Armed with a map of the house, the underwear thief pervert lurks outside Kaoru’s home. In the greenhouse, Kaoru’s Inukami are in their bathing suits enjoying the water together. All of them, that is, except for Gokyouya, who’s looking rather distant. She excuses herself and goes to her room to stare at a photo of someone she’s been thinking about more and more lately, someone who looks very much like Keita. When Furano and Tensou later sneak into her room to see what’s up, they find Gokyouya asleep with the picture on her desk. She shows signs of waking up, so they quickly leave again, under the impression that the person in the photo was Keita and that Gokyouya likes him. The two of them then decide to go to Keita’s place to get his help. Meanwhile, the other Inukami sense that something is up and they arrive in the house just in time to discover the pervert about to steal their underwear. In response, they blow him up and throw him away at the dumpster like he’s garbage. Lying there, the pervert is visited by someone that he recognizes as Shishou (master). Back inside the house, Gokyouya notices how hard it’s raining and wonders if Keita’s home is ok.
In fact, Keita’s tent is actually leaking all over the place as he and Youko try to catch all the water. Furano and Tensou arrive and ask Keita to take Gokyouya out on a date. Youko is immediately against it, but Furano makes a plea directly to Keita, telling him about the photo. After thinking about it for a little, Keita seems to figure out what’s going on and agrees to the date. Back by the dumpster, the underwear thief is voicing his frustrations out to Shishou. Shishou then demonstrates on the underwear thief that he has a special technique where he can steal someone’s underwear out from inside their clothes. And so, while Keita takes Gokyouya out on a date the next day (and being tailed by Furano, Tensou, and a very angry Youko), the two perverts target Tayune, who’s out for a jog. In one move, Shishou steals Tayune’s underwear, but he ends up wanting a stronger opponent. He tosses the bra to the underwear thief and then disappears. Tayune is of course really angry by this point and so she blasts the pervert in front of her who is holding her underwear.
Shishou then goes and steals the underwear from Imari, Sayoka, Sendan, and Igusa. He doesn’t steal Tomohane’s because she hadn’t matured yet and he doesn’t see Nadeshiko, who had been with Tomohane. Keita meanwhile has bought an outfit for Gokyouya and now the two make their way up to the viewing platform of a tall building. A furious Youko would be chasing them up there, but she, Furano, and Tensou also get hit by Shishou, and so they chase him for their underwear instead. As they run through the building, the other Inukami also join the pursuit. On the rooftop, Keita comments on how far they can see out into the distance, and Gokyouya responds by saying that on a day with good weather, you can see the mountain with the Kawahira home. Keita realizes that Gokyouya has been up here before and figures out that she comes here to look in the distance in the direction of his father, who’s currently in England. He knows that before she was one of Kaoru’s Inukami, she was his father’s most devoted Inukami.
Gokyouya confirms this and reveals that Keita’s mother hated her. Since Soutarou’s picture is so important to her, Keita figures out that she was forcefully separated from his father whom she loved. As Soutarou’s son, Keita apologizes for all the sadness and regret that she’s been through. By patting her on the head, Keita reminds Gokyouya of when Soutarou did the same thing some time ago. She tells him that she’s actually very happy because she’s made so many friends in Kaoru’s Inukami and because the person with her today is Soutarou’s descendent Keita. Keita promises to make it up to her, and Gokyouya is about to say something, but she gets interrupted by Shishou stealing her panties. The other Inukami then arrive on the scene chasing after Shishou, but they are thwarted by a large gust of wind that lifts their skirts up. The wind also blows all the underwear that Shishou stole out of his clothes. As he is admiring the beauty of the underwear fluttering away, the Inukami combine their powers, fry him to a crisp, and then knock him out with a giant explosion.
In the aftermath, Gokyouya explains everything to Furano & Tensou, and thanks them for their concern. Youko, however, is less than understanding with Keita and she starts attacking him as normal. Watching them, Gokyouya feels a lot better about Keita and thinks that he’s very similar to his father Soutarou.


I’ve got mixed feelings about this episode. On one hand, it was a lot funnier than I thought it’d be. The talented Sugita Tomokazu did a great job voicing Shishou, the guy who has quite the ability to steal underwear. On the other hand, while I did enjoy Gokyouya’s story, I wish they hadn’t combined it into the same episode as the underwear theft stuff. It felt like there was so much potential in it that that they didn’t use – I would have loved to learn more about Keita’s father and mother and what happened in the past. Heck, I was under the impression that Keita never had anyone but his grandmother and I wasn’t even sure his parents were still alive. Anyway, this isn’t to say that this was a bad episode, I just think it could have been better (I’m all for more serious Inukami episodes).
The preview for next episode was so hilarious, with Kawarazaki’s weird poses and the giant moe sign, that I just had to include some images of it. It looks like it will be another Tomohane episode.


  1. that is an interesting twist, I thought that you couldn’t revoke a contract with an Inukami until the tamer died. I wonder how they accomplished the separation of Gokyouya and Soutarou. Also, Kaita family seem to be not very nice, because they threw him out from their house for not being to tame an inukami in the first place. Maybe was his mother that did it, she comes to me like a bitch.

  2. Quote: “…she comes to me like a bitch” -golthin

    Eh, maybe she’s an inukami herself, since they are…technically…female dogs. (most of them)

    I like the character design of shishou, it gives me the impression of someone out of place doing things that are out of context. You don’t see samuri dressed undergarment stealers everyday, do you?

    *points to map of Kaoru’s mansion*
    That’s strange. Nadeshiko doesn’t seem to be living on the same storey as the rest of Kaoru’s inukami.

    Show Spoiler ▼

  3. HAHAHAHAhh….Yyi I watch higurashi but i haven´t thoutgh the same thing (LOL)(by the way higurashi is a very nice anime, but definetly not for little kids to watch in a cartoon network station for example).

    Talking about inukami do you guys think there´s a probability that they could make another season, because if we put all the facts together we have Youko´s father that haven´t appeared yet, and we have those 2 enemies that scaped those last episodes and also the probably fake kaoru.with that said I really don´t think they could put all this facts together in only 6 episodes.And i do think this anime is having a really hard success in japan.( as gintama, ouran, tsubasa, xxxholic, air gears(a really stupid but freaking funny anime) hikikomori…i mean NHKni youkoso , school rumble 2 and alot more i can´t even caught up with my ps2 games because of this whole season 😉 )
    but i trully think good animes have the right to have nice 2nd seasons and i hope this anime could get it too!!what do you guys think??!!

  4. “The only male Inukami so far is Hake.”

    Actually, the episode a while ago where they showed *insert Keita’s grandma’s name here* goes to the Inukami village asking them for help saving her friend. Hake was there, amongst other inukami.


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