name. She answers him back by saying that her name is Shiori, though when Yuuichi asks her about her family name, she simply bows and walks off.
Back in class, Nayuki is mad because Yuuichi lied again and didn’t keep his promise to come back. She eventually forgives him and the pair briefly run into Sayuri and Mai again on the stairwell. They then separate since Nayuki has club activities, and so Yuuichi finds himself walking through the shopping district again after school. He’s suddenly jumped from behind by Ayu, and she clings onto him until he throws her off. Yuuichi mocks Ayu’s use of “Uguu~,” but ends up treating her to taiyaki after she gets mad. Ayu tells him that today she’s looking for something important, but she doesn’t remember what it is. All she can remember is that it’s very important and that she has to find it quickly. Ayu feels that she’ll remember it when she sees it, so she’s going to go search. Since she doesn’t remember when she lost it, Yuuichi suggests that they go look together at the places that she frequents. However, by nightfall, they haven’t made much progress. Ayu finds a place where she thought there should be a cake store, but instead there’s now a bookstore. She decides that if she keeps searching, she’ll definitely someday find it, but for now she thanks Yuuichi for coming with her.
Yuuichi suddenly remembers to ask Ayu for her cell phone number, but it turns out that Ayu has never heard of a cell phone before. As she runs off, Yuuichi thinks to himself how there’s a girl with no memory, there’s Ayu who can’t remember what she lost, and there’s him who can’t remember anything from seven years ago. All of this makes him wonder about the memory-losing magic of this town. Yuuichi eventually makes his way home and is greeted at the door by the girl with no memories. She comes running to him happily, but trips and falls on him instead. Akiko informs him that the girl remembered her name, which the girl proudly announces is Sawatari Makoto. However, this doesn’t change the fact that Yuuichi and Makoto still argue a lot. Meanwhile, at school that night, Mai is swinging her sword at something coming towards her.


Now that we’ve learned more about Makoto and Ayu, it feels like the story is getting more underway. We’ve got multiple girls’ stories going at the same time (Shiori, Makoto, Ayu) this episode, and there are hints of Mai at the end. Yuuichi himself notes that there seems to be a lot of memory losing in this town, which he attributes to magic. I would assume though, that the key to everyone’s memories is Yuuichi, especially given how Makoto only remembers him. I also find it very odd that Ayu doesn’t know what a cell phone is, which would seem to imply a gap in her memory or growth or something.
The preview shows that Ayu and Makoto will meet in next week’s episode, and perhaps they’ll be more about Mai. Yay for more Tamura Yukari. 🙂


  1. Oh no! You posted the creepy Uguu face from Yuuichi. Serious, if I was Ayu and I saw that, I probably would have ran and been terrified for the rest of my life. Oh yeah, and Ayu made me want crepes. Frankly, this show always make me hungry.

  2. Man I JUST LOVE the japanese people and their taste.On This past seasons their taste for good stories and interesting caracters are growing up very fast.This Season is my favorite season of the year!!! 😀 GANBATTE CREATORS….Watashi no na wa Tensai Otaku soshite watashi no bashou wa BRAZIL!!! 😀

  3. ^Bamse, that would be Mai …

    So does this mean we are going full steam into Mai arc now? That’s about the same pace as the first series, so how are they going to stretch the story into 24 episodes?

  4. “ed2k”
    Maravilhoso…wonderfull anime!!!
    Assim como TODOS os outros….as for all the other ones 😀

  5. The Yuiichi X Makoto scenes cracks me up. Who knew Mako-chan would be so dammed athletic?! ^^

    Ayu doesn’t know what a cellphone is? What is she?…some sort of person stuck in a time warp?

  6. ^ Rofl I just loved how Ky…I mean Yuuichi noticing with his good radar ears Matoko going down the stairs and then sneaking up to her and then that priceless face that shows “Oh my God this is going to be goooood! XD” Absolutely Priceless. Made me laugh pretty hard XD.

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