On the phone with Zero, Diethard reports that the training of the Crimson Lotus is going according to plan after the re-tuning. They’re now waiting for the arrival of the development team and Laksharta. The organization is now at 92% with members divided into fourteen levels. As per Zero’s instructions, their people have been sent to warehouses owned by Britannians, and there are as many as 564 places in the Kanto region with their personnel dispersed. 32 bases have been discovered and there are 11 dummies. Although 42 people have been arrested, they cut off the information to level eight and higher personnel. And with the backing of Kyoto, cases where the general public tips off the army or police are gone. After hearing Diethard’s final note that they’re still searching for Toudou, Lelouch hangs up the phone. He is at the airport with a disguised C.C., and she’s heading off to be the messenger to the Chinese Federation. As he returns home, Lelouch thinks of a scene from his past where he was with Suzaku and was carrying Nunnally through a field of dead people. Suzaku had stopped at the sight of all the bodies, but Lelouch told him to keep walking. When Nunnally had then noticed a strange smell, Lelouch had told her that they were near a landfill. Since Suzaku hadn’t continued walking and had instead started crying, Nunnally tried to comfort him by saying that tears are good for a person’s temperature. Back in his room, Lelouch promises to himself that he’ll overcome it.

The next morning, Suzaku catches up with Lelouch on the way to class and warns him that not coming to school will result in him being held back a year. Of course, Suzaku himself has also been busy because the Black Knights have been so active. Lelouch then invites Suzaku over to eat because Nunnally is lonely, but their conversation gets interrupted by the arrival of Rivalz. He’s in a panic because he found out that Milly had a marriage interview and is angry that Lelouch didn’t tell him it was today. In fact, Milly has already arrived at her marriage interview, and it’s with none other than Lloyd. He suggests that they get married, but when both Cecile and Milly react with surprise, he decides to put it on hold. Meanwhile, at home, Nunnally hears someone enter her room, but it’s someone who starts clapping: Mao. By the time Lelouch comes back to tell her about Suzaku, she’s already gone. Mao left only a picture of her bound and gagged surrounded by a half-circle of origami cranes. Right as Lelouch is discovering the photo, the telephone rings, and it’s Nunnally on the other end. She’s only able to tell him that she doesn’t know where she is and that she can’t move before Mao takes over the phone. Mao calls Lelouch careless and wonders if Lelouch thought he was dead. Lelouch tries to tell Mao that C.C. isn’t here right now, but it turns out that that’s the reason Mao came. Having an opponent on whom GEASS doesn’t work is troublesome, so he’s putting off his stuff with C.C. to deal with Lelouch.

As Lelouch starts searching the school for them, Mao tells him that he has a time limit of 5 hours. This is a game between the two of them, so Lelouch isn’t allowed to get the police involved. Mao also didn’t like being shot, but he does find Britannian medicine amazing. Before he hangs up, Mao says that it’s because Lelouch was not careful enough in the final stage that Nunnally is now in trouble. Afterwards, Nunnally tells Mao that she won’t forgive him if he makes her brother feel sad. Over in the student council room, Suzaku learns from Rivalz that Lelouch and Shirley are having a fight. Kallen believes that they should just leave it alone since she thinks of it as a fight between a married couple. Concerning Lelouch and relationships, Rivalz thinks that he has only the knowledge and can’t put it into practice – Lelouch doesn’t have enough experience. A breathless Lelouch soon comes into the room, but it’s obvious to them that he has something else on his mind. Suzaku decides to follow him and catches him on the stairwell with the photo of Nunnally bound up, making Suzaku realize that something happened to her. Even with Suzaku’s, Lelouch doesn’t have many clues to go on until he remembers the sound of water rushing from the phone call. Realizing that it could be the underground water circulation system, the two head for the elevator. While all this is going on, Kaname returns home to Villetta cooking for him. He wonders if she went out to do some shopping, but Villetta was just using ingredients from around the house. She still hasn’t regained any of her memories, and Kaname verifies that she’s been at home the entire time by checking the camera recordings on his laptop.

At the elevator, Suzaku comments on how it’s unusual for Lelouch not to have noticed the water sound sooner. Lelouch is too engrossed with the lock system on the elevator to reply and has no choice but to break it. At the bottom level, Suzaku uses a mirror to see a machine gun attached to a surveillance camera. He knows that this system has a short 0.05 time lag, which makes Lelouch think that they’ll have to go back up to turn off the system. However, Suzaku bolts out of the elevator and rushes the camera. He runs faster than the system can target him and manages to leap off the wall and kick the camera. With that out of the way, the two proceed to where Nunnally is being held, but Suzaku notices a bomb hung above her head. Lelouch realizes that it’s a pendulum bomb set to go off if some other force is added to it. Suzaku knows that radius of the blast is over 500 meters, which Lelouch deduces to mean that Mao is outside of his mind-reading GEASS range. They can only cut the line coming from the detonator and they have to do it while the thing is swinging. Lelouch doesn’t think that this is something a person can do, but Suzaku says he’ll do it. He believes that Lelouch is more adept with intelligence and he’s just a soldier.

Meanwhile, Cornelia and Euphemia are relaxing together in a big garden, and Cornelia notes that it’s been a long while since they’ve had some time like this because of all the unexpected things that happened after they came to Area 11. She then touches Euphemia’s waist, prompting the princess to squeal, and comments on how Euphemia is getting fat doing desk work. Euphemia changes the subject to how this garden resembles the one that was at Marianne’s villa, causing Cornelia to remember how Clovis only fought with Lelouch back then. Euphemia thinks that it’s because they were rivals, but then remembers that Clovis drew the picture of Lelouch and his family. Cornelia feels that they have to hurry in suppressing this area and capturing Zero so that they can exonerate themselves to Clovis, Lelouch, and Nunnally since this is the world where those three siblings scattered their lives.

Having left Suzaku underground with Nunnally, Lelouch finds Mao waiting for him in the cathedral with a game of chess and a balance ready. The balance has a red zone that, if reached, will cause the underground bomb to explode. By taking Lelouch’s black chess pieces and placing them on his side of the balance, Mao is putting Nunnally closer and closer to death. In other words, Lelouch needs to win to save his sister. As they start the game, Mao comments on how Lelouch isn’t the type who can have nothing in his head, and so he doesn’t think Lelouch can win. Mao starts to get more and more of the black pieces, and Lelouch starts panicking as the balance nears the red zone. Under the pressure of Mao’s mind games and the prospect of losing his sister, Lelouch finally gives up and declares that he’s lost. Mao is delighted to be able to hear that from Lelouch, but he isn’t about to stop and tosses one more black piece onto the balance. Lelouch screams for him to stop, but it’s too late…or so they both think. When Mao checks the surveillance camera, he is surprised to find Nunnally still in one piece. Suddenly, Suzaku bursts through the window, dodges Mao’s bullets, and smacks Mao in the face. After introducing himself, Suzaku is ready to take Mao into custody for disturbing public peace, but Mao is still shocked that the bomb was dismantled because it required a match in speed with the pendulum. Suzaku explains that Lelouch told him which line to cut, and he was supposed to come rushing in when he heard a scream. Lelouch doesn’t remember any of this, but then realizes what happened. Using his thoughts to tell Mao, Lelouch explains that he had given Suzaku directions and then made himself forget with his own GEASS powers in order to fool Mao.

Still in disbelief, Mao asks what Lelouch would have done if Suzaku failed, and Lelouch concedes that this is indeed a strategy that could not have been taken if he didn’t trust Suzaku. In fact, Suzaku has even called in Sayoko to untie Nunnally. When he finally gets over it, Mao starts struggling with Suzaku and refers to him as someone who killed his father. Pushing the topic, Mao confronts Suzaku with how he killed his biological father seven years ago. Suzaku had believed that stopping his father – who called for resistance to the bitter end – would end the war. Suzaku tries to deny it, but Mao calls it a murder. Mao then thinks that Suzaku should be glad that the secret it out since he had been lying to everyone around him. Lelouch realizes that this means the reports that Prime Minister Kururugi’s suicide were all big lies. Mao then claims that Suzaku wanted to save people, but it was really his own mind that wanted to be saved – he wanted to die sacrificing himself for that. As Suzaku starts screaming, Mao says that Suzaku’s good intentions were only for self-satisfaction and calls Suzaku a spoiled child who wanted only punishment. Having heard enough, Lelouch uses his GEASS power on Mao to make him shut up. Unable to speak, Mao stumbles towards the door and finds C.C. waiting for him outside the cathedral. She says that she liked him, and as he approaches her, she tells him to go ahead and wait in the World of C. With that, she shoots Mao in the neck, and the GEASS symbol in his eye disappears as he crumples to the ground. The threat is over, but Suzaku is still on his knees in shock.


I’m not really going to talk much about Mao coming back because I had been expecting it to happen. The only thing I learned from that is that Britannian medicine able to bring people back from that many gunshot wounds. What I didn’t expect to see was Suzaku being such a superman with the way he outran a computer controlled machine gun and the way he did wall runs. Calling him a superman may be exaggerating it a bit, but this episode does make the distinction between the two main protagonists even clearer: Lelouch has the know-how and Suzaku has what it takes to get things done. They’d make quite a dynamic duo, but the fact is that they’re currently on opposites sides of the conflict. The only place they can work together as themselves is at school, and it ultimately led to Mao’s downfall. Speaking of which, I found it interesting that C.C. stayed outside the cathedral and never came in. Maybe I’m reading too much into it, but there was that flashback of the nun back in episode 11, so this might mean something.

We also got a lot more of Suzaku’s past this episode, most of it courtesy of Mao. As the first episode of the GEASS picture drama showed, the Suzaku back then was very different from the Suzaku now, so Mao calling him a spoiled kid isn’t really a stretch of the imagination. It would seem that Suzaku did indeed kill his father, and it’s been haunting him ever since. Lelouch now knows too, and although I would like to think that he would help Suzaku get over it, I just can’t see him doing it without some major motivation.

Cornelia showed a different side of herself this week – a side we’ve seen mostly in glimpses up until now. She had a rather playful and then wistful quality to her, which made her a lot more likable than usual. I still think she’s going to die, but I probably won’t hate her character when she does. Heck, I’m surprised that she lasted this long – I had expected her to die a long time ago and Lelouch to refocus his sights on Schneizel.

The big LOL moment for me was actually seeing that Milly’s marriage interview was with Lloyd. I hadn’t even considered him as a candidate, so that came as a complete surprise. I dunno if they’re going to end up getting married or not, but I’m still rooting for CecileXLloyd. On the subject of relationships, I again found it odd that they spent a little time talking about Lelouch and Shirley again. It keeps making me think that we’ll be seeing more of Shirley.

The preview for next week shows that Laksharta arrives, Kallen gets her new uniform, and someone looks to be getting a new Knightmare – the sword makes me think it’ll be Toudou’s. And remember folks, Pizza Hut supports the Rebellion. It’s only a coincidence that I ordered Pizza Hut for dinner tonight…


  1. Hee…so those are the events in Geass 16…so he survived Mao, well a quite interesting series will be then. Oh and that black Knight in the next stage preview…quite interesting it is

  2. mhmmm..first (wow!!)

    Millay is so perfect with LLoyd – both eccentric and both say some deep-meaning things at the right time- what do I see Villette making dinner and Lulu lost another round of chess and Suzu stabbed his father…this gets more exciting

  3. EliteF22, if you look at the bottom right corner of the pic, you’ll see something that will make you doubt that Lelouch will use that Knightmare…

    Otherwise, same question did C.C killed Mao or not? definitely can’t wait for the raw/sub

  4. awww I can’t wait for the raw release anymore!~
    I want to see it now!!

    The ninja(?) sayako! lol
    CC becomes messenger for The black knight is kinda cool, given that she is the only one with high int that Lulu can trust.

    Coming up next!! Todou!, according to the spoiler, his mech will even be more powerful than of Kalen’s. Will she lose her position as the blackknight’s ace pilot?!!!

  5. Friends in arms for a sister, enemys in arms on the battlefield…. Well, how i like it…
    Sure Lulu will tell her sister, cause that she is a princess she was taken… (or Mao tells her some things)


  6. @Mutio: That’s not the rebellion though – just product placement. At least, from what I can see…

    (Anyways, C.C. already got her Cheese-kun. I don’t really think Lelouch plans on buying her another one and all those pizzas.)

  7. you know, this has been bugging me for awhile…
    see that line on CC’s forhead in this shot? It was there last episode too. has she been wearing a headband to cover the mark on her head? and for how long?

    I also notice CC hasn’t talked to the voice in her head in awhile. is it because she covered the geass marking? or maybe its just that things are moving so fast. ah well.

  8. It’s only me but did someone else yell SUPER MAID TO THE RESCUE?!
    Oh and CC is amazing in this epi, and lulu… lulu needs something more
    ps I’m starting to hatye Suza a bit to much in this epi he’s just TOO unbe-f*ck-livable and I don’t like it …
    Oh and cornelia… I was like o_O? THAT SURE EXPLAINS THE PHOTO BUT *faints from Major shock*

  9. and that uber-Venom goes to
    Show Spoiler ▼

    from the talk, it doesn’t look like Cornelia know about Lelouch’s mother’s murder :/

    by the way I thought Lelouch’s Geass doesn’t work on the same person twice, so how Lelouch made him remember that he used Geass on himself?

  10. My several points on this episodes.

    – Susaku really kick ass this episode. He can really out class any human exist in term of his strength.
    [B]- Why did he have Sayoko’s phone number? The way sayoko acts to this kind of ’emergency’ somehow kinda suggest that she has some background.
    [/B]- CC went off, but come back pretty quick. Lulu should have command Mao to die (he command him to shut up and try to punch him -_-), but he didn’t. If CC wan’t there he would get away.
    – CC sentence:[B]
    “I loved you, Mao. Mao, go ahead in wait for me, in the underworld.”
    hmm seems like she is thinking of dying here… NOOOOO~ don’t do that sunrise[/B]
    – CC killed Mao. This time he is dead. Really dead. kinda feel sorry for her killing her own non-related son. oh That is a gun, a real one. We saw geass in Mao’s eye dies suggesting that he is dead.
    – Susaku killed his dad by accident when trying to persuade him to stop the war. He thinks that if his dad is dead, the war would be over… poor boy.
    [B]- Loyld just ask Milly to marry him out the the blue….err I have a feeling that she won’t say no for some reason.[/B]
    – hmmm other points? The Black Knight is growing rapidly. There are a lot of organization work going on and it seems like that reporter is doing a very good job. I doubt Ougi could have done those in a million years.
    – We saw Kalen: weak version and Susaku feeding the cat together. should this even be a point?
    [B]- Ougi is a pervert. He loves recording video of a babe spending her time in the room alone. [/B]
    – There is not enough CC in this episode… well.. comparing to other female other than nanaly, she is doing a bit better I guess -_-

    Next episode~
    – Todou is going to be executed, Black knight its time to help him!~
    – He most likely going to get that samurai suit next episode. Discuss why on the spoiler trend.
    – This show is getting really good!~

  11. I imagine Suzaku’s physical prowess and MS piloting abilities are meant to help him be even more of a perfect contrast to Lelouch. Lelouch has uber mental capacity and analyzation skill, Suzaku has incredibly athletic ability and natural reflexes (hence, his ability to control a bleeding-edge Frame like nothing, whereas Lelouch sucks at it for the most part).

    Brains vs. Brawn, Cunning vs. Hotblood, etc etc.

  12. wtf suzaku stabed his dad? in the encounter between suzaku and mao even if he got his ass kicked he gave suzaku some psychological damage that would remain with him for a long time “good work mao even if i hated your guts for doing the same to shirley”

  13. Did anybody else find Lelouche using GEASS on himself to be strikingly similar to Light letting go of the Death Note to wipe his own memory?

    On the side note, I love how the possibility of LelouchexC2 is getting thinner with each passing episode. Shirley, come baaaaaack! :p

  14. Lol, yup he is, and awww, don’t say that, I’m still rooting for CCxLuulu but really, I don’t think Shirley’s coming back….and lol
    @Orphen – Yup…great on Suzaku bad on Shirley, it would’ve been interesting to see how it would’ve been if Shirley didn’t forget….hmm!

  15. ok about this ep, Mao is defin dead,his geass turned off im pretty sure they didn’t show that for nothing… as for the new fram next ep, prolly touda’s but i wont gointo that too much(defin not lelouch’s….)

  16. ^Mao could always use his geass on Lelouch, why not in reverse?

    Lelouch Geassed himself twice this episode though, right? 0_o

    still, this actually adds some nifty depth to his geass if he can use it on himself without the limit. makes me wonder if he’ll pull a Light and make himself forget everything at some point to get close to his enemies.

  17. “…can exonerate themselves to Clovis, Lelouch, and Nunnally since this is the world where those three siblings scattered their lives.”

    Does that mean that Cornelia and Euphemia liked Lulu and Nunnally back when he was royalty…? If they did, then that’s pretty sad that Lulu wants to kill them….-_-

  18. Mao is hard to kill…. like an Ragnarok Assasin cross over lvl 255…. complete with doppel card, bapo card, dark lord card,… +10 equips and 200 white pots. But one shot, and he’s dead!

    Love the episode though….

  19. @ashlay – well, he was going to if the building didn’t collapse and if Suzaku didn’t spot him….? lol, well it seems sad….but it’s awesome for how cool he is? lol

    @Omni – I know, me too, I was like, is she actually a loving person? I didn’t believe it the first time, I read it over and over, for understanding! lol, I just couldn’t believe that Cornelia would be (probably) nice. -_-

  20. If Cornelia wants to capture Zero to make up for Clovis being dead and Lelouch and Nunnally “being dead”, then boy, what a surprise she’s going to be in if and when she captures Zero. ^^

    Interesting episode. *patiently waits for sub to come out*

  21. Just when Mao revives from the gunshot last episode, he dies by a bullet in his neck.
    Great…so much hoping that he would live for another episode.

    Nice jet-black mecha in the last preview shot. Why do I get the impression that Lelouch is going to pilot it?

  22. Another good episode. It was nice seeing Cornelia’s non-imperial princess side as she is one of my favourite character. Her comments about Lelouch and Nunnally show that she wasn’t the one that ordered the assassination, clearly Schneizel.

  23. I wouldn’t really be surprised if none of the siblings were involved in killing Marianne and it was a plot by the emperor to hold a battle royal between his kids in order to determine who his successor will be.

  24. “i get upset when CC talks kind and shows worry for Mao.

    what about CC x Lulu!?!?!?!


    Don’t worry about that, it’ll only make lulu more jealous, lol. Sigh, I love how their relationship’s progressing so far (lulu and cc’s) and I haven’t even really seen this series -my sister’s been raving on and on about it. But I saw some scenes with them and just by those few views, I proclaim them to be one of the best of the best anime pairings ever and I don’t use this word lightly. Seriously, it’s been such a long time since I’ve seen chemistry like theirs as well as such a well-balanced relationship (girl and guy on equal footing with the girl even having the upper hand at times). No more stupid naive blushing girl pining for the guy but can’t do anything useful and the guy being so much more above the girl in terms of abilities. Lulu and CC’s relationship is one that’s definitely hard to come by as well as one I’ve been waiting years to emerge. I guess the end of 2006 is a good year for anime of this caliber. Oh and might I remark that the rooftop scene at the end of episode 15 where Lulu and CC “shake” hands was incredibly hot. It was the first time she gave permission for him to come in skin contact with her and the expression on his face as well as how he touched her fingertips first before shaking her hand (I also noted that he dropped his hat when she prompted to shake his hand) was incredibly sweet as well as sexy. I also loved how when she questioned his motives for helping her (whether it was because he was getting “attached” to her), he looked vulnerable at first and then hardened, saying that it’s just a “contract” between them (it’s like he just didn’t want to drive her away from him if he answered otherwise). Wow, what chemistry! I don’t even know how the animators do it when trying to instill sparks between characters, but they sure know how to heat things up between those two. By the way, all this I’m saying from an objective point of view being that I’ve hardly seen any episodes (just a few bits with Lulu and CC that my sister “had” to show me) and am currently waiting for more episodes to come out before embarking on a Code Geass marathon. But, one scene was enough to convince me that those two definitely HAVE it. I sincerely hope they’ll end up together because I’ll be rooting for them ALL the way and will never even think about any other possibilities. Please don’t let the anime disappoint me because Lulu and CC are the kind of pairing that comes once every few hundred years (though I admit that quite a few good pairings did emerge THIS year -late 2006 and on).

  25. mao will not be missed! what i think will be a VERY sad moment for the future is how, like some ppl already pointed is, cornelia+euphemia appear quite fond of lelouche+nanaly. it will be devastating for sure if cornelia ever figured out zero’s identity.

    so i dont consider cornelia a final boss anymore. i just hope she doesnt die…at least in a bad way >.>

    final boss: suzaku + emperor + schneizel

  26. I’m amazed at the amount of Mao hate.

    sure, he wasn’t related to the Britannia plot thread, but didn’t everyone enjoy him being just crazy? and its not like this arc was devoid of plot development either.

    though I guess he’s served his purpose now and should exit the stage.

  27. Does anyone else think that Millay knows Lelouch and Nunnally’s true identities as royalty? Millay’s last name is Ashford, same as Lelouch’s mother. Perhaps Lelouch and Millay are cousins, and Millay is the one making sure Lelouch stays hidden in plain sight?

    Cluttered Mind
  28. >Cluttered Mind

    Well, Millay might know, but I’m thinking that most likely only her parents/grandparents (whoever who took in Lelouch and Nunnally) know. And btw, Lelouch’s mother’s maiden name was Lamperouge, actually.

  29. @Cluttered Mind
    In episode 15, after Lelouche asks Millay to keep everyone out of the clubhouse for a while (so that a feuding C.C. can stay in there) she seems worried and asks if it’s because someone found out he’s royalty. Therefore the answer to your first question would be a definite “Yes,” and I’d say the rest is nearly as certain.

    Now, on an entirely different note…

    Is anyone else waiting for the other shoe to drop? Hell, the first shoe hasn’t even dropped yet! I mean, we’ve got one obvious big bad guy (Emperor), and things are definitely starting to point toward Schniezel as the “trigger man” so to speak, on the death of Lulu’s mom. We know Suzaku is one traumatic event away from pulling a Sephiroth and trying to end the world. But none of that is too surprising. We have yet to have an earth-shaking “revelation” or “plot twist” that just comes out of nowhere to broadside the audience and either make them even more anxious than ever to see that next episode, or more likely to drop next week’s fansub slot in favor of Getsumen To Heiki Mina… (Should it ever get fansubbed…) You know it’s coming. This is Sunrise, after all…

    My thought is this. In many animes, and not just in anime, especially in those series where there are lots of subplots hovering just below the surface, there’s a moment when a character decides to make a complete 180 on their current personality, whether it be due to a stressful moment, or a “startling revelation,” or amnesia, or “I don’t have to put on an act anymore,” or alien interference, or whatever. Code Geass could conceivably use any of those five things I’ve mentioned above, and in the aforementioned case of Suzaku, have already used two (with number three coming along any day now). But psycho mech pilots are old hat. They’ve been done to death, resurrected, then done to death again. Similarly, the villain-turned-good-guy, a la Viletta, is also a bit stale (especially using the positively archaic amnesia trope).

    No, what we haven’t seen in far too long a time is the good-old straight-up kick-you-in-the-balls “Guess What, I’m Really a Bad Guy” swerve, and I’ve got the perfect candidate. Nunnaly. Yes, Nunnaly. First off, she’s blind, right? Well, if I kept my eyes closed all the time, I’d make a pretty convincing blind person, too. Second, she’s by herself for hours each day. What’s she do with that time besides spy on Nina performing tabllingus? Third, she’s a little too selectively perceptive for a (supposed) wheelchair-bound (supposed) blind girl. Think about it. Fourth, she has a “traumatic event” to overcome. We know from experience that characters with disabilities (ie: blindness, lameness, amnesia) that were caused by a psychological trauma often have a story arc where they overcome their “weakness,” often with a change in personality. What if Nunnaly was the one who caused her mother’s death, and the guilt (and dark pleasure) from the event has been festering under the surface for the years since, only to culminate in one fantastically beautiful moment of treachery?

    No? Not Nunnaly? Not believable enough? Yeah, I thought so too. I just wanted to loosen you up for the real (possible) revelation. You want more believable? Well, how about Euphie then? How many times has the hero of the story let a possible antagonist live, and had it come back to bite them on the ass? I can see her now, sending her willing Eleven love slave Suzaku into battle with an sinister smirk on her face, cackling evilly as she brags to the decaying corpse of her loving sister of how, as a child, she plotted the death of Marianne and the exile of her children as phase one of gaining the Brittanian throne, and how “everything has gone exactly according to plan” ever since. That would be absolutely awesome. And it makes perfect Sunrise sense. We haven’t had a good evil child cackle in far far too long…

  30. Haha, well, I’m thinking that Nunnally thing is like a 20% chance…but if it does happen, i wonder if she’d harm Lulu, or if Lulu would harm her…unlikely for Lulu, since he’s doing all this for his sister and mom…but his sister killed mom…so what’s he gonna do?

    Then we have your Euphie one…well…iono, she might but this is also a longshot! LoL, it’d be interesting if they did it though!

  31. Lulu & Suzaku comnbination is perfect indeed! XD
    Yea, that knightmare looks like will belong to Todou, with samurai one. but isn’t Lulu knightmare had gone since that battle with Suzaku? then what will he pilot?
    Oh I want Clovis come back!! last time when i knew he drew Lulu’s family i had think that he don’t deserves to die. & now…T0T hows Lulu think if he finds out all of this that his siblings actually love him & his sis? T_T T_T I don’t want Cornelia to die again, at least don’t by Lulu’s hand!
    I have a feeling that the rebellion will not succeed. maybe he will stop in the middle way when he find out something? I thought there will be some thruth, a very big one behind the scene.

  32. >>It’s only a coincidence that I ordered Pizza Hut for dinner tonight…
    It’s only a coincidence that I went out to get some Little Caesers…

    The best part of the episode was Lelouch geassing Mao to shut up. 😀

  33. Not really surprised Lelouch used his geass for that reason. He was probably already tired of Mao’s constant yapping plus if he had been allowed to talk for much longer he could’ve done even more damage to Suzaku’s mind. Great episode though, Lelouch and Suzaku combo is the best I’ve seen. Too bad they fight on opposite sides. Next week should be fun.


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