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Watch the OP! Mirror 1 Mirror 2 (25.2MB, XviD)
I didn’t really expect a new OP sequence, so this was quite a pleasant surprise. Heck, even though it was still COLORS playing in the background (not that that’s a bad thing), it almost felt like an entirely new OP. They mixed in some old shots with lots of new ones, including the ones you see above. I’m excited about Kallen’s new mecha and this shot of Lelouch’s group, presumably all his allies.

With the news reporting the start of the demolition work on the convention center hotel, Kallen is lying in bed when she’s woken up by a crashing sound outside. Her maid apparently broke a light fixture when she fell off a broken stepladder, but Kallen has no sympathy and orders the maid to clean it up because it’s almost time for school. The maid comments on how Kallen is going to school often now and attributes it to Kallen’s friends, but Kallen tells her that it has nothing to do with her. Kallen privately wishes that the maid would disappear and keeps a picture on her fireplace of herself when she was younger along with her brother and someone whose face is covered with a sticker. Sometime later, Zero and his knights attack a building where a dirty deal is going down. Remembering the scene, Kallen suddenly stands up in class and says “the Order of the Black Knights” aloud. It seems that she had been sleeping and dreaming, and this makes her the laughingstock of the class. Rival jokingly wonders if she’s Lelouch’s disciple since he’s a master at dozing off. He doesn’t know what Lelouch has been doing every night, but it’s causing Lelouch to sleep through half of the lesson.
At a Britannia train depot, Cornelia is about to leave and is talking to Euphemia about a serious problem in the spread of a drug through the Elevens called “Refrain.” As for the Black Knights, Cornelia is content with allowing them to be around a little longer as a debt for saving Euphemia. Cornelia promises to make the area clean and then hand it over to Euphemia, so she doesn’t want her younger sister thinking dangerous thoughts now. Remembering what happened when she met Zero at the hotel, Euphemia thinks to herself that there was more to what he was saying and wonders what Suzaku thinks of Zero and herself. Back at school, a tired Kallen arrives at the student council room to find everyone wearing cat costumes for Arthur’s (the cat) welcome party. She thinks that they could become quite popular if they went on TV like this, but Shirley doesn’t want to hear anything about that because of all the commotion after the hotel incident. Suzaku starts crying because he’s so happy that everyone is back together again, so Rival tackles him and everyone has a good laugh.
Seeing her friends like this, Kallen starts to realize that she was part of saving everyone. After their brilliant entry during the hotel incident, the world became dyed in the Black Knights’ color. She recalls that according to Zero’s declaration, they are allies of the weak. This terrorism involves civilians, tyrannical troops, corrupt politicians, companies of commercialism, and criminal organizations – the evil that was not judged by the law was unilaterally convicted. In the blink of an eye, they became heroes, and the number of people cooperating with them grew, – they even obtained another Knightmare. Kallen knows that since their leader killed Clovis, a lot of people want to see his face, including those in his ranks. In fact, she does too, but she also thinks that if they forced him, he would leave. And without him, they would be useless. While all this is going through Kallen’s head, the Japan Liberation Front’s officers are meanwhile meeting to figure out why the people are cooperating with the group that saved Euphemia. It is even said that Kyoto will send the Crimson Lotus Mark 2 to the Order of the Black Knights.
Millay pays a visit to Kallen’s home and sees the cold relationship between Kallen, her maid, and the madam of the house. Millay comments on the complicated family situation, though she’s actually here for her grandfather to give Kallen her junior high school transcript. Kallen realizes that she’s been exposed to be half Britannia and half Eleven and reveals that the maid is her real mother. Hearing Kallen talking about her life with her mother and her father’s real wife, Millay says that even though she can endure things one by one, she’ll eventually get worn out if they accumulate. While those two are together, Kallen’s mother returns to her own room and checks her drawer, which is filled with vials of something. Over at school, Suzaku and Lelouch are talking about Suzaku’s earlier crying, even though Lelouch is also glad that everyone survived. The two then get into a discussion about the police with Lelouch doubting that the police could do anything and Suzaku suggesting joining the police and changing the force. When Shirley enters the room and sees just the two of them, Suzaku gets up and leaves for work at the army. Shirley works up the courage to talk to Lelouch, but he cuts her off because he’s still caught up on Suzaku saying that he’s going back to the army.
Kallen is in town taking a call from Kaname about the Refrain, when she sees a hot-dog stand guy – an Eleven- being beaten up. She wants to go help, but Lelouch appears and stops her. It’s not until the thugs see them watching and come over that Lelouch uses his GEASS power to convince them that they’ve had enough of bullying the Eleven. Kallen goes over and helps the man, but as soon as he realizes from her uniform that Kallen is a Britannia student, he switches to his subservient vendor mindset, treating them kindly despite the injuries he just suffered. Sitting down on a park bench with Kallen afterwards, Lelouch explains that it can be said Area 11 is an improvement compared to Japan. With the Britannia colonization areas, military affairs and economy are exceptionally stable. By obtaining citizenship and going to a government office to follow a procedure, it’s possible to become an honorary Britannian, though there is still the problem of pride. Hearing all this and seeing that Lelouch knows so much, Kallen wonders what Lelouch wants to do. She thinks his head is going to waste and recounts how Shirley laments that Lelouch doesn’t try to make an effort despite being so smart. Lelouch claims that that’s the reason he doesn’t do anything and says that the earlier Eleven understood to bow to the Britannians. Reminded of her own mother, Kallen slaps Lelouch. She can’t believe he sees things that way and thinks that she was a fool to expect anything from him.
Meanwhile, in a bar somewhere, Villetta is relating to Jeremiah with her own experience of lost memory when Lelouch convinced her to give up her Sutherland. She recalls meeting a male student, but doesn’t remember his face. Villetta does think that it’ll be worthwhile for them to investigate this though. That night, the Black Knights are in a warehouse district hunting a drug operation. In a Knightmare, Kallen chases their opponents into a back room, but finds it full of Refrain users. One of them is the hot dog stand guy from earlier and another one is her own mother. After she uses her Knightmare to catch her mother from tripping, Kallen notices her mother hallucinating about the past when her brother was still alive. She calls her mother weak for clinging to Britannia, a man, and now a drug, but she suddenly comes under attack by a police Knightmare. Having lost her unit’s right arm in the initial barrage, Kallen goes on the run with her mother still in the frame’s left hand. She tries to throw the woman away, but finds that she can’t let go. The police Knightmare eventually lands a hit on her backside that sends Kallen’s frame skidding on the ground.
When the Knightmare finally comes to a stop, Kallen’s mother is lying on the ground in front of it. Instead of running away, she gets up and says that she’s always been by Kallen’s side. Kallen realizes that this is why her mother stayed in that house. At first she thinks that it’s a foolish reason, but she knows that she’s really the one who’s the idiot. During all this, the enemy Knightmare brings out its knife and attempts to stab Kallen’s frame, but she uses her one working leg to defend herself long enough to grapple onto the opposite wall and slide over. This manages to crush the cockpit of the enemy frame, ending the threat. Looking back over, Kallen hears her mother continuing with her hallucination, talking to a young Kallen about how good it’ll be to become a Britannian because of the freedoms it brings. Unbeknownst to everyone here, C.C. is watching from high up on a shelf and comments on how fake tears hurt someone else and smiling tears hurt yourself. At the hospital later, a nurse tells Kallen that the aftereffects of the drugs mean that her mother can barely talk; she’ll need time to recover. Kallen vows to wait for her mother so that they can live normally together in the world and is surprised when her mother touches her hand. In tears, Kallen promises to do her best, just like her mother tells her to.


With all this that we’re being shown about the class divide between the Britannians and the Elevens, I wonder if the end of the series will actually bring social equality. It’s certainly not on Lelouch’s list of things-to-do, though I imagine that Suzaku, Kallen, and Euphemia could be proponents for that type of change. In fact, I get the feeling that Suzaku teamed with Euphemia could bring the most social and political changes to the world, but that may just be the Kira/Lacus parallels talking.
This episode was focused on developing Kallen as a character though, and I thought it did a decent job at that. The realization that Kallen’s mother was enduring being a maid so that she could stay by Kallen’s side seemed a bit predictable, though maybe I’ve just seen too many similar stories on TV or anime. There weren’t any huge surprises this episode, though I did get a good laugh when Kallen woke up in class suddenly. I also wonder if Kallen slapping Lelouch means that she had some feelings for him or if it was just because he said a really stupid thing (or both). Of course there’s no guarantees that Lelouch will pair up with anyone other than maybe C.C. – whose appearance this episode, incidentally, felt a bit random.
Next week will be the introduction of the Crimson Lotus Mark 2 and looks to include a lot more C.C. Will Pizza Hut return to support the Rebellion?


  1. I think its called the “Crimson Lotus”, Rasmiel.
    This episode looks nice. Is that woman in shot 32 Sayako? Or another woman.
    Also what the heck is with the student councils urge to dress up as animals.
    And in response to shots 1 and 12, wow.

  2. @Saviour:

    That’s not Nunally, that’s Show Spoiler ▼

    Good episode made even better by the new opening images. I hope that the other song that came with the Yuukyou Seishunka CD is using as a background theme since it seems fitting for some of the scenes :D. Anyway, I can’t wait for the next episode with the appearance of the Guren Nishiki (Crimson Lotus 2nd Model)!!! Is it just me or does it look like it’s so much bigger than all the other Knightmares? Next episode is titled Guren Mau, so we’ll get to see it in action!!!

  3. Both Karen and CC are really hot, but so far Karen wins in this episode. Fanservice of Karen and we get to see a soft side of hers. She’s not just one-dimensional and this episode has made her look cute.

  4. Gundam Seed anyone?
    I had that same thought.

    Theres Was Pizza Hut in this chap????
    No Pizza Hut again – it may be due to lack of C.C. recently.

    BTW any info on what Kallen’s new frame is called?
    紅蓮弐式 (ぐれんにしき), aka. Crimson Lotus Mark 2

  5. loved the episode. kallen now really has something to fight for-her mother (cant wait to see guren-nishiki and see it potentially kick cornelia’s butt!). im still lost as to how tougou/sakuya (black haired girl in the weird pink/red kimono thing) will join up with lelouch but thats probably going to happen in the next few eps.

    *to the ppl confused about why the TV producer is in lelouch’s “allies” pic: remember that he has strong anti-Britannian sentiments, although he is Britannian himself

    what interests me the most from the lelouch & co. pic is the tanned blonde with a lab coat and cigar. we still haven’t seen her anywhere yet did we? (i faintly recall sakuya appear for less than a second in the earlier episodes)

  6. Lulu was talking something like “If you have a brain, you should have stay out of Britania’s way”, thats why Kallen slap him. She always think that her mother is a coward for not standing up against anything.


    CC makes a 5 sec appearance in this episode and it rocks more than Kallen who took over this episode…
    “Fake tears will hurt other, but fake smile will hurt only yourself” that’s what she said… woohoo..

    No pizza hut~, sigh… too baddd

    Next episode seems to have quite a bit of CC in it even though its new “Gundam” for Kallen’s episode… I am looking foward to it.

  7. hmm also another thing;

    Whose hand is it on 6th screen cap? THe new OP…
    It is trying to reach towards a man (or a woman) with wing shaped like Geass..

    Highest probability is CC…. and the winged one suppose to present Lulu? hmm does make sense and doesn’t make sense at the same time..

    Next highest is Nanaly, the hand seems small (or may be its just me), reaching for her brother wouldn’t be impossible.

    Next highest is hmmm noone, can’t think of any..

  8. There will be a new OP & ED for the second season. OP by Jinn, ED by SunSet Swish. Second season probably means from the thirteenth episode, but that’s just a guess.

    OP by Jinn, ewww. V_V

    The return of the horrible screeching vocal!!

  9. Hmmm….Suzaku and Euphemia will definitely bring about some changes but I don’t think they alone will be able to accomplish much. Haven’t been watching this series recently due to lack of time but I feel that Suzaku and Euphemia will have to join forces with Lelouch if they wanted to change the whole Britannia system. It’ll be interesting to see Euphemia’s reaction to learn that her sister may be the one involved in killing Lelouch’s mother. Anyway, I’m still desperately hoping for Lelouch to one day join forces with Suzaku and Euphemia.

  10. I support a Lelouch harem all the way! If one, Karen. I really hope that new knightmare goes to Karen, but that’s almost automatic since she seems to be the Black Knights ace pilot.

  11. @Kenta

    Lulu probably won’t get a really supreme Frame, but at least he’s got a personal Frame. The Order of Black Knights(with the exception of Karen, who pilots Guren Nishiki) uses a Frame called ブライ, which is basically a remake of Glasgow – except that it’s got teeth attached onto the head, and in Lulu’s case, both teeth and horns.

  12. kool ep i guess, i liked the new op, and i too am curious if that hand belonged to C.C or to someone else. looks like the show might be leaning towards euphiexsuzaku, I hope lulu will end up with C.C.^^..lulu got b-slapped.>.

  13. euphiexsuzaku is a given. The question is Lelouch? Shirley has the hots for him, but nothing in return. C.C. is in need of Lelouch, vice versa, it’s possible. And now after watching episode 9, I think Lelouch and Karen is the most interesting. I won’t explain, but it’s obvious from the start that the directors wanted them to have some kind of relationship.

  14. In the End/..when the music begins..who’s the person at the beginning..? He’s sitting facing the other way looking at the clouds.. its bothering me =.=. I would appreciate it, Thank you.

    Alpha Assassin
  15. you nkow what if the whole being police thing is to gain enough support and uber mechas so that in the future they can seriously be a threat to brittania?

    i mean if they went to war now with zero weapons and mechs they are pretty useless right?

    well thats what i think i might be wrong 😛

    bong bong
  16. Character development is usually boring, but I’ve been kind of waiting to hear the back-story on this particular character for a while. It’ll be interesting to see what comes next.

    As for whether we’ll see if “Pizza Hut Supports the Revolution” — if we keep saying it, then the anime “ads” have done their job, and Pizza Hut probably will feel they don’t need to make a come-back. (For all I know, Pizza Hut just found out and sent a cease-and-desist… who knows?) Of course, Pizza Hut comes back, it will make them all the more infamous. I just wonder why I haven’t seen any Sunrise-bashing posts yet because of this. Maybe I’m just not looking hard enough. *shrugs*


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