The PV for the BEAT CRUSADERS’ song 「TONIGHT, TONIGHT, TONIGHT」 consists of what appears to be a live performance of the band playing the song. Actually, it sounds live at the beginning and at the end, but the middle song part is very much dubbed over. For once though, the highlight of the PV is not hearing the full song (which is good), but actually seeing the video that goes with it. One of the things the BEAT CRUSADERS are known for is always wearing masks to hide their faces, with each mask being a representation of the particular band member’s face. Well, it seems that they took that a step farther here by adding those faces onto giant balloons and attaching the balloons to each band member’s head. It was really funny watching them float all over the place and there was even the part at the end where one of the balloons deflated and that band member landed in the audience. What’s more, this PV features Kimura Kaela helping the band out apparently as part of the stage crew (that’s the girl you see in the screencaps above). I had read that she appeared in this PV and in return the BEAT CRUSADERS appeared in her PV TREE CLIMBERS. Anyway, this was quite an entertaining video and it just brightened my day.
The BEAT CRUSADERS’ 「TONIGHT TONIGHT TONIGHT」 is due to be released on September 6th, 2006


  1. I loved the video. I was laughing any time I saw the other people with ballons like flying around. It was hilarious. Also, seeing Kimura Kaela messing with the air pressure in the balloons was pretty interesting too. How did the drums guy see the drum set to play?! O_O

    Did you all see the ending? That was funny!! lmao

  2. Rofl, I have this PV.
    I love Beat Crusaders so much I know their names and real names and how to write them, and I know their birthdays too and stuff.

    It looks so realistic when Tarou falls down into the audience at the ends since there’s.. audience.

    Also it must hurt their neck. D:

  3. i love that song beacause it relates to my favorite japan anime bleach it really rock my world when i heard that song i love j-rock forever!!!!! ^_^ please beat crusaders come to the phillipines i”ll be waiting for you to come there>>>>>……

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