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OP2: 「解読不能」 (Kaidoku Funou) by ジン (Jinn)
Watch the OP! Mirror 1 Mirror 2 (25.2MB, XviD)
Just like the last time we had a recap, the following episode showed a different version of the OP sequence with some new images. Of particular interest to me was the hand scene we originally saw in OP1.5 that is continued in this OP to show this shot. Also back is everyone’s favorite Orange-kun, Jeremiah, looking as evil as ever. Perhaps he won’t just be comedic relief from now on. Overall, the really fast pacing of the images matches the song a lot better than the original OP2 sequence. It almost even makes me like Kaidoku Funou as a song…almost.


Aboard their submarine, Zero is outlining the new organizational structure to the rest of the Black Knights. Everyone is happy to hear that Toudou is going to be in charge of military affairs, but they question having Diethard, a Britannian, be in charge of public relations and intelligence gathering. Using himself as an example of someone who’s not Japanese, Zero claims that what is needed is the ability to bring about results, and a person’s race, past, and ways have nothing to do with that. Continuing his appointments, Zero names Kaname as vice-commander, puts Laksharta is in charge of technological development, and has Kallen as the head of the Zero-th squadron. Kallen is happy to hear that this squad will be directly under Zero’s control and can be thought of as his bodyguards. Once Zero finally ends his list with Tamaki as the head of the second special service squad, Kallen notices that C.C. wasn’t given an official position, though C.C. doesn’t seem to mind and just plays with her hair. Diethard then tells Zero that he has something he wants to discuss. During all this, Suzaku is attending his knighting ceremony surrounded by a group of Britannians who don’t think he’s worthy. Initially, no one except for Lloyd claps after the ceremony is over. It is only after Darlton starts clapping with Lloyd that the rest of the crowd joins in too.

Sometime later, Diethard convenes a meeting with Zero and the other officers, and he advises that they assassinate Suzaku. Both Toudou and Kaname disagree with the idea because such a cowardly method won’t win them the support of the Japanese people. Since he gets to make the final decision, Lelouch sits in his office thinking while C.C. proposes that all he has to do is to use his GEASS on Suzaku. When Lelouch rejects the idea, C.C. questions if it’s because of his stubbornness, friendship, or pride, and Lelouch admits that it’s all of those. Meanwhile, Cornelia is expressing her unhappiness with Euphemia making Suzaku into her knight and cites that Britannia has a national policy to differentiate the Numbers. When Euphemia vows to change this, Cornelia wonders if her sister understands that this would require becoming the Emperor. Speaking of the Emperor, he is at that moment in a structure above the clouds talking to someone about the construction of an elevator. When one of his subordinates reports something about Schneizel, the Emperor is willing to let Schneizel do what he wants. At school, Rivalz and the rest of the student council hold a party in Suzaku’s honor that was planned by Nunnally. Nina is absent from the celebration and is instead looking at a magazine with Euphemia in it when Lloyd comes in asking for Suzaku.

Lloyd happens to notice that Nina’s computer has several charts and simulations up about Uranium-235, causing Nina to happily launch into a long speech about nuclear reactions and the problems with using Uranium-235 as a fuel. Back at the party, Kallen arrives with her hidden knife, ready to go after Suzaku for Zero’s sake. She ignores Shirley calling out to her and makes a beeline for Suzaku, but Lelouch stops her before she reaches him. Not knowing who Lelouch really is, Kallen claims that she has some important business to attend to, but then while Lelouch is questioning what that business is, Suzaku catches sight of the two of them. Kallen disappears into the crowd after Suzaku comes over to talk with Lelouch about the important thing Lelouch had wanted to say to him earlier. But since Lelouch now knows that Suzaku is really the Lancelot’s pilot, he doesn’t need to talk with Suzaku about Nunnally anymore. It is at this point that Lloyd joins the party with Nina to tell Suzaku that they’ve got more work with the Lancelot and Euphemia. Rivalz is the most shocked out of anyone when he finds out that Milly is Lloyd’s fiancée after Nina asks how Milly and Lloyd know each other.

In any case, Suzaku, Lloyd, and Cecile set off for Shikinejima where Zero has learned that Euphemia is meeting with Britannian nobles. Because this island is not a strategic base of operations, the Britannian force there is limited, so this is the Black Knights chance to capture Suzaku and the Lancelot. After briefing his men, Zero tracks down Diethard and accuses him of giving Kallen ideas. Diethard claims that he only requested reconnaissance from her, though he admits that he implied a few things. He doesn’t see it as a cowardly assassination and instead feels that people might think of it as a hammer of justice; they can hide the truth through the media. All this causes Zero to question what Diethard’s goal is. Diethard reveals that he trembled when he first saw Zero back during the Suzaku rescue operation, and he really wants to film Zero. He sees Zero as the one man who created an organization to overthrow a nation and will, sooner or later, rule the world. Diethard wants to be the person recording this history. Zero, however, points out that if you interfere with an event, then it’s not documenting, it’s fabricating. To this, Diethard replies that there is no information that’s not subjective – after all, journalism is connected with a person’s intent. In the end, Zero warns Diethard that he’s not in charge of military affairs.

The Black Knights attack the base soon after Euphemia and Suzaku arrive on the island. Suzaku vows to protect Euphemia, but she would rather him to go help the base. The Britannian officer with them questions Suzaku’s loyalty until Lloyd points out that doing so is the same as criticizing the royal family. Euphemia wants Suzaku to show his power here so that they can eventually quiet all the talk about him. Suzaku then enters the battle by taking out Tamaki’s Knightmare and sees Zero watching from afar. Zero lures Suzaku to a sandy ditch and then has Laksharta activate a Gefjun Disturber field that disables the Lancelot. He tells Suzaku to come out because he wants to talk and promises to treat him as a prisoner of war according to international law. Under threat of being fired on by the surrounding Black Knight forces, Suzaku has no choice but to get out of the Lancelot. Back in their control room, Euphemia is asking why the Lancelot isn’t moving. Cecile figures out that something is interfering with the Sakuradite used for the drive system, and Lloyd identifies it as the Gefjun Disturber. He had thought that it was only theoretical and concludes that only Laksharta could be behind this.

As soon as he sees Suzaku, Zero explains that he wants him to be an ally. Suzaku refuses and reiterates what he’s said before: results obtained by the wrong means have no meaning. In response, Zero questions the peace they have today and wonders what would have happened if Japan had kept up with the do-or-die resistance seven years ago. He suggests that the Chinese Federation and the EU would have intervened, and Japan today would be divided into three parts still embroiled in war. In other words, the peace today is due to the prompt unconditional surrender. Still, Zero points out that surrender is not what Suzaku’s father was elected for. Instead, this was decided selfishly by whoever killed the prime minister. Because the government was subsequently thrown into disarray, Japan could do nothing but surrender. Thus, the people got their intentions taken from them by a criminal who broke the rules. With Suzaku now in shock, Zero tells him that there’s only one way to atone for it: show everyone the choices they couldn’t choose, including the path to fighting against Britannia that was stolen seven years ago. The alternate path is for Suzaku to force his ego onto many people for eternity, and Zero questions if that is really peace.

Suzaku then gets a message about some incoming missiles and his duty to force Zero to stay. Zero is shocked to hear this, and Suzaku uses the chance to take Zero’s gun and turn the tables. Back at the dock, Euphemia tries to get the officers to call off the attack, but they will only reveal that this is a level-one order they can’t stop. Frustrated, the princess boards a nearby Knightmare to go to the battlefield herself so that she’ll be in enough danger for the attack to be called off. Since the missiles are now almost there, Kallen pilots her Crimson Lotus into the ditch to try to save Zero, but she forgets about Gefjun Disturber field and so her Knightmare screeches to a halt. By now, Suzaku has forced Zero into the Lancelot’s cockpit at gunpoint even as Zero tries to get Suzaku to realize that he’ll die too. The military then radios Suzaku to tell him that his death won’t be in vain because his story will be told for generations to come. Not willing to give up so easily, Toudou orders his Knightmares to use all their ammo to shoot down the missiles. Even more desperate is Kallen who gets out of the Crimson Lotus and tries to get Suzaku’s attention by announcing her true identity.

Even in the face of death, Suzaku declares that a soldier must observe his orders. Zero thinks that it’s easy for him just to obey someone and challenges what Suzaku himself wants to do. Right as Suzaku is saying that this is the rule he decided for himself, a dark shadow suddenly covers the entire area. This shadow belongs to the large battleship now flying overhead which Euphemia recognizes to be her brother’s Avalon. Indeed, it is none other than Schneizel giving out orders. Having failed all his appeals to get Suzaku to understand, Lelouch finally opens the slit on his helmet that reveals his GEASS eye. In that same moment, however, the Avalon opens up with the double barrels of a devastating new Knightmare-mounted weapon.


Well they sure know how to end an episode on a high note. There was just so much action and suspense packed into those last couple of minutes. I had been hoping that Schneizel would appear before the end of this first series, and he ended up making quite an entrance with his shiny battleship and new Knightmare (called the Gawain). Of course, I’m sure that the attack won’t have killed any of the main characters (or else the series would end here), though I am curious how they survive. We know that Lelouch was ready to use GEASS on Suzaku at the end, so it seems possible that he got Suzaku to close the cockpit and move the Lancelot away in the nick of time. But if he did use his GEASS, then he won’t be able to ever use it on Suzaku again, and that could screw his future plans.
Those of us who have recently wanted to see more of Kallen got our wish this episode. Almost all of her appearances emphasized just how devoted she is to Zero now, and while she seems ready to give up anything for him, it’s not clear that Suzaku heard her when she revealed who she was in that attempt to save Zero. It’s also not clear to me how she can live through a blast like that at the end if she wasn’t anywhere near her Knightmare at the time.
Other highlights this week include seeing the cool transition from C.C.’s eyes to the Gawain opening fire and having the possibility of a LloydXNina relationship open up. Actually, I suspect that that scene was just so that Lloyd could take a look at Nina’s work and learn about the nuclear stuff. There was also that mysterious girl who we get a brief glimpse of at the end of the episode during the oh-shit moment. She’s also in the preview for next week, so I guess we’ll find out more then.
And finally, no party is perfect unless it’s catered by Pizza Hut. As always, I can’t let such a cameo go by without saying that Pizza Hut Supports the Rebellion. 🙂


  1. CLOVIS?! no it’s Schneizel hahaha
    OAOAO he finaly appears Nasty hahaha has the whole bad @ss antagonist personality when I looked at him I got the scaredy vibes… I can’t wait til next week! Mist!

  2. wow, this episode easily tops 17. new opening (and Jeramiah’s return to the screen), even more random couples, lloyd without glasses, kallen trying to kill Suzaku, mech battles, Schniezel’s entrance, the Gawain/Nekomimi.

    this fast pacing makes for outstanding stuff.

  3. look likes to me she is the same kind as C.C, she might be also the one C.C was talking to via telepathy.

    and OMG at Kallen, she REALLY is all over Zero…

    P.S: Orange-kun! 🙁 what the hell happened to you ?!

  4. I have my suspicions about the new girl, especially if she is like C.C. I highly doubt that C.C. is the only person who can grant Geass powers, and my guess is that somewhere along the way Suzaku has made a contract with another person who can grant these powers. That could explain his extraordinary reaction time and physical power.

  5. From the raw, it looks like the new mech belongs to Schneizel. When his battleship opened its bay, the firing sequence is the same as the one that the new mech does in the OP. Still crossing fingers for Lulu to get a new kick ass mech that won’t get destroyed every fight.

  6. ok finished wathcing.. below are my comment

    WARNING, it spoils the whole episodes. Read at your own risk.

    Show Spoiler ▼

  7. kallen has been all over zero since first day.. especially the way she got jealous at C.C for knowing Zero’s identity. Interesting new OP.. like sniper.. im hoping for zero to get at least a decent looking knightmare.. he looks all cool but he pilots a rather shabby knightmare :(..

    PS: Pizza hut supports the rebellion!! woohoo!!!

  8. Sorry, for the double post! But I’m still wondering what Ougi is going to do with Viletta…he can’t be stupid and plan on living like they’re married……can he…?
    Oh yea, Nanaly isn’t happy about SuzakuXEuphie? I wonder why….she shouldn’t have any objections….Well, at least I can’t think of any….and all those who say Kallen is ALL OVER Zero! That is SO true! She was willing to kill a classmate for him…not know he was Lulu of course….

  9. this is sooo interesting.
    new girl-what is she? who is she? a better scientific version of c.c.? the pilot of the new knightmare?

    the new knightmare…the one made by schneizel’s research team…looks…even more dangeous than guren nishiki D:

    is it just me, or did scheneizel looked SAD when he ordered the bombing of zero’s team+suzaku?!

    and im loving the newfound tensions between cornelia and euphemia

  10. @EliteF22

    The mech in the opening is Gawain. It’s another 7th generation Knightmare Frame, direct opposite of Lancelot. Show Spoiler ▼

  11. interesting, I just wonder how are they going to survive that blast.

    below are possible spoilers what might happen.
    Show Spoiler ▼

  12. omg so let get this straight suzaku is willing to sacrifice himself if he is ordered to and forces lulu/zero into the lancelot so that they could die together? that is stupid if you ask me aahhhh another reason why i don’t like suzaku it is almost bordering on hate now :p

  13. @Nigredo:

    Suzaku is probably willing to die for any reason that justifies killing his father. His plan to change Britannia from inside was also a part of his subconscious reasoning. Besides, what real “plan” did Suzaku have anyway?

    random passerby
  14. Exciting episode indeed!

    Looks like the prince made his appearance and totally owned every own. Im going see the raw this time!
    One thing that kinda irritates was how Lulu was easily captured by Suzaku. Did he forget about the time when Suzaku was with him to save Nunally from Mao. Look here —–>
    Orange-kun is BACK! And it looks like he is a cyborg. “Insert The Terminator Theme” XD

  15. Well now I can certainly see why Suzaku is such a jack ass. Unfortunately his character fell into the place of subordinate, but I guess it fits into line because Lelouch is the rebellious one.

    If they had made Suzaku an ignorant idiot in the beginning, I wouldn’t be so disgusted at the directors. I mean seriously, there is no consistency with his character (people change instantaneously but never permanently within just a short period of time). At first he kills his father supposedly because “he was afraid of dying.” And now he is ready to sacrifice his life. Even if there has been a gap in between both events, a person’s beliefs are rather solidified, especially through something like murder (someone must have extreme resolve to commit such an act).

    Overall, another good episode.

  16. something about suza disturbingly remidns me of Seiya from KotZ (more know as Saint Seiya)
    oh and @Juvyniled he has a low selfestheem now and concience charges OF COURSE he wants to die (he’s just too afraid of doing it himself b/c that would mean he’s a coward and duh his naïve brat-tish pride doesn’t alows it… interestingly enough what Mao said was inwardly true…)

    points score scale
    Schneizel 21/20!!! (yeah p@wn ’em all at the end so fave place in first appereance!)
    lelouch 19/20
    C.C 19/20
    the cat 18/20 (tied with Cheese-kun ^^)
    Nalany 17/20
    Reporter guy 17/20
    Woman of the mecha (her name is way to complicated) 16/20
    Karen 15/20
    Cornelia 15/20 (spell it for me Kamaleon!)
    Orange-kun 15/20 (comedy relief soon to be ANGST-relief you know what it means… ^^)
    Euphy 14/15 (the girl isn’t just a barbie lets-talk-about-peace anymore)
    Todou 14/20
    Illyod 13/20

    [list goes on]

    Shirley 5/20 (she should’ve stood away, no offense Shirley-fans peace ^^’)
    Nina 4/20 something about this girl isn’t right so……
    Suzaku 2/20 (not so drastic as I thought… but the guy is definetely going under if he continues like this…….)

  17. Lol. I suppose Suzaku is promoting the emo lifestyle (or lack of) now?

    Conscience charges (if that means what I think it means) yes, naivete yes, brat and pride sure I suppose. Not so sure about the coward part or the low self esteem. I’m sure there are a ton of adjectives you could throw out there.

    The fact that Suzaku was portrayed as a sane person is beyond me. Stubborn or obstinate people are typically never this complex (can’t really logically understand him). But I suppose that is the side-effect of anime.

    So… what is he afraid of doing himself??

  18. it seems very intresting to talk with people around here SHIKASHI (but) i really dpnt find links for direct or torrent download for the recent sub released episodes. i guess you guys are talking abiout the new one please need your help omagine somone that didn t get to see ep 17.5 ( i don t understand this episode number buy the way) and the 18th

    it s nice to be among people sharing the same passion with us

  19. lol i hated Shin but my hatred for Suzaku runs too deep. i think Lulu should get C.C. to mind rape him again like she did in ep 11 but this time she should not stop until he some how falls into a coma. normally i would have said till he died but i know that this show has something against killing off the cast sooooooooooo that was the next best thing.

    since this show has started i have come to 3 conclusions:
    1. the rebellion owns
    2. “mind rape” shall be used often
    3. i wished C.C. came with my pizza

  20. BTW, True, the use of GEASS on Suzaku would screw up Lulu’s future plans majorly, but how do we know he didn’t use it on him too during the last incident? It would open up the room for major spoilers…

    What I didn’t realize was that the big ship-thing was mr-whats-his-name’s Nightmare. >.< It looks like a “ship”… too big to be a Nightmare. But I guess that’s just me being used to having 5-metre or 10-metre humanoid mechas. *shrugs* So I guess Nightmare != mecha; Nightmare = killing machine (a 1st generation Nightmare was probably a ship, lol).

    Anyway… regarding the ending/future… Show Spoiler ▼

    Yeah… anyways, can’t wait for the subs on this one either. ^_^

  21. I actually liked Shinn’s character, that is before he met Stellar. Kid’s family was shot to death, and he fought back. That seed mode wasn’t too bad either, and it was a change from seeing the same old character always jumping in and getting all his shots off (Kira, bang bang bang, you lose).

    I don’t know, but it’s ok to have Suzaku in there. At least there’s a psychological conflict that Lulu has to face (instead of just a physical conflict against the Britannian empire). We all know that Lulu won’t hold back even against his own blood.

  22. I didnt like shin for the fact that he cries more then kira and keeps contemplating on his revenge yada yada yada. suzaku is even worst. he is trying to instill justice above all. but all i see is that he is just trying to cover his own sins of murdering his own father. Nice twist there. But, im seriously annoyed at lancelot popping in every 5minutes of the Lulu owning the britannians. seriously, i want zero to have a decent looking knightmare. its due already lol. but yeah, Schneizel owns with that blast at the end.

    Pizza hut owns!

  23. The thing is, even if Zero gets a new ‘pwnage’ nightmare, it will probably have some really stupid weakness which won’t help in the least.

    (At least we’ve come quite a ways from Lulu being a random guy caught in a random situation… now he’s got an alternative identity at the head of a “justice-seeking” organization.)

  24. i beg to differ, it was quite shocking that he could pilot one in my opinion. He was exiled at a young age, so to train to pilot one is not a viable option. so its amazing he could actually pilot one amazingly quite well. suzaku is in the army so thats not a suprised he can handle lancelot.

  25. Suzaku and Lelouch are quite possibly the best foil combination seen so far (at least from what I’ve seen). Because of their opposite characteristics, we see Suzaku in a special Knightmare frame and Lelouch in a regular frame. Suzaku has far more physical talents while being rather dimwitted, than Lelouch who is more intelligent and is better at strategizing. There is no real need for Lelouch to have a flashy or overwhelming devastating frame…. unless you just like shiny things of course :/

  26. Vang, it’s the other way around. Even though Suzaku was in the army, it’s unthinkable for an eleven to even touch a knightmare (let alone pilot one). It’s amazing that dumb twit figured it all out just by glancing at the manual in episode 2 (and be 94% combat proficient on the first run). Lulu on the other hand, just barely know the basics. Being a brainchild exprince, he could have learned that easy with a book, or maybe practice on some junk knightmare just laying around the academy.

  27. @someguy and Vang – Well, I agree with both, but it is amazing that Lulu could actually pilot the thing…I mean, it’s the brains no brawns sort of deal for him…and a Knightmare should almost be like driving a car, except harder, of course. I know, Lulu’s smart and all, but as we know how WEAK he also is physically, it’s surprising for him to be able to pilot it. As for Suzaku, it’s not AS surprising…cuz though we say he’s an idiot…he ISN’T actually STUPID, we just don’t find him smart because he’s compared to a genius like Lulu, so I’m not surprise that Suzaku can’t pilot it.

    WOW! That prince guy total blew everything away….I also wonder how Kallen survived…seeing she was out of her Knightmare…..where’s C.C.?…she’s not in the actual action alot…*sigh*, still love CODE GEASS though!

  28. hah hah!for some reason,I’m looking for something else,but I end up here!Code Geass,very interesting!hope you can post some more next week!for another episodes,I am very curious for the next one!

  29. I don’t know whether Suzaku is intelligent or not (hasn’t shown anything thus far), but as far as I know, piloting the frame seems to take just practice, like a Rubix cube. I know some people that can solve a rubix cube very efficiently, but some of the m are not all too bright and even more like sub-par.

  30. Holy crapola, Code Geass rocks so much..

    It’s so highly political as well.

    Suzaku: Y’know what? I really like his character actually. He’s tormented, having done something horrendous to bring about the peace. He’s a hypocrite. But even from episode 17, we saw Toudou saying: “If that’s what you believe, fight for it. Do everything you can for it.” Everyone seems to be angry with him, not liking his obedience and his lack of progress — But does anyone remember how minorities gained civil liberties and rights in modern society?

    By being productive members of society, by fighting for a country that treats them like crap. After World War 1, many governments were forced to acknowledge the requests for equality from minority groups as they had contributed to the war effort. No _single_ person made that difference, it was each individual’s actions and contribution. Suzaku may not change anything alone, it seems his purpose, is if his death in defense of the system can even change the minds of a few people about “Elvens” then his death has been worthwhile. He just doesn’t seem to realize it, nor can it vocalize it.

  31. I thought the gawain might be piloted be the new evil looking orange, but since its a 2 seater, I’m not so sure. I am beginning to expect euphie and suzaku to join lulu in due time. As shown in 17, euphie doesn’t seem to like her father’s doing that much… and suzaku is only a matter of time before he is convinced since someone like toudou is with lulu. If they come along with the gawain, then it would easily seem possible that suzaku will be lulu’s co-pilot, one with brains, the other with the skills. but up ’til now, suzaku is no more than a self decieving idiot, not as bad, but extremely close to shinn’s stupidity. I really hope he can wake up soon…

  32. Uh i thought at first Suzaku was cool, but he turned out to be lame and stupid. Seriously hes just a child who would bow down to others and do what “he” thinks is right. Mao was right about him, he only cares for himself, even though he says he wants to “save” people, he is actually doing it for his own self satisfaction and gratification. I mean its sooo obvious in this episode when he was messaged that he would die a hero and his story would be told to others, and he completely BOUGHT IT! wat a fool, man i was hoping like a gundam seed kinda thing where well we all know kira and athrun fought before but understood each other and fought for peace together. But Suzaku is just an idiot, he is satisfied at the present state without properly looking at what his actions had effect, ie. murdering his father, and following each and every commands, even to go against his own relatives and teacher. I hope Lelouch gets fed up with him and use his geass to order him to fight that Schneizel to the death and his best, so then he could become a legend… lol.

  33. yes regal i completely agree with you, suzaku is becoming or kinda like Shinn in gundam seed, an idiot who only thinks of himself, despite his “outlook” on helping others. For example, he doesnt even question his uncle or zero properly about their actions, especially his own father, instead he kills them, such an idiot.

  34. Haha…more bashing on Suzaku! Well, I’ve never really liked him…so I’m not gonna stand up for him or nothing….but maybe if he would sort of…lets say…think a bit more and think about his actions before criticizing Zero’s. Since he says he wants to change Britannia from the “inside”, at LEAST show us a little PROOF that he can…I mean, so far, there’s nothing that he’s change…maybe if he show us just a BIT of a progress, then I’d like his idea of changing from the “inside” a bit more and him too.

  35. In his current state, he is in no position to change Britannia. He’s an eleven in a war between eleven terrorists and the empire. What Suzaku is probably thinking, and most likely realizing, is that he has to first stop the violence. And about the confrontation with Zero, had he known he was going to die, Suzaku could have simply killed him and been done with it. But he himself was probably conflicted, considering that Zero had once saved his life and that he wasn’t as bad as what he had initially thought about him. Self satisfaction? What is Suzaku now, a sick minded individual? If Suzaku does feel self satisfaction in MURDERING his own father, then not only is he an idiot but a maniac. He definitely does not come off as a maniac, even if he acts in a foolhardy manner. Is he in fact satisfied with the present state? He always seems to have a look of melancholy on his face. At the present state, I will not argue with anyone who labels Suzaku as naive, because he is. But to say that he is at Shinn’s level? That is just blind hatred. The people that directed Shinn’s character had him sink to a level so low, that it was all just denial. Suzaku is no where near that level, even if he is slowly falling towards it.

    Progress you say? He is already beginning to earn the trust of the higher tiers in the royal family. But as the situation is, he cannot use that trust just yet. What is he going to do now that he is in the army, desert them and join the rebellion? I expect that to be a possibility when later events occur, but it is still too early. If he does, he becomes casted as a traitor by the empire, and he will NOT earn the respect or the trust of the rebels immediately like that. Be honest now, if you fell in love with a person that was in a relationship, and they immediately broke off their current relationship to be with you, would you just accept it? There would still be feelings of doubt; if they did that to the other person, then there is still the possibility of that happening to you.

    There’s no doubt in my mind that Suzaku is a fool, but there’s a reason for his existence. The conflict between him and Lelouch makes the plot more interesting.

  36. Also, Lelouch doesn’t just want revenge, he’s not that narrow-minded. He also wants to know the reason for his mother’s death, so he will need to come close to Schneizel to find out more answers. He has Geass and he has connections; he does not need to have Suzaku do that.

  37. Well, if you call that progress, then i guess so, but he hasn’t earned much trust yet, only Euphie, Lloyd, and mmaybe Cecile, but it’s because all three of those people are like happy, bright side thinkers, lol, and yes, i agree, Lulu isn’t that narrowminded that he only wants revenge, he’s probaby thinking, he can find out who killed his mother, revenge, and freedom for the 11. So, that’s 3 birds, wait, and also, to create a better world for nunally, so, 4 birds with one stone, I think that’s a good deal! Lol

  38. If you have ever taken a psychology, there are different types of intelligence for different people. Suzaku’s intelligent in terms of combat & knightmare piloting (children learn quicker than adults) and Lulu is intelligent in terms of strategy/warfare. Suzaku is not dumb, otherwise he would have died during his first battle in the ghetto =.=

    Alpha Assassin
  39. Would you not call Suzaku an “Idiot” or “stupid?” Are you people such children that you use these kind of words used my elementary school children? You can’t say his views are “Stupid” Everyone has their own views. You can’t tell them what they should think or do. Just because you disagree with how he sees the world doesnt mean you can judge him. Why don’t you people just say you disagree with his views and thats the reason you hate him? Read my previous post.

    I have supported Suzaku from the beginning and still do. He’s doing his best in what he believes.

    Alpha Assassin
  40. For Lelouch to find out who killed his mother and to take revenge on his unsympathetic father are both reasonable. Freedom for the Japanese people wasn’t initially or ever part of his plan. It’s just like pork barrel (basically applies to a bill passed in the Congress that has extra notes, mostly giving funding to smaller unrelated projects). Because Lelouch is going to demolish the empire, the elevens will get their freedom as an added result. He does not care one way or the other.

    You’d really have to analyze that statement, “a better world for Nunally.” What IS better? When will there be peace for poor little Nunally and how long will it last? Lelouch is being naive, but it’s ok.

  41. Kallen’s new suit somehow helped her survive the blast somehow. Remember at about 10:00 on episode 17 from GG fansubs that Rakshaka mentioned how the suit doesn’t improve performance, but instead adds survival to the pilot.

  42. @Juvyniled – Haha, well, he has two reasons, and along the way if he happens to achieve freedom for the 11’s, that’s getting three good endings. Well, I see, what you mean for what IS better? Well, thinking too much would no longer be fun to watch the show, so I’ll leave the ideas as is! LoL
    @Alpha Assassin – Hm…did I use stupid or idiot? If did, I apologize for say such elementary words, though, I AM considered a kid sometimes…. Well, like I said, I’m not very fond of Suzaku, and it’s not like his view is a problem or not, I guess he is a fine character, showing that standing up for what you believe in is a good thing. But then again, it doesn’t seem right, since some or few view him as Britannia’s dog, instead of a man that wants to do things his own way. I think I phrased the sentence wierd…..oh well, I guess I’ll view Suzaku as an OK character, but I still like LULU and C.C. best! 😉

  43. i dont know if the thought has occured to you guys…but that light in orange-kun’s(jeremiah’s) left eye…that could very well mean he will get the geass power too…just a thought


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