As Shigeru gets on stage, the other members of the F4 explain that she is the daughter of the Ookawahara zaibatsu – the worldwide leader in oil production. A surprised Shigeru at first thinks that this is a candid camera moment, but when she finds out that it’s not, she decides to perform an original song on the piano for the party-goers. Everyone is impressed by how energetic she is, and Kaede tells the other F4 members that someone like this is appropriate for her son. After Shigeru finishes her singing, Kaede then requests a performance from Tsukushi. Under pressure from the crowd, Tsukushi has no choice but to go up to the piano and make a fool of herself by banging on the keys. To further the embarrassment, Kaede says that apparently she got mixed up with the wrong person and thanks Tsukushi for her hard work. Tsukasa chases after Tsukushi when she leaves the ballroom and stops her in the lobby, but he also calls her an idiot for coming on his mother’s invitation because his mother was of course scheming something.

He then notices the bag she’s carrying and realizes that it’s a present, but their conversation is interrupted by the arrival of the rest of the F4, Kaede, and then Shigeru. After yelling at his mother, Tsukasa pulls Tsukushi outside, but he also gets Shigeru’s hand, so he flicks his arm to get her off. He doesn’t realize until it’s too late and he’s already out on the street that it was actually Shigeru he had grabbed when he did that. Tsukasa turns back, but Shigeru proceeds to stop him by attacking him with a signpost. She wants him to lend her some money since he grabbed her earlier without letting her bring anything. The two eventually get into a deep argument after she throws the signpost at him and shows him that she’s even barefoot right now. In response, Tsukasa calls her really annoying and wonders if she’s a stalker, but Shigeru then jumps on his back and bites his ear. This causes Tsukasa to stop moving completely with a shocked look on his face before he throws her off and rushes away. It is from this incident that Shigeru really starts to get interested in Tsukasa. Meanwhile, back home, Tsukushi can’t concentrate on her studying because everything that happened.

During lunchtime the next day, Tsukushi watches as Shigeru shows up at school and slaps the leader of the three bitchy girls after winning a quick game of janken. She spots and recognizes Tsukushi as the piano player from yesterday at the party, and then proceeds to have lunch in the F4’s private area. Shigeru reveals that she’s here to see Tsukasa, but she calls him crazy in the head after he left her last night in the cold without any money or shoes. Tsukushi starts talking about how Shigeru is supposed to be Tsukasa’s fiancée, but Shigeru suddenly gets a stomachache and goes off to the bathroom. While she’s gone, Tsukasa shows up and sees Tsukushi. He feels the need to tell her that he came to meet Soujirou and the others – not to come to see her. Hearing this, Tsukushi excuses herself and congratulates him on the engagement. Remembering how she saw Shigeru in New York, Tsukushi believes that he met Shigeru and got engaged in America. Tsukasa tries to explain that this is a misunderstanding, but she challenges what he could possibly need to say to her.

The two get interrupted by the return of Shigeru who wants Tsukasa to apologize for last night. She isn’t afraid to mention how he turned red like an innocent boy after she bit his ear and also isn’t afraid to punch him after she says that she’ll train him to be a fiancé. At any rate, they’re going to get married, so she feels that it would be better to fall in love together. Tsukushi tells Yuuki about all this later, but that’s not all that happened. Shigeru also visited her home afterwards and had fawned over her little brother. More importantly, Shigeru had asked Tsukushi what she thought of Tsukasa, and Tsukushi had replied that she had nothing to do with him right now. As a result of all this, Shigeru now thinks of Tsukushi as a close friend. In fact, she comes to the store where Tsukushi and Yuuki are working to take them shopping. They go to a jewelry store where Shigeru sees Tsukushi and Yuuki admiring a pair of expensive necklaces. At a cafe afterwards, Shigeru reveals that to her, marriage is political thing decided for her a long time ago. That’s why she didn’t have hope for love and had thought that she’d be marrying some frail geek. But having met Tsukasa, she now feels that she wouldn’t be throwing her life away.

Shigeru then asks if Tsukushi currently has no one that she likes, and Tsukushi more or less confirms it, despite what her true feelings may be. When it’s time for them to part ways, Shigeru presents Tsukushi and Yuuki with the necklaces that they were looking at earlier. During all this, Tsukasa goes to his mother to complain, but she makes it clear that this is a marriage the family needs to keep control of their destiny. When he goes to see the rest of the F4 later, Rui asks Tsukasa if he isn’t concerning himself with Tsukushi anymore. In response, Tsukasa wonders if Rui understands that being the successor of a large enterprise means he has millions of people depending on him. Still, he considers marriage with the monkey that is Shigeru is impossible. In his room later, Tsukasa sees the box that contained the cookie Tsukushi gave him before he went to New York, causing him to start thinking about her again. He closes his eyes to rest, but then has the nightmare again of the man jumping off the building.

At school the next day, Tsukushi finds Rui alone in the F4’s lounge. On the subject of Tsukasa, Tsukushi once again declares that she has nothing to do with him, but Rui thinks that Tsukasa won’t marry Shigeru. At the same time, he gets his face right up to hers and causes her to trip onto the sofa, pulling him down on top of her. The two of them quickly get out of that position and Tsukushi rushes off to that stairwell spot she likes. However, she then gets a phone call and ends up having snacks with Yuuki, Soujirou, and Akira. The latter two feel that Shigeru is the worst after having spent an entire day eating cake, at the amusement park, eating yakiniku, and at the pet shop with her. Fortunately for the two of them, they ran into Yuuki, and Shigeru revealed that she knew they were trying to get her to give up on Tsukasa. Akira now tells Tsukushi that they feel she’s the best one for Tsukasa, and Soujirou says that if she hesitates, Shigeru will take Tsukasa away. Afterwards, Yuuki privately thanks Soujirou for what he said.

That night, Tsukushi takes out the golden phone Tsukasa gave her and, with Soujirou’s words on her mind, she makes up her mind to call him. Surprisingly, she gets through this time, and after hearing his voice and talking about how it’s been a long time since she’s used this phone, Tsukushi starts crying. She finds it amazing to be talking to him now after having felt that she wouldn’t be able to hear him again. Following a long silence, Tsukushi finally tells him to meet her in Ebisu Garden Place’s clock plaza at 1PM on Sunday. She hangs up right after saying that, but Tsukasa then gets another call. When the day comes, Tsukushi puts on the Saturn pendant that he gave her and sets off for Ebisu. Spurred on by Yuuki telling her to tell her feelings to him, Tsukushi runs to the meeting place and sees Tsukasa arrive. But before she can go up to him, Shigeru shows up and greets Tsukasa with a kiss.


As expected, Shigeru is going to make a play for Tsukasa’s heart, and it’s even harder for Tsukushi because Shigeru’s not a bad person. In fact, I really like her character, though it doesn’t hurt that Katou Natsuki is pretty cute. Still, I can’t imagine them stretching this arc for more than a few more episodes, so I wonder what will come after this. Or maybe I’m wrong and the Shigeru/Tsukasa/Tsukushi triangle will be the focus for the entire season. I should probably throw in Rui there too for good measure.

They also seem to be making it really obvious that Yuuki and Soujirou are going to hook up, but I guess this should be expected after they really didn’t conclude that storyline last season. This season is only just getting started and there’s a lot that could happen. On that note though, I wonder if they’re going to get through the season without playing Flavor of Life every episode. I think it’s a really good song, but I hope they don’t use it as much as they did Planetarium for the first season.


  1. Nihon o ikitai desu.. ikitai….I want to see hanadan in Japan huhuhu…
    For Omni thanks for your summary. With your summary, i can’t wait for hanadan next week ohhhhh..
    omoshiroi yo..

  2. First of all, thank you for the site. My japanese is so so and it helps me to understand the story. I loved HYD but HYD2 I am quiet frustrated. I just can’t understand how you go from professing your love and how you are the woman for me to not even having enough balls to stand up for the one you suppose to love despite the interuption. I though Tsukasa was leaving to get power up as a man. What happened. Well since the the story line is going a litte different than expected I am hoping Rui and Makino get together. I’m sorry, Tsukasa doesn’t deserve her.

  3. Oh my god! there’s so many hints that Rui might be in love with Makino FOR REAL! Ah….I wanna see if rui will confess his luv for Makino in this series. Even though in the manga, there isn’t a confession in the manga. I’m wishing it would happen. (Rui looks so sexy in the scene on the couch with makino) But I am also cheering for Doumyuoji!!!

    Gina Jay
  4. im upset with domiyouji but i am more than sure there is a reason to what he’s doing to Makino. I keep wondering about those flash backs he is having…. i think when he was in New York that he met that guy who jumps off the building and becomes friends with his family, because i see him eating with them in one scene i think.. but anyway i think he gets close with that family and stuff but then his mother ruins them and the guy ends up commiting suicide because he gets flat broke, then Domiyouji feels it is his fault so he decides that he cannot be selfish and he needs to take over his mothers company or whatever so that no one will have to suffer or that people will not get fired or poor for no reason, you know so he can make a diffrence. I think he realizes that he cannot be selfish so he tries to forget about Makino and take over the Domiyouji company. but heck thats just a theroy. hehe it’s probaly wrong. hehe 🙂

  5. hi there… im a big fan of matsumoto jun of arashi and hyd1 so when i found out that there’s a sequel to hyd1 i got really excited!!! too bad for me bec. hyd2 is not shown here in the philippines (actually even the 1st season was not aired here but i was lucky to get a dvd copy of it =D)anywayz,, im sOoo happy that i found this site at least i can get a scoop of what’s happening with rui-tsukushi-tsukasa’s love triangle… or is it rui-tsukushi-tsukasa-shigeru’s love square??? even though i have a little idea of what’s gonna happen next bec. i already watched meteor garden (the taiwanese version of hyd) i still cant wait to watch all the episodes of hyd2… i really hope that they will air hyd1 and 2 here… *_*

  6. I feel they’re cramming all of the manga/anime scenes they didn’t put in the first season. But at the same time they’re like changing them. Tsukasa and Tsukushi went on a yacht right after his birthday, and it was a great part, where Tsukushi gives him the cookies she made for his birthday, and the guy is like a complete idiot all fascinated with them that won’t even eat them. The engagement didn’t happen until later when the mother planned a meeting on purpose to let Tsukushi know… I love the live action, I just wish I got to see more of their feelings like in the anime/manga. Like in the manga it was very obvious that Tsukasa was very sure of what he felt, and he did come and safe Tsukushi from Jun. If this continues, the entire season will be about that triangle.. Although I wonder what’s up with the guy jumping off the building. I love this jdoraaaamaaa 🙂 thanks to those who are sub/uploading them 🙂 and thanks for the ep summaries

  7. i watched the movies on google. i just searched hana yori dango 2 and went under the video option at the top of the page. some guy downloads them there and there’s english subtitles! (which is good because i know a whopping 2 words in japanese)
    i just stumbled over this series on the weekend and watched the whole first season in a day. this stuff’s like crack!

  8. ohHH I got so mad when I saw that shigeru kissing Domoyouji!!..WTF?!..of I were Makino I would march over there and kick her
    so excited! Can’t wait for ep3 to come out!^^

  9. I think we all are getting to love the “Rui-Makino” version. But no matter how I try, I guess the ending will be again Tsukasa and Makino. I REALLY REALLY want Makino to end up with Rui. Especially, in the scene where Rui falls on Makino and they are so shy and cawaii.
    Let Rui be together with Makino!!!!!!!
    Also have you, guys, noticed what that guy from Episode said to Tsukushi????? He said, if you break with Tsukasa, another guy (Hanazawa Rui) would be the best guy for you. Huh, I really wish it could happen… So let’s see what will happen in the next episodes..
    Waiting, waiting, waiting…

  10. OMG,Doumyuoji is being such a jerk, and it dose look like Rui is falling for her. But man this live action is not following the anime at all! And it looks like they are mushing everything into one episode. Oh and i dont like shigeru, she kinda hyper. I pulling for you Makino!!

  11. I like how they changed some of the stuff in the manga. The manga version of Doumyuoji was so… stupid.

    He is so much more intelligent in this version — thank God.

    I didn’t like Rui that much in the manga, but he is so good in this version. =D I want Rui to hook up with Makino so much…

    But of course, that won’t happen in the end. =_= Oh well… Maybe if Shigeru mellow out a bit, she can hook up with Rui.

    Oh as for Yuuki. I am glad they decided to get her together with Soujirou unlike what happened in the manga. =) I thought the Soujirou in the manga was too much of a play boy to be likeable realistically.

  12. Woah, I just watched the subbed episode and I think I know what Tsukasa’s dreams are all about

    Show Spoiler ▼

  13. I completely agree with you on the whole Shigeru thing. It would have made it so much easier to root for Tsukasa and Tsukushi if Shigeru wasn’t such a good person. So far, four episodes into the series I find myself torn. I want Tsukasa to end up with Tsukushi but don’t want it at the expense of hurting Shigeru or leaving Rui heart broken TT____TT Gosh darn, this is so hard!

  14. i love the part just like in season 1 where rui shrinks down to makinos size and leans in closer to her face. i love that part in this episode and where they end up on top of eachother. cant wait for episode 5 to come out.

  15. GRRRRRRRRRRRRR. in my opinion, i think that one is better. My sister says that number 2 sucked. aand well i just prefer Shizuka and Rui and Tsukasa andTsukishi betterr..

  16. hi?i am a filipino girl that enjoying watching hana yori dango and but before hana yori dango ame ill watch meteor garden so many of my friends saying that shan cai is beautiful than makino hmp!!!!! 4 me makino is beutiful and all f4 from meteor garden from hana yori dango is also handsome and im am the fans of all f4 … thanks…….. eli cute

  17. hope that tsukasa and tsukushi and the rest of the gang will come here in the philippines..
    im one of there fans.. i’m sa addicted to them.. i cried for this show..
    it completes my day..
    you rock guyzz!!


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