As part of his plan, Light relinquishes possession of Misa’s Death Note and allows Rem to fly off somewhere. He also buries his own copy of the Death Note in the forest, but Light makes it clear to Ryuk that he doesn’t want to give up his own Death Note until the next time that he utters the words suteru (give up). Meanwhile, with her memories of the Death Note and the Shinigami gone, Misa now thinks that she’s being held by a stalker. L is confused at this change in behavior because how she was acting earlier matched what the Second Kira would have done. In his interrogation, L brings up how she had been asking to be killed, but Misa doesn’t remember about any of that anymore. L then gets a phone call from Light, so he tells Light the hotel room they’re in.

When Light arrives, he confesses to the group that he is probably Kira. Light’s father Souichirou is shocked to hear his son say something like this, but Light feels that if L thinks he’s Kira, then he probably is. Indeed, L is now almost certain that Light is Kira, but he’s not sure what Light is trying to do by admitting this. Light goes on to say that the evidence points to himself and suggests that perhaps he’s unconsciously Kira. Perhaps when he goes to sleep, another side of him emerges and kills the criminals as Kira. L, however, immediately dismisses this theory because they had set up those cameras previously to watch Light and had seen him sleeping normally. Still, that didn’t lead L to conclude that Light isn’t Kira.

Trying to back up his unconsciously-Kira theory, Light reveals that he actually felt that it would be better if criminals died. Matsuda tries to make it sound normal that he might feel this way and cites the surveillance as evidence that Light can’t be Kira. Aizawa, however, disagrees because there could have been times when Light was away from home during which he could have done the killings. Knowing that Light could prove himself innocent if he were imprisoned and the criminal deaths stopped, L decides to lock him up. Light’s father starts to protest, but Light is ok with it in order to find out if he’s really Kira. Soon after Light is put into his prison cell, Light’s father asks to be removed from the investigation because of his personal feelings. When L won’t let him, Souichirou suggests that L imprison him too. For Souichirou’s sake, L agrees to do this.

As the days go on and Light stays in prison, the deaths of criminals stop. L had actually expected them to continue and is now confronted with the question of whether Light was consciously aware of being Kira. Light’s father is actually taking imprisonment worse than Light is, but he refuses to leave until he can do so together with his son. It is not until the seventh day, when L asks if Light is ok, Light answer includes the words suteru. This signals to Ryuk that Light is ready to relinquish his Death Note, so Ryuk leaves the cell. And just like that, Light suddenly loses his memories of the Death Note and the Shinigami. He now starts to protest that he’s not Kira and wants to be let out, but L isn’t about to let that happen.

On the 15th day of Light’s imprisonment, the newspapers start reporting that two weeks worth of criminals were all killed in one day. Upon learning this news, a haggard Souichirou realizes that the suspicion on his son should be gone, but he also knows that L wouldn’t immediately feel this way. L prevents Matsuda from telling Light about this and instead asks Light to confess that he’s Kira. Without his Death Note memories, Light now believes that everything is a trap and tries to get L to see that his eyes aren’t the eyes of a person who’s lying. And since Misa’s apparently only knowledge of Kira is the ally of justice who avenged her parents, L is at a loss for what’s going on.


I find it really amusing how different Light is after giving up his Death Note. His entire look is in those eyes, and they completely lose the evil vibe after his memory gets wiped. I’m too used to Light being shrewd and conniving that the deer-in-the-headlights look just doesn’t suit him.
I remember back when I was reading the manga that I was completely confused as to how giving up the Death Note would solve Light’s problems. In retrospect now that I know what’s going to happen, everything makes more sense. What better way to confuse L into thinking that you’re innocent than by truly believing that you’re innocent.
Next week, we’ll find out what happened and how the killings are continuing without Light and Misa.


  1. YAY!!! Light escapes!!

    And i still can’t tell anyone why i like him, god knows he is a jerk, and you have to remind yourself he is a jerk otherwise you will be tricked by him, but god i still like him!! lol ^_

    Elegant Destruction
  2. First!!!! after reading the manga, i am somewhat underwhelmed because the whole show sacrifices character development for twists upon twists and reverse twists… and misa is arguably the most pathetic character ever. especially if u read the manga.

  3. unlike other shows, Death Note is following its manga pretty well, which is both great and disappointing. the plot is moving at a consistent pace, but there are no surprises after you’ve read the manga. the plot and story line twists are all the same, so i [as a manga-reader] am slightly disspointed.

  4. I agree a little with you Kazumi, but I imagine it’s also hard for the people who create the anime. If they follow the manga too closely, they run the risk of boring the people who know what happens from having already read it. If they don’t follow the manga, they’re going to be flamed by manga purists. There are very few instances that I can think of where a production company has succeeded in following the manga while making the anime even better (Ouran High School Host Club comes to mind).
    I’ve long since maintained that it’s better to watch an anime first and then read the manga for fullest enjoyment of any series. Of course, that’s not always possible…

  5. lol… i guess im not the only one who got bored with the series after reading the manga… it just shows how low the rewatchability and entertainment value is. After i was done with the manga, i really just stopped caring about the anime, and the ending and everything else just doesnt live up to your expectations. and the story reduces the concept of death to the point you just start abhoring every character. And lets not deny that all the characters in this anime are stuuuuuupid. they do everything light predicts that they would. L’s death was so sudden that i actually was so convinced he was alive, hidden somewhere until the anime actually ended, and i was like WTF??? L is really dead?? fuck! lol

  6. I guess it’s really impossible to watch/read Death Note without getting spoiled unless you lock yourself in your room and don’t talk to anybody/don’t read internet forums … (either you will get spoiled by a friend when you talk about the series or by some stupid little phrase without any warnings in some thread)

    I actually found the real movie to be much more interesting than the anime, because they changed the story a bit, so you kinda knew what was going to happen but not how – but that was also what the movie got criticized for XD

    But I agree that there is no character development in this series and it’s all about “twists upon twists and reverse twists”, and even those twists get ridiculous especially in the second half …

  7. This series is confirmed to be have 37 ep run, right?

    You know, this is one of the rate times I want the bad guy (Light =D) to win. I don’t know why, I just want to see him suceed here.

  8. cool episode *-* I luv Light’s kawaii face and puppy-eyes xD
    now the ‘evil’ is ‘gone’..(¿? bwahaha >D)..

    wouldn’t it be easier to subject Light to a lies detector o_O?

  9. THis episode was very good, I thought. I have read the manga 3 times over and the show still gets me excited just BECAUSE It’s animated. I mean sure, (SPOILER SPOILER!!! LOOK AWAY!!!) death of L surprised me but I think that the whole plot (SPOILER AGAIN!!!!!!)after Raito-Kun gets the DN back is insane, the whole finale is gonna be crazy! The manga was hard enough to read because I knew (SPOILERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR) that Raito-Kun was gonna die TToTT BTW, (SPOILER, I THINK) is it true that Misa commits suicide? Cause the final pic in the last volume looks like her…ALOT…


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