Although Takamichi is worried about the influence the darkness had on transforming the entire class and the instability inside this world, Evangeline quietly walks off because she’s had a painful headache since the morning. When Negi goes to visit her later, he finds that Eva’s grown huge. Her sneeze blows away Negi, Nekane, Misora, and Ayaka, though fortunately they are saved by Nekane’s magic. Negi thinks that the darkness is to blame again and rushes back to the dorms because that’s where Eva is heading. Asuna is at that moment presenting herself to the other girls as the Black Rose Baron until Negi comes to warn them of the coming Eva threat. Most of the girls run away, but Asuna insists on staying and ends up protecting Negi from getting stepped on. After both Takamichi and Nekane get taken out of the equation because of a ramen, the group finds that Eva has climbed on top of the school and into a tree to take a nap. Since her weight starts to collapse the building, Negi and company try to use Nodoka’s powers and then Hakase’s Mecha-cabra, but neither work for Evangeline’s case. The school building looks like it’s done for until Chachamaru suddenly shows up playing a flute. The sound brings Eva off the school building and leads her away because, as Takamichi shows up to explain, the one thing Eva likes after her 15 years at Mahora is the richness of Japanese culture – she has a Japanese heart. When Eva eventually returns to her normal size, she doesn’t remember what happened, and Chachamaru chooses not to tell her as she carries Eva home.

This episode started out pretty well, as if they were going to accomplish something, but again nothing really happened in the end. The only real highlight of the episode for me was the South Park parody at the end. And even that’s not even because it was funny, but rather because I didn’t expect them to imitate anything American. What would have made it great is if they had gotten Trey Parker to call in a few lines as Cartman or something.
Oh well, I guess we’ll have to wait and see what next week brings…


    I don´t believe that even the japanese likes to joke around with canadian comedies!!!

  2. Even though the show still needs to shake off some of the Pani Poni humor, Nodoka in her armor form does show that Negima!? is slowly, but surely, returning back to normal IMO (with REAL Pactio action instead of Sukas, and the show returning to the pattern of Nodoka’s contract being activated in the second episode of a batch of three episodes).

    Of course, I can’t end a comment for this episode without mentioning the South Park bit.

  3. Can you believe that I’m acturally keeping up this? It’s odd because I usually watch a couple of hot guys fight each other senseless or have demons\demon hunter or vampires in the shows I watch. And occasionally slice of depressing life with love triangles. What I ususally don’t watch is a whole bunch of school girls, running around having abilties. Not to mention it’s highly unlikely that a 12-13 year old boy will go and replace a totally hot teacher, at an all girls school. But for some reason Gods-knows-why I keep up with this. Anyways I like it cause it’s from the creators of Love Hina. How many epi’s is left? I hoping for 6. OH AND REMINDER IKKI TOUSEN SEASON 2 IS COMING LIKE TOMORROW. CAN’T WAIT.XD

  4. lol, anyone else notice how the guy in the first screenshot appears to be the twin of Alexander Anderson of Hellsing fame 😀 give him a manic grin and bingo, its the spitting image

  5. Hmmm, the screen caps imply this episode looks pretty arty for the most part and there’s some Nodoka goodness as well as perhaps a more than a few seconds of Chach (very nice screen cap of her in the second frame there). Mana gets a few seconds to fire something noisy it seems… is that Kaede doing exercises with Asuna?

    ep 20 … well at this point I think we can figure there’s no overarching theme — just a collection of bits. Ditto on what TnAdct1 posts.

    on SouthPark reference, more academically interesting than funny.
    Problem is that the subs are so far behind, even what I find entertaining about the show is waning…

  6. O.O one thing I did not expect from this show was a South Park reference. But that aside I have to thank you for providing summeries because without them I would be even more lost then I already am when I watch this series

  7. At one point I was having random imaginations about 50-foot-tall versions of these characters walking all over cities, but I didn’t expect something from this episode like a 50-foot-tall Evangeline…

  8. Dude seriously i think you should just stop blogging this. They’re only doing filler episodes until what ever the final battle will be. And even then I doubt it would have been worth the wait.

    Oh and Tokki, Negima!? is NOT from the creator’s of Love Hina, it is mearly someone elses poor redition of Akamatsu’s work Mahou Sensei Negima.

  9. This episode seems kind of odd. o_O What the heck kind of plot line was that? I really wonder if anything is going to resolve itself by the end of the series…

    Oh well, at least Eva-chan looks really happy in screencap 24. When she smiles, you gotta smile too. ^^

    Neo Horizon
  10. …to each his/her own…personally I prefer this series over any remotely faithful reproduction of the original work…which I find just plain tacky…and for the record I say the same thing about Love Hina manga/anime as well…

    …no plot…no problem…it’s light and relaxing to watch after one of the more serious shows out there…at least it isn’t some juvenile power fantasy mixed with near softcore levels of tasteless and pointless fan service…

    …at this point it’s pure fluff with nearly no possibility of a sound ending even if they return to the original plotline next episode but it’s good for what it’s doing right now…21 minutes of not thinking and relaxing…and a bit of strangeness thrown in…

    …you don’t have to enjoy this show…you don’t even have to watch it…if you’re just reading this blog so you can amuse yourself by marveling at how stupid you view it to be then go ahead…discuss it even..calmly and analytically…

    …BUT…don’t attack others’ tastes…who are you to judge…don’t demand others stop watching or blogging…that’s just being an asshole…


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