OP: 「クロス*ハート」 (Cross*Heart) by CooRie
Watch the OP! Mirror 1 Mirror 2


ED: 「微睡みの楽園」 (Madoromi no Rakuen) by Ceui
Watch the OP! Mirror 1 Mirror 2
I really wish KOTOKO were doing the OP and/or ED, but that’s not the case. CooRie and Ceui have decent songs here, but they just don’t quite compare to Re-sublimity and agony.

-Meh, this definitely didn’t have the same (good) cheesy wow factor as the first episode of Kannaduki no Miko.


  1. there was no shoujo-ai kiss at the end, just a normal hetero kiss between the “prince” and the main girl, we almost got one, in the middle of the episode, between the cat girl and that same main girl ( don’t ask me to name the main girl, I don’t know/care about her :p)

    as for the preview…let’s say we will see some shoujo-ai moment between the 2 girls who look (a lot) like Himeko and Chikane (unfortunalety I don’t remember their names in this show 🙁 )

  2. i finish watching the first episode. it seemed okay i guess, but i think the kannazuki no miko’s episode 1 was better (including opening and ending) Chikane and Himeko’s names in kyoushirou is Kaon and Himiko. I hope to see some shoujo-ai between them 😀

  3. hey, is it allowed in japan – “ripping a girl shirt?”; after that, what you will only get are scream of excitment from the by-standers. funny story line. haha… but, i will still continue to watch. haha… can’t stop for now. hahahaha…
    by the way, the author seems to copy and paste characters from KnM(4) and UFO Valkyrie(1). back by popular demands?

  4. I don’t like the main character much..I prefer the blonde girl, Setsuna.^-^ I agree with Rasmiel, flower overload.xP..Bleh, I don’t know if I’m still going to watch this or not..

  5. FYI, Mirror2 seems to link to the ED instead of the OP.

    I rather enjoyed that song and I think it fits the animation well, but I’ll need to see it translated to see if it can match the beauty of agony and re-sublimity (which the astute quickly recognized as Chikane and Himeko’s songs).

  6. I personally don’t think that the op’s tone fits the opening, i would rather prefer something like resublimity then this very soft song. The ending seems much more fitting though.

  7. Well, at least here it seems like Chikane (Kaon) & Himeko (Himiko), are a couple.

    I was going to wait for some group to sub this but I guess the temptation won again. I’m going to put my hands on the RAW right away, screw the patience…

    I’m surprised they aired this series past noon in Japan, a very bad sigh for us or maybe they don’t care anymore about some censorship.

    Syaoran Li
  8. It was good but I thought Kannazuki no Miko’s first episode was better. Its only the first episode though and it looks like it has promise so I’ll definitely keep watching. As Elvilla said it needs more yuri since there wasn’t much in the first episode. Yuri cat girl was nice though. Well next episode looks like we get a nice dose of yuri and by Himeko and Chikane, I mean Himiko and Kaon! I swear its KNM 2.

  9. This looks good…………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….

    *goes to watch KNM again*
    btw the op song doen’t fit the clip it’s just too lifeless, has no incentive just too… lifeless
    they should put towa no Hana that’s a good song and fits well
    or Kotoko should do the op!!!!
    no complaints with the ed tough….

    btw it0s just me or
    1)Chikane just had this creepy background in the op with the temple behind…. (scream with me KNM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) not in the mon tough….
    2) the prince stabing the girl…. blah it is almost like what happened in KNM when Chikane tell Himeko of what had previously happened (you know when one of them had to die and that what the previous Chikaned had done….) it sems it wil repeat itself, just that thist time it will be hetero and not yuri!!
    *cries hard*
    oh well only time will tell
    *goes again to watch KNM*

  12. I watched the unsubtitled version just now. It’s feels like a nice series. Setsuna was introduced near the later part of the episode. Next episode features the introduction of Himiko and Kaon (looks like yuri), and also a possible explanation of the “mana kiss”.

  13. miharu: see text about the input window 😉

    Last link in the community list should definitely have it.

    My guess:
    Just rewatched the ep, still have the feeling he could actually be a reverse trap, can’t really point my finger at the reason though.Well, at least we get some yuri next ep 🙂

  14. no the prince is actually a boy…
    and becky: what is STFU? Srry but english isn’t my native language… and btw whether I like yuri or not is my bussiness, I believe.
    oh and I did not foam –* actually I’ve never foamed

  15. My apologies in advance to anyone who liked this episode. But that was probably the most worthless slop I’ve seen in a long time. It played like it was inspired, envisioned, and written by a ten year old girl who still doesn’t know what a period is.

  16. wow.. just watched it also.. what a HUGE disappointment! the dialogue might just be one of the worst I’ve ever heard! And what’s with the stereotypical shy-girl stuff.. don’t waste your time blogging this one..


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