Although initially panicked that there are no allied ships around, the Libertad crew soon receives a transmission with a level 1 encryption from the unmanned Bregma. After hearing the message, Craven gathers the other senior officers and explains that they’ve confirmed that Deague has amassed a huge fleet of millions of ships for a planned invasion. The force that was here at Bregma has gone to an ambush point, which is why there’s no one left. Melchisedec actually doesn’t consider it a bad thing because he’s sure that Deague is making the ship that was chasing them participate in the invasion too. Sara, meanwhile, is in the sick bay having a dream about what Emily showed her of Ralph’s past. However, upon waking up and learning about the current situation, she insists that her brother will definitely come because of a very serious promise. This causes Melchisedec to have Becky bring the other senior officers to the sick bay so that Sara can explain what she knows.

According to Sara, it all started over 600 years ago when a damaged space ship that belonged to neither Union nor Deague landed on a Union resource satellite. Inside the ship, Union men found rows and rows of pods filled with alien girls who all had the same face. They were called UK – Unknown – and were placed under the care of the military. It was there that they started conducting secret research on the girls, including dissecting them, because of the shared senses and feelings that the girls had. Melchisedec gets excited hearing about this because of the instant interstellar communication technology possibilities, but Sara notes that it was for the sake of this research that the girls were treated so badly. Dufarge comments on how they still haven’t achieved such a technology, which means that something must have happened. Indeed something did happen, as Sara continues with her explanation. There were limits to the technological development they could get on the resource satellite, so the decision was made to transfer the base to Glabella.

However, immediately after the ship left, the foreheads of some of the girls started to glow and opened up a star gate – a spherical gate that connects two far away places. From it emerged an alien vessel that proceeded to attack the Union ship. Fortunately, part of the research had already been sent to Glabella, and they were eventually able to send Ralph to the ship. Ralph wasn’t informed about anything and thus believed that he was fighting unmanned Deague weapons. It was only after he defeated the last one that the girl fell out of her pod. At this point in the story, Melchisedec finds it strange that Ralph is here now since all this occurred in sub-light speed, meaning there must have major time dilation effect. Although Ralph left Glabella in the year 7003, it was the year 7564 by the time Ralph caught up with the ship. As Sara explains, the reason that Ralph is able to appear before them now is because of the gate that the final Unknown girl created from her forehead, allowing him to go to the year 7005. What’s more, all of the girls’ memories and feelings poured into Ralph at once, and so he found out about what Union did to the girls in their experiments.

Unbeknownst to the Libertad, Ralph and the Deague ship have already arrived. Medlock asks to go to the restroom, so Ralph escorts her out of the bridge. Along the way, Medlock remembers how they had first found Ralph and how he had claimed he was defecting. Ralph had told them about the instant interstellar communications, but he needed both Emilys to do it. Medlock now considers herself stupid for taking that chance with him, but right as she’s thinking this, an escape opportunity opens up because Ralph suddenly collapses. Medlock encounters Emily along the way and brings her to the bridge where she activates the ship’s self-destruct mechanism. She then escapes on a small runabout and forces Emily to come with her. A weakened Ralph eventually gets back up and makes his way back to the bridge, throwing up blood along the way. Over on the Libertad, Sara is explaining that Ralph’s mind is dominated by an obligation to Emily’s race. Carmichael suggests that handing over Emily would ensure the safety of their ship, but Sara knows that Ralph hates mankind for what they did to Emily’s race.

Lottie and Dickon are eavesdropping in on Sara’s explanation to the senior officers when the ship’s alarms suddenly go off. The Libertad has detected the approach of Medlock’s small vessel, and she transmits to them that she wants to surrender. She also informs them of Ralph’s betrayal and his goal, but she isn’t worried because her ship is soon going to self-destruct. Despite this, the Deague ship appears on the Libertad’s sensors, so the entire crew is sent to their battle stations. This includes Lottie and the other Reasoners, but does not include Sara until Lottie specifically requests her out there. Lottie doesn’t care any more whose younger sister Sara is because she now considers Sara a member of the Space Armored Division – thus, a comrade she can trust her life with. As she prepares to launch, Sara thinks to herself that she knows what her brother saw and felt, but she’s ready to do whatever it takes to stop him.


This week has lots of revelations about Ralph that more or less explain what caused his supposed defection to Deague. But like Sara said in last week’s preview, Ralph is against all of mankind, and it’s clear now that he’ll do whatever it takes to accomplish his goals. I found the whole back story rather fascinating because I really could see mankind repeating those “mistakes” if we were ever faced with a similar situation. I put mistake in quotation marks because only time will tell if such actions are wrong, though they certainly seem that way in this show. I also found it cool that they really took into consideration the whole time dilation aspect and worked the story around it.
With only two episodes left, I wonder how many people will survive to the end of the show. I highly doubt Ralph will, and I’m not so sure Sara will either.


  1. So hmm Ralph forced that chick to turn herself in with nothing but a towl on. Kinky. XD-
    This makes me wonder. Maybe Ralph didnt really betray them but just went “Under Cover” so under cover he’d even kill his on naknama (if is spelt that right)

    Kurosaki Ichigo
  2. But the aliens seem to be fairly peaceful in attitude, when they’re not being actively attacked or otherwise harmed. Even if the alien merged with Ralph, his responses seem like fairly standard overwhelmed human behaviour …

    Even if Sara does not survive the series, I’m not sure she’d mind that too much.

  3. Suddenly, I have low hopes on anyone surviving this animu. Sigh, it’s been a long time since I’ve seen an animu where only a couple of ppl survived (SaiKano anyone? lol). To make thing worst, the more I watch this, the more I want all of them to die. Gah, If not for teh fanservice in ep 8, I’ve deleted this already…. wait, GeAss has better fanservice nowadays…..

  4. Just because everyone dies at the end doesn’t make it a bad ending. Sometimes it makes for a really sad ending that you won’t forget anytime soon. Also if done right, it can mirror reality, that is a hero doesn’t always make it out alive. Whatever happens I hope they do a great job with it.

  5. Lissa ehmmm they ALL could die it has happened b4 (Char’s counterattack anyone? oh and where do we leave Basilisk?)
    this series is not made by Tomino tough (and more he doesn’t kill so many people in anime nowdays)
    but heck a CCA kind of end wouldn’t surprime me one bit

  6. With the Emily ‘assimilation’, I’d have to say I’m a lot more convinced of the validity of Ralph’s defection/abandonment of Sara with this ep. Back in ep 10, I was like, “yeah you exterminated a race of cute girls and so you tried to kill your kawaii imouto, the most precious person in the universe?”

    As for deaths, I hope the series wouldn’t kill needlessly just to invoke shock but as a natural consequence to a flowing story.



  8. yeah the time travel shit is stupid. they didn’t take time dilation into consideration they just took the concept and barfed in onto the script. you can’t go back in time, period. and how can you say only time will tell if dissecting conscious living sentient organisms is wrong? wtf is your problem you cunt, of course it’s wrong

  9. I had to watch this epside 4 times before i got the whole time diolation thing.

    So basicly Ralph left on his mission in the regular time year of 7003. In sub-light speed it took him “relitivly” a few days to catch up with the ship but in regular time took him 561 years to do so. The alien girls had the power to “control” time with these time gates. The last alien girl was able to send Ralph back in time to the reagular time year of 7005 where he “defected” to the Deague. 2 regular years later he attacked the academy and saved Emily. Unfortunatly the time gate effect seems to have caused Ralph’s soon to be fatal medical condition.

    I find this whole time diolation to be a big, yet neccessary, henderace to the story. say you were born in the regular year 7004, you get on a ship in the year 7022. you travel for about 3 weeks at sub-light speed and enter a port. It is now the year 7150. There you meet and eventually marry a girl born in the regular year 7132. 130 years after you were born! Man this is confusing and wierd at the same time!….. my head hurts.


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