Cornelia is in a conference where it is being reported that the Japan Liberation Front was almost annihilated. One of the men present at the meeting questions if their occupation policy is wrong and asks why they neglected the subways and mining tunnels, leaving the ghetto to be a hotbed of anti-government activity. One of the other men tries to cite the budget, but then admits that it was based on instructions from Clovis. Addressing the vice minister, Darlton mentions a group called the NAC that he had tried to find out about them during the operations that they ran the other day, but the data is now buried under the earth. Cornelia calls them an aggregate of noble families and zaibatsu, and she wonders if they’re already relics of the past. Getting nervous, the vice-minister calls that a rumor and claims that if they arrest those people, the Elevens’ economy won’t be able to keep going. As her sister and the others are talking, Euphemia is examining a list of the names of the dead which happens to include Jeremiah. Around this time, a group of old men are discussing the situation with the Japan Liberation Front having been split up, though Toudou is alive and well. The woman sitting behind a screen feels that there is hope because of the Black Knights.
During class, Shirley is examining the tickets she got from her father to the Area 11 performance of the Britannia Empire Symphony Orchestra. She notices that both Kallen and Lelouch are absent, which reminds her of how she previously saw them together. Milly suggests that Shirley tell Lelouch that she likes him, and then proceeds to make fun of Shirley’s fear of getting rejected. Turning a little more serious, Milly remarks that their current lives are comfortable, and she tells Shirley that there aren’t any people who don’t change. Lelouch suddenly shows up in the student council room and explains that he stayed home because Nunnally is running a fever. He is here to pick up some documents, though Shirley notices only after he leaves again that he accidentally took her tickets too. She chases after him and ends up getting the courage to give him a ticket to the concert. Watching the two from a window above is C.C., who is once again talking to someone about Lelouch. At the same time, a silver-haired man wearing headphones and a visor is smiling as he stands on a nearby rooftop.
Shirley’s invitation stays on Lelouch’s mind even when he’s dressed up as Zero and is hanging out with the other Black Knights. Kaname gives him a letter from the Kyoto group wanting to meet them and promising financial support if they agree. Zero doesn’t feel that they should be having any financial difficulties, though Tamaki immediately claims that it’s not his fault since they’re a big organization. Zero decides that Kaname will settle their finances, but Tamaki complains because he used to be the one responsible for their money. When Zero talks about trust, Tamaki points out that Zero is the one not showing them his face. Kallen stands up for Zero, saying that his true form isn’t a problem since Zero had the ability to outwit Cornelia and since he is their leader. This silences Tamaki, but he’s not happy about it. He ends up meeting privately with the old members of the resistance – including Kaname – to talk about how they used to be Naoto’s team and how the leadership had been turned over the Kaname back then. Kallen meanwhile goes to Zero’s office and apologizes for earlier. When Lelouch asks her if she wants to know his real face, Kallen remembers that C.C. knows, but then she says no and excuses herself.
Meanwhile, back at school in the student council room, Nina is masturbating on the corner of a table to a picture of Euphemia. Nunnally comes in thinking that Nina is feeling ill, but Nina wipes off the table and claims that it was nothing. Later, when Lelouch returns home, Nunnally admits to feeling that he’s been growing distant. Taking her hand, Lelouch promises that he hasn’t changed and that whatever happens, he’ll stay by her side. Nunnally asks him to hold her hand for a while longer because she feels that she’ll see that dream again if she sleeps alone. The next day, Lelouch talks with C.C. about needing her help with the Kyoto group. He tells her that he needs her, and C.C. says that she understands. She also produces the ticket to the concert that she thinks Lelouch forgot, but Lelouch explains that he didn’t forget. In actuality, he doesn’t know when he’ll get back tonight, so he’s ready to turn down Shirley over the phone. By chance, Shirley calls him just then and tells him that she’ll probably be late tonight. Freed of this obligation, Lelouch goes through with his plan for the Kyoto group, which includes using his GEASS power on the driver who came to pick them up.
Suzaku is spending the day at the remains of the Narita site and remembers how C.C. appeared during the battle. He ends up asking Lloyd what Zero and the Black Knights intend to do with such sacrifices, and Lloyd remembers how Zero said they were allies of justice. As Lloyd is claiming that he and Suzaku are just soldiers, Suzaku notices Shirley being led somewhere in the distance by Villetta. He gets momentarily distracted when Cecile calls out to him, and when he looks back, Shirley is already gone. Over by the Lancelot, Cecile and Lloyd have figured out that the woman they know as Laksharta is helping their enemy, and Cecile fears that the Lancelot might not win next time against the Crimson Lotus. By this time, Zero, Kaname, Tamaki, and Kallen have arrived at the Kyoto group’s base, which they are surprised to find is overlooking the Fuji mines where the treasured Sakuradite is produced. The elderly leader of the Kyoto group appears and demands to see Zero’s face and holds the group hostage with four Knightmares. Kallen tries to protect Zero, but the elder tells her to be quiet and then orders Kaname to remove Zero’s mask.
To everyone’s shock, the person under the mask is actually a girl: C.C. Kallen recognizes her and claims that she’s not Zero, so the elder asks C.C. if this is the truth. Since it is indeed true, the elder figures out that C.C.’s not Japanese, which she also confirms. C.C. knows that the elder is named Kirihara, but everything gets interrupted when one of the Knightmares starts firing on the other ones. The pilot turns out to be the real Zero, and he uses the Knightmare’s gun to hold Kirihara hostage. Zero calls their way of thinking and their way of doing things antiquated and claims that they cannot win. He recognizes Kirihara as the person who single-handedly carried the Sakuradite mining business and was the founder of Kirihara Industry. Zero also knows that Kirihara was the guy in the shadows behind the Kururugi administration, but after they lost the war, he became a proactive supporter of colonial rule. Though he was known as a traitor, Kirihara had actually managed the Resistance throughout the entire country and had been the Kyoto leader.
Going back to what Kirihara said earlier to C.C., Zero now reveals that he’s not Japanese. Hearing this, Kirihara questions why Zero is fighting and what he really wishes for. When Zero answers that he’s aiming for the collapse of Britannia, Kirihara wonders if this can be done. Zero does indeed think that it can be done and is glad that he’s meeting Kirihara now. He then removes his mask and tells the elderly man that it’s been a long time since they’ve seen each other. Kirihara remembers that it had been eight years ago at the Kururugi Shrine that Lelouch and Nunnally had been entrusted with them as victims. He asks Lelouch that if the other party hadn’t been him, then would Lelouch have held the person hostage? In response, Lelouch claims that he could do nothing but request for the person’s help. Kirihara wonders to himself if the seed of eight years ago is blooming now and has a good laugh about it. Addressing Kaname across the room, Kirihara affirms that Zero is an enemy of Britannia and guarantees that he’ll follow Zero. He promises to help in the flow of information, and for his final question, he asks if Lelouch is going to go the path of carnage. As he puts his mask back on, Lelouch simply says that he will if it is his fate.
That night, Lelouch finds Shirley standing in the rain near the symphony hall. She had been shown the body of her father earlier by Villetta and now asks Lelouch why Zero killed her father if he’s the ally of the weak. A grieving Shirley can’t understand why and goes crying to Lelouch, causing him to drop his umbrella. She asks Lelouch to save her, and the two then kiss in the rain.


Well, there was no new OP/ED this week. Maybe it’ll be there next time. That’s not to say that we needed a new OP or ED to make this episode any more exciting because it was pretty impressive in its own right. I nearly choked on my tea when I saw Nina in the masturbation scene since that’s not the kind of thing I expected from this show. I knew she had the hots for Euphemia, but not to that extent. At this rate, maybe we’ll have a sex scene before this show is over.
If that wasn’t enough, there was also a ShirleyXLelouch kiss this episode. Shirley almost reminded me of crazy Kaede in that scene, and this development would seem to complicate things even further in terms of Lelouch and his harem. Based on the shock in Lelouch’s eyes, I would think that he was at least a little affected by Shirley’s grieving, so maybe he does have some feelings for her.
Next week’s episode looks to be more Shirley, though it seems that the Lancelot will be fighting the Crimson Lotus again.
Oh yea, Pizza Hut once again supports the Rebellion! 🙂


  1. there is only 3 solutions by now:
    1) Lelouch is faking with Shirley, with a plan about using her later
    2) Shirley’s gonna die later in the serie
    3) both options above

    I can’t think anything else, and I won’t admit any LelouchXShirley

  2. Kiss, wahh, kawaiiiiiiiiiii ^-^
    I don’t think Lelouch would do sth like that (point1). The rest is just usual anime stuff, but this series is not usual 😉
    But I guess there could be another girl (rival) 😉
    And yay for Pizzahut being back, oh my..^^

  3. Nigredo at 4:40 pm on January 4th, 2007

    there is only 3 solutions by now:
    1) Lelouch is faking with Shirley, with a plan about using her later
    2) Shirley’s gonna die later in the serie
    3) both options above

    I can’t think anything else, and I won’t admit any LelouchXShirle

    +1 my friend.

  4. @Majek
    wais so Lulu shows his face to the Knights or just Kallen or am i just seeing things ? :O

    Lulu showed his face to the old man only and his back was covered by the knightmare, so that noone could see.

  5. You know, is it really that hard to think that it’s possible that Lelouch may actually be /a human teenager/ and can actually develop feelings for someone? Just ’cause he didn’t show any feelings of love before doesn’t mean he can’t develop any now or ever.

    Moral of the story: Wait to see more evidence before taking an Alamo Last Stand and refusing all other possibilities before assuming he can’t develop any feelings for Shirley.

  6. You guys are evil! =P

    lulu’s not a heartless person, as it has been proven SEVERAL times before.But yeah, that kiss is completely unexpected… (Curse my curiosity for looking! ARGH!!)

  7. or they are going to do another gundam Seed (Yeah Yeah ^___^ AGAIN) and turn shirley into THE fllay of code geass! I mean….come on! we already have the *even more* sissy version of kira (Suzaku), the combo of yagami Light and athrun (Lelouch) and of course the 3rd clone of lacus (euphemia) so…way not a FLLAY?!?

    I love this director! *Lets rip em all*

  8. Oh god not another Harem!! Stupid Shirley! lol I think the person ending up with Lulu is gonna be C.C I think its pretty obvious..As for Shirley he just felt sorry for her so he kissed her back!! lol

    Ambient Escape
  9. to Omni, about the Nina scene there is even fluid on the corner of the table so..yes 😀

    I wonder how Shirley will react if she know that the one who killed her father is the one she loves…Same for Kallen she don’t get along with Lulu but is all over for Zero lol.
    There is also that weird “monologue” with C.C something about Jealousy…Harem power, even if I prefer Lulu ending with either C.C or Kallen

  10. weird “monologue” with C.C, look like some teasing which implicate something about jealousy and her relation with Lulu

    Yeah, but C2’s in one of those situations where the person doesn’t know what this “funny” feeling is. 😉

    And yeah! Finally some Shirley scenes! I have a feeling Shirley might fall though…Characters like her never get the light in a show…Poor Shirley. =(

    From the preview, it looks like this is the point where Lelouche doubts his role as Zero. I knew Shirley wasn’t such a minor character! ;(

  11. kerem at 5:03 pm on January 4th, 2007
    Nigredo at 4:40 pm on January 4th, 2007

    there is only 3 solutions by now:
    1) Lelouch is faking with Shirley, with a plan about using her later
    2) Shirley’s gonna die later in the serie
    3) both options above

    I can’t think anything else, and I won’t admit any LelouchXShirle

    +1 my friend.

    +another 1

    I just can’t imagine Lulu x Shirley, just because of how she is…I mean once she finds out he’s Zero….she might now be the same, like her not liking Lulu to bet in chess….this is even worse…haha

  12. I am so glad that Shirley and Lelouch kissed! I am a Shirley and Lelouch fan all the way! But I’m worried that Lelouch doesn’t really like Shirley. That he only kissed her because he’s pitying her or something. Or maybe he’s using her. I’m also worried that she might die in the series. She better not. I love Lelouch and Shirley. I do not want Lelouch to hook up with Kallen or C.C. He better not cheat on Shirley.

  13. I am downloading the raw rightnow, should be done in a few minutes.
    There aren’t any surprise for me in this episode… since I already spoiled myself sometime before.

    In any case there is some rumor floating around Chinese board about leaked information on Code Geass, which somewhat already spoiled the whole serie…

    Show Spoiler ▼

    Show Spoiler ▼

    Show Spoiler ▼

    given that Lulu just fake kiss Shirley, the [SPOILER] seems to be correct up to this point….

  14. Watched the episode. These are some highlights.

    – Nina is playing with herself in this episode in the dark. She is also watching Euphie’s pic… awwww

    – It is revealed that CC is talking to a person called “Joshoa” or something. He/She makes fun of CC that she is getting jealous over Lulu. CC denied saying that “To her Lulu is just a …. (the sound again annoyingly blank out). A white hair person shown in the next 2nd is probably the “Joshoa”.

    – Kelen is jealous of CC!! lol

    – dam….Lulu interupt CC when she was about to get cool and cocky over that old guy.

    – Shirley just force kiss Lulu. And the next episode Mao will be here!! Sadly Shirley won’t have long to live…well at most 3 episodes…

    – It seems that Joshoa is not the same race as CC. (He doesn’t have sign in his forehead). He is however wearing glasses, geass!???

  15. oh damn O__O i totally did not see that coming. i always thought that lelouch thought shirley was annoying 😛 guess not…anyways…

    NOOO i want kallen x lelouch. hope he realizes that she’s the right girl for him soon >=)or C.C. too…either one is ok 😀

    i hope he’s just using shirley for some random plot and faking it. ARGH. i seriously do not support this couple.

  16. I don’t support the Rebellion! The other day I bought Domino’s Pizza cuz they’re more awesome. 😛

    O-O-Orange you say? Zerooo! I am not dead yeeeet! (If episode contains Orange, auto-ten).

  17. Nigredo at 4:40 pm on January 4th, 2007

    there is only 3 solutions by now:
    1) Lelouch is faking with Shirley, with a plan about using her later
    2) Shirley’s gonna die later in the serie
    3) both options above

    I can’t think anything else, and I won’t admit any LelouchXShirley

    Make that +2 … Shirley x Lulu = gag! Stop the INSANITY!!!!!!!!

  18. kaito at 5:37 pm on January 4th, 2007
    or they are going to do another gundam Seed (Yeah Yeah ^___^ AGAIN) and turn shirley into THE fllay of code geass! I mean….come on! we already have the *even more* sissy version of kira (Suzaku), the combo of yagami Light and athrun (Lelouch) and of course the 3rd clone of lacus (euphemia) so…way not a FLLAY?!?

    I love this director! *Lets rip em all*

    woah, woah, woah. I read often and never say anything, but this comment was a bit much. I can see the parallels between Yagami Light and Lelouch. I’ll give you that one no question. But to say that Suzaku and Euphie are anything like Kira and Lacus, maybe you’re only looking at character design. People may call Suzaku a sissy, but the damn fact is that he is the complete opposite. Kira was thrust into some war by chance in the classic *cough*cliche*cough* giant robot anime tradition and he spent every chance he got whining about how he didn’t want to fight.

    Suzaku on the other hand has no qualms over fighting. He knows what he is doing and isn’t being dragged along by anyone. His motives are all about doing what is best for everyone, even at his own expense. There is a war now because the rebellion is fighting back, and people are dieing because of that reason. Lelouch may want to get rid of Britania, but his motives are revenge, and he is willing to manipulate people for that reason. What is the point of doing the right thing if it creates more death and destruction?? I think that is what Suzaku wants to avoid. It may be difficult for one person to change an entire country from the inside out, but you have to give him props for that. Oh, and he takes a damn bullet for Lelouch in the first episode, and if that makes him a sissy…

    AS for Euphemia and Lacus. Oh man, I REALLY don’t like Lacus. But that aside, I don’t see similarities between her and Euphie (other than the pink hair, of course). Lacus in Seed/Seed Destiny acted as a third party in a conflict between two powers to end the fight, because she and her crew could do no wrong. Euphie on the other hand is directly involved in the conflict with a responsiblity to her people and her men, the soldiers that fight for her.

    In any case, I think, and this is just my opinion, that Suzaku and Euphie are far more interesting characters than KireXLacus.

  19. I don’t see how lulu x kallen is any way better. For one thing, as Zero he just acts as her boss, nothing more. As a student, he actually went all the way to make himself hated/disliked by her – recall episode 9? Or are ur that much in denial? =)

    At least for Shirley I can safely say that he does care about her. In episode 3, he was worrying that if his and Nanaly’s idenity is discovered, “Rival and Shirley would be taken away from us…”. Then in episode 8, he was extremely worry for his friends when they were taken hostage.

    Also, like in episode 9, and then 10, they showed that lulu was OBVIOUSLY up to something when he smirked after Kallen left and when he didn’t denied after C.C pointed out that his face “doesn’t look like that of an ally of justice”. So as long as it’s not shown, it’s safe to say he AT LEAST isn’t plotting anything.

    Using ugly words: He has no use for her in this rebellion.
    Using nice words: He doesn’t want to get her involve in this.

    Also, why all the hate? Shirley’s a nice girl…

  20. How did Shirely’s father die? Will probably find out next episode even if we don’t know in this one. Apparently from the preview his name was Joseph. I hope the LelouchxShirley pairing is real for now. I think it’s nice to see a kind Lelouch.
    So does Kallen know that Lelouch is Zero? And why did C.C. also get the uniform?

    How long do you reckon until we get a hint of who C.C. really is?

  21. It’s kind of sad to see them kiss when you know that their relationship won’t last.(only up to episode 15, and Shirley + Viletta disappear…in some way) If only she hadn’t discovered his identity in 13…

    Starting next ep, we won’t see much rebellion vs Britannia, since 13-15 is an arc that doesn’t have much to do with the main storyline, but very important for future factors.

    And who is that Asagi wannabe guy anyway? Don’t tell me that HE is Mao….-_-;;

  22. since now one mentioned it…when lelouch and the leader of kyoto (the old man) went into the flashback scene, there was a picture of young suzaku and another young girl by his side…who seriously looks like sakuya…and if we are basing things on how YOUNG she looks and how she speaks (her vocal quality) there’s really no way she can be “suzaku’s aunt,” i think… oh well!

  23. lololol, Nina x Euphie finally became blatant, but I still have to root hard ofr Suzaku x Euphie (’cause I hate Nina >.>)

    there is only 3 solutions by now:
    1) Lelouch is faking with Shirley, with a plan about using her later
    2) Shirley’s gonna die later in the serie
    3) both options above

    I can’t think anything else, and I won’t admit any LelouchXShirley

    Lelouch x Kallen is rather one-sided, but he makes her hate him during schooltime to protect his identity. His #1 most important thing is his revenge and he’s not allowing anything to compromise that, so unfortunately even if he did want to get close to her he can’t. (If he gets close, she’ll be able to fill in the pieces eventually and he can’t have that yet)

  24. @Defade

    what you said are from some Chinese unconfirmed rumor… we still don’t know how true are those.
    Anyway that white hair guy is NOT Mao.
    Show Spoiler ▼

  25. OMG the scene of nina masturbating on the corner of a table was totally [H] 😀 and looking the corner in the moment when Nunnally enter looks like there are some fluid (Yeah men this pure fan service)

    Shirley invited lulu to a concert of a sinfonic (and there where playing Mozart’s Lacrimosa if ther where left that song for music background mixed whit the ssound of the rain the scene where be incredeble Kool)

    Very Goog Episode and finale thanks where back to schedule

  26. Holy…do I smell another Fllay? xD Yup, I do. “Save me” indeed.

    Show Spoiler ▼

    Kallen being jealous of C.C. is absolutely hilarious. Although, if you’ve been 100% loyal to the guy you like for a very long time and another woman shows up who he treats on a higher level than you (“Important/Precious partner”), it must really burn, especially when she’s around him more often and knows his secrets.

    When Lelouch calls her a important again this episode, C.C. is absolutely deadpan–she either doesn’t care or actually really appreciates it but doesn’t want to seem too excited. Probably the latter, seeing how happy she was that he called her by her real name and how shocked she was when he said she was an ‘important partner’ the first time around. Also, the person she’s talking to…the white haired man. They’re speaking something of Lulu, along the lines of she’s jealous, right? What is their actual conversation?

    EDIT: Hmm…not long before this, I read a fanfic about Nina doing…you know to Euphemia’s magazine picture. It’s kinda scary, now that I think about it xD

  27. @Quina

    SO glad that the Asagi wannabe is not Mao. I expected someone….more…mysterious? And really, I wouldn’t like to see an Asagi wannabe going against Lulu.

    3 or 4 of them already proved to be true, and they aren’t exactly rumours. Not counting the ones I recently saw, there were also quite a bit of predictions for earlier episodes that turned out to be true. So unless they had a sudden change(which is basically impossible for next few weeks’ episode, since usually an episode takes a few months, from what I heard) or the informant stops being accurate, I would say most of them are believable.

    Oh, and the original source wasn’t from the chinese BBS, it’s from 2ch. Someone even thought that one of the informant was FukuJun himself.XD;;

  28. it has never cross my mind when i was reading this, never ever in this anime that i would see or read the word MASTURBATING. we all knew that nina like the princess but what made the producers to actually show HOW MUCH SHE REALLY LIKE EUPHEMIA!!!? and lulu kiss shirley!? and C.C and Zero was getting closer too. now i am a true fan of this show and i can’t wait to see a jeal·ous·ly C.C

  29. “I wonder where Nina’s obsession will take her when Euphie and Suzaku get together. Will she go Kaede (when she attacked Asa) on Suzaku?”
    You know, that did cross my mind. Nina starts off “ELEVEN!? AHHHHHHH” with Suzaku, then grows to accept him, then

  30. Shirley will know Zero’s identity, and from the looks of it she will die because she knows that. Since the episodes in the future are called ” Shirley and the Gun Point ” Ep 13, so don’t get attached to her anybody =P Lulu can’t have no dead weight that knows his pimp identity.

  31. nina… argh, brings up bad memories from End of Evangelion… it really is disturbing. What makes me even more disgusted is that she’s a female (contrast to Shinji that’s a male, and he’s seeing something more obscure) and doing it…. by looking on magazine…

    But what’s worse that those above, just what’s in the head of the director, by adding that scene? I think he/she should consider the audience, really…

  32. @Quina

    Agree with you on the Shirley’s father part. There’s enough time for anyone to run, since the announcement was issued way before the battle began. Unless his father is involved with the millitary…or the scientists. Someone mentioned before that he might be a millitary doctor…but the hospital, according to Euphemia, is located near the G1 base, and certainly G1 didn’t suffer any significant damage if any damage at all.

    That thought also crossed my mind, but now that I’ve looked at the animation again, it’s more likely that Shirley is kissing Lulu…but we’ll see.

    By the way, I’m pretty sure the white-haired man’s name isn’t revealed yet. What C.C. said was most likely “よせ、邪推は。私にとってあいつは-” and we don’t know who exactly she was talking to either. It doesn’t have to be the white-haired guy, since he could be smirking because he found CC, and not because he was amused by her response.

  33. THX god animes for kids all the time SUCKS like HELL!!
    I am an adult and I do love real adult content sometimes too!!!
    Sometimes violence, sex , nudity, complex situations are very atractive EVEN on animations!!! that´s why everytime someone asks you about a good anime you only answer about the ones that have IMPACT!!! FMP, FMA, Cgeras, BERSERK, EVANGELION…..ETC…ETC


  34. Why oh why is Nina SUCH a freak! I mean really, I’m fine with Yuri and all…but does Pizza hut support Yuri, I would’ve liked it a bit better if she fell in love wit hsomeone else and left Euphie to Susaku. And omgosh! Triangle!!! LuluxShirleyxKallenxC.C. but take out Shirley! On my watch she’s ALREADy dead…..

  35. I voted for the Shirley x Lulu pair since the beginning. After seeing Milly, I thought Lulu looks good with her, too. Realistically though, I think C.C. is who Lulu will end up with, given all of the Shirley/Frey (from Gundam Seed) similarities and that Shirley will eventually kick the bucket. Milly can be great as well!

    And yes, Nina…first a damn racist, and now this?! Kill her off, too!


  36. >>And yes, Nina…first a damn racist, and now this?! Kill her off, too!

    >>Yes yes! I second that!

    Sorry, but WTF? I haven’t read all replys, so I hope you’re jesting. In case your’re not, what about that scene makes her so freakish? That she’s masturbating? Actually I’d find it more an the odd side if a teenager told me he/she had never done that. Or that she has a thing for another woman? I don’t quite see that as an offence punishable by death, nor that she was caught doing so. I understand that she’s not a liked character, due to the rasicm and general patheticness of her portrayal, but THAT scene doesn’t add to her faults. Or is that some kind of crazy shipper rampage e.g. “I support Suzaku x Euphemia, therefore anyone showing remote interest in those two must DIEDIEDIEDIEDIE….”.

  37. mao looks like loyd. i think they r releatives or something like that. or im stupid 😛

    and loyd maybe he isnt just a scientist. he is mysterious person too. but in the end lulu my man go on and destroy, manipulate, burn ,kill. get them all 😀 . absolutely his most important thing nanali and revenge. ahh revenge yummm this is spectacular word and has spectacular meaning too :D.

    but i wish luluxkallen development too. c.c is fine too. but kallen most attractive girl in show. she is damn hot. blalblabla… forgive my rudeness every1.

  38. “I don’t see how lulu x kallen is any way better. For one thing, as Zero he just acts as her boss, nothing more. As a student, he actually went all the way to make himself hated/disliked by her – recall episode 9? Or are ur that much in denial? =) ”

    i see it more as a love hate relationship XD with a teeny more tilt to the love

  39. Yeeeaaaah!!!! GO GO Lulu+Shirley !!!
    I was supporting that pairing from the beginning too.
    Leloush seriously needs someone to whom he can show his kindness and from whom he can recieve normal human warmth. Just normal good, kind, open and honest girl, who can prevent his soul from freezing to death. Or else he will turn into monster greater than his beloved father.

    Damn, please please please not Fllay again. It will be too … cruel …

  40. Ouroboros, for me it’s not Nina pleasuring herself that is the freaky part, it’s the scary stalker complex that she is slowly developing. Euphemia most likely doesn’t even know that Nina exists and right now only has eyes for Suzaku which is going to spell problems for our resident Eleven-hater. Nina is this out-of-control threat that can be seen miles away. How big a threat? All I know someone is going to get hurt.

  41. @jounin
    Yes, she seems to be built up as a stalker, probably doing something unfavourable to Suzaku, somewhere down the road (as Euphemmia is out of her reach). What I found questionable about some of the above comments was that they came off as “Now she even masturbates to her pics!?!!11!! That freak! Die in a fire now! Every reason is fine enough!”. You stated that you find her freaky as she seems to develop into a stalker, that I can understand and I agree with it actually. OTOH The kind of reasoning I quoted in my other post that sounds a lot like fangirl shipping drivel to my ears, I can not understand.

  42. okay, I’ll rephrase myself, she doesn’t have to die, since I do understand the logic of some about her and yea…but did she REALLY have to do that? Espeicially, somewhere that wasn’t her own room? I mean, Nanaly walked in on her…well, Nanaly didn’t know what was going on, I don’t think…and yeah, I don’t think it was really the pleasuring that annoyed me, just to lazy to think about what was the annoying part to me, it was probably the picture and the stalky-ness thing…

  43. lol WHERE do you think the bed will be?
    In Lulu’s room? lol we know who is in there.

    Shirley is not a boarding student, so unless they go to her house and meet their crying mother. Its not going to happen.

  44. I personally believe that everyone is reading too much into the pairing thing rather than suscribing to the logic factor. It appears to me that the commentary seems to be “OMFG Lelouch is staring at Shirley while she’s crying! He kissed her, so this must be the “new” OTP!!11″


    Lelouch is reacting to Shirley’s tears for quite another reason. Remember, he founded the Order of Black Knights to do what? To battle Britannia and not involve the innocents/the weak. However, during the Battle of Narita, Lelouch indirectly (?) caused the death of Shirley’s father. The exact details are not known, but it can be inferred that Lelouch practically just broke his word regarding the involvement of innocents. In a roundabout way, he seriously hurt one of his closest friends at school because of his commitment to Britannia’s destruction. Hence, his more intimate gesture is more of a symbol of comfort rather than a declaration of feelings/love.

    Also, I feel another rather important detail has missed discussion because everyone has been focused on the pairing/masturbation things. Did anyone else notice Viletta going through Shirley’s wallet only to find a picture of Lelouch? *hint hint*

    I have my own theories regarding exactly how Viletta and Shirley are about to exit stage right during the Mao arc, but I’ll save that for next week’s episode.

  45. Can’t say the Nina ‘self-love’ fiasco did much for her already unhinged character. Laksharta (or whatever her name is) looks cool, and that wierdo Mao is gonna give Lelouch a hard time for sure.

  46. They showed a Kira and Fllay sex scene in gundam seed(It was implied during the normal series and then confirmed in a special release with extra footage). It was not explicit though like a hentai.

  47. Gyah…eww!!! I had to watch that scene of Nina two times and I still couldn’t figure out what she was doing so I came here and now I’m all…grossed out.
    But NO LELOUCH NO! I let my LelouchxSuzaku hope die… I don’t want my most favorite show’s most annoying couple to end up!!! Please Lelouch, Kallen or CC is fine! Just not Shirley!!!

  48. OMFG!! Awesome, just f-k awesome!

    “Meanwhile, back at school in the student council room, Nina is masturbating on the corner of a table to a picture of Euphemia” that scene needs no explanation Onmi, don’t ask why I know those movements so well without a second look. And remember folks, this is SUNRISE, if we have an implied sex scene in GS and then a sneak peek over the Special Edition on DVD, sure we can have sex in Code Geass.

    Man, was Shirley’s dad on the army; damn it. Next week more about Shirley but next, episode 14 “Geass vrs. Geass” what does that mean?

    Seeing C. C. talking to herself about if she really likes Lulu was fun; she has an alter ego, for sure. And yes, Pizza Hut supports the Rebellion.

    Syaoran Li
  49. I prefer Kallen over Shirely and CC over Kallen. I also definitely support SuzakuXEuphie not NINA at all. That scene was effortlessly pointless and messed up. The rustling of clothes was a bit wierd at first but i understood what she was doing a bit later

  50. Its so lame. Even if Britannia ended up killing the terrorists, i thought they’d kill the civilians as usual, but this time they didn’t. I thought that was weird how they became so considerate towards the elevens. Why the hell was Suzaku so pissed off about this time when the innocent civilians were dying when in the earlier episode they were massacred by Britannia. Why did he get angry when the civilians were injured, but not when they were massacred. This anime is just getting retarted story-wise, but as long as there is love and drama, they can pull off any shit since most of you want to talk about pairing and love.

  51. you’re missing the point:
    suzaku is kira yamato, thrust into this series: he’s got an overpowered robot, an overly simplified view of justice/right and wrong, and basically turns a blind eye to what his side does, while hating his enemies for causing similar death and destruction.

    long story short, he’s the ultimate foil to Lelouch. in any other context, suzaku would annoy the hell out of me as being cliched and simplistic. But opposite a morally ambiguous protagonist, he works perfectly.

    speaking of which, looks like next episode lelouch gets to chose between the plan and not hurting shirely even more. and I highly doubt Zero is going to disappear this early. still, not like shirely will know about it for ages, even if Lelouch chooses to continue being a cold hearted bastard next week. this is going to be great stuff.

  52. “There’s enough time for anyone to run, since the announcement was issued way before the battle began. ”

    Um.. how can you say that? The entire mountain crumbled and it probably took a sizable cityfolk and army men with it. Shirley’s father could’ve been a soldier you know.

  53. After seeing that Pizza Hut box with Lelouch on it in the poll, out of curiosity I actually took a look at the official Japanese Pizza Hut website, and found this:

    Looks like indeed Pizza Hut Japan is sponsoring the rebellion – I mean Code Geass, ‘coz there’s a whole bunch of stuff there, like a Code Geass desktop wallpaper (with the Pizza Hut logo on it), PVC figurines, some kind of cards (dunno if it’s call cards or trading cards or something else), keychains, and a Soundtrack CD.

    Sailor Enlil
  54. That kiss… that’s just SOMETHING WRONG with it (even worst than the masturbating Nina) I almost fell off my chair when I saw that. But I’m glad they don’t continue (aka: have s*x) as far as I know. It’s just… so out of the blue from Lelouch. You’d think he’d refuse to comfort Shirley because he killed her father but no, being the mighty, graceful, elegant, and a LITTLE bit cocky ‘aristocrat’ boy he just have to help a damsel in distress.

    Seriously, I hope Shirley won’t turn into another Fllay Allster (Gundam SEED). She’s a good girl that lost her father to a supposed to be hero/protector. I just hope she reacts a bit Cagalli-sh when she knows the truth–aka: throwing temper tantrums without any will of Fllay-ish revenge.

    And I have enough share of gundam seed wannabes, only people like Millay, Nanally, Britannia Emperor and -cough- Nina that seems original enough (do you see any overdramatic chairman like Millay or lesbians like Nina around GS series? No of course not).

  55. sazuka is an arse!!!!

    he is whining about innocent people dieing in the mountain yet when critannia were killing the elevens, where was his morality and sense of justice then? fine he save one person from falling if i remember right, but the entire operation was meant to kill innocent people in the pretense that they were protecting terrorist…

    the dude just loves his big armour period..justice my arse!!

    ok j/k about hte loving of his armour….but still sazuka is an idiot period!
    as far as marturbation goes i though whe was having a seizure lol…that is until the picture was shown..and i got curious, and when the door opened it confirmed everything lol 😛

    oh and why a picture? well being a princess i guess its hard to find a euphemia in this months issue of playboy 😛

    why not a pc? maybe there wasnt any private pc’s around..i mean its a dorm room right? and since nanali is blind as long as she makes no sound nanali wont have a clue 😛

    well thats my theory….i got nothing against chicks that masturbate 😉 event if they are racists or the most hated chicks 🙂 i mean talk about glasses moe right 😛

    bong bong
  56. there is only 3 solutions by now:
    1) Lelouch is faking with Shirley, with a plan about using her later
    2) Shirley’s gonna die later in the serie
    3) both options above

    I can’t think anything else, and I won’t admit any LelouchXShirley

    Make that +3
    ShirleyxLulu is pointless, because he just kissed her out of pity
    so Shirley should really stop being a kiss ass, *sorry for my langue*
    because almost in every anime there’s a weak,hopeless girl who falls for
    the sexy strong avenged types boys and the boys end up being the main character of the

    :p Nina is a freak I was shocked with what she was doing


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