After getting a phone call from his father about a diary that the second Kira sent, Light heads to the hotel and reads the sheet of paper dated May of 2006. L points out the entry for the 30th which talks about confirming Shinigami at a Tokyo Dome Giants game. Light can’t quite figure out how this would work, but then realizes that the entry for the 22nd is even more interesting. This one talks about meeting a friend in Aoyama and showing their Notes to each other. Meanwhile, Rem is explaining to Misa at home that people who have a Death Note cannot see the life span of someone else with a Death Note – the same as how Shinigami cannot see the life spans of fellow Shinigami. Back at the hotel, Light is postulating that the Aoyama entry is a message specifically for Kira while the Tokyo Dome one to catch the police’s attention. When L eventually asks him what he thinks, Light starts by saying that the person who sent it was an idiot. L himself is unsure of what action to take, reasoning that if they broadcast the diary, then they’ll have to cancel the game. But if they don’t broadcast the diary, then the second Kira won’t take another move. For the time being, L decides to go ahead with the broadcast and cancel the game, though he also wants them to block the roads around the Tokyo Dome. By pretending to be Kira and replying to the second Kira with an agreement to meet, the second Kira might show up even though the real Kira wouldn’t.
Nevertheless, L still wants to think about the diary as if the second Kira wasn’t stupid and looks for other hidden messages. He decides that they should check out all the locations that are named in the diary including the entry for Aoyama and the entry for Shibuya. During this, Light thinks to himself that if the fake Kira is caught, he’ll personally have to kill everyone there. L continues on with his instructions, saying that he wants to set up more surveillance cameras at those locations and wants to use plainclothes police to investigate. After Matsuda volunteers, Light also volunteers because he claims he won’t stand out. They decide to go through with it, but L later calls Matsuda to tell him to observe Light secretly when they go to Aoyama and Shibuya. Returning home, Light tells his mother that he was out with his girlfriend in order to keep the investigation a secret. Once he’s back to his own room, he asks Ryuk if it’s ok for Shinigami to talk to each other in the human world. Ryuk answers that he feels doing something like that is a rule violation when he doesn’t have the permission of the human he’s attached to, even though there is no official law against it. Hearing this, Light suggests that there’s a probability that the fake Kira’s Shinigami would see Ryuk and tell that Kira that Light is the real one. Ryuk says they normally wouldn’t, but it’s up to the personality of the Shinigami – he personally would not tell Light if such a thing happened.
Light then notices through an online search that there is a place called Note Blue holding an event on the 22nd of the month. He decides that this place is worth the gamble, but Ryuk wonders if he’s willing to be found out by the fake Kira. Of course, Light has a plan: he brings Matsuda with a large group of friends as cover in Aoyama. Doing this means that even if Ryuk is seen, it won’t be possible to tell who the Shinigami following. What Light doesn’t realize is that Misa has the Shinigami eyes and can spot him out in a crowd as the only person without a number under his name. Thus, she easily is able to identify him in Aoyama without identifying herself, and then goes home to do a little research on him. From it, she learns that his first name is read as Light, not Tsuki as she originally thought, and finds about all his personal accomplishments. Sometime later, the investigation team is meeting again to discuss how nothing happened in Aoyama and Shibuya when they suddenly get a message from Watari about a new video from Kira. This one has the second Kira proclaiming that he or she has found Kira and thanking everyone from the TV station and the police. Realizing that he had been discovered, Light tries to figure out how this was possible. At the same time, L is thinking to himself that Light and Matsuda were the ones who went to Aoyama, and so he starts really suspecting Light again even though he also knows he has no positive proof that it happened in Aoyama.
L then asserts to the group that based on the second Kira’s use of the word “found,” he or she probably has not made contact yet. Since they’ve come this far, he decides that they have to make an appeal to the second Kira to tell them who the real Kira is. That night, they broadcast a police message directed towards the fake Kira saying that the real Kira will kill him or her if they come in contact. After watching the broadcast, Misa heads straight for Light’s home with her Death Note to introduce herself. When Sayu answers the door, Misa explains that she’s here to give Light the important Note that he forgot at school. After he comes out, she allows him to touch her Death Note and thus see Rem. Realizing that she is the fake Kira, Light brings her up to his room to talk with her in private and first asks her how she knew he was Kira. Once she explains the Shinigami eyes, Light glares at Ryuk who claims not to have known that detail. Light then makes it clear to her that he’d be exposed if she got caught by the police, so Misa declares that she won’t get caught and she’ll only do as he says from now on. She also says that she can find out L’s name and be Light’s eyes. All she wants in return is to be his girlfriend. Light immediately says that it’s impossible since they were both caught on camera that day in Aoyama, so being seen together now would be bad. In response, Misa produces pictures of the disguise she used in Aoyama, and even Ryuk thinks she wouldn’t get recognized.
Light’s next concern is about the fingerprints on the videos, but Misa explains that she got an unknowing friend to do it for her. She even offers to kill this friend if he tells her to. Misa is also willing to turn over her Death Note to Light so that she can’t kill him and so that he can kill her when he doesn’t find her useful anymore. Still not convinced, Light suggests that she could have already taken and hidden a few pages from her Note. Nearly in tears now, Misa asks back why he still distrusts her and claims that she’s fine with him just using her. When Light questions why she can say something like that, Misa finally breaks down and admits that one year ago, her parents were killed right in front of her eyes by a burglar. With the trial taking a long time, Kira was the one who judged the criminal. As a result, Misa felt that he definitely existed and she wanted to meet him no matter what. Considering all the things Misa did, how she not is as stupid as he thought, and how she’s willing to obey him, Light finally hugs her and tells her that although he can’t really be her boyfriend, he can pretend to be. After he finishes by calling her eyes a weapon, Misa thanks him and promises to become someone he’ll like. As he holds Misa in his arms, Light’s eyes glow with a certain joy and he laughs to himself.

It’s kind of sad seeing Misa prostrate herself in front of Light knowing that he’s going to use her as a weapon. But as they showed, she’s completely dedicated to him, no matter what he does to her (with only one minor exception as we will find out next week). I guess he’s too busy with his higher calling or just completely not interested in girls to do ecchi things to her. In any case, things are going to keep getting more interesting now that Misa has become a key figure.
I wonder if the OP and/or ED are going to change anytime soon. If they are, next week would be a prime candidate for them to do so.


  1. @Acturus: just try to check it with, probably they’ll release the subs 2 days after the show

    whooo.. and misa is really hot.. XD and it seems that Light has an evil plan again in his mind! evil glare again, haha! 🙂

  2. And so it has been proven that who you are outside really does matter more than who you are inside. XD

    Misa looked like she got some sort of holy blessing when Light hugged her too, lol.

  3. I love that last screenshot of Yagami Light’s face. That smile has the glee of TRIUMPH! That’s the kind of grin I feel appear on my face when I sense victory moving my way. I’m pretty sure I’d even get that kind of “evil face” if I felt that I was achieving a victory over people who were hunting me.

    So…I guess having the feeling of being hunted or persecuted causes people to portray stereotypically “evil” facial expressions? I like that hypothesis. It even sort of matches up with some portrayals of “mad scientists” who aren’t actually EVIL, but are over-the-top and feel persecuted by the community.

  4. @rasmiel, you hit the nail right on the proverbial head, hes a jerk, but you can’t help loving him.

    Hence the reason for the continual reminder that he is a Jerk.

    Elegant Destruction
  5. Misa is hawt. I read ahead a bit in the manga (yes shame on me) but wow the anime is following the manga *very very* closely, which is another reason why this series just plain rocks. Can’t wait to see this episode.

  6. When Raito lost????
    He became what he always wanted…. Show Spoiler ▼

  7. If i had the Shinigami Eyes and a Death note i would be like Light, except i would want 2 be a Secret GOD, not a Famous GOD like he did….
    Light’s greatest weakness/strenght was 2 become famous. It was a Double Edged Tactic…..
    I support Light until the end :P, therefore ill never change my opnion that he was right, because i would do the same as him. Right = Do what you WANT Wrong = Go against yourself AKA Your Rules.

  8. They finally meet, been waiting for that moment. Misa’s kawaii but she’s really too dedicated to Light, fueling his ambitions even more. That last screen shot really marks his devilish transformation to the ultimate, things are getting really hot now. This is a cool ep, now to wait for the subs.

  9. Now see, this episode shows for certain that I am smarter than Light…

    Because I would totally “do ecchi things to her.” And while she’s wearing the megane/sailor fuku combo, too… Rowr…

  10. #
    Airas at 6:44 am on January 10th, 2007

    When Raito lost????
    He became what he always wanted…. Hide Spoiler ▲
    a GOD.
    Even though he died, he became a legend that has followers all over the world that prays for him…. I don’t call that losing…. Who wouldn’t want 2 be glorified as a GOD??? A Supreme being that reing over Death….
    Thanks 2 Misa-Misa, Raito became immortal.

    ahh man i have full manga but still i dont read it . i cant stop myself and read your spoiler :S . so now i must read manga now . holy crap 😀

  11. DEATH NOTE IS LISCENSED by Viz Entertaiment.

    Yes you heard me Death Note is licsenced by Viz Entertaiment for all of those of you who watch the subs [like me] no more subs both 2/4 subbers have stated their dropping it [Live-Evil] and [Toriyama’s World] as for the other 2 it is not known yet.

    For the other 2 subbers visit:

    Kurosaki Ichigo
  12. That last shot of Light is killer. He made me piss my pants.

    And was there a preview?

    Yep… liscensed… that means I’ll watch the episode and read the manga at the same time. XD


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