Asuna has acquired a mountain of Chupacabra t-shirts that she ordered because they were cheap in bulk, but Kamo points out that no matter how cheap each t-shirt was, she’ll be losing money if she can’t sell them all. With Asuna dealing with this problem, Negi has a problem of his own. When taking attendance during class, he hasn’t been calling the first person on the roll, Aisaka Sayo, and has instead been starting with Yuuna. After class, the girl who sits next to Sayo, Asakura Kazumi, comes and asks him about the empty seat, but Negi asks her to wait a bit longer. It seems that under Eva’s tutelage and with Takamichi watching, he’s been practicing a magic spell that allows him to see spirits. Once he’s able to cast it, he heads to class and uses it to be able to see Sayo. After getting acquainted, he asks her about the reason she became a ghost. Negi thinks that it’s because she probably regretted something, and so resolving that will allow her to go to heaven. Unfortunately, Sayo doesn’t remember anything from when she was alive.
Negi and Sayo decide to go search the girls’ dormitory for clues to her memory, but they get separated when Sayo goes ahead and phases through the door. Negi is attempting to find her when he runs into Kazumi and the two of them hear a scream. Konoka, Setsuna, and Kaede had been playing with a string telephone which had picked up on Sayo’s voice waves. They can’t see who’s talking, so they assume it’s a ghost, but Sayo is gone by the time Negi and Asakura get there. Negi tries to sneaks away from Asakura to use his magic, but she notices and almost catches him in the act. Asakura forces him to tell her about the ghost and decides that finding out why Sayo died 40 years ago is a big scoop. Sayo’s ghostly actions are then seen by Makie, but the next scream that Negi and Asakura hear comes from Chao Lingshen and Yotsuba Satsuki’s room where Sayo took a bite of a meat bun. This continues on as Sayo visits the rooms of the other girls in the class and scares almost all of them.
Sayo’s fun finally ends in Tatsumiya Mana and Zazie Rainyday’s room where Mana points a gun at her. Although they can’t see her, Sayo still apologizes to all the girls. Just as Asakura wishes she could take a photograph, she’s suddenly able to do just that. As everyone gathers around to see what Sayo looks like, Negi notices Eva and Chachamaru walking away and figures out that Eva must have been responsible for the photograph. When he’s alone with her later, Negi tells Sayo to take her time remembering. Sayo in turn promises to report to him if she remembers anything. The next day, Negi starts taking attendance by calling out Sayo’s name first, which makes her quite happy. In fact, Asuna is now the only person who doesn’t know who Sayo is because she had fallen asleep after trying to sell Chupacabra t-shirts the previous night during all the commotion.

I had hoped that this series would avoid the standalone episodes altogether, but that’s what this week turned out to be. That’s not to say that this wasn’t fun to watch, but I just wish they had continued with the Star Crystal story. I also think that because they weren’t on the main storyline, this episode felt much more like it was all over the place. Sayo took up maybe half the time while the other half was skipping around to what the other girls in the class were doing that night. Still, that did allow for some amusing parts. Someone on the production staff must like throwing in references to games (like in episode four).
I can honestly say that I’m not really looking forward to next week’s episode, which seems to be about the twins Fuuka and Fumika, who are two of my least favorite characters in the series. But maybe it’ll surprise me by being really good. We’ll see…


  1. Gee Don
    Most of us understand you dislike the show

    But to go into this state like this?
    You’re just wasting your time here, go read a book or better or better, go watch a another series.

  2. *Public Service Announcement*
    Remember people, trolls are like animals. If you feed them they always come back for more, but if you leave them alone they are forced to find their food elsewhere.

    Hm is that the Baka Ranger segment at the end of the ep? I missed the Baka Ranger theme song lol

    and did Kasumi figure now Negi is a Mage?

  3. Oh look, it’s the return of Baka Pink^_^^_^^_^

    And the return of the troll>_>, after 6 episodes, it should have been imprinted in your head that omni’s not stopping blogging Negima!?, Not now, not ever. He likes the show, he’s gonna keep blogging it if you like it or not

  4. I just can’t get enough of this style, it’s beyond ridiculous and therefore hilarious.

    I expect Don’s suicide notice due to the unexpected low production of teddy-bears any day now (or maybe because Krispy Kreme stopped baking his favorite doughnut).

  5. Ok I will ask you one more time Don

    Give us a good reason why you hate this series, don’t give us single answers

    If you can’t even bother to read & reply to this then you are a mentally challenged person who is obsessed that he believes that his point of view is the best for this show he deems complete waste of time

  6. Obviously, this blog has some sort of power in Japan and if it were to stop blogging Negima!? then the producers of the show will surely correct their fiendish ways.

    Talk about a rabid fanboy…

  7. HEY DON!!! I aint mad at u my knucka,,Hell i felt the same way during that dreck which was “NANA” …i say that to say this,, BACK UP YOUR COMMENTS OR I’LL SIC A FEW OF MY B.K HOE’S ON YA, AND BELIVE ME DUN!!! THEY WILL LEAVE THE FLAMES OF FIRE ON YOUR JOINT… NEGIMA…….WHATS NOT TO LIKE!!!!!!

  8. LOL! Does everyone see that sort of odd Setsuna-looking figure in the bottom right of the third screen shot? I think the anime’s poking fun at a poorly drawn fanart that Kobayashi Yuu (Setsuna’s seiyuu) drew during some Negima radio special thing. XD *dies of laughter* You guys should see what the original picture that she drew. XD

    Neo Horizon
  9. well… I’m kind of disappointed in the way Sayo’s story is portrayed here (though its not done yet since she still doesn’t know her backstory). Sayo’s story was the one episode in the first anime series that I thought rocked in its tragic elements (ep 19 of series 1). It even left the manga in the dust(imo).

    The portrayal of Sayo’s discovery here more closely mimics or parallels the manga.
    Ah well.. so far the show has avoided any real character depth – but it is still pretty entertaining.

  10. I sort of miss the tragic heart tugging eps 19 of the ‘other’ Negima series. Which was in my opinion was the only episode that was worth watching in that trainwreck.

    But I love this eps. for the zelda reference.

    Come on Sayo! Block attacks with your shield!!!

  11. Most of the people who hate this series might be trying to find the too-much-fanservice, which, in my opinion, is bad. A negima!? full of action and moderate on the fan service stuff isn’t that bad. I think it’s nice, less moe, more bang!…

    unless your a moe sucking pervert…
    excuse me…

  12. Everyone here who even watches this show is a FUCKIN MORON!!! This is the most shittest redention of Akamatsu’s work EVER! Fuckin makes me SICK how Shaft has insulted such a great manga author’s work! Every single person who had a part in making this piece of shit should be fuckin shot! And that includes every here who watches this fuckin shit! in fact you ARE fuckin shit!

  13. @Hudson: You don’t like it, DON’T EVEN SEE IT AT ALL, SIMPLE AS THAT! And by the way, alot of people know who you really are. If you have some dignity left (wait, you don’t even have 0.01%), don’t ever come here again to diss Omni in what he like to do/review.

    Anyways, can anyone translate the text written on the cardboard in the Baka Bink Episode?

  14. Trolls are like masochists the best way to deal with them is ignoring them. The ,ore punishment they get the more they come back.

    Anybody see the Love Hina style title and Cartman of South Park on those Chupacabra boxes?

  15. Even though this episode is kind of a filler one, it’s nice that so many of the girls get a part in it, even if it’s small. Most of them haven’t spoken in a while, so it’s better than nothing! XD Also, the randomness of this episode seems like it makes it more amusing and interesting.

    Anyway, thanks for blogging this! ^_^

    Neo Horizon
  16. By Hudson’s logic the next time someone tells me that I’m going to hell because I’m not part of their “Church of Chicken Wings” means that my life is doomed if I don’t join them.

    Just because other people have other opinions and like this show you think they’re stupid, that’s the reasoning of a true “fucking stupid” person.

    Since wasting my time to argue with you is fun I’m gonna make every time you post here slightly more aggravating to you Hudson, because making other people suffer brings me happiness.

  17. Ewww you called me your fucking infected popped asshole pimple!

    If all you resort to are insults with a basis for an argument then people are going to continue to know that you’re a moron.

  18. Personally, this is the first real clunker of the new Negima! series. Given how great the Xebec version of the Sayo story was, as well as how good episodes 4-6 were, I was expecting something more than a Pani Poni Dash-style episode that gets everyone involved (and has almost no reference to the previous episodes).

    Here’s hoping that the “clunker” episodes are done sparingly in this new show, as I’m finding it to be more exciting than the Xebec version.

  19. Hey Hudson, I also don’t really like this series and I’m not watching it either.
    But that’s denifetely NOT a reason to insult other people.
    When you are a man, keep your opinion for yourself, when you are a child, go out and play and watch other animes, mataku..

    Mina, more cute pics plese^-^

  20. I admit it, I’m fuckin stupid. My mom was a hooker and got knocked up by some Irish businessman, so I never had a dad. On top of that, my mom used to run lines of coke off my forehead, some of it went up my nose, and that’s why I turned out so retarded.

    PS – I’m gay and I have a fetish for purple handbags

  21. Hudson, you’re a horrible byproduct of human creation. Not only are you a disturbed little fanboy who likes to troll a respected blogger’s blog, your IQ is lower than George W. Bush’s, and if you don’t understand that because you’re too stupid, it means your IQ is very, very low. You are the perfect example of why western “otakus” are seen as disturbing or disgusting people. Your attitude towards other people is not only appalling, but your inability to understand that you’re not liked somewhere is truly astounding.

    Your “Akamatsu Fans Forum” ( is a total joke and a disgrace to all other forums existing on the internet. Having “Akamatsu” in the title of a forum created by you is total disrespect to him and his staff, and your attempts at trying to change volume 6 because of the lack of Nodoka is failing miserably. Not only was volume 6 one of the pinnacles in Negima’s storyline and action sequences, the fact that you continually belittle the volume because Nodoka gets petrified shows that you obviously have no idea what you’re talking about.

    Furthermore, your stance on the “Negima!?” anime is not only flawed and poorly backed up, it shows how little you know of what a good anime is. Instead you are clouded by your fanboyness; creating mental blocks to prevent you from enjoying “Negima!?”.

    In gaming terms, someone like this is a “scrub”. You my friend, are a “scrub”. However, not only are you a scrub at anime, you’re a scrub at life. Everyone knows that you’ve been trying to sound like you have friends on the internet, and everyone knows that “Don” is you. If I was the teacher who taught you how to read and write, I would probably kill myself after seeing the scrub that you’ve become.

    Keep on scrubbing fool, and continue to live your life as a total waste of human DNA.

    Hudson Sucks Cocks
  22. I watched the original tv series and I read the original manga. I like this anime series and I think its great! If anyone has a problem like Hudson or that other guy Don who just want to chat on a load of rubbish week after week then don’t blog here!

    I like this anime series AKA shh227
  23. @Keni & OskarAnly: It reads something like “Switch off the electrical appliances before setting off”

    nice episode, lotsa ppd spawns too =w=; gansis/shaft is really pushing their limits with these gags…
    and i’ve gotta say this since no one has mentioned it yet… konoka matsuri kita~(゚∀゚)~!

  24. @Hudson

    I finally understood what your trying to say when you said stop blogging Negima!?…

    What I don’t get is you wasting time stopping other watch what they want… That’s kinda dumb even for a fanboy. Akamatsu-sama let them remake Negima!? so they have his consent. Let it go. Start rappin’ when they get a violent comment from Akamatsu-sama himself, ok?

    Anyway it’s too bad I see less of Setsuna-chan here…
    I edited her pic from ep6…

    Moondoggiebuiscuit aka Arbiter Of the Sky
  25. Er, sorry if this is late…

    THE GOOD: It was funny…

    THE BAD: …but it seemed to me it was more of an improv story. It DOES seem to follow the original manga more closely, but I liked Xebec’s way of the Sayo episode better. That’s one thing those guys actually got right. Seems to be a filler episode, indeed.


    -The talking ermine and the talking plushies were heard by several girls in the class, but no one remarks on how odd it is? Seriously, you’d think SOMEONE would say something about that…

    -How did Sayo get to talk with the narrator in the episode’s opening scenes?

    -Yuuna’s war machine models — was that inspired from the gunslinger abilities she has in the manga? And was I mistaken, or did she say “Nii pah~~”?

    -Ayaka’s obsession with Negi = OMGWTF?!? That’s overkill!

    -I swear, Takamichi’s Pacman in disguise. THE GUY ATE, LIKE, 500 BOWLS OF NOODLES, FOR CRYING OUT LOUD.

    -The Legend of Sayo: The Dormitory Chronicles — out for the Nintendo FanBoy starting this week! Order now and get a free Chapucabra T-Shirt while supplies last.

    CONCLUSION: It was amusing, but I was somewhat disappointed at how they handled this story. I should hope they can make up for this, otherwise this’ll become just as bad as the first Negima! anime.

  26. Hudson/Don/Shinobu_Lover, you kind of suck at convincing people. Like that time you tried to make Akamatsu redo volume 6 to make it so that Nodoka wasn’t turned to stone. Isn’t that a worse insult than making/blogging/watching an anime that Akamatsu approves of?

  27. Ppl, stop spamming, for all of us ppl that like (or love) this show and find it totally hilarious and stupid weird and funny at the same time say aye! If not go stick something up your @$$ and throw yourself off a cliff or drop dead, either way :). I you ppl dont like it then stop commenting.

  28. I always thought the part with Sayo to be so sweet. Although, I prefer the manga version, I liked this episode. I’m glad that kept the part where Eva used her power to reveal Sayo’s appearance to the class.


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