In the summertime after the battle with the Aizen siblings and before Khamsin appears, Yuuji’s class is on a school trip. However, Ike gets sick on the bus ride and throws up all over the place. He happens to be the assigned leader of the group that includes Yuuji, Shana, Kazumi, Ogata, Tanaka, and Satou, but misses out on their first tourist destination – a temple – because he’s not feeling well. The miko leads them to a set of stairs going up, so Satou and Tanaka decide to run the way up after being cramped on the bus. It’s not until after they take off that the miko explains to the others that these are called the stone steps of marriage, famed for tying together couples who go up together. With Ogata now chasing after the guys, Kazumi wants to go up with Yuuji, but Shana gets in the way. The two girls pull him up together, so none of them hear the miko say that three people going up complicates the relationship. Ogata reaches the top before them and sees Satou and Tanaka already there, breathless from the run up. Seeing how well those two get along, Ogata realizes that her rival for Tanaka is actually Satou. Meanwhile, in a desert city somewhere, Wilhelmina comes across a street vendor selling melon bread. Seeing this reminds her of Shana.
At the inn, the class finds out that there’s also another woman staying there, so the owner had to make some adjustments to their room assignments. By chance, Ike’s group gets the co-ed room, with the guys and girls being separated by only a partition. In any case, they all head off to the separate outdoor baths, though the guys want to peek at the girls, claiming that it’s a tradition. Yuuji protests, but Ike thinks that the others should be allowed to do whatever they want. With Ike’s go-ahead, Satou and Tanaka separate the bamboo fence dividing the baths, though the fog is too thick for them to see anything on the girls’ side. Unfortunately for them, Ogata appears and kicks the fence, sending all of the boys into the water. It seems that the girls anticipated this happening, so they’re all wearing swimsuits. As the other guys are getting attacked by water hoses, Ike explains to Yuuji that just as the guys have a tradition of peeking, the girls also have a tradition of preventing it. After Ogata makes the defeated guys fix the fence and leave, the girls decide to take off their swimsuits since the only two left – Yuuji and Ike – don’t pose a threat. The first thing the girls see is the size of Kazumi’s breasts, causing everyone to want to have a feel.
The girls then start talking about the boys that they’re after and they pick on Kazumi first. She’s too embarrassed to say, and Ogata sticks up for her, saying that it’s ok if Kazumi doesn’t want to tell. The group then turns to Shana, who interprets the question the wrong way and says that she’ll go after people who do bad things, which the girls take to mean that she likes delinquents. While all this is going on, Ike is eavesdropping, but in the process gets overheated. By the time the girls return to their room, they find Yuuji already there, fanning an unconscious Ike. Ogata asks about Satou and Tanaka, but Yuuji only knows that those two left for somewhere after looking at a guidebook. Picking it up, Ogata realizes that the page was turned to a description of a Meto Point that’s supposedly where couples go to realize their love. Her imagination runs wild with a potential kiss scene between Satou and Tanaka, so she rushes out of the hotel in a panic. In reality, the pair was just downstairs playing ping-pong. Later, at dinner, Ogata sees Satou refuse to eat a vinegared dish and pass it on to Tanaka. She tries to emulate this and offers her share to him too, but he points out that she once boasted that she isn’t particular about what she eats.
Before bedtime – and while Shana is eating melon bread – Satou and Tanaka are tossing a pillow between themselves. Ogata wants to join in, so the two guys put Yuuji on Ogata’s team as a handicap since she’s on the volleyball team. They decide to play something like dodgeball with the losers being whoever loses their captain first. Unfortunately, Satou loses his balance on the first throw and accidentally knocks out Ike. Ogata immediately fires back the pillow at Satou, but Tanaka dives in to take the hit instead since they can’t lose their captain. This causes Ogata to get frustrated and quit the game so that she can go to bed instead. But as the night drags on, Ogata is unable to sleep, so she decides to take another dip in the outdoor bath. It so happens that Margery is also here at this inn and is already in the bath. Margery figures out that Ogata is troubled because of love and advises her to take action right now in order to change those painful feelings. Following the suggestion, Ogata returns to the room and wakes Tanaka, but she falters trying to explain that she wants to change. Before she can express her feelings, Yuuji turns over in bed and accidentally hits her leg, causing her to trip over him and fall right on Ike. With her bottom in Ike’s face, Ogata gets so embarrassed that she knocks him through the partition and onto the balcony outside.
Early the next morning, Tanaka finds Ogata out at Meto Point and pats her on the head after everything that happened. She again tries to express her feelings, but he still thinks that it was all something involving Ike. As Tanaka is walking away and telling her to come to breakfast, she starts throwing rocks at him for being so thickheaded. The bus ride back home starts out uneventful because all the tired students are sleeping. When Shana wonders what they were supposed to learn from this off-campus trip, Alastor answers that he doesn’t know. Behind them, a sleeping Tanaka happens to touch a sleeping Ogata’s hand, causing her to smile and blush. However, Yuuji then turns around and sees that Ike is once again getting carsick. Ike soon throws up again, causing the bus to go into a spin. Alastor advises them to open a window, though this causes Satou to wonder whose voice that was.

ED Sequence

Well it’s good to see the entire Shana gang together again. For better or worse, this was a stupid-fun episode that takes place right after the 13th episode of the original series. There were some good laughs from the boys-love angle, but I’m not a huge fan of the Ogata/Tanaka/Sato triangle. I had been kinda hoping for a lot more Shana, Kazumi, and/or Margery in this episode, and that was sadly not the case. Still, all the important characters showed up, including even a brief scene with Wilhelmina that fits into the timeline quite nicely. I also have to note that this hot springs episode felt so tame compared to the Negima Summer OVA. In a way, that’s a good thing since Shana isn’t really known for excessive fanservice.
I guess the next thing we have to look forward to Shana-wise is the movie that’s coming April of next year.


  1. Alot of mindless fun, just what the doctor ordered after you were reduced to a sobbing pile by Kanon 10 😉

    About a possible second season: Maybe. The next installment will be a full-length Shana movie in April 2007. This has been confirmed on the DVD one more time. Nice!

  2. I had been kinda hoping for a lot more Shana, Kazumi, and/or Margery in this episode, and that was sadly not the case.

    Agreed. This brought back good ‘ol memories, but lack of Shana kept me from enjoying it to the max. 🙁

    But movie is coming April! Can’t wait.

  3. damn! i was kinda hoping that this ova would be composed of shana,yuuji,kazumi and mergery!
    though it seems that this episode is about ogata and the gay fanservice!
    oh well better wait for the MOVIE.

  4. Just finished the RAW and I have to say…. SUGOI! SUGOI! SUGOI!

    This time was Ogata’s turn as the ending credits show us. I’m agreeing with Onmi, my hopes were with Shana/Yuuji/Kasumi love triangle but they gave us this…

    A lot of fanservice is fine too! All over the female cast shows their potential, especially Kasumi… poor Ike, he was the clown of the field trip… like Kurz Weber over Fumoffu! If only Yuuji would say something like “mondainai”…

    YES!!! The movie on April 2007— what excellent news; maybe with a little lucky we can have the DVD before 2007 ends. After Bleach ~ Memories of Nobody ~ this will be my second most anticipated movie next year (and maybe I’ll buy these DVD).

    Overall, it was a fun ride for Shana-tachi, good memories came to me thanks to them.

    Come on Eclipse, Kanon 10 could wait one day or two… we need this OVA immediately

    Enjoy yourself…..

    …and DT, Adam was making a reference to J. C. Staff with the animation of Shana and Zero no Tsukaima, not the graphic novels.

    Syaoran Li
  5. It’s sure that you can see the second episode of ‘Shana’ next year, so you can see a lot of short episodes now… I think its next story may be better ( – -)/

    from screen shots, i think this ep is full of jokes(and hentai jokes) so i think it’s only funny episode that available for this title’s fans don’t forget about it then i try to find for fansub of this title ^^;

  6. if u guys already seen hecate-tan the special then u shouldnt be suprised about this cus u’ll c sydonay(they guy who can transform in different forms) x yuuji doing the some funny gay scenes from the series scenes.

  7. LOL…the adventures of hecate-tan episode was hilarious.
    Somehow, JC Staff has a weird tendency of adding in gay, suggestive scenarios for Shakugan no Shana specials, making it really disturbing in a comedic sense. I guess they did the same for Tanaka and Satou this time, though I agree that this is much more tame than the short special flicks that come with the DVDs.

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