While I usually don’t talk about music that’s not from an anime or a drama, BENNIE K is one of those groups I really enjoy to listening to – I would even call them one of my favorites. That being said, I actually wouldn’t have even realized BENNIE K was releasing another song if it wasn’t for the MTV PV schedule that listed the video multiple times starting yesterday. In any case, 1001 Nights is the pair’s latest song, and as the name suggests, it has an Arabian flair. The PV gave me a very bad feeling at the start because of the cheesy introduction narration in English (“In a time long ago, when magical carpets and powerful genies existed, an ordinary girl tries to enchant her king for 1001 nights…”), however the song then proceeded to impress me a lot, including all of YUKI‘s vocal parts and how CICO ended it. Both of them look stunning in this video, and it was helped out by some good CG and beautiful land and sky-scapes.

If you don’t know much about the BENNIE K, I would highly recommend them and this song if you’re looking for something different or a new group to listen to – even more so if you already know who they are. You can check out some of their other videos on YouTube. Give Sunrise, Sky, and A love story a listen. 🙂

BENNIE K’s 1001 Nights is due to be released on March 7th, 2007.


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