Rolling star is YUI’s second song for the anime Bleach, and, in my opinion, the better of the two by far. Life is decent, but I’d only rank it in the middle of all the songs that the series has had. In comparison, I’d say that Rolling star is my favorite OP so far (TONIGHT, TONIGHT, TONIGHT previously had the honor) and my second favorite out of all the Bleach songs, behind maybe only Houkiboshi. And having said all that, it’s no surprise that I was very excited to hear this full version from the PV and still have it on repeat as I’m writing this now. It’s just such a great song. The actual video itself doesn’t offer much more than that though, since it shows mostly YUI playing with her band and features a few very pretty shots of her. It’s still a fun watch and a must-see if you’re a YUI or Bleach fan.
YUI’s Rolling star single is due to be released on Wednesday, January 17th, 2007.


  1. It’s a fast-paced song compared to her other songs, I’d say. I like actually like the cheesy lyric and mismatching beat in this song…^_^’

    Ichirin no Hana is still my favorite though.

  2. OMG YES I JUST DLED THE SONG!! LOL omgomogomg im like gona…….. replay it over and over and over and over…. hope doesn’t get stuck in my head during my exams tomorrow xP~~~~ *dances with joy*~~~

  3. I actually don’t like “TONIGHT, TONIGHT, TONIGHT” because the lyrics are just gibberish english without any meaning at all…
    “Rolling Star” is quite good, but I still like “Life” more 🙂

  4. I like her previous Bleach song “Life” than “Rolling star”. The best bleach song in my opinion is still D-technolife since I liked it immensely the first time I heard it (I had to listen to “Rolling star” many more times before I liked it), also the song has a great recall (the melody easily stucks to mind).

  5. Woah~ She sure looks more matured like this… XD But Younha already did the same thing back at “Te Wo Tsunaide” PV.. so it’s a draw! 😛 *joking* Or Course YUI is more prettier

  6. I have seen pretty good op’s for this season.. d.grayman’s innocent sorrow, death note’s the world and bleach’ rolling star.. the competition for the best will be rather close.. and anyways i

  7. you are making a little sense in a weird fuckd up way lol

    *yui is gay*
    she is a girl, but..hummm..yeah..ok o_O

    *she sucks*
    i dint know about that but, i’ve got something she can suck on. _O_ (she’s so cute! no?)

    *all of you japanese wannabes suck ass*
    agreed, but we don’t have that much “japanese wannabes” in this world do we?

    *get a fuckin life*
    you first^^

    *and stick some real music in ur head*
    like what? the english opening song of pokemon?

    *not some jpop trash*
    hai Kanchou!

  8. i love this song, i can’t wait til it comes out!! still not sure whether it beats D-techno life since i kinda Uverworlded myself out, so all their songs are starting to sound the same…but it’s nice not to be pained with the horrible lyrics of the beat crusaders, they should have japanese versions of their songs, seriously

  9. man i love her voice yo. though she may look mature i still find her lookin beautiful. her voice rocks. i really like her melodies in all of her songs and her music videos on you tube are HD. she is one of my favorite Jap. girl artist


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