Allen runs to Kanda’s aid, and while he’s no match for Vittorio either, he does distract the gladiator long enough so that Lenalee can check to see if Kanda is still alive. With her help, Kanda struggles back onto his feet and explains that Vittorio isn’t an Innocence-compatible person, but rather the Innocence captured his body and mind. The Innocence is exceeding his intentions and running wild in order to fight against stronger people. Seeing that Allen is now struggling in the fight, Lenalee attempts to join in, but is knocked back by the force of Vittorio’s sword. Things look bad for Allen as Vittorio approaches him until Claudia finally calls out for them to stop. Although this ends the battle, Claudia makes it clear to Allen and company that she’s not going back home.

Later that night, the group takes up refuge in a local home until Kanda gets better. The old woman living there explains the story of 1000 years ago to Allen and Lenalee, and Kanda’s finder tells them that the Sardinia family’s mansion was built on the ruins of the home of a former lord. They realize that Vittorio has the wrong impression that Claudia is Sandra, and so whenever he defeated the Akuma that were after his Innocence, he would report to Claudia that the strongest man in the world has not shown up yet. Allen knows that as long as Vittorio has the sword with the Innocence, the Akuma will keep going after him. Kanda soon wakes up and is ready to go fight Vittorio again. His finder informs them about more Akuma arriving at the coliseum ruins, which makes Kanda even more determined to go so that the Innocence doesn’t get taken.

Allen, however, asks that Kanda trust him and Lenalee to hold off the Akuma and protect Claudia. He wants Kanda to stay here and instead think about how to recover the Innocence from Vittorio. Kanda isn’t happy about this, but Allen forces him down with his arm. Over at the coliseum, Vittorio is having no trouble taking care of all the Akuma on his own, including one that is level 2. With the battle over, Allen tries to convince Vittorio that he doesn’t need to fight any more, but the gladiator believes that Sandra is still alive and that she still wants him to continue winning. As Vittorio then proceeds to attack Allen, Lenalee tries to tell Claudia that only she can stop him. However, Claudia feels that Vittorio saved her from the previous life that she had no control over.

Lenalee then attempts to make Claudia understand that there’s no way that she live peacefully with Vittorio because his existence calls the Akuma. Before Claudia can respond, Kanda joins in the battle to save Allen who was about to be struck down. Vittorio buries his sword into Kanda’s shoulder, but the Exorcists holds on long enough to cut off Vittorio’s right arm. Without his sword, Vittorio remembers the countless men he killed all those years ago. At one point, he had had become scared of losing and didn’t want the princess to belong to someone else. His wish to continue winning for eternity was granted when the sword with the Innocence suddenly appeared before him. Now, as he begins to age rapidly, he reveals that he knows Claudia’s not the princess, but he nevertheless fought for her sake and was happy to do so.

In his final breaths, Vittorio tells Claudia that she only has to live for herself. Claudia grieves when he dies and returns home three days later. However, it was only so that she could pack her bags and leave the house again. She chose to live by her own will.


This arc felt a bit odd to me – a little unfulfilling. Perhaps it was because the episode didn’t end on the highest of notes by having Claudia run off to live on her own instead of trying to work out her problems with the father whom she had so many fond memories with. Or maybe it’s because, despite this being a more interesting mini-arc than the leaf of revival one, I know that these two episodes have nothing to do with the main story. In any case, I’m looking forward to them going back to the manga in two weeks, though there’s still next week’s episode about Lenalee which will feature the return of Komui’s robot. I hope it’s less comedy and more about Lenalee herself, but we’ll see…



    THE OP WILL BE “What’s up, people?! DEATH NOTE Edition”


  2. Question, do you people don’t like these ‘fillers’ because you know they’re ‘fillers’?

    Would you believe me if I randomly pick a number? NOBODY KNOWS, and frankly it’s much more accurate to call them ‘anime original’ episodes, since it’s the anime’s version of how the story goes, NOT a random ‘filler’.

    Isn’t Blood+ an orginal story (not counting the movie)? Not one from a manga? Hence none of their episodes can be considered ‘fillers’, so doesn’t that means that it’s always following the story? Also, Blood+ was trying to be as dramatic as possible, very much different from D.Gray-man.

    Anyway, This episode was great, much more interesting than the ‘Leaf’ arc! The violence was excellent and the story wasn’t too over the top, but it wasn’t original either – Vittorio wasn’t too hard to figure out… but I’ll let it slide.

    The best part of this episode was when Allen talk back against Kanda and even knock him away with his claw !That was totally unexpected of him, but very much welcomed.

    About the ending, I think what they were trying to show is exocists didn’t get too involve with other people’s life. Sure they help out when they can or if it’s in their mission, but in the end the decision on how to live has to be made by the person in question.

    This is much different than or shounen series where the ‘hero’ acted very pushy and insisted that their way is the right way and everyone should listen to them. Here, they let Claudia, Elda and her father make whatever choice they see fit, only to get advice if they wanted to… And that is something I’m impressed with…

  3. I find it quite interesting how the animators chose to make Allen “stronger” than Kanda. This completely turns the personalities from the manga upside down. If Allen pushed Kanda down in the manga, Kanda would’ve been up and at him in a second. Plus, in recent manga events the exorcists have all gone up against perhaps 10 times worse, yet they flop around now from a sword with Innocence? D: Ehhhh.
    This arc had a “cute” and I suppose satisfactory ending, but I still miss the original storyline. A lot. Tehe.
    The preview for the next episode makes me go “FTW.” :[
    @Magi: I enjoyed the included Kanda x Linali too… :] They’re mixing up all the odd couples here. xD;

  4. @Shii

    You over looked something, they didn’t make Allen stronger than Kanda. Two factors, one: Kanda had just recovered, meaning he’s still abit soft/slow/dull. Two: He wasn’t expecting Allen to slam him with his claw (meaning no time to react), and I’m sure you didn’t as well.

    Also, the key word is ‘now’.Later, Allen and Kanda and the others will have ‘power ups’ to handle the 10 times worse stuff, but not ‘now’. Also, in case you missed it, he was trying to get Victorio to come to his senses, hence Kanda’s remake on how he’s ‘too soft’…

  5. umm o,o about these ‘fillers’
    i dont have the whole manga >.>..couldn’t get it u_u bwaa, I’ve only read only a few pages
    But I think that the show gets a little repetitive if they keep on not focusing in the main story, it’s like one adventure before another, it’s cool, but the only ‘new’ thing we’ll learn from them is the stories of the characters they met (in this case, Victorio’s story)
    Umm..kinda Pokemon >.> Allen & co fighting the team Akuma rocket xD, well that’s the main point in this anime xD but I understand that what other ppl want to see is something deeper, a deeper plot from now on, what about the Noa fam? o_o did they go on a vacation xD
    just kidding *-*
    dont misunderstand, i’ve been waiting for this show so much and really luv it n_n

    nice ep, anyway xD

    janee 😀

  6. Honestly I think people should stop comparing it to the manga constantly. Animes are not supposed to be replicas of the written counterparts. Just let it do it’s own thing. I haven’t read the manga of D.Grayman yet, and I’m getting a bit sick of reading things like “Oh, it was like this in the manga, and they didn’t do this like they did in the manga”. I just want to enjoy this series as an anime. Normally I like to read books before I see movies, but for anime I find it the opposite. Watching the anime first lets you go back to the manga and enjoy things that were left out and keep going with the story. If you read the manga first you’re going to constantly compare it and you can’t enjoy the anime to it’s full extent.

    Just my thoughts on the matter. I know this is an older blog, but I just started the series now so I’ll still post on these.


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