OP2 Sequence

OP2: 「What’s up, people?!」 by マキシマム ザ ホルモン (Maximum The Hormone)
Watch the OP! Mirror 1 Mirror 2 (28.8MB, XviD)


Not knowing that they’re under surveillance by L, the seven remaining Yotsuba members begin their meeting with Namikawa reasoning that Kira had to kill Hatori in order to show the rest of them what would happen if they wanted out. The discussion then turns to the report that Eraldo Coil had given them, but Higuchi isn’t happy that it doesn’t reveal L’s face or name. Coil did note that scheduling deaths on Fridays and Saturdays might allow L to figure out the connection to Kira. The group decides to heed this warning and moves on to who to kill next. After hearing the Yotsuba executives then plan out the method and time of potential deaths, Light and his father are shocked to find out the extent of Kira’s powers. L feels that they can’t be sure until the aforementioned people die and that they need to watch the behavior of all seven men so that it can lead them to the capture of Kira. Light and Souichirou both oppose the idea because it would mean letting the murders continue. Souichirou thinks that they should call up one of the remaining seven to try to stop the next murders, but L is afraid that it would be suspicious for the investigation to be doing this only three days after Aiber contacted the Yotsuba group. Above all else, the possibility is high that they won’t be able to conclude who is Kira. Light, however, decides to call the guy who is least Kira-like and has the most influence over the others: Namikawa.

Pretending to be L, Light tells Namikawa about the surveillance and how they know everything. He proposes a deal where if Namikawa convinces the group to postpone the next deaths for a month, then L will overlook everyone’s crimes except for Kira. Having been persuaded, Namikawa suggests to the others that they prioritize dealing with L by letting Coil work for a month on finding L. With L gone, they could go back to their normal weekly killing schedule. Pleased with how well Light’s plan worked, L thinks that maybe Light can succeed the name of L after he dies. He even asks if Light would take the position, but Light figures out that it’s a trick question and explains to everyone else that L still suspects him of being Kira. According to Light, L thinks that he could give away the powers and then get them back once everyone believes he’s innocent. Since this is indeed how L feels, Light confronts L directly about if he thinks Light would become a murderer. When L effectively says yes, Light punches L, and L responds simultaneously with a kick to the face. Fortunately, this doesn’t develop into a full fight like last time because Matsuda breaks them up.

L then proceeds to disagree with Souichirou’s idea to capture all seven of the Yotsuba executives because they don’t know that Kira is one of the seven, and L is sure that this case cannot be fully resolved without capturing Kira himself. He is willing to let Souichirou and the others work separated to capture the seven, but he’s personally going to concentrate on Kira. After heading to Misa’s room with Light in tow, L asks her if she would pick Light or Kira. When Misa claims that she would choose Light, L suggests that capturing Kira is Light’s goal and he gets Misa to say that she would do anything for Light’s sake. At this point, Light stops L and gets him to reveal his plan. L wants to use Aiber/Eraldo Coil to let the Yotsuba group know that Misa might know L because of the second Kira investigation. Since such a mission is dangerous, Light’s concern rests with how Kira could potentially kill both L and Misa. L, however, says that Misa won’t die if they win. With Misa onboard with the mission because she wants to help Light, L flatters her by saying that her love for Light is the greatest in the world. She rewards him with a kiss on the cheek and thinks that they can be friends. This causes L to remark that his number of friends has increased again, and then Misa gets them all to dance in a circle. Since Misa is involved again, Light has no choice but to join this part of the investigation instead of his father’s. Back in the main room, Souichirou is at this time determining that arresting the Yotsuba seven might be difficult.

ED2 Sequence

ED2: 「絶望ビリー」 (Zetsubou Billy) by マキシマム ザ ホルモン (Maximum The Hormone)
Watch the ED! Mirror 1 Mirror 2 (32.3MB, XviD)
Though I do like the new ED a lot more than the new OP, neither of them really suit my tastes, and I generally prefer Nightmare’s songs to Maximum The Hormone’s (though it just may be a factor of me getting used to it). The new opening animation sequence is quite fun to watch though because of it’s extremely colorful nature and the hints of characters to come such as Mello and Near. I also really like this shot of afro Aizawa with the gun and the aviator sunglasses. The new ending animation isn’t quite that exciting, and it focuses, just like the first one did, entirely on Light.


Well the animation quality was all over the place this week. It wasn’t nearly as consistently good as the recent weeks have been, so maybe they spent too much time working on the new OP and ED (which look stellar in comparison). In any case, this episode marks the first time I really felt that Misa was annoying or unnecessary to the story. Usually I like her character, but all of that becoming friends and prancing around stuff didn’t really feel needed – it made me wish they would just get on with the plot. Still, Misa is an integral part of L’s plan, so we’re going to be seeing plenty more of her and those parts should be more substantial in terms of story. That includes next week, which should be the return of Rem.


  1. Two new songs, and they sound great (for heavy-music oriented people anyways :P)! I heard they did the ED to Akagi, which is even more awesome. Except that the music video for Zetsubou Billy really sucks.

    When does this arc end? It’s so boring.

  2. Okay, first:

    I take back what I said about Kaidoku Funou. Turns out it’s not the worst OP song ever. This new song took is more fit for that throne by far.

    The OP animation indeed is good though. The first few seconds of it remind me of Higurashi, which is never a bad thing. But in terms of songs, The World and Alumina are definitely better (much better) OP/ED songs IMO.

    I burst out laughing when Light, Misa, and L started a friend circle. Reminded me of HYD2 OP. XD

  3. I didn’t think the Jap’s had heavy metal. My respect for them has gone higher. Even if I can’t under stand it, it’s very good, kinda like Slipknot or better. The only thing is that they tweak a few of the old images and put them back in and it’s too colorful. Misa=hot as ever, even if I don’t like blondes a lot. L looks weird in his first scene; turny and eaty uppy.

  4. when i first heard the new OP my jaw dropped and i thought it was system of a down. I almost died. The ED is way better though.

    However, their ED song for Akagi is way better than both of these.

  5. Ouch. When I first heard the full version of the OP song (without the OP scenes), I was wondering whether there was something wrong with my speakers. Trust me, you don’t want to hear the full version. I couldn’t even make out a single word.
    Fortunately, it’s much better when played along with the OP scenes.

    Btw, LOL at the dancing in a circle scene.

  6. Yeah the OP sucks, at least compared to the first OP / ED sequences. I can hardly make out a word they are saying, and it just seems too “bad ass” — the ending is way too harsh, and doesn’t really ‘close’ the episode like Alumina did.
    Show Spoiler ▼

  7. What? The new OP is awesome! I kinda hated the first OP.

    How many episodes they’re gonna make? Are they gonna squeeze the whole story to 25 episodes or are there going to be more?

  8. Lol, I love Misa’s happy dance! But she kissed L… Wah! *lolfangirlcry* But it’s ok, becuase I live in my own little world, and I’m a good artist. I trust you know where I’m going with this? Yeah. I’m awesome.

    Nayamashii Fujoshi

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