The upcoming school festival is on everyone’s minds, but Kana is worried about her play. Seeing Mizuho subsequently cheer Kana up, Mariya is proud of how he’s grown up, yet she feels lonely at the same time. At lunch, the group learns from Shion that the festival has a student council organized entertainment, which this year the students have voted to be a play. What surprises them is that Mizuho is supposed to be in it with Takako because everyone wants to see them co-starring together. Mizuho remembers how he had a supporting role as a tree in an elementary school play, and isn’t sure he can do a leading part. His decision isn’t made any easier when Takako personally approaches him and talks to him about it. Afterwards, Takako encounters Mariya who suggests that this is revenge for what Mizuho did at the students’ general meeting (concerning Kana’s ribbon). Takako denies it and then points out that Mariya shouldn’t be pleased about what happened at the general meeting because it was all Mizuho’s own doing. This pisses off Mariya greatly because she feels that she was the one who taught him everything.
Back at the dorm, Kana admits to Mizuho her own uncertainties about performing. After thinking about it, Mizuho decides to take on the student council organized play so that he and Kana can work hard together through the uneasiness. When he goes to Takako’s office to tell her the next day, she gives him a copy of Romeo and Juliet. They’ll be performing this with him as Romeo and her as Juliet. After Mizuho leaves, Takako flips through the script – courtesy of Kei – and soon realizes that there are not only a ton of kiss scenes, but also a bedroom scene. She remains embarrassed through practice, though Mizuho, on the other hand, has no problem running through his lines. Mariya meanwhile happens to walk past the room, sees him, and gets angry. After school, Mizuho tries to go home together with Mariya, but she doesn’t act like her normal self. In fact, after Mizuho makes her realize that she had originally told him to do whatever he wanted, Mariya starts avoiding him.
One morning, after Mariya goes ahead to school along, Mizuho finds a planetarium book that she left behind. He manages to catch up with her, but she treats him very formally, as if they weren’t friends. He tries to grab her hand to stop her, but she breaks free and yells for him to leave her alone. This creates quite a scene in front of the other students, and Mariya ends up running into the building. Mizuho has Mariya’s planetarium book and tries to find her between classes and during lunch, but isn’t successful because she is still actively avoiding him. It is only after she finds out that she forgot the book that she runs into Mizuho again and he is able to return it. Mariya realizes that he’s been looking for her to give her the book and comments on how she and he are reversed now. He doesn’t quite understand what she means by that, so Mariya embarrassingly drops the subject. Looking over childhood photos later, Mariya knows that what she had meant was that their roles had reversed. She had thought that it would always be Mizuho walking behind her, yet that’s not how it is anymore.
Practice for the Romeo and Juliet play eventually reaches the point where Mizuho and Takako have to kiss. Kei thinks that it’s ok because they’re not a guy and girl, though Mizuho knows better. She decides that doing it on the cheek for practice is alright, so Mizuho does just that. This kiss, however, still causes Takako’s face to turn completely red and then causes her to faint. On the way home after practice, Shion and Mizuho are talking about what happened, and Shion suggests that Takako likes Mizuho because a cheek kiss between girls wouldn’t normally have caused as much tension as it did in Takako. Mariya is meanwhile running alone on the track, trying to clear her head. She knows that Mizuho couldn’t have initially done anything without her, but she also knows that it’s different now. He is kind and worries about everyone – when she didn’t get near him, he was concerned for her. Before she knew it, the Mizuho who was walking behind her had surpassed her. As Mariya is feeling lonely that Mizuho has grown up, Takako comes up to her with something on her mind. She wants to know about Mizuho: whether he is an enemy or an ally and whether he is helping her or looking down on her. Takako cannot get a hold on her feelings and wants to know his true form.

Alright, someone explain this one to me. Ignoring the Popsicle, why does young Mizuho have on a girl’s bathing suit? I swear this series hasn’t done anything to show that Mizuho is really a guy other than through what the characters say. Which I guess means that there’s always the chance that Mizuho really is a guy…
Putting that aside, it really seems that they’re aiming for a Takako ending now. I had started this series out thinking that Shion would be the female lead, but that has clearly not been the case. With the Romeo and Juliet roles, some potential upcoming kisses because of the play, and Takako confused about her feelings, it’s becoming harder and harder to see Shion (or even Mariya) be the one Mizuho ends up with, if anyone at all. Yay for pseudo-yuri!

We’re got three more episodes until the final one to be aired on TV, and then it’ll be waiting for the 13th episode to be released on DVD…


  1. Actually Mizuho is very much male … remenber the pool episode (it was …ep 6 I think) were he was VERY happy drooling in the lockeroom watching the girls undressing, also him having to say he was menstruating was particulary dificult.

  2. CG means computer graphics. This anime was a computer game.

    I really think this anime was quite a few things teh game doesn’t like the boobs and body. I’m not surprised that they made him wear a girl’s swim suit when he was younger.

  3. Alright, Mizuho is a superhuman being that can transform his/her mindset to being a girl/guy at any given point and is able to change his/her genitailia with no hesitation. Mizuho can also fly and stick sharp objects down his/her throat.

    I didn’t want to tell you.. but I had to it seems.

  4. Oh! Oh! I see Shion-sama! …in only 2 screen caps? =/ Is she still barely getting screen time in this episode too? I’m hoping for a Mizuho/Shion ending, but I probably wouldn’t be too disappointed if it didn’t happen. Probably. XD

    The eyecatches are so awesome. And one with Kana-chan = even more awesome!

    Neo Horizon
  5. My theory is….
    Mizuho is really a girl, but has some sort of “”complex”, since childhood. A complex that Mizuho’s family and closest friends know about and pampered her on. If Mizuho thought of herself as a boy, well then… her VERY openminded parents let her live her life as a boy.

    Only her grandfather, in his will, did he want Mizuho to learn how to live as a girl. To dress and act as a girl, rather than pretending (or deluded into pretending) to be a boy.

    It is why I can imagine the head of the school, and the teacher, allowing Mizuho to attend an all-girls school (and, in particular, be in the same bathrooms, changing rooms, and dorm) with other girls. Because Mizuho is really a girl, who just thinks she is a guy. No way would the school allow a wolf to attend a school full of girls otherwise. Can we say “crime” and “lawsuit”?

    Unlike in the U.S., being a teacher in Japan is a very well-paid, well-respected profession. I cannot see a teacher, or the school dean, risking their positions if Mizuho is truly a boy.

    I can imagine Mariya growing up knowing Mizuho is really a girl, and as young children, she never really noticed. But now that Mizuho is older, and finally joining her girls school, she is excited to teach a tomboy how to be a lady. Plus… for what it is worth, I cannot imagine Mizuho sending her own underclass student into the bed of a boy.

    Yes, I know that technically Otome wa Boku ni Koishiteru is based on an icky game. (don’t show me any CGs… I don’t want to know). But, so far… solely based on the anime, I would have to conclude that Mizuho is a girl with a strange psychology.

    Just my opinion though.


  6. I checked Wiki and they listed the last 2 episodes titles … I dont see a direct reference to Shion in there and honestly I think they are setting up for Takako ending.

    As for the game … just one word: “futanari” (and yes Mizuho is a normal boy too, the game also makes that clear enough).

  7. Ok, we’re aproching the end, only 3 more episodes to go, and now the dorama begins. Takako falling for Mihuzo, Mariya suffers the “chieldhood friend” simdrome now that she thinks or knows than Tatako likes Mizuho…

    Ladies and gentleman, welcome to the dorama…

    Syaoran Li
  8. man this one looks hillarious and disturbing, though there all pretty much disturbing.
    i agree with kokoro that somethings deffinatly not right i mean all he(she) does when in the change room is blush. Doesn’t even get a hard on!
    plus hat no way would they let a guy into an all girls school without at least telling the other girls.

  9. So what?

    Jun in Happiness! is also a male and there is no indication of it outside references by the other characters, in fact there is much argument about some panty shoots of Jun.

    This is not Green Green, this is not ecchi theme (fanservice yes, ecchi no) and most of the time you DONT get a look at his pelvic area to start with, he is wearing either the long skirt uniform or pants.

    And lets not go over the logic of a show with a ghost shall we? the whole “boy living with a lot of girls” is a very used theme and this is a offshoot of that theme.

  10. hmmmmmmmm i smell a romance just dont kno who tho

    and another thing if u want 2 kno if mizi is a guy or girl y dont some1 try the old nutbuster trick aka knee him/her in the nuts and lets c if he/she has 1 then well we’ll kno i guess

    *thinks 4 a minute* uhh nvm

  11. er… I’m really confused now… Is he a BOY or a GIRL? or GAY??
    Damn.. Mizuho looks like a GIRL to me… I guess the Ending will not be as what I think..
    Aww.. I like SHION to be with Mizuho.. or even Mariya..

    I think the ending of this will be, he will still pretend to ba a girl in the school.
    And all the girls incluing Mariya, Shion, Takako, Yukari will just be friends to him..

  12. The popsicle looks unusual… although worries me even more.

    Show Spoiler ▼

    *hopes his first attempt at using the spoiler tag comes out okay*

  13. Haha! Not even a car crash can stop me from posting today! Im invincible!

    Anyway I like this episodes especially the photos of Mizuho. Im really, like, sad coz’ 3 eps left…
    But gotta go on with life don’t we… Someday a new pseudo yuri show will emerge… And I will raise it’s flag shouting “I LOVE PSEUDO YURI/ YURI!”
    Can’t wait for the subs…

    off topic post:
    What’s with Don and Husdon on the Negima!? post. I didn’t follow much coz’ I was out for three days because I crashed my car…

  14. Just take a gander at the HCG pack I uploaded on TT. You’ll know for sure that Mizuho is a dude. But that doesn’t make it any less…weird… That might also just be for the game though..who knows, maybe they’ve changed things up in the anime version.

  15. Okay, either Mizuho’s always been a crossdresser because of his parents, or else he’s really a she or a she-male (which would explain his or her concern with the toilet in the first episode). If she was a woman, period, then she wouldn’t have to worry so much about the standing-up thing being natural… because even with massaging certain areas, I can’t somehow see that as being very normal for a woman to piss standing up, plus the fact that Mizuho WAS going to other schools before this, and it’s somewhat improbable that she’d not have been outed as a crossdressing girl THERE since they too had shower rooms and gym class.

    Of course, she manages it here somehow, so I guess all things are possible.

  16. Kokoro’s theory seems so interesting…

    Anyway, i know about tha game too, so its kind of impossible… I have to see if the story changed or something like that, cause i think that, in the end, Mizuho becomes (somehow) a girl thanks to Ichiko…

  17. Kokoro’s explanation is the most logical one so far and after the swim suit ep I was having the same thoughts. We were not told how Miz was schooled and she might have been home schooled since the family looks rich enought to do so. Therefore she may have never been exposed to what a real boy is like and since she is told she’s a boy since childhood she ‘thinks’ she’s a boy.

  18. ” why does young Mizuho have on a girl’s bathing suit? ”

    SIMPLE :

    ” HE IS GAY MAN!!!! ”
    you could also say he is a ” MANGINA ” 😀

  19. ” Kokoro ”

    PLEASE!!! don´t think too much because there was an episode that HE showed off his little
    ” BUDDY ” OK!!

    I think the writers of this show are really getting into the transomething sexual change!!!
    And for a guy to sit with his legs crossed……..I REALLY DON´T THINK THIS CHARACTER IS HETEROSEXUAL 😀
    I could change my mind with some casual hentai ending scenes of course, but………………………i don´t think this will ever happen because he is gay for sure!!!

  20. What matters to me the most is that Shion was able to guess that Mizuho is a guy, before he confess to her. I do wonder if Shion is also a crossdressing male in reality, for she is tall and knows about the zippers.

  21. Here’s what happened,

    The director walked into the studio one day and said “Hey guy’s, guess what! Were gonna do a show about beautiful bishoujo’s at an all girls school, but to spice things up, were gonna put a dink on one of them. Trap’s the new black for fall don’t you know”.

    As all his animators started packing up their stuff, and muttering things like “No friggen way” and “there’s enough tranny stuff out there already” and such; he was forced to say ” Just joking, Mizuho’s a hot chick, I was only yanking your chains”.

    So the team did high fives and a lot of “Yuri FTW” was heard. The animators sat down and drew the story thinking that Mizuho was a girl the whole time.

    Later on the seiyuu’s (who are all enormous perverts – especially Horie Yui) re-recorded the script, while making reference to the fact that Mizuho sported junk, and was actually just a girly man.

    So that’s why Mizuho has a tight waist, round hips, large breasts and a sexy walk (and a girls swimsuit when she was younger).

  22. Damn you episode 13 on DVD!!
    Only 2 episodes per DVD right? That means episode 13 would be avaible until July 2007
    @_@ I really hate those “bonus” episodes on DVD, but if they’re like Green Green 13 ~ Erolutions ~ welcome then ….

    Syaoran Li
  23. @Kokoro
    Nice theory, but um… Explain Ichiko’s reaction to Mariya flipping Mizuho’s skirt. What was she blushing for if Mizuho is a girl? Black laced panties with a pink rose?

    “This is not Green Green, this is not ecchi theme (fanservice yes, ecchi no)”
    Mehmeh, I don’t know about you but for me, those two have the same meaning.


    And if you meant the japanese meaning of ecchi… well, Green Green Erolutions -OVA and the games have that, not Green Green TV.

  24. Or it could just be that Mizuho’s mother liked dressing him up as a girl, including the swimsuit. After all, wasn’t she also the one who wanted him to have long hair? Maybe she wanted a daughter, but got a son instead. (Hey, if fathers could raise their daughters to behave like guys, I don’t see why mothers can’t raise their sons to behave like girls…)

  25. ” Baka-Kun ”

    I was thinking the same shit man!!! 😀

    and the director also said to the team:


    😀 😀

  26. Whee. I’ll be super happy if it’s a Takako ending because that’s what I was hoping for the moment I saw her character before otoboku even came out. But I didn’t think she’d have a chance as my favorites never do, but she MIGHT. Takako ganba!

  27. What I think about the swimsuit. As a professional photographer I learned that in the past in my country it was done very often that young boys were dressed as girls as like their sisters. I know it is not a great exanmple but here is a website:
    Since my theory is that Mizuho is a boy but was raised as a girl ans since he is playing with Mariya it is clear to wear a girls swimsuit, altough I’m not a 100% with myself.

  28. …that’s not a swimsuit people…neither of them are wearing swimsuits in that picture…still a poor choice of clothing for a “boy”…I blame the popularity of the school mizugi as a moe fetish that nowadays anytime someone sees something blue with wide shoulder straps and no sleeves that they go “…zOMG girl’s swimsuits!”…

  29. Just out of the toaster… our favorite trap series has it OST fresh for you.

    And if you can make conclusions upon the cover of the Disc, the anime would have a Mizuho x Takako ending for sure. Go and get your music…

    An old joke, answering some questions at the beginning of this thread…
    …CG means Code Geass

    LOL you can kill me now…

    Syaoran Li
  30. Zzz…
    …that’s not a swimsuit people…neither of them are wearing swimsuits in that picture…still a poor choice of clothing for a “boy”…I blame the popularity of the school mizugi as a moe fetish that nowadays anytime someone sees something blue with wide shoulder straps and no sleeves that they go

    Zzz’s, you just looked at the thumbnail didn’t you; well the thumb’s been cropped. Click on it for full size and you’ll see Mizuho’s definately wearing a girls one piece mizugi and Mariya’s in a two piece.
    In the full size shot there is no doubt about it.

  31. “…Mariya goes ahead to school along, Mizuho…”

    I believe you mean “alone”?

    I kinda wish Mariya and Mizuho got together… but I guess that would be kinda awkward too, ne?

  32. 315?

    What I seen only goes as far as 312 (I assume the last picture its Mizuho/Shion ending) … are you talking about Mizuho (as a boy since there FAR too many images with him sporting a pair of breasts) sex scene with Takako? or the one with Ichiko? (the Ichiko scene is better because there is a clear shoot at Mizuho chest).

  33. No, I got the one you mean … what I seem had the picture order diferenty.

    I take its a dream of the other member of the student council, as bozz said pretty much all the other pictures show him with a censored … well you know what.


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