When Yuuichi and Ayu visit this hospital, Sayuri explains that she heard everything from Mai. Yuuichi tells her that the damage to the school building is thought by everyone to be a prank by some ill-natured group. Since Sayuri is talking about thinking of the future instead of the past, Mai reveals that she’ll get out in the spring, but she probably won’t be able to make graduation. When she thanks Yuuichi, he tells her that she was the one who accepted all the painful things without turning away from them. Mai, however, feels that the person who is turning away from the painful things is someone beside Yuuichi, someone who needs his help. Afterwards, Yuuichi apologizes to Ayu for bringing her along, and although she’s ok with it, she does mention that she doesn’t like it here. By chance, the pair run into Shiori and she and Ayu get a chance to formally introduce themselves to each other. A doctor interrupts them to take Shiori to her mother, and she seems to recognize Ayu, but apologizes and dismisses it as nothing.

The next morning, Kaori wakes up and goes down to breakfast, but when her mother notices that she’s not looking too well, Kaori excuses herself from the table. Her mother tries to ask her to talk to Shiori a bit more, but Kaori ignores the suggestion. Over at the Minase household, Akiko is still sleeping, so Ayu prepares a burnt breakfast for Yuuichi. He ends up going to school without eating, but he doesn’t get very far before Ayu comes running in a panic. She claims that Akiko is becoming like her own mother, but when Yuuichi goes back home, he finds Akiko with just a fever. Since Ayu wants to take care of Akiko today, Yuuichi leaves her there and goes to school. Both Nayuki and Yuuichi are worried, so they call back home during a break between classes. Ayu has realized that there’s no medicine and is looking for a place to buy some, so Nayuki tells her where. After they hang up the phone, Yuuichi explains that Ayu is over-reacting a bit because she doesn’t have a mother. Nayuki realizes this means that when Ayu was talking about her parents being away on travel, she was just talking about her father.

The two of them call home again later and find out that Ayu got the medicine, but since it requires you eat something first, Nayuki instructs Ayu on how to make zousui. When Nayuki calls home a third time, Yuuichi feels that he can’t do much, so he goes out for a walk with Shiori and fills her in on what’s going on. Since tomorrow is Sunday, he asks her out just like he had mentioned previously. When he returns home, Yuuichi is greeted at the door by Piro and finds the kitchen a mess. A tired Ayu is actually sleeping on Akiko’s lap upstairs in her room, and it’s in that comfort that she’s calling out to her mother in her dreams. The next day, Yuuichi takes Shiori to a game center to play whack-a-mole

, though she manages somehow to score no points. They then go to the place where he and Ayu first met her, which Shiori explains is a precious memory to her. Yuuichi feels that it wasn’t long ago enough to call a memory, but Shiori thinks that memories have nothing to do with time; what matters is how important that memory was to the person.

The two then get into a snowball fight and have a lot of fun throwing them and building snowmen. Shiori also draws a sketch of Yuuichi, but after seeing it, he comments that she isn’t suited to draw portraits. Nevertheless, Yuuichi wants to keep it, and that makes Shiori very happy. Since he says that he’ll stay with her today as long as he can, she asks him to take her to school. There, they head to her classroom and she shows him her old seat. Shiori then reveals that she collapsed on the first day of the first semester, but Yuuichi already knew that from her classmate. Shiori is surprised to hear this, but continues on, explaining that the doctor didn’t want her to go, but she was determined to fulfill her dream of going to the same school as her sister. With Yuuichi confirming that it wasn’t just a cold, Shiori explains that she’s had a weak body since she was born, so she can’t come to daily lessons. For lying to him about that, she apologizes. Later that night, Yuuichi returns home and finds Nayuki cooking. Before he can do anything else, he answers the ringing phone. The voice on the other end belongs to Kaori, and she asks to meet him at school.

With snow gently falling down all around, Yuuichi finds Kaori standing in a patch of darkness by the school building. He’s figured out that this is about Shiori, and Kaori eventually admits that Shiori is her younger sister who’s been weak ever since she was born. She remembers that Shiori was looking forward to attending the same school, eating lunch with her, and going home together – for a long time, it’s been Shiori’s dream to do those things that everyone else does. Kaori then reveals that Shiori’s birthday is in one week, but this next birthday is the one she’s not supposed to be able to live until because she’s going to die soon. Kaori tried not to look at Shiori getting weaker because she knew that soon Shiori would be gone. That’s why she avoided Shiori and said that she had no sister. In fact, if it meant this much pain, she wishes that she never had a sister from the very beginning. Bawling by this point, Kaori runs to Yuuichi and asks him what Shiori was born for.


I thought this would be a transitional episode, but it felt like it died right into Shiori’s story. Maybe it was because Kaori was already crying by the end of it. It makes me again wonder how long this arc will last and how much time will be given to Ayu and Nayuki. Speaking of Ayu, they seemed to drop more hints about her past with the hospital, the doctor, and the talk of her mother.

I did find it amusing that Yuuichi is becoming wary of the supernatural stuff, as shown by his kitsune comment when Shiori wanted to go to the arcade. Shiori seems to be the most normal of the girls so far, but I suspect that could change at any moment. Incidentally, the song played during the date scene was Last regrets – X’mas Floor Style.


  1. Yay! It’s freakin KANON!

    Mai looks good with her hair down. Shiori meets Ayu. Yuichi meets Kaori in a more serious confrontation.

    And just to act as a symbol of sadness. “THERE ARE ONLY 10 EPISODES LEFT!”

  2. Darf man fragen was du damit meinst?^^

    May I ask what do you mean?^^

    A little question: There is once scene in the end which was also in the prelude.
    Had Kyo Ani all episodes already done when Kanon aired for the first time (and are already working on something new) or are they still working on them?
    I remember I’ve read somewhere that Kyoto Animation is the only(!) studio in which the staff is not working overtime. So do they have vacations then?^^

  3. I like what I see. I see a snowman. ^_^

    Can’t wait… well, maybe I can. I have homework. ^^””

    Site appears to be running well… whatever you did, it appears to be working, for now. Which is a good thing to see.

  4. It’s back to the lazy days again. Transitioning from the Mai Arc is kind of hard, especially to Shiori’s story of all possible ones. I wish I could lift a snowball that huge though.

  5. well… it looks like Shiori will get two episodes at least, not one as some had feared. I kind of like KyoAni’s epiloging an arc into the beginning of the next arc and then feeding bits forward.

    My enjoyment is already starting to get bittersweet because I can feel the convergence approaching. I’m going to hate it when this is over.

    My family built a 7 foot high snowman yesterday (we’re all watching Kanon) thanks to a surprise snowstorm and in prep for Shiori’s arc… A ball that size is liftable if the snow is dry enough … my younger son is about Yuuichi’s size/age and he could almost lift one.

  6. It’s not ‘there are 10 eps left’ but ‘it’s still 10 eps left’..
    I wonder is all the story would fit in 10 eps, since the pacing is quite fast..
    And to my predictions, there shouldn’t be more than 8 eps for the story to fit..

  7. Well they’ve only been through two stories + the introduction in about 15 episodes. They have however many more now (since everybody seems to have a number or remaining episodes) to do three more stories. It seems like it’ll work out well since they’ve covered a lot of smaller events from the other stories on the side. So all they have to do with these now is to hit on the past segments and a few other main events. Then they can get in whatever heartfelt ending they want.

  8. lol if i didn’t know any better, and i do, i would have thought that the person in the second pic was Nayuki instead of Mai. She looks SO different with her hair down. Hurray for the Shiori arc.

    Last comment: That is one seriously screwed up looking Raccon in the first preview pic

  9. Shiori!!Misaka Shiori!!
    My faourite in Kanon! I’ve already the novel many times…
    Let Ayu bring her wonder to Shiori..
    But i do think kyoto will do that, maybe the last line is Ayu…

  10. “Mai probably spoke more in this episode than the last three… ”

    And she only got one screenshot? I’m frustrated.
    It doesn’t look that Shiori’s arc will last as long as Makoto’s and Mai’s either, due to her inevitably short lifespan. No matter, I’m sure KyoAni will pull this off as well as the other 2 arcs.

  11. Yuuichi da pimp XD

    Hmm…The emotional levels are set on Kaori for this episode, and if anything, Akiko’s fever could mean something happening in the next arc after Shiori’s or so. Anyway, I’ll be quite interested to see how it turns out in this arc.

  12. Shiori’s “arc” has actually been running for the last 4 or 5 episodes…. but now its her turn to be focused on … let the flowers of temporary happiness amidst eternal depression unfurl. gambatte yo

  13. I completely don’t get the point why the named the next episode in German. Where the hell is the sense??? (I should ask Christoph Neumann I guess..)

    With 10 episodes left and now in Kaori/Shiori’s arc I think after ~episode 18 we get Ayu as the last arc. Dunno how Kyo Ani is going to handle that.

  14. I’d probably agree that Shiori’s arc will continue for the next two episodes. From the previews, we can already see they’re winding down her life-o-meter there.

    Don’t forget though Mutio, we still have Nayuki’s arc as well. They still have quite a few events to do in that but I don’t know how KyoAni will do it. In the game, Ayu obviously wasn’t present during the later events. So her presence in the house certainly changes a lot, unless they find a way to kick her out.

  15. Oh man… I hope Shiori still gets 3 episodes. They spent WAY too much time on Makoto in the beginning… But still, the date was fun and Kaori’s scene was awesome (the amount of snow in the scene really makes it look like the sky is falling for her).

  16. I must admit…this episode disappointed me a little… seems like the emotional build-up wasn’t as intense for the Shiori arc as the others…..and having the Kanon theme music playing during the “date” was just a tad cheesy 😛

    However, with that being said, this episode definitely still had some really memorable moments :)…..and the teaser kept me excited for next week…..Also, I love Nayuki’s character development….I think im looking forward to her arc the most :)…..

  17. I must admit….this episode disappointed me a little bit…….it seems that there wasn’t the same amount of emotional build-up as the other story-arcs…….and the Kanon theme music being played during the “date” was a tad cheesy 😛

    that being said this episode still gave me lots of laughs, and plenty to look forward to next week 🙂

    Also, before I forget……I have to say that I LOVE Nayuki’s character development in this series :)….I honestly can’t wait for her arc! 🙂


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