OP2 Sequence

OP2: 「解読不能」 (Kaidoku Funou) by ジン (Jinn)
Watch the OP! Mirror 1 Mirror 2 (16.7MB, XviD)

During the burial of her father, Shirley watches as her mother breaks down in tears. She remembers how she had wanted to become her father’s bride when she was young, but her father had told her that she’d find the person she would like. He had promised to be happy for her when she found the person who loved her back. All of her friends are also here, and Rivalz apologizes to her for feeling that the Black Knights looked cool back during the hotel hijacking. Suzaku, however, declares that the way Zero and the Black Knights do things is cowardly, and he feels that there is no meaning in results obtained from doing things the wrong way. Milly then gets everyone to go back home, including the concerned looking Kallen, leaving just Lelouch and Shirley to face each other. As it starts to rain, Shirley apologizes for what happened on that night because she feels that her way of doing things was wrong – even the kiss didn’t make her happy. She then runs off in tears, and although Lelouch calls out to her, he doesn’t chase after her.
Lelouch instead goes home and sits thinking silently as C.C. enjoys her new CHEESE-Kun toy. She asks him if he regrets having gotten the father of a friend involved in all this, and then reminds him of what was said with Kirihara about walking the path of carnage. Though Lelouch tells her to be quiet, C.C. keeps going, saying that he has led to the deaths of many people and that these people had families, lovers, and friends that they left behind. Facing her accusations of not being resolved to do this, Lelouch claims that he has been since that time with Clovis, but C.C. then questions why he’s so in doubt right now and wonders if he was swayed by emotion. It is when she calls him an insincere virgin boy that Lelouch pushes her onto his bed. Unfazed, C.C. tells him that he has no right to stop and that he can’t disappoint her. After hearing all this, a frustrated Lelouch heads to the shower where he hits the wall repeatedly. Remembering the things that various people have said to him up to this point, Lelouch calls up Kaname.
Thanks to information from Diethard, Zero has a plan to attack Cornelia while she’s going after the Japan Liberation Front. Kaname feels that they should give priority to letting General Katase of the Liberation Front get away, but Zero reminds him that they are the Black Knights with the goal of annihilating Cornelia’s force. After Zero tells the group that they will take back what they lost at Narita, Kaname asks what the chances of success are. Hearing Zero call it a silly question, Kaname smiles and understands. At the same time, Darlton of the Britannia forces is explaining to Suzaku the mission to capture Katase and put and end to the Japan Liberation Front. Suzaku’s job will be to provide covering fire until the marine forces secure Katase. After that, he’s to annihilate any remnants. Darlton tells Suzaku to show his loyalty to Britannia and feels that this is a chance for a promotion, so Suzaku should work hard. Having overheard everything, Lloyd calls it a loyalty test for Suzaku and wonders what he’s going to do.
As night falls, Shirley shows up at the docks where everything is set to happen. She had been visited earlier in the day by Villetta, who had told her about the likelihood of Lelouch being involved with the Black Knights. At the time, Shirley called it a lie, but because she had her doubts, she came here. Meanwhile, Kallen accidentally walks in on Zero without his suit on, but it’s too dark for her to see him. When he detects doubt in her, Kallen admits that until now, she’s felt that fighting for the sake of justice was the right thing – that’s why she killed. However, she now wonders if their way of doing things is really changing the world. Zero first tells her that they have to change it, and then goes on to say that there are people who aren’t soldiers who will get involved and die. But Zero and the Black Knights can’t stop and they can only try to win. In order to not waste the blood that’s already been spilled, Zero vows to spill even more blood. However, he won’t force Kallen to do so too and offers her the chance to get out. Kallen is surprised by this, but she decides that she will move forward with him. Lelouch thanks her and then thinks to himself that it is thanks to C.C., the person he needs. At that time, C.C. is talking to herself, saying that she cannot repeat the same failure any longer.
When the time comes, Cornelia orders the start of her operation and the marine units dive into the water. Suzaku leads the Sutherland group in shooting soldiers the deck of the Japan Liberation Front ship, and because he has doubts about what they’re doing, Cecile calls him to remind him that he’s a professional soldier. Zero meanwhile waits until the Liberation Front ship – that’s being boarded by the Britannian marine units – floats over the bomb that the Black Knights set. By blowing it and igniting the fluid Sakuradite, they are able to wipe out the boat with Katase on it. Moving his units into action, Zero declares that they will rush towards Cornelia’s base and care about nothing else. In order to repay the blood of the Japan Liberation Front, they will take Cornelia and show their resolution and power. Watching from nearby with Kaname, Diethard suddenly takes off in joy that Zero is such a wonderful subject: the incarnation of chaos. He runs laughing happily because he wants Zero to show him more. The Britannia forces, including Suzaku, think that Katase self-destructed, and have to scramble when the Black Knights fly onto the dock aboard a special boat.
In their respective Knightmares, Zero has Kallen follow him straight towards Cornelia. He uses his Burai to tackle Cornelia’s Gloucester, but she manages to knock off his left arm before the Crimson Lotus ties her up. Lelouch is ready to shoot Cornelia, but then notices a heat signature in the nearby shadows. Looking more closely, Lelouch realizes this person is Shirley, and his hesitation is long enough for Suzaku to fly in to rescue Cornelia. As the Lancelot starts bashing apart the Burai, Suzaku asks if Zero doesn’t understand other people’s pain in his pursuit of a result. He also calls Zero a murderer for calmly using lives as decoys. Both near their emotional limits, Zero asks why Suzaku always gets in the way while Suzaku asks why Zero spills so much blood meaninglessly. After getting hit in the air, Zero is forced to eject the cockpit of his Burai, and it goes flying down a path of storage containers. Before the Suzaku can do anything else, Kallen jumps at him with the Crimson Lotus – which had been fighting Cornelia – and declares that she’s protecting Zero.
With fighting going on all around, Shirley approaches the wreckage of the Burai’s cockpit and sees Zero’s body hanging out of it. She picks up the gun at her feet and points it at him, ready to fire. However, Zero starts to regain consciousness and his helmet comes off in the process. A shocked Shirley can clearly see that below the mask is the familiar – and now bleeding – face of Lelouch.

ED2 Sequence

ED2: 「モザイクカケラ」 (Mosiac Kakera) by SunSet Swish
Watch the ED! Mirror 1 Mirror 2 (10.1MB, XviD)
The new OP wasn’t as bad as I thought it’d be – I actually really like the way the song opens. The new ED, however, is everything I hoped it’d be and then some (based on what I originally heard from the promo). Both the animation sequences are only partly made of new shots, and of the new OP ones, the final scene of the Lancelot launching made me laugh because it’s almost exactly like a Gundam launch.

So thanks to Villetta, Shirley now knows that Lelouch = Zero. It’s interesting to see that while Jeremiah became comical relief with all the Orange-kun stuff, Villetta is actually playing a part in trying to expose the truth. In fact, except for the Britannia group shot, Jeremiah’s not even in the new OP sequence whereas Villetta gets her own short scene. Anyway, Shirley finding out about Lelouch can lead to any number of things, but the preview this week that consists of only this shot, which would seem to bode poorly for her.
Although they don’t really know it, Lelouch and Suzaku grew even further apart this episode. Both had to come to terms with the fighting that claimed Shirley’s father’s life, but they ended up at different conclusions. In part thanks that C.C.’s tough words, Lelouch became more resolved to do what he needs to, no matter how much blood it spills whereas Suzaku meanwhile seemed to settle even further into his position that what Zero is doing is wrong. Their contrast is made stronger by the red versus blue shading that that fighting scene took, and it reminded me a lot of DEATH NOTE‘s use of those colors.
On a lighter note, C.C. finally got a Cheese-kun! I just about laughed myself silly when I saw that. Of course, this means that Pizza Hut supports the Rebellion! Diethard was a lot wackier than I thought he’d be. Who knew he’d go so crazy over Zero’s plans and run around so happily like that.
Next week, GEASS vs. GEASS. Who knows what that could mean…


  1. Now that it is confirmed that Shirley knows that Lelouch = Zero, it’s about time to state my hypotheses for the Mao Arc.

    We all have thoughts regarding the supposed ‘cruelty’ inflicted upon Lelouch by Mao. However, I believe that Lelouch’s current state is bordering the worst possible scenario for him. After knowing that he indirectly killed Shirley’s father, Lelouch is struggling with two identities: the Lelouch Lamperouge side and the full-scale Zero side. On the former, he has friends, a decent life, and a rather promising future. The latter embodies his hatred and desire for vengeance. The worst thing that can happen to Lelouch is that he’s forced to choose between the two.

    So that’s EXACTLY how Mao is going to wreck him. It is the devil’s choice: to put down the Zero mask forever (and becoming Lamperouge, forsaking vengeance) or to continue on the road less traveled (continue his path of destruction). If Lelouch chooses the former, he has a *slight* chance of reconciling with Shirley and getting on with his life. If Lelouch chooses the latter, he is inevitably forced to deal with Shirley, exactly how I don’t know. Assuming Mao possesses the power of the geass on par (or superior) to Lelouch, Mao will be able to corner Lelouch and force him to choose. Will Lelouch choose to forsake his vengance because Shirley’s life is on the line (highly unlikely) or will he become Zero and damn the consequences (equally unlikely). I think Lelouch will try to save Shirley from Mao, but Mao will simply state “You’re too damn soft,” and kill Shirley.

    Lelouch IS too soft. He actually agonizes over the death of innocents, vomits after killing Clovis, and now contemplates abandoning Zero because of the damage done to his friends. This is definitely a human side to him, but it takes away from his revenge-committed character. I’m very interested in seeing how he’ll turn out to be after this arc.

  2. Is it just me or does the new OP song suk. I’m not all that suprised though considering Jinn sang the 4th OP for Blood+. The ep however looks very interesting. Can’t wait for the sub to come out.

  3. If Shirely does die, I believe it won’t be Lelouch’s fault. If she doesn’t die (which i hope is likely) she won’t attempt to kill Zero and try to find another way solve her grief.

  4. Did that cow, Shirley shoot, Zero/Lulu?
    And Lelouche naked in the shower………runs to download raw!!!!!!!!!

    Now there is but one choice…Shirley goes bye-bye. Oh, I hope so! (yes, I’m evil)

  5. Just looked at the pic preview for the next ep.

    Hmm.. won’t Lulu just geass Shirley to forget who he is? Of course, that is if Shirley has some reason to not shoot him and Lulu finally wakes up to see a gun pointed at him…

  6. The song by Jinn was okay, but I definitely liked FLOW’s song much more because it was had that catchy tune to it. However, I really like SunSet Swish’s song for the ED; I probably like it more than Ali Project’s song.

    As for the episode, it should be interesting, especially since someone other than C.C. now knows that Lelouch is Zero.

  7. So how does Viletta know that Lelouch is Zero? And if Shirley loves Lelouch, she shoots him? I didn’t like her from the start; she was the one responsible for Lelouch almost getting killed in the first episode. XD And she was all huffy puffy that Lelouch hung up on her. XD

  8. Looks like Suzuka’s loyalty is paying off since Cornelia is now putting him in the frontlines in her operations now.

    Weird that Lancelot’s pack is red, which would fit Guren and not him unless something big is going to happen in the next few episodes.

  9. I am downloading this at full pace!!

    lol anyway looks like it will be an awsome episode.

    We can wave bye bye to SHirley now. Recall Zero’s statement “Those who can shoot, must be prepare to get shot” So I guess she will get shot later.

    Show Spoiler ▼

  10. You know what I like about Sunrises’ op(s)? They give off hints (ok, some might consider them spoilers).

    In the Op (I love it,btw) , there were 2 times where they’ve shown a series of mug-shots. The first half are the ones we’ve seen in the 1st op, ‘Lelouch-C.C-Suzaku-Yuffie-Emperor-Shirley’while later on the 2nd series of mug-shots shows, ‘Mao-2nd prince(Can’t spell his name)-Nina-Ougi’.

    My guess is this second set of shots might be to represent the antagonist; Mao and the 2nd prince proves this point, as for Ougi; well in episode 12 you can see that his faith in Zero (or zero’s trust in him) is wavering… And anybody here doesn’t view Nina as a ‘threat’? =P

    If thats the case, then it’s highly likely the first set would represent the good guys. The only problem to this is that the Emperor is also in it… Which makes you wonder what’s going on in his head with all of this…

    Last point? Using Sunrise’s logic, Shirley would live longer cause she’s still in the Op (Twice to be exact) =P

  11. watched the raw, this is what happened

    Lulu take CC down to bed angrily.
    CC continued talking
    Lulu snapped

    Blank screen cut with a loud noise.

    CC lying side way in bed ( her clothes untouched ?)
    Lulu in the shower taking shower. Banging on shower’s wall

    so nothing happened….phew.. you almost kill me with the screenshot random.

  12. lulu didnt able to shoot cornelia, because of shirley. this is really piss me off.
    ahh lulu whats going on man. what is the meaning of mercy/hesitation. it keeps go on like that, you will definitely die :(. and i think lulu needs more superior mobile suit. at least, it will must have more superior defensive abilities. because i cant stand any longer,of lulu always betaten damned lancelot.

    please forgive me, because of my sucks enlish hehe 😀

  13. Yeesh, as if we don’t have enough Suzaku x Euphie evidence already -points to new opening- Rather cheesy…like Cheese-kun! (Congrats, C.C.) Despite the fact that I don’t like the song, it’s rather catchy and the animation that comes with it is better than the previous animations. The Suzaku/Euphie twirl thing looked fluid along with the fall of Viletta and the shot of C.C. sitting with a gun in her hand looked great! The song, however, didn’t seem to match up to the images very well. The new pictures added in gave us a lot of hints. I think Chaos2Frozen mentioned the mug shots (wasn’t suprised with Mao, the 2nd prince, and Nina, but Ougi?). Then the absence of Orenji-kun means we won’t be seeing him for a while–same with Viletta, by the way she fell. Also, the shot of C.C. by the temple along with the gun in her hand (perhaps the same gun she used to threaten Lulu with?) stands out a lot.

    Ahem, I have to say this as well:


    Augh, they’re taking this to the air? Well…Suzaku’s starting to annoy me more than usual again. And I thought he’d be less self-righteous after C.C.’s mind rape >.Talking about the episode, everyone seems to be doubting and regretting their actions, especially Lulu. The only exception to this is C.C. who is rather firm on her resolve; she knows what she wants and doesn’t dally around doubting. Well, she’s practically had 500 years to doubt, so she must have known by now that doubting gets people no where; there’s nothing they can do and all they can is keep moving forward.

    The way she points out to Lelouch that he has killed before was, although harsh, rather true and much needed on Lulu’s part. He had to realize that, even though he regrets killing Shirley’s father and causing his friend suffering, he’s killing other lives as well and causing others suffering. I think he already knew this but just didn’t want to admit it, which is why he pushes C.C. on the bed–cause he knows that she’s right and hates it. Good thing C.C. snapped him out of it. Me, being a LxC fan, loves this about these two. C.C. is practically the only woman that can get this boy back on track and force him to look at the big picture. Also, she’s the only person he can really vent his frustrations on without consequence; she both tolerates his anger/outbursts (which are rare) and smacks it back down. She’s not intimidated or thinks of him any less (probaly gets slightly annoyed, though) which is why Lulu can be open around her.

    There are a lot of moral issues here >.

  14. Lol Strike gundam…

    THe opening seems a little wierd to me but it grows on you and the new ending reminds me of the first opening.

    I can’t believe SHirley is going to figure out who Zero is already…and that little bed scene is a little…i don’t know the word im looking for.

  15. Erm, what the hell, 30+ comments and nobody mentions the fact that next episode’s title is…

    “Geass vs. Geass” – I cannot be the only one who found that to be the most interesting part of the episode.

    I just have to wish for well being of Shirley and that her and Lelouche will work things out…I mean, the chance isn’t too low, considering this is practically Gundam Seed on steroids. Honestly, Suzaku vs. Lelouche in this episode reminded me of the death match between SEED Kira and SEED Athrun (excluding the fact that Lelouche couldn’t even hit Suzaku), and as if that wasn’t enough, Aile Lancelot (assuming that’ll be the name) has almost an identical launching sequence as Aile Strike in Gundam Seed opening. Now all we need is for Shirley to go Lunamaria and find the heart to forgive.

    Speaking of the OP, Jinn has officially hit my top 5 list of the shittiest bands of all time. Actually, they play their instruments quite well. They just need to throw the vocal into a dumpster and get a new one.

  16. Am I the only person who likes Suzaku? The thing with Suzaku is that he is not exactly the goody goody type since he obviously has a darker side to him. LeLouch is a bit different since his Zero persona is all antagonistic and almost villainous, yet he has a lighter side to his demeanor.

  17. i really hope that suzaku turns out like to be like shin in gundam destiny almost going coco cause of his sense right and wrong and in the end gets his a$$ handed to him by Lelouch XD

  18. Suzaku is hypocrite. “Zero is bad, he does things the wrong way, innocents get hurt, blah blah blah.” Look in the mirror, fool. All he does is wag his tail to his superiors who discriminate against everyone. Ignorant to the fact that his superiors kill innocents for a reason like, luring out a single man, but Zero is bad. I like Kira, there’s no resemblance besides being ace pilots.

  19. Personally, I like Lelouch, but I prefer Suzaku.It takes a lot of strength to do what he’s trying to do, and he’s still trying to change Britannia without the advantage that Geass gives Lelouch. And they BOTH are going through a lot of emotional trauma and stuff. Give Suzaku guy some slack ^_^

  20. lelouch v Suzaku

    People must remember that, lelouch, is out for revenge *and don’t kid yourself he is*, who also happens to use strategies that get innocent people hurt, like that landslide that went into that town.

    And interestingly enough, Show Spoiler ▼

    and now, for some absurd reason, he now feels guilty for the fact he takes lives, even though he said he prepared himself for this path. So its alright to long as other people die but not your friends loved ones? and what about the fact he is tried to kill his best friend suzaku?

    The thing with suzaku, he is trying to bring CHANGE by setting the example, zero hopes to change things by destruction. That alone tells me enough about the two individuals characters.

    Suzaku is attempting to go down every other path before he deals with the one that leads to the most bloodshed.

    And in-case it has slipped your mind, remember the line from the previous episode? Zero has not yet grieved, he is fighting purely on anger alone. this will ultimately consume him, for he hasn’t even shed a tear for his mother yet, and those who are consumed by anger, will always in the end destroy what they themselves help build.

    err, sorry about the rant, i do apolgoise if i offend but i hate it when people just bash suzaku so simply 🙄

    Elegant Destruction
  21. Oh dear, the Strike Aile/ Impulse pack has made an appearance in Code Geass. Now we just need giant battleships and have mechs launch out of them to fight each other and … oh wait we already do have that. Um we just need a pink haired singing princess now and the unstopable lazersomgwtfpwn mech!


    And they really must explain all these pizza hut product placement. Are they being sponsored, or do they really really like pizza hut.

  22. So by killing elevens and letting their overlords continue to suppress them, he’ll magically emancipate the elevens…. yeah thats brilliant. What example is he setting, what goals does he have, he has the most conviction yet still don’t have any concrete goals. Only time he has any doubt is when he’s getting mind raped.

  23. Human is a selfish creature

    For example Lulu:
    He wants to kill his father, who didn’t protect his mother even when he could have. He uses other people to reach his goal and get his vengeance even if it kills the people he’s using, as long as his friends don’t get hurt during the process as this hurts Lulu too. Thus, he’s protecting himself not only from the britannia, but also from being hurt emotionally by wearing the mask.

    And Suzaku:
    He wishes to protect the weak people, because he doesn’t want to see other people hurt, which hurts himself. Thus, he’s protecting himself by protecting other people. This didn’t change even after C.C. did that screw-up-human-mentality -thing. It did made him realize though that he was and still is protecting himself, which hasn’t happened for Lulu. Yet.

    I’m trying to be neutral here but still, I prefer Lulu. He’s the damn main character after all.

  24. I’m liking Suzaku more and more, he’s manuevering away from the too ‘perfect’ human to the flawed and ‘weak’ person that most people are.

    I’m now thinking he’ll be go down the ‘yagami light’ route as well.

  25. I personally think the only one in the show who really knows what he/she wants without being in anyway deluded is CC. But then again, she is not human, so I guess it’s not fair to compair her to everyone else.

  26. Uh, the new OP song made me cringe. Jinn also did the last OP for Blood+ which also happens to be my least favorite OP for that series. No offense to Jinn but the high pitched voice really gets to me. >.

  27. lulu will change of course. he is not soldier or something like that. he is still developing. of course he has wrong ways and weak points but in the end he is one man has a small human force and still fighting to britannia empire. this is why i respect and love lulu. and everyone please stop this gundam madness. im realy fun of gundam seed and kira. but this is not a gundam series and suzaku definitely not kira.either euphemia not lacus.

    please respect the show and characters.

    so i almost forget. kallen start liking zero so much. this is trouble for her. i think she will be going to die because to protect zero. i will hope im definitely wrong 🙁 there is no kallen there is no passion 🙂

  28. well, he could but what about Viletta? she is still suspicous about lelouch being Zero ( female intuition is sharp when it’s not necessary, damn! XD )

    On a side note, Viletta is HOT without her tied 😀

    PS: sorry for double post

  29. My opinion on what is going to happen
    1 – Shirley is NOT going to kill Lulu
    2 – She will be torn against turning Lulu in or turning a blind eye
    3 – She might mistakenly tell Kallen about it, which will lead to another interesting development
    4 – Death to Shirley? I hope not but seeing that in the OP Suzaku is dancing with Yuffie, I doubt that she can have him or Lulu at this rate.

    Also, I must say that this animu > GSD. It focuses more on one characther (Lulu), less mecha, and less emo freaks of nature like Shitnn

  30. Why why new ED not have kallen’s screen?
    If she die i’ll never watch this series again because the reason i watch code geass is kallen, she suilt lelouch more than another female character

  31. “floats over the bomb that the Black Knights set.”
    Lulu set, not Black Knights, we see him with a towel over his head after taking a swim in the ocean. Otherwise he wouldn’t be able to lie to Ohgi that the explosion was a self-destruct act on the JLF’s part.

  32. Wow, I have to agree. The vocals in the new OP kinda blow. Best shots: Suzaku x Euphie, Villeta falling into darkness, Kallen in new outfit.

    Looks like things are beginning to come to fruition with this episode. I wonder how angry Kyoto is gonna be with Lelouch for blowing up their own guys if they ever find out. >_

  33. (Stupid server, stop cutting off my comments!)

    Re: Shirley in the OP/ED
    Guys, remember that Clovis got scenes in both versions of the previous OP and he lasted *how many* episodes? ;X

  34. I cant wait till someone subs this episode. And yeah with Clovis he was in what 2 episodes yet he was in the opening for 12 episodes. I personally dont like shirley much, Lulu is the best. Cant wait for more to come. Smileys.

  35. I think this is a great character development episode in addition to the other events. Well, Lelouch has the evil, step-over-the-weak-to-achieve personality sort of like Yagami Light. Yet he is different in which he doubts and regrets his action. This makes hime more human than Light because all of us live in a world where we care for each other. We were not brought up to be emotionless, so it is natural to feel pain when someone CLOSE to you dies (of course no one really cares if some random person you don’t know dies).

    On the other hand, Suzaku hasn’t had one-tenth of the development as Lelouch, he seems a little bit stereotypical of anime characters, he want to be a hero, do the right thing without hurting anyone. Like Lelouch he is also hypocritical because he killed many people tying to achieve his goal of “not-hurting-anyone”.

    he said that killing is wrong, but he kills people in the name of britannia as britannia soldier, that even worse…, and he says that killing is wrong, ……
    He is the worst bastard in this world.

  37. @Dreyakis

    Your hypothesis makes a lot of sense, except for two points –

    Show Spoiler ▼

    But I agree with the choice being the hardest thing to makes for him – right now he’s hovering somewhere in between being Lelouch Lanperouge and Zero, he still can’t give up his friends, he still goes to school, acts like a normal student, and only becomes Zero at night/when the Britannian army decide to blow up some random area. This reminds me of Rock from Black Lagoon to a certain degree, hovering between his normal life and the darkness. One who stands in the twilight. But I believe a time will come where he’ll have to throw away the identity ‘Lelouch Lanperouge'(including all his friends, and even Nanaly) and fully become Zero. Without doing that, he can never accomplish his goal. Thinking back, the events that have happened in the past episodes were just preparing him for that. I’ll certainly be very looking forward to that. Especially when a rumour is floating around saying that the second main season(airing in October this year) will be the Britannia arc while the one airing now is the Japan arc.

  38. @Elegant Destruction

    Shirley’s father’s death was Britannia’s fault, even without he Black Knights’ interferance, he would still be killed, probably in some oher way than landslide, though. Because it’s obvious that the army didn’t take the proper evacuation measures and Cornelia certainly wouldn’t be bothered to check. Toudou, even in his truck, still needs quite a long time to reach the battlefield even after he rushed through the evacuation line. And a war without casualies? Impossible. Lulu knows about that, and he already tried his best to minimize the amount of casualities. But the truth is, it’s impossible to avoid everything. Not to mention that it was Britannia who started the whole thing in the first place.

    Someone had mentioned before that although the Emperor’s ideolagy does ensure the one who wins will be the strongest(which might be wha Lulu’s is following now) but that there’s a fatal flaw in it – there’s no gurantee that the strongest one would continue Britannia. Even if Lulu was following his father’s idealogy, if he were to be the one to win, he can just waste everything about Britannia – its habits, culture, ideas, everything and create a new country. What’s more, he can totally wipe out all of the princes and princesses then disappear himself. Britannia would be over with that.

    To answer your question, Lulu does think that it’s fine as long as his friends don’t get hurt. It’s selfish, I know, but Lulu’s goals were sefish to being with. Plus, who isn’t selfish anyway? And really, you wouldn’t care THAT much if some random guy you have never met died, right? And he didn’t try to kill ‘Suzaku’, more like, ‘the pilot of the white helmet who always interfers with him’. Those two might be the same person, but different beliefs about one thing says a lot. Lulu certainly won’t be having the same reaction if he knew the identity of the pilot.

    Suzaku’s intentions were good, albeit too idealistic. I just don’t see any action he had taken to back that up. Right now the whole ‘change Britannia from inside’ seemed only to be a hollow promise.

  39. Lulu makes a brillant strategist…but makes a lousy soldier. Yes, some may say that Cornelia or Suzaku is annoying and not letting Lulu having his way, but I see it as pure incompetence on Lulu’s part. C’mon, he hasn’t even gotten into the battle and a damaged Cornelia fires a rocket harpoon and Lulu DOESN’T EVEN evade it. What a total amateur. He’s only good as a politician, not a soldier. He’s better suited in the war room, not on the battlefield.

    And what? He gets distracted by Shirley? LULU, YOU IDIOT!!!


  40. Oh yeah, plus the main vocalist for Jinn is sounds HELLUVA ANNOYING. The song is starting to grow on me, but the singer just RUINS it. Either they take her out, leaving an instrumental OP, but replace with a better vocalist, such as from High and Mighty Color, Hitomi Takahashi, or KOTOKO.

    Yes, I know…wishful thinking on my part.


  41. “that annoying white armor!!!” lol.

    Since Shirley knows Zero’s identity, in terms of anime guidelines she’s destined to die now…?

    And speaking of OP and ED, I admit I don’t like both of them XP They’re too instrumental-less.
    And the scenes are recycled! ;_; I’m hoping they visuals will be gradually replaced into new ones. But the ED scene of CC in the red skirt outfit was really pretty!

  42. Why there is no mention of the mysterious White Long Hair guy with Special Shades walking around for this 2 episodes?

    He seems to be spying on CC and seems to understand who CC really is. I guess ep 14 will be featuring him more with CC.

  43. Why there is no mention of the mysterious White Long Hair guy with Special Shades walking around for this 2 episodes?

    He seems to be spying on CC and seems to understand who CC really is. I guess ep 14 will be featuring him more with CC. Maybe he has the Geass power too given by CC in the past??? the previous mistake?

  44. Dan, I think the word you’re looking for is ‘general’ or perhaps ‘commander’. Politicians belong neither on the battlefield nor in the war room.

    Suzaku has the some of the same conflict as Lelouch, but he hasn’t had the same screentime to vocalize it. He’s trying to be good and protect the innocent (and everyone, for that matter), but he also has to come to terms with the fact that he’s a Brittanian soldier and is going to be given unpalatable orders by the higher-ups.

  45. @Izaku

    Indeed…Mao a Geass user. Show Spoiler ▼

  46. *sigh* I must agree with those who say Lulu is a weak soldier….I mean…stopping because you see a heat source? SCrew that….*sigh* Well, I see that we have many Suzaku fans, but I must say I’m more on Lulu’s side….I mean, c’mon…Suzaku is hypocritical…He KNOWS he did something bad in the past, and NOW acts all goody goody like it never happens and tells others that killings a bad thing….*sigh* LoL I’m sighing alot, well, Lulu on the other hand, HAS to choose probably…he can’t continue to be both people anymore (Zero/Lelouche Lamperouge) since Shirley now knows…and Viletta’s on his trail….and Maos coming too! So that makes things even MORE complicated! Haha! I do wonder how they will end this series though…..killing off everyone besides Milly, Kallen, C.C, Lulu, Rivalz, and the rest die? LoL, MOST UNLIKELY! Haha!

  47. Suzaku I hate that fool, I hope he either dies or joins lulu’s side. As for Shirely she’s already dead in my eyes shes an annoying bitch. Its not that Lulu’s a weak soldier its that he does not have the machine to compete with Suzaku’s machine. Also Suzaku suffers from the kira disease,(the you know I should die but for some fluke of nature I live and beat the crap out of you)this is what made Kira a boring character and the last few eps of GSD a failure right after Kira came back. Lulu may not be an ace pilot but he’s definately not a weak one. Oh and everyone wanting Lulu X Kallen or Lulu X C.c why can’t you all just agree on both? Never stopped Lulu’s father from having more than one bitch. Infact animes should have characters that have and are kissing/baby making more than one character with everyone being cool about it. Go polygamy in anime…

  48. Lulu had a good reason to fight before, but now it looks like he’s just fighting to win by defeating Britannia. He has too many things going for him right now and he’s confused, but he’ll come back to himself hopefully. Suzaku is so friggin annoying because he keeps saying Zero is a murder and kills the innocent, but he does the same anyways. He is a hypocrite. Lulu is kinda like Yagami Light from Death note. Shirley, How come no one killed her? How come she wasn’t afraid of the fighting? She just happened to be in the right place at the right time huh? One in a million. LoL

    Man this better be not some GSD replica, but it sure does look like going down the same path.


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