When the Crimson Lotus makes its escape, Suzaku wants to chase it in the Lancelot but gets an order telling him not to. Kaname meanwhile gets a radio transmission from C.C. informing him that Zero is safe and relaying an order to retreat. By now, Lelouch has woken up from the crash, but he’s worried about his gun being gone and figures out that someone must have taken it while he was unconscious. And his face had to have been seen by at least two people – one shooter and one person who got shot – because there is a large splatter of blood at his feet. Although he doesn’t think of it immediately, one of those people is Shirley, and she brought his gun back to her room. She’s now writing and crying, causing her roommate to wake up. The next day, Suzaku and the others learn that Nina wants to meet Euphemia. The group then gets a phone call from Lelouch asking if anything has changed. Suzaku says that there is indeed something and cites Lelouch not being there, but he then tells Lelouch about Shirley not showing up either. Lelouch asks Suzaku to tell Nunnally that he’ll be late today, and soon after, Suzaku is forced to hang up because Arthur the cat started playing with the phone cord.

With Suzaku not apparently knowing anything, C.C. tells Lelouch that she doesn’t think anyone else would have been there aside from the military and the Black Knights. Lelouch remembers seeing Shirley there, and C.C. identifies her as the girl who Lelouch kissed. Meanwhile, Darlton is reporting to Cornelia and Euphemia that it’s clear that this incident and the Narita one were both targeted at the princesses. He thinks that there’s a possibility that Zero has a grudge against the imperial family, which reminds Euphemia of what Zero said to her during the hotel hijacking incident. After Cornelia asks her sister to be careful, Gilbert suggests Euphemia get a full-time knight as a bodyguard. Back at school, Lelouch and C.C. are going through Shirley’s room looking for the gun while they have her GEASS-influenced roommate guard the entrance. C.C. notices that Shirley’s diary only goes up to the 14th of the month, which Lelouch realizes is the same day her father died. He then opens a shoebox filled with photos of himself and also finds a book of train schedules with a bookmark for the page that has Narita circled.

Shirley has actually gone to a memorial monument in Narita and is thinking about Lelouch when a mysterious man interrupts her. He knows her name and seems to admire the monument as he claps his hands in the air. Around this time, Kaname is aboard the Black Knights van with the other members, and he’s thinking about why the Japan Liberation Front ship exploded. Tamaki reminds him that it was a self-destruction and then Kallen asks if he doubts Zero. Joining in the conversation, Diethard wonders if Kaname thinks it was too timely and asks what he intends to do if the explosion was indeed caused by Zero. The person in question is at that moment on a train to Narita with C.C. She asks him if he likes or hates Shirley, but Lelouch doesn’t give her a straight answer. When she then asks why he’s going to Narita, Lelouch points out that Shirley might know his true identity. In response, C.C. wonders if he’s going to deal with Shirley if she knows, and she also comments that the person that you really don’t want to lose is the person you keep furthest away from. Lelouch questions if that’s her experience talking, but C.C. claims that it’s a way of living.

Back at the monument, the mysterious man calls Lelouch cruel and seems to know everything about him, including that he’s Zero. The man points out that Lelouch ordered the killing of Shirley’s father and stole a kiss from her with those same lips. He feels that both she and Lelouch need to be punished – the reason for Shirley is because he knows what happened that night she found out about Lelouch. Back then, when Shirley had been staring at the unmasked Zero, Villetta had come up and laughed about how she would be made into a noble for presenting him to Cornelia. But when Villetta turned back around, Shirley was pointing the gun at her and fired as Villetta rushed forward. The mysterious man now calls Shirley a murderer guilty of the same crime as Zero. In fact, he even feels that she got compensation for her father’s death in the form of her kiss with Lelouch. Despite Shirley’s denials, he suggests that she behaved with grief because she had expected Lelouch to be kind to her. He then wonders if she intended to be the heroine in a tragedy, but he calls her a disgusting witch instead because she killed people. Under pressure from all the psychological attacks, Shirley eventually crumbles to her knees in tears as he calls her and Lelouch pathetic.

By the time Lelouch arrives at the monument, Shirley and the mysterious man are gone. After he and C.C. split up, Lelouch is thinking about the other person who was at the scene that night when he gets a phone call from Shirley. However, the person on the phone isn’t her – it’s a male. The mysterious man then appears in front of Lelouch and tosses Shirley’s phone to him. Since Lelouch demands to know where Shirley is, the man pulls out a chess piece and challenges Lelouch to a game. Lelouch accepts and boards a tram with the man, but the two are spotted by C.C. who identifies the man as Mao. Starting the game of chess, Lelouch wonders to himself if Mao is the other witness. As he tries to think through things, Mao suggests that he focus on the game. Lelouch actually is about to lose, but the tram arrives at the station with a jolt that shakes off all the chess pieces. Mao then reveals that he has the GEASS power too, which Lelouch realizes is the power to read minds. Lelouch gets furious at the thought that Mao did something to Shirley, but she appears outside the tram and points his gun inward. Mao decides that the punishment game will start now.

On the docks, Kaname is thinking to himself that Zero yesterday didn’t seem like himself. when he notices a trail of blood and a body nearby. The person he saves is actually Villetta, and she mutters in pain something about Zero. Back at the tram station, Shirley is pointing Lelouch’s own gun at him. She feels that they should die together and atone for their crimes. Since Lelouch doesn’t understand, Mao reveals that Shirley shot the other witness in order to protect Lelouch’s secret. Lelouch tries to tell Shirley that Mao is deceiving her, but Mao notes that Lelouch was too. With all that Lelouch and Mao are trying to say to her, Shirley fires her gun and narrowly misses Lelouch’s head, but the force of the blast still sends him falling backwards. Out of his jacket come all the pictures he got from her room, including several of them together. When Mao raises his gun at Lelouch, Shirley fires again and misses Mao. She then falls forward into Lelouch’s arms as Mao goes back into the tram to get a bigger gun. Much to Mao’s surprise, the tram doors suddenly close and it starts moving back down the mountainside. He realizes that C.C. is the one to blame, but he’s actually very excited to see her. In fact, his headphones had a recording of her voice going in a loop. As the tram pulls away, Mao yells that he’ll definitely come to see C.C.

With Mao gone, Lelouch tries to comfort Shirley and blames himself for everything. Seeing how distraught she is with everything that happened, he decides to make her forget it all by using his GEASS powers. After apologizing for what he did to her father, Lelouch activates his eye over Shirley’s cry telling him not to. It is later that night that Shirley faces Lelouch at the monument and asks if he also lost his family. Lelouch tells her that it’s not his family, but rather a friend – probably an important friend. He says that there are things you understand for the first time after you lose someone – how much has he been saved by her smile? Shirley thinks that he must have liked this person, but Lelouch says that he doesn’t know. Hearing this, Shirley tells him that morning will come and admits that she thinks she probably came up here to put and end to something. She’s forgotten what, so she’ll never be able to do it, and she feels full of sadness. However, she believes that morning will come. Agreeing with her, Lelouch thanks Shirley for everything up until now and then turns his back to walk away.


This episode is the perfect example of why there’s such an excitement for me every week when it comes time for GEASS. There are just so many twists and turns, some expected, but most not. This is why I love this show.

The beginning was a bit frustrating because I wanted to know what happened with Shirley in that battle, but they cut to C.C. finding Lelouch afterwards. We don’t learn what occurred until Mao talks about Shirley’s crime later at the monument. I didn’t think that Shirley would shoot Lelouch – and she didn’t – but I wouldn’t have predicted that she’d shoot Villetta. Since they didn’t show Villetta’s body afterwards, it was pretty apparent that she was still alive, and now Kaname has found her. This is made even more interesting because Kaname has growing doubts about Zero, meaning that Villetta could potentially win him over to her side or something.

The real focus of the episode, and the reason why it was called GEASS vs. GEASS, is Mao. His ability is to read people’s minds, though his own sanity is called into question by his infatuation with C.C. I would definitely classify him as an enemy to Lelouch and his goals given all the things that Mao did and said to mess up Shirley. Perhaps without Mao egging Shirley on, her confrontation with Lelouch about knowing his alter ego and reconciling the fact that he was responsible for her father’s death would have gone much differently. Instead of wiping her memory – which was quite frustrating for me to watch – he might have been able to win her over or something. As you might be able to tell, I feel really sympathetic for both of them, and I hope Shirley doesn’t get written out of the story.

The other thing I wanted to point out was Gilbert’s suggestion that Euphemia take on a knight as a bodyguard. Gee, I wonder who she’ll choose… I’d be shocked if it didn’t end up being Suzaku. Anyway, next week’s episode looks like it’ll be more Mao and C.C. I can’t wait to see it 🙂


  1. Tsss, not nice of Geass.. “Never change someone else to correct your mistakes, be a man and correct them by yourself”
    That’s my opinion in this case.

    I just wonder if there’ll be a happy end or if we get something like in Witchblade.

  2. How long this season one called Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion end????!!!
    I want to see the second season right away!!! It was called Code Geass: Suzaku of the Counterattack!!!!

  3. Show Spoiler ▼

    This season of Code Geass is apparently 25 episodes so long and if the information proves to be true, there will be a second season (continuation, not sequel) to Code Geass sometime later this year. Btw, Suzaku of the Counterattack is only a spinoff manga from Suzaku’s point of view, it’s not the sequel.

  4. man this episode looks awsome.
    Man villatta looks sexy guess they’re bring here more into the center spotlight. Which is good cause i love the tanned ones, always the best, case and point yoruichi, or urd.
    Omfg i need to change my pants just thinking about them, good thing they’re anime or else all the other chicks wouldn’t have a chance.

  5. See, this is how I would have done this episode:

    Shirley sees that Lelouch is Zero, and instead of shooting him, uses *her* Geass power to make Villetta shoot herself. She then reveals that she’s always been Zero’s biggest fan and realized right off that he’s been using Geass to do what he does. She has Geass, too, and like C.C. is for Lelouch, Mao is her shinig–er…I mean, he’s the one who gave her Geass. She has a serious femchubby for Zero, and tells him she’ll do whatever he wants her to do as long as he goes out with her. She ends up working alongside Lelouch, and the press starts calling her the Second Zero. Meanwhile, Lelouch makes what use he can of her ability and spends most of his free time trying to figure out how to get rid of her, since he considers her a liability.

    Isn’t that much better than the way Sunrise made this episode? And it’s such an original idea, too…

  6. Nunnaly…she’s completely clueless ! she doesn’t know she’s royal blood !
    or she didn’t seem to know to me anyway .

    anyway..Ougi and Villetta…i don’t like the sound of that…especially not when Ougi is starting to have doubt

  7. @quigonkenny
    i will look at it as at sarcasm….

    People, realise already. We know nothing about seocnd season. For now “Lelouch of Rebellion” is not a subtitle for title…yes, name “Suzaku of Counter-attack” exists but it is the manga…bassically, there are Three Code geass manga going on:
    “Lelouch of Rebellion” – Follows anime events from Lelouch point of view. has some differences but most things are the same.
    “Suzaku of Counter-attack” – Spin off, following same events but from Suzaku point of view. Reading this, you can ACTUALLY understand that Suzaku ACTUALLY thinks Zero is evil and only he is right in this case…of course more of hypocritical justifications for his own evil jobs…
    “Knightmare of Nunnally” – Alternate Universe manga. Follows of storyline about Nunally becoming Knightmare Pilot. Has multiple Geass users. Can be Considered as “WHAT-IF” storyline. In no way it connects with other two…

    As for ep – it was cool. Lelouch using geass on Shirley wasnt that big surprise, but, i quess it will be used as a plot device later (u cant geass same person twice). Ougi finding Villeta kinda has three outcomes. First one would be that he will become an antagonist later in the series(that would justiffy why in op sequence he is grouped with emperor, Schneizell, Mao and Nina(shiver))…Other would be that he would still be loyal to Zero and would get her to him. So either Zero with his charm and drama-queen abilities changes her loyality(either by babling something, offering a high position after revolt and etc)…or he kills her. Of course theres the third one, that vileta died muttering “lelouch” name and that would be a plot device for Ougi becoming antagonist…or for the disbandment of OoBK….

  8. “How long this season one called Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion end????!!!
    I want to see the second season right away!!! It was called Code Geass: Suzaku of the Counterattack!!!!”

    *Slaps head*

    That title is the result of SPECULATION (heck, I even (to my regret) took part in initiating this whole schmuck at Animesuki). Sunrise hasn’t even confirmed a second CG season so hold your horses and wait the news out. Anything can happen in the meantime.

    As for ‘Suzaku of the Rebellion’, it’s the name of the manga following the anime, but from Suzaku’s point of view. And that’s all there is to it.

  9. Sorry, made a mistake, it’s ‘Suzaku of the Counterattack’ (Kôdô Giasu – Hankô no Suzaku), not ‘(…) Rebellion’.

    And, yes, we based our speculation on the second manga series’ title. But there is nothing to back us up. Just GUESSWORK.

    let’s see this is my note:

    – In case of ppl wonder what happened Lulu geass Shirley to forget his existence, and everything.

    – Mao, ones who can read mind. He just beat Lulu in chess (by reading his mind). He is freaking awesome and weird at the same time. His obsession towards CC is freaking scary. The ear phone doesn’t have ANY purpose, but to listen to CC’s voice those are recorded omg…

    – CC in cosplay!! I CAN”T BELIEVE THEY ARE REALLY DOING THIS LOL!!. They gave us a peak of it in one of the scan before, but I didn’t think they will be doing it really. Where did she get from anyway?

    – Ceciel can cook!! She looks good in her apron too.

    – FAN! be relieved Vietta is shot by Shirley (like some of you has suspected), but she is not dead!!. Ougi just picked her up! She probably would be staying with him for a while (Ougi x Vietta!! who would has guess it would be coming up!!). since return her to the black knight would mean she would be dead meat. Bare in mind, Ougi do not know a student called Luluche yet!

    – Shirley finally will “exit the stage”. EVERYONE~ wave bye bye to her.

    – CC can ride mountain bike!! wth lol. MORE OVER if you notice next episode preview she can fight using her legs!!. Not only Kallen can kick ass now!

    – Mao has developed version of Geass (2 eyes). whaoo.. next episode he will start creeping for CC. This is scary. LULU! HELP HER!!

  11. Just after C.C. saves Lulu and Shirley from de shotgun boy (Mao), we can see that he has some kind of obsession for C.C… since his headphones were playing phrases like: “thank you, Mao”, “well done, Mao!” voiced by C.C…

    now, that’s creepy…
    maybe the next geass vs geass will be caused by C.C.

    Yagami Iori
  12. @quina
    Show Spoiler ▼

    Btw, in the interview with the director, it was stated that Code Geass (not Code Geass: Hangyaku no Lelouch) was Lelouch’s story, so probably if there is a second season, it will still be centered on Lelouch.

  13. Shirley… T_T… I like her and it seems that Lelouch has some feelings for her (you don’t kiss and hug (or both) a person if you doesn’t like her/him)….WHY have to end like this!!! I hope she will return someday… or Lelouch end alone…or the end of the world, what come first will be okay n.n


  14. mao is a total sociopath >.> but then again, today’s eps pretty much shows he got them
    Show Spoiler ▼

    …when he received his version of geass.

    so i guess geass isnt a single, specific ability, although it has something to do with the brains/nerves i think? (incl. C.C.’s trauma showing ability)

  15. Oh COME ON! Not that cheesy “There are things you realize after you lose them” line! It was especially sad hearing Lelouche say it after realizing his feelings for Shirley.

    But it was still a great episode. Not much of a happy eepisode for Shirley fans such as myself, but there seemed to be lots of developments this episode. I have a feeling Viletta will fall for Ougi somehow, and I also think Mao x C2 became a possibility.

    Come back Shirley! You deserve much much more credit!

  16. I’m not so sure about Mao making it out of the next 2 to 3 months. 0_o

    after all, this is still mecha, and Mao certainly has that “villian of the month” flavor to him.

    still, wasn’t expecting shirely to go evil, even if it was for a little bit. good for her. and glad to see the series just keeps setting up one massive plot twist after another. I think the middle is just about secure in terms of good plot, can’t wait to see if they can make the endgame 20-30 episodes down the road as good as this stuff and what will undoubtedly follow.

  17. aww….I wonder what’s going to happen with Ougi and Viletta….that’s one thing I didn’t see coming! LoL….Spoilers already say that Shirley was going to die…so no shock theere! And woah….obession with C.C. much, eh? Mao….lol

  18. i dont get it. is lelouch into shirley? or kallen? or c.c.? i’m a lelouchxc.c. fan! luluxc.c. all the way! 😀 but yeah… this mao character with his obession with c.c. may get interesting… what will lelouch think? hahaha… cant wait for next week.

  19. Most likely scenario is that Shirley would be transfered at the beginning of next episode. That’s the wisest way to end things, and I think Lulu will do that. Thus that conclude producer’s “Shirley exit the stage”. I feel sorry for Shirley’s fan, Lulu never confess anything to her (the most last part is like… I don’t know how do I feel about the person, which effectively mean I don’t feel a crap about the person in a polite way) and she left the stage. Given the recycled of the OP, she is out of the serie for good now/next episode.

    CCxLulu is getting interesting.. they are effectively on a “date” the whole episode -_-. and now an obsessive psycho is coming in to mess up with CC (which totally creep me out when he listen to CC recorded voice. He recorded it since he was a kid (6 ears old..omg). Will Lulu stand there and watch? lol doesn’t seem so from the preview! Next episode CC vs. Mao show down!

    KalenxZero is on hold for now I guess (the episode title says stuffs mostly about Mao and Susaku.. she has nothing to do with them). Unless Ougi figures out who Zero is and start blurting it to Kalen, then we might have some development.

  20. I feel sorry for Shirley’s fan, Lulu never confess anything to her (the most last part is like… I don’t know how do I feel about the person, which effectively mean I don’t feel a crap about the person in a polite way) and she left the stage.

    I bet you are the type of a person who leaves out bad things from his memories right? Lelouche clearly said “yes” when Shirley asked if he liked “that girl”, THEN he said he doesn’t know anymore. He’s just fooling himself. I think it’s very very clear that Shirley was the most important female character for Lelouche next to Nanaly, given how much he cared for her.

    Unless C2 starts to see Lelouche as a man instead of cherry boy, I think Lelouche x C2 is the most unrealistic coupling at the moment. At the least, C2 seems to think Mao as more manly than Lelouche (whether that’s ture or not).

  21. i just hope that Lelouch doesn’t end up with Shirley. Plus it was even weirder how CC told Lelouch that the person you most don’t want to lose is the person you keep the furthest away from, it could be shirley or his sister, or both.

  22. This was an excellent episode. Very emotional and very sad. Lelouch faces the consequences of his power after using it in a cruel but necessary way.

    Frankly, Shirley is a great character and I’m glad you were touched by her story, Omni. She certainly doesn’t deserve to be bashed by LelouchxCC, LelouchxKallen or LelouchxSuzaku fans.

  23. Heh, whiel watching this Ep it finally hit me that there is one persons Lelouch will never be able to Geass – Nunnalee.She never opens her eyes, ergo he can’t make eye contact… wonder wether this will come into play sooner or later.

  24. I guess Lelouch won’t be with anyone at the end. I remember that he had a deal with CC that if he receives the Geass power then he’ll have to be alone for his whole life. Well, that’s suppose to be in episode 1….

  25. Waaaaa:
    @quigonkenny – LMAO, thanks for that, a hillarious read XD

    Hell, I got a million of ’em. Like:

    Shirley shoots Lelouch in his right (non-Geass) eye and in his pain he accidentally activates his self-destruct and his pod blows up with him in it. After finding out about Lelouch’s death, C.C. appears to Karen and gives her Geass powers, and the story revolves around Karen for a while, with Toudou handling the strategizing for the group in Zero’s absence. Just as Karen is finally about to face off with Suzaku in a climactic battle, a mysterious new Knightmare frame shows up with the Chinese army and decimates both the Britannian army and the resistance. It is revealed that Lelouche is piloting the frame, and is now wearing a half-mask over the right side of his face. The rest of the series has Karen, Suzaku, and a recovered Nunnaly teaming up to defeat the now-insane Zero, who has begun calling himself Lulliardo Lamperougecraft.

  26. “he’ll have to be alone for his whole life”
    that wasn’t so much a condition to the contract as a consequence of having power. the power sets him apart from others, and the end of this episode ia a great example of why.

  27. OMG!! I feel same with you too! so much unexpected & I dont think Shirley will shoot somebody too. Its the 1st time I keep so updated to an anime. Every week I feel so excited when it comes to the time of Geass.
    Oh this epi I feel the most poorest is Lulu. How can he keep on his journey while so many things happen & he can’t even forget them. Actually Shirley is more lucky then Lulu at least she don’t know what happen. Maybe she will feel sad that she knows she has forget something important but its better than you knows everything.
    How is the destiny of Lulu? Villetta not dead yet & Kaname found her…much more interesting thing will happen! Arrgh, 1 week 1 epi cant satisfied me!

  28. I have no doubts that Lelouch will use the infatuation Mao has for C.C. against him. I get the feeling that Kaname will be on the recieving end of a Lelouch’s Geass in the near future.
    I get the feeling that Lelouch’s obsession with Cornellia will cause him problems in the future. Atleast he got rid of those Liberation idiots.

  29. This has to be one of the best episodes in Code Geass so far. I can’t help other than crying hard for Lelouch and Shirley, there should be a better solution between the two of them T_T…… She really deserves more airtime + development with Lelouch, although that she doesn’t really shine compared to C.C and Karen.

    Bring back my Shirley!!! Bring her back into the story!!

  30. Tell me if I missed watching the op for six times where ougi kaname is group with the villians of the story- where does it indicate in the op that kaname will mutiny against zero.

  31. Show Spoiler ▼

    I’m not sure if Ougi will betray Zero or not, but I sure hope not.DD: It’s kind of stupid to betray a fine strategist just because his ways are a bit overdone and Show Spoiler ▼

    Anyway, the relationship between Ougi and Viletta will certainly be an interesting matter. They might even disappear together(disappear= vaporize, die, or go somewhere else).

  32. Poor Shirley….I felt really bad for her. I’m pretty sure no matter what happened, she doesn’t want to forget about Lelouch…not in this way anyway. But its not like I can’t understand the reason behind Lelouch’s action. If Shirley continued to get involved with him, if Shirley knew who he was, she’ll be in danger and I’m sure that’s the last thing Lelouch wanted. Now I’m hoping there’s some way to reverse the effect of GEASS so that Shirley will remember Lelouch again someday but I guess that’s not possible now. The only other way for Shirley and Lelouch to be with each other again is by creating new memories….making Shirley fall in love with Lelouch again but…that’s not possible either! Aaaah the agony!!!

  33. well.. if Lulu didn’t Geass her, she will kill him along with herself. She is pretty dam psycho scary. Your lover kill someone, so he has to die? and so do you? This girl is definitely a pro-death penalty -_-;;

  34. I feel sad for Shirley, but even sadder for Lulu. One in his harem left and it seems she will move to Suzaku’s (arhhhhh!!! Don’t like that but given she has good relationship with that Lancelot kid and now she has forgotten everything about Lulu >*

  35. erff me soo confuse now but it was..touching like excal say…but did shirley forgot all about lulu…? she seems soo clueless when they were speaking… and what was the meaning of the picture when lulu did the geass at shirley then she say No!…=S last thing poor lulu he was about to cry when he was talking with her i think soo…because the face he was doing…lol

  36. well I saw alot people giving their own thinking about what going happen so i would like giving a piece of mine also… I still think that Shirley is still a huge problem for Lelouch since in the preview he said “It’s true that I might have been naive. It might have been better if i had eliminated Shirley.” I think the Geass effect on Shirley got problem later LoL

  37. OMG! I CRIED SO MUCH AT THE PART WHERE LELOUCH ERASED SHIRLEY’S MEMORIES!!! HOW SAD!! Gosh…I really wish they’d end up together, but it doesn’t seem like it…

    “Shirley faces Lelouch at the monument and asks if he also lost his family. Lelouch tells her that it’s not his family, but rather a friend – probably an important friend. He says that there are things you understand for the first time after you lose someone – how much has he been saved by her smile? Shirley thinks that he must have liked this person, but Lelouch says that he doesn’t know.”

    He HAS to like her, he HAS TO!! D:

  38. Well, he never did find out how long the effects of his geass lasts.

    What if the girl marking X’s on the wall just says, why I’m I doing this and just stops?

    Let’s say there’s 21 X’s when she stops that could be the time limit for his geass, and in 3 weeks all of Shirley’s memories return just like that.

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