After having a dream of a memory she shared with Asuna, Ayaka wakes up in her Negi-themed room, still stuck inside the magic world with everyone else. Meanwhile, the exploration group has noticed that Asuna isn’t present for their meeting. In fact, a still sleepy and very hungry Asuna has gone to the kitchen to get something to eat. Satsuki gives her an omusubi, but this gets consumed by Motsu while Asuna is trying to sell Chupacabra t-shirts to the girls. Outside, the research group is looking through magic books when Negi comes to check up on them. Ayaka makes him sit down for some tea, and that’s how Asuna finds him a little later. She wants to take him to the exploration group, but Ayaka refuses to let Negi go. They end up getting into a fight, and in trying to diffuse the situation, Negi falls down and bumps his head on a book. Seeing him hurt, the girls bring him to the school infirmary where Ako gives him a large bandage. Kamo then suggests that Negi gets an injection to make him more energetic, and it so happens that Ako has a giant needle prepared. However, she loses her balance and accidentally sticks it into Kamo instead. The injection causes Kamo to gain superpowers and fly out of the window, disappearing into the distance.

Angry that Asuna was the one who supported Negi getting the injection, Ayaka proposes a challenge. Asuna accepts, and the first match tests the two girls’ abilities to hold their breath with their face in a bowl of water. Both of them come up for air at the same time, so this ends up a tie. Next is a competition that attaches a clothespin to the lips of each girl and has them try to pull off the opponent’s clothespin via a connecting string. Asuna and Ayaka struggle against each other so much that the pins pop off at the exact same time, resulting in another draw. For the third challenge, both girls stick their heads in a tank with a lizard, but both panic and pull their heads at the same time. Afterwards, Ayaka is ready for another round, but Nodoka notices that the lizard is now covered in darkness. Asuna decides to fight, so Negi pulls out and activates a cosplay card from her. Unfortunately, this is not enough to stop the darkness, and it captures Asuna, forcing her to drop her harisen. Seeing the weapon scatter dandelion filaments into the wind when it lands, Ayaka asks Negi to transform her. Since he manages to pull out her armor card, Ayaka gains a dress with a crown and a whip. She uses that whip to get through the darkness and free Asuna, allowing Negi to blast the darkness with his magic. As it turns out, the reason dandelions are so significant to Ayaka is because she has a memory of happily blowing them together with Asuna. Ayaka now blows another one into the wind, and she and Asuna watch the filaments fly off, standing together as friends.

Well, the plot still hasn’t advanced, but the Asuna and Ayaka story wasn’t that bad. I guess it could be described as another perspective into the friendship between the two girls that neither really wants to admit. Still, I think that if there’s one thing this show does impressively, its transformation sequences and action, and there was plenty of that at the end of the episode. Ayaka’s armor card costume wasn’t quite what I expected, but the card itself seems to convey her attitude perfectly. Other than that, the Kamo part was pretty funny, and this reminded me of Gokujou Seitokai.


  1. Just finished watching this and SUper ERO-kun ROX
    It wasnt shown in the screenshot but Ku-Fei was praying to a Instant noodle god ?? ehehe (AYAKA is sure a Negi collector ehehe)

  2. omg what is with the fansubs they havn’t released anything in like two months!
    Plus i really like the animation style, its a good refresher to some of the other animes im watching.

  3. Again no KonoSetsu in this episode ?! Sigh…. The only thing that keeps me going is those two. Wonder when we’ll be able to see one full episode featuring that cute couple….. Onegai(keeping my fingers and toes crossed)…

  4. hmmm, well not an action episode, but i suppose a background-story episode was okay. i suppose there is one problem that i keep bringing up and thats the incositancy in the artwork, you have everything damaged or destroyed, but its conviently only the things the need that have been left intact (the classroom, a lab, the kitchen, and apprently the dorm building interior). most of the exteriors are dead on, but id expect for a destroyed world that ‘everything would be destroyed’ inside and out.

    Charater wise; propbably a decent choice to play off a episode about Asuna and Ayaka. the cast got covered pretty well, and i think for the first time; zazie didnt say something that was a riddle. not much else expect the sports girls: where did ako get those drugs…seriously :p (if it did that to kamo, what the hell would it have done to negi?!) . further like to see how yuna can completely forget her role and play with tanks in the garden, its funny how the other girls take it.

    despite the fact that the plot went nowhere and we futher see into ayaka’s obession of negi products. i think it was a good single episode to stand alone on. hopefully we’ll see a action episode soon.

    Nighthawk Imac
  5. Ah why are they taking that long!?!

    Action! Action! Action! Action! Action! Action! Action! Action! Action! Action! Action! Action! Action! Action! Action! Action! Action! Action! Action! Action! Action! Action! Action! Action! Action! Action! Action! Action! Action! Action! Action! Action! Action! Action! Action! Action! Action! Action! I want action……

    Although the episode was good, with all that Shouta-Ayaka….

  6. Ah, I see the pattern in the episodes now.

    I’ll leave it to Omni to fig your eh tout for himself. Besides, it’s more fun to know something that the others don’t.

    Think back for a clue…

  7. I believe the sub group announced they were taking off for a few weeks from Christmas til the end of this week. So they’ll probably start heading back to the *HOBBY* shack to twiddle the subs next week. Yeah, I’d like to see some of these too …. I should have been downloading the raws since I’m just bad enough at Japanese to only miss half of what they’re saying.

  8. >>Sin Ansem
    Lol! So Ayaka may actually be an indirect descendant of Leon Belmont? (for those unfamiliar, the Belmonts are the characters of the players in most of the Castlevania games) In fact come to think of it with her pactio activated like that she seems to bear some resemblance to Maria Renard, a relative of the Belmont clan (she’s playable in Castlevania: Symphony of the Night). See

  9. We’re gonna have a multi-release(4 episodes) hopefully some time later today. The break actually kept us kinda busy plus our translator and typesetter/timer decided to lend a hand to another sub group which is why we’re taking longer than we should, gomen ;o


    AYAKA = HOT 8D

  10. @Sailor Enlil
    So another parody? And this time, on one of my most fave games huh? Hah! Clever of you…
    @Sin Ansem
    Who need those!?! So old tradition! Belmonts! Go for Photon Cannons, some sacred swords, silver bullets ala SomaCruz-style!

  11. @Hudson and Don: Agreed, mayonnaise is the shit! Man, can’t have a sandwich without it, no?

    Lol @ the lizard contraption. Wouldn’t it have fallen from the hole they stuck their heads into? I assume it’s rigged to close or too big, but that’s just me. And wow, Zazie smiled for a split second in this ep! I’m surprised Motsu got away with stealing Asuna’s breakfast – no “animal abuse” moment.

    @bak3donh1gh: yes (so ronery ;_;)


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