Surprised to have encountered Mai this late at school, Yuuichi tries to talk to her, but she stays silent. When Yuuichi suddenly hears a noise behind him, Mai leaps into action and seems to swing at something. But it ends just as quick as it begins, and Mai starts walking away. Yuuichi asks her about what just happened, so she turns around and explains that it’s because she is a demon slayer. Back at home, Yuuichi returns the notebook to Nayuki and decides to get into the bath because he’s feeling cold. After taking off his clothes, he opens the door to the bathroom, only to find Makoto already in the tub. An awkward silence ensues, ending only when Yuuichi tries to act cool about it, but Makoto soon starts screaming and throwing things at him. Since she then runs out of the bath, Yuuichi takes her place in the tub. Once he gets out, he finds Makoto shivering in the hallway in only a towel. She tries to reply to his suggestion that they should have taken a bath together, but she starts sneezing. Yuuichi then challenges her to say mamono wo utsumono (demon slayer) 10 times consecutively, but she can’t get through it.
Lying in bed that night, Yuuichi can’t help but think about what Mai said. He hears Makoto coming towards his room, giving herself away because of all of her sneezes, so he hides by his door and catches her as she comes in. He takes her back to her own room where she finally calms down after she sees his concern for her. The next morning, Yuuichi finds Akiko and Ayu eating breakfast in the dining room, and although it takes him a moment, he finally reacts and questions Ayu being there. Akiko explains that she had met Ayu by chance and invited her in. After eating breakfast, Ayu leaves, and a sleepy Nayuki finally gets up. However, the state of sleepiness persists throughout the school day for Nayuki. Yuuichi later finds Mai and tries to question her about last night, but she again doesn’t answer him. When Sayuri comes by and sees him talking to her, Yuuichi first jokes about a love confession, but then says that they were only chatting.
Sayuri decides to invite him to eat lunch with them, and that lunch spot turns out to be at the top of the school’s stairwell. Yuuichi realizes that Sayuri and Mai are the ones who use the picnic cloth he discovered up there when he first explored the school. In any case, he finds the food that Sayuri made delicious and jokes that she’s eligible to be his bride. Mai continues eating while Yuuichi chats happily with Sayuri, but then she starts looking at him. When he asks, she says that she wants to eat the tamagoyaki, so he serves her some out of the box. He then gets the idea to pull all the food to him so that he can make her request the food, thereby making her talk. She asks for the octopus-shaped wieners, which gets Yuuichi questioning her if she likes octopus and wieners. From this exchange, Sayuri finds Yuuichi a very interesting person and ends up inviting him to eat with them again. He’s more than happy to accept because of how good her cooking is, and Mai has no objections. On his way downstairs, Yuuichi notices through a window that Shiori is standing outside in the snow, so he hurries to see her.
Shiori still doesn’t tell Yuuichi her family name, preferring to be just called by Shiori. Yuuichi jokes that she can call him onii-chan (older brother), but they both decide not to go with that. Nevertheless, she does notice that he acts just like an older brother would act with the way he’s worried about her health and with how he pats her on the head. As for why Shiori is here today, it’s because she wanted to see him since she considers him an interesting person. When she suddenly asks if he likes the snow, Yuuichi answers that he doesn’t because it’s cold. Shiori, however, likes the snow and suggests that they make a snowman – it’s been a dream of hers to build one that’s 10 meters tall. Yuuichi instead suggests that she go home because of her sneezing, and promises to make a snowman with her when she’s feeling better. As he himself returns home later, Yuuichi runs into Makoto who has come out to buy some tofu. Makoto claims that she can do it alone because she’s an adult, so Yuuichi asks her to buy an ero book for him. She doesn’t know what that is and happily promises to get it for him because she thinks she’s an adult.
Once she finds out what it is, an angry Makoto rushes home and bursts into Yuuichi’s room, but she soon gets sidetracked by the meat bun that he’s eating. Her attention also turns to the manga that he’s reading, and she ends up borrowing the book and asking about where to buy the buns. Yuuichi later finds Makoto sitting in a room full of manga with a box of meat buns. She’s so engrossed in reading that she doesn’t pay attention as he eats the rest of the buns. When she does finally notice it much later, she once again rushes to Yuuichi’s room in anger. Yuuichi scolds her for being so lazy, and then gets angry at her when he finds out that she used the tofu money to buy everything. Fortunately Akiko protects Makoto and decides to give her an allowance. Yuuichi feels that Akiko is spoiling Makoto, but Akiko says that it’s because Makoto lost her memories.
It is later that night, just as Nayuki is returning home, when Yuuichi leaves the house, claiming to be going to exterminate demons. He actually goes to school with a bag of food for Mai, and finds her in the same spot as before. She takes the onigiri and starts eating while Yuuichi attempts to question her again. He suddenly notices something approaching him from behind, but Mai uses her sword to uncover the culprit, revealing Makoto. Once Makoto calms down from almost being killed by the sword, Mai actually pats her on the head. Makoto is too scared to go home by herself, so Yuuichi’s meeting with Mai ends here. As he’s walking off, Mai strangely tells Yuuichi to be kind to Makoto.


This was certainly the most entertaining episode of Kanon so far, with plenty of funny moments. Most of them occur between Yuuichi and Makoto, including how he walks in on her in the bath and how he convinces her into buy him porn. But even with all that comedy, they still raise several questions in terms of the plot. I wonder if Nayuki’s sleepiness is brought on by something other than being just tired, especially since she still appears to be sleepy in the preview. There’s also the mysterious connection that Mai has to Makoto. It’s still early in the series, but I imagine that they will explain that as they progress through those two girls’ stories together. On the topic of Mai, the demon slaying part caught me a little off guard because I didn’t expect this series to take on that type of a story element. They didn’t show what she was slashing at in the beginning of the episode though, so we have yet to see an actual demon. All in all, I like how the story is developing and I hope they can insert more humor like this.


  1. Damn! Key is really good. I thought that if they drop Suzumiya Haruhi, Kanon will be crap. But they really know how to use humor. Better than i expected and better than the old Kanon anime. Banzai!

  2. “I’m too sexy for your love, too sexy for your love, love’s gonna leave me…”

    Seriously. Shots of him posing in front of a mirror naked, then walking in on Makoto… 😀

  3. Boo. Didn’t we have a poll that asked us whether we wanted the Kanon summary or the Code Geass summary written first? Didn’t Code Geass dominate that poll? For shame on you for teasing us. (I am kidding.) Looks like a good episode.

  4. And now.. I shall spin in my chair until the sub comes out…. increasing Mai goodness.
    Actually, the entire episode looks entertaining — all these characters bring a smile to one’s face.

  5. So that sword Mai is using…it’s a real sword?…


    It’s nice to hear Yukari Tamura back using her Rui-type voice. (Rui-type as in Rui Kosaka from Jinki: Extend, my favorite female anime character 😀 )

    Seeing her kicking @$$ with a broadsword mupltiplies her seckseh-ness. 😀

  6. I have a question:

    1 – Can anyone in japan walk around inside schools at night without a problem?????

    2 – can they walk at any place they want using a katana, I mean a real sword and no one cares???( Kamakura jidai mitai desu ne!! 😀 (1185-1333 japan), )

  7. this is a surreal mystery … obviously it is easy to get in at night (Makoto, Yuuichi, Mai) …. a lot of people have swords . I have several that are battle-worthy (used for SCA, costume events, and when I’m teaching medieval history as a volunteer at school.

  8. but you see Danny in other animes i´ve already seen girls carrying in daylight a katana and the other characters never care about!!
    Something must be very wrong here, because I trully think the japanese animation expoem their culture in many ways.And as they are not a violent country(sometimes taken aside collective suicide of course)I think it´s pretty normal to use the swords on sports and they accept that!! 😉 I know alot of things about their culture their country…etc but sometimes you know….I think this questions that show up from nowhere just to bug my thoughts need to be filled by someone´s thoughts too…so I can compare with mines!!

  9. I have a question:

    1 – Can anyone in japan walk around inside schools at night without a problem?????

    2 – can they walk at any place they want using a katana, I mean a real sword and no one cares???( Kamakura jidai mitai desu ne!! (1185-1333 japan), )

    1. No, it’s considered a serious offense in most schools.
    2. No, it’s illegal.

  10. 2 – can they walk at any place they want using a katana, I mean a real sword and no one cares???( Kamakura jidai mitai desu ne!! (1185-1333 japan), )

    I don’t think thats a katana. Looking at the hilt and the fact
    its double edged, looks like a rapiar or a european longsword.

  11. “Danny”
    tabe mono??yakisoba..tofu…sushi…sashimi…etc
    idoru shows???
    places i´ve been like:
    hokkaido???sapporo???The ice sculpture competition they have there all years!!
    densha no koto???
    etc….etc….dai GAkuen(have you heard of Foreign exchange) my friends studies there so I went there 2 times to visit him, and I´ve studied the japanese languange for more than 6 years ^_^ ( I love their culture)I love their SERIOUS and POLITE way of living!! 😀
    And also the way they put together the technology with ancient things(their tradition)as I LOVE old Temples(Jinja no koto) too!! 😉

  12. ops sorry….
    Tenjou tenge
    Haren shows…don´t tell me to remember because there really are ALOT of them…like..sumomomo….negima…Tsuyokiss CoolxSweet(kurogane sempai)….this is the best in this situation = TOKKO….Higurashi no Naku Koro ni doesn´t have swords but has ALOT of other weapons 😀 ……kagekara mamoru….Blood+(a nice one)…Triangle Heart Ova(they use swords at daylight)…Kujibiki.Unbalance OVA(fuku kaichou)…Sakura Wars….etc!!

    There are alot more but this are the last ones I can remember….my memory fades away sometimes from SOOOOOO MUCH ANIMATION I WATCH FROM YEARS!!! 😆


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