Suzaku wakes up alone on the beach of an island without the Lancelot or any memory of what happened. As he climbs up the nearby cliffs and enters the forest, he realizes that this isn’t Shikinejima. He heads towards a waterfall, and much to his surprise, he finds Kallen bathing there. Kallen reacts to Suzaku by getting her knife and trying to rush him, but he uses his superior skills to throw her to the ground. Having noticed that she’s a member of the Black Knights from her uniform, Suzaku addresses her as Kallen Stadtfeld, but she insists on being called Kouzuki Karen because she considers herself Japanese. Referring to her by this name, Suzaku then restrains her and charges her with treason against Britannia. After getting her dressed and tying her up, Suzaku concludes that Kallen doesn’t know what happened back then either. Talking tough, Kallen says that if her comrades come, Suzaku will become the prisoner of war, and she is absolutely sure that Zero will come save her. Suzaku then asks her about Zero’s true identity, but quickly figures out that she doesn’t know. When he questions why she follows Zero, she doesn’t feel inclined to answer him.

At the same time this is happening, Zero is encountering a very wet Euphemia on the beach of the same island. He points his gun at her, but she knows immediately that he’s actually Lelouch. Because of this, Lelouch takes off his mask and shows her that she’s right. Back on Shikinejima, the Britannia forces are desperately searching for Euphemia while Lloyd and Cecile have boarded Schneizel’s Avalon. Impressed with the flying battleship, Lloyd is talking with the interested Schneizel about his work, though Schneizel is equally interested in meeting Cecile. She gets startled enough to fall off the platform after the rotund General Bartley yells at her for being impolite to the prince. As he checks if she’s ok, Schneizel formally introduces himself to Cecile and helps her back up. Lloyd and Schneizel have some minor business to take care of and will be taking the opportunity to look for Suzaku. When Cecil starts to realize that Schneizel was the one who gave the order yesterday, the prince admits to ordering the firing of the Hadron cannon and says that he was gambling on it.

Back on the other island, Lelouch asks Euphemia when she realized who he was. She answers that she’s known since the hotel hijacking incident, and she hadn’t told her sister because she didn’t want her sister to be sad any more. Euphemia then asks about Nunnally, and Lelouch reveals that they still live together. When he questions her back about his mother’s death, she tells him that her sister has been investigating it because Cornelia admired Marianne. Since Euphemia is still a little confused about whether to think of him as Zero or what, Lelouch tells her that right now he is the Lelouch that she knows and addresses her as Euphie. Because she gets hungry, Lelouch heads out to the forest with Euphemia and starts digging a hole to trap some wild animals. Lelouch quickly gets tired from doing this, but he doesn’t want Euphemia to have to do any physical labor. Hearing this, Euphemia decides to go search for fruit, so Lelouch tells her to be careful. Suzaku meanwhile is catching fish for himself and Kallen. He is willing to untie her if she helps him with getting food, but she turns down this attempt to win her over. This causes Suzaku to call her stubborn, and he comments on how she is completely different from how she is at school.

Onboard the Black Knights submarine, Toudou thinks that it’s too dangerous for them to stay out at sea with all the Britannian forces nearby. Diethard disagrees because they need to search for Zero, but Toudou points out that they can’t even send out search parties and there’s no guarantee on the survival of Zero and Kallen. While Toudou is worried about what one wrong step can mean for the organization, Diethard feels that there would be no organization without Zero. The two continue arguing until C.C. finally interrupts to tell them that Zero is still alive. However, she then trades insults with Tamaki who thinks that she’s Zero’s lover, and Kaname is ultimately the one who decides that they will wait in a safe place down in the ocean for a certain amount of time. Afterwards, C.C. walks through the hall addressing someone and blaming their mischief for her having to have a conversation with the boring men. Dinnertime on the island has Lelouch having to eat the fruit Euphemia found and Kallen relaxing after having eaten too much of the fish Suzaku caught. Seeing her acting like her true self, Suzaku comments on how she’s more lively and attractive than how she is in school.

Suzaku then tries to get Kallen to leave the Black Knights, but she isn’t so easily convinced and reveals that she’s already fought with him since she’s the head of Zero’s bodyguards. She thinks of him as a dog of the ruling establishment and feels that she’s different because she will change the world. If she doesn’t, her brother won’t be able to rest in peace, and for that reason, she fights without care for what methods she uses to win. It is at this point that Suzaku reveals that he killed his father. He feels that Zero is the same as his father in that they both think the world exists around them. Suzaku also says that he knows obtaining results the wrong way leaves only emptiness and regret. Hearing this, Kallen loses the fire in her voice and asks Suzaku to tell her the meaning of her brother having been alive – right or wrong, who decides this? Across the island, Euphemia is staring at the stars as she reminisces about how she, Lelouch, Nunnally, and Marianne used to all look up into the starry sky. Both she and Lelouch think about returning to back then. As the girls fall asleep, both Suzaku and Lelouch think to themselves about the shameful struggles of looking for the meaning to live. Both of them also see a search light coming from the middle of the forest, so both also lead their respective girls towards that direction the next day.

In the center of the island, Schneizel has brought Lloyd to some ruins in a cave, but Lloyd isn’t very familiar with archeology. After Schneizel says that his father has an infatuation with these, General Bartley explains that he’s found several of these throughout the world, but they’ve all been taken under the Emperor’s control. He guesses that it maps the invasion plans to each country, making Lloyd wonder if the Gawain is going to be used to analyze this data. It is indeed for that exact reason that Lloyd was called here by Schneizel. Meanwhile, Lelouch and Euphemia are nearing a clearing in the forest when she asks if their time together will end when they find a search party. Lelouch feels that it can’t be helped and is about to ask her about Suzaku being her knight when he gets interrupted by the arrival of Suzaku and Kallen. He gets enough time to hide himself and put back on his Zero mask before Euphemia recognizes and calls out to Suzaku. In this situation, Zero pulls out his gun and declares that Euphemia is his prisoner. He proposes a hostage exchange for Kallen, but when Suzaku doesn’t go for it, Zero buys Kallen enough time to free herself and restrain Suzaku. Euphemia tries to get Kallen to stop, but this results in Kallen calling her a doll princess who can’t do anything alone. This gets Euphemia mad enough to tell Suzaku to fight without worrying about her.

Suzaku frees himself from Kallen’s hold and rushes towards Euphemia, but a large red GEASS symbol suddenly appears beneath them. The ground starts lowering, and the platform crashes down into the room where Schneizel, Lloyd, and the Gawain are. Kallen notices the Gawain immediately and points it out to Zero, so he goes over and boards it. As he starts up the Knightmare, Lelouch notices Schneizel below, and, at the same time, Schneizel gets acquainted with the sight of Zero. After Kallen gets on top of the Gawain, Lelouch pilots it towards the cave entrance and uses its cannons to try to blow them a path through the enemy. After it fires erratically, he figures out that the weapon’s still incomplete. In the end, Zero flies the Gawain away over a pack of Sutherlands, but Schneizel doesn’t mind losing the Knightmare because it was just an experimental unit. He’s happier that Euphemia and Suzaku are safe. However, Suzaku then gets arrested for a class two military violation. Euphemia tries to protest, but the military has damning evidence against him.

As he flies the Gawain over the water, Lelouch remembers how he had used his GEASS to order Suzaku to live back when the Avalon was about to kill them all. Under the control of the GEASS, Suzaku had piloted the Lancelot away from the blast area, and the military has a recording of him saying that he must live. In the Britannian military’s view, Suzaku lost the once in a lifetime chance to take care of Zero back then because he suddenly valued his life, and thus he was disobeying orders. The news about Suzaku soon reaches Cornelia, but more startling to her is the other news that Kyuushuu has suddenly come under attack. Cornelia thinks at first that it’s the Chinese Federation, but Gilbert reports that the enemy vessels display Japanese national flags.


I found the Euphemia and Lelouch pairing to be a lot more interesting than the Suzaku and Kallen one. We actually got to see the nice side of him usually reserved for Nunnally, which would seem to imply that he cares about Euphemia as a sister. It was also interesting to watch the contrast of him trying to get food while Suzaku had no trouble catching fish. However, I found Suzaku and Kallen to be overall less exciting because they predictably stuck with their ideals the entire way through, so it didn’t feel like either of them gained much from the experience. Of course, now that Euphemia knows Lelouch is Zero and Suzaku knows that Kallen is in the Black Knights, there could potentially be some awkward or interesting moments in the future if Suzaku runs into Kallen at school or if Euphemia meets up with Zero on the battlefield.
The clues from this episode would suggest that the mysterious girl is behind what happened both last episode and this episode. We saw a flash of the girl before the incident that brought everyone to this island, and then she was shown smiling again when the GEASS symbol appeared where Lelouch and everyone was standing. This leaves me to believe that she may very well be who C.C. was addressing and blaming for mischief.
Turning to Schneizel now, he wasn’t portrayed this episode as such a bad guy, and there could very well be a SchneizelXCecile relationship. I still highly suspect that he’ll be evil in some way, but things are never quite as black and white as that. Cornelia, for example, is quickly becoming someone who may not be such a bad guy after all. At least according to Euphemia, her sister admired Marianne and has been investigating the death – further evidence that Cornelia wasn’t responsible.
Other highlights this episode for me include being amused that both Kallen and Euphemia just had to be naked at some point in this episode. I’m excited as well to see what will happen now that the Japanese have attacked Kyuushuu and how the Black Knights will get involved. The preview shows that the Lancelot is getting it’s new Aile pack for a large scale battle, but perhaps more importantly, it also shows that Nina is finally going to get some one-on-one time with her beloved Euphemia.


  1. Suzaku was willing to sacrifice his life in order to have Zero be killed along with him. By ordering him to live and deactivating the Disturber thingy, Zero could then have Suzaku evade all the beamspam bombarding them from above by using his superior piloting skills.

    random passerby
  2. I agree this was a pleasant episode. It had some great moments. I think the best moments where Lelouch’s and Euphemia’s talk and the stealing of Gawain. But the Kallen/Suzaku moments were nice too.

    I think you posted most of the spoilers here so I don’t think I’ll hide the post.

  3. Is it just me, or are we getting more Gundam SEED -> Code Geass comparisons?

    We have possible partner switching. (KiraxCagalli and AthrunxLacus -> KiraxLacus and AthrunxCagalli, LelouchxKallen and SuzakuxEuphemia -> LelouchxEuphemia and SuzakuxKallen)

    Athrun and Cagalli met on an island with water in the mix causing Cagalli to have to strip. Now we’ve got something similar here…


    This episode also proves something, for anybody who still dwells on the comparison: Lelouch is not comparable to Light Yagami. Light wouldn’t use his can-use-only-once-on-the-same-person ability on his friend/enemy to save his life, like Lelouch did here.

  4. Ah the great irony if it was an ongoing order. I would tend to think that it wouldn’t be though.

    On another note, I’m wondering who the hell this new person is, since I don’t think anything, even with spoilers, has addressed this new character’s appearance.

    random passerby
  5. OMG! OMG! Im thrilling when i know it. Afterall Euphie know lulu is Zero. *running wildly all around the room*
    Oh God, i cant believe it though i guess there’ll be a high possibility that she know.( coz i cant imagine Lulu still wears that Zero mask at this situation) *my heart beat very fast now)
    I had think several times to have a look at this review but…afterall i just scan through the pics only. but its clear! why u take so hard spoiler pics?! (sorry, its not complaining. im gone so excited already,i think i cant sleep this nite) Oh i wanna watch it now! *0* now i have to bear myself not to read ur summary.^^
    Minna, sorry for my crazyness & talking nonsense but i just like this plot so much. The rebellion rules now!

  6. @Shinji103: Enough with the GS and DN comparisons.

    @Kaede: Probably one of the best scenes in the ep. And I understand your craziness, ‘cept watching the RAW intensifies the effect probably.

    random passerby
  7. Hey Omni, could you possibly stop(or at least reduce) the number of “possible” character relationships? Not that I mind really, it’s just getting old for me. Would this mean that Lelouch won’t use Suzaku for any future plans? Lets just hope Lelouch doesn’t wreck the Gawain this time around(or at least learn how to fight in one; it’s too cool to be wrecked.)

  8. Shinji103:

    I;m not sure what you mean “use ability on friend/enemy to save his(what dies his refer to?) life”

    But I agree Lelouch is not like Light (the only similarity is that they think up tactics). Code Geass is not like Death Note (besides the morality thing, which Death note lost in the first 3 chapters)


    T: I just relaized that. I just thought the head was larger. But it is so cool that Lelouch stole it. Also I’m suprised how calm Schniezel is that it was taken.

  9. I wonder if Lelouch geassing Suzaku was a one-time shot or if it will have lasting effects like that one girl at the academy who etches those plus signs on the wall. Cecile always felt that Suzaku’s self-sacrificing tendencies were odd and I wonder if this will permanently change Suzaku somehow. If anything, a good talking-to about how Suzaku was just a kid back then might work just as well. But I also wonder if Lelouch feels guilty about geassing his friend. It’s half saving his friend’s life but also half saving his own. Lelouch is pretty quick about making logical arguments for himself so I don’t think it will bother him for long.

    Now that Euphie knows that Lelouch is alive, will she go looking for Nanally now? If anything, she could have cleared up the whole thing about Suzaku disobeying orders by saying that he was protecting Lelouch. I haven’t seen the RAW yet, but is there a reason why she’s keeping quiet? Lelouch did kill Clovis after all.

    Last thing, but I think the Black Knights are getting too powerful now w/ 6 7th gen knightmare frames. Gawain itself looks like it can take on an army. If Lancelot has to take them all on, it better have more up its sleeve then just some Aile pack. All of its other weapons haven’t done much good, especially against Guren’s radiation arm.

    Oh yeah, Euphie better watch next episode. If she shows just a bit too much kindness toward Nina, the crazy girl may jump her…

  10. @Kenta:

    Yea, i think that too! from that angle he suppose to see it as a woman. if he is not sure about that person is guy or gal he cant jump on other ppl also when they are in bath. lol~

  11. @ L: yeah it’s GS like, but unlike in GS we know for sure that Kallen won’t end with Suzaku and unless they pull something unexpected a EuphieXLulu is a no-no (I don’t mind actually :p)
    I laughed during the C.C scene with Tamaki: ownage :D, btw it looks like more and more that there is some connection between C.C and the mysterious girl in royal costume

    as for the preview, I hope it won’t revive some drama with Shirley and Lelouch…

  12. Well, it’s almost like he WANTED to be found out. Two major things during the hotel jacking: a) telling her that it was really like her to protect others, and b) saying that he shot Clovis because he was one of the Emperor’s descendents, but then not killing her. So who would know her so well to say A and then hold her dear enough to not kill her in B? Also, look at how close those hands are in that flashback picture…

    And then there’s just this fact that she had this brother and sister who died somewhere around here some 7 years ago and they never found/bothered to find the bodies…

  13. I half thought that the producer said : “More Fanservice! Ikkitousen is aired this week!!!11”

    Anyways, I think there is a hidden agenda on Lulu/Zero part by letting Yuffie know who he is. Knowing how calculated in all his plan, it’s highly unlikely that he let something like that slipped by accident.
    Suzaku will not go for kallen, he’s too Pedo loli for nanaly to care for anyone else

  14. It’s nice to know that in the end Lelouch still cares about Suzaku (even though he should have left him to die) that even though his actions are questionable that he does still have a heart unlike Light. Notice the wording Lelouch used to command Suzaku, he told him to “live”. He could just told him to evade or something of the sort but didn’t. We know that Suzaku has a death wish so I wonder how long the geass is gonna last. Too bad he used his trumph card.

  15. ok watched the episode; this is my note:

    WARNING it spoils the whole episode

    – Kalen naked version VS Susaku Judo master! Susaku kicks her ass bad.. His newtype pwer is unmatched.
    – Kalen’s tone of voice towards susaku even get on my nerve…
    – Euphie was VERY close to Lulu when they were young. She even cry meeting him. oh wow..
    – Side note: Lulu is very kind of Euphie.. I am highly suspecting him as a siscon now…
    – Schnizel flurt with Ceciel a bit. He seems to be pretty soft. However as we all know, he is a very cold blooded man. Soft voice + cold blood = Cool vallian :3
    – Side note: how the hell did Suksau put Kallen’s clothes on..
    – His excuse of ordering attack to kill both susaku and Zero together was kinda weird but make sense.. “Its a gamble..”
    – Lulu x Euphie definitely happening. But will it beat Lulu x CC? Ofcourse not!
    – Kallen blush when Susaku compliment her as more attractive than she was at school.. :3 cute~
    – Diethard and Todou had a hot debate about how far should they push to help Zero. Diethard is all out, while Todou was concerned about life the others of the black knight. Those two are both professional with different opinion, that might be why they are in the ED together.

    ok…. those are the light stuffs.. now the real thing..

    – CC has some telepathe ability which can communicate with spirit it seems (just like emperror). The ‘spirit’ tells her status about Lulu and also ‘interesting stuffs’ that happened to Kallen lol.

    – CC is a scary woman XD, she is freaking hot!!~

    – To the black knight, CC is Zero’s lover (according to Tamaki)..CC denies it :3

    – Ruin of geass!~ It can only be activate by the geass user. That might be why CC make contract.

    – The “Geass” has some secret technology related to it. Gawain is developed using those technology.

    – Schnizel doesn’t concern that much about Gwain being stolen.. “Its just a test robot” he said..

    – Lulu totally snuck Gwain.. He also knows Schnizel, but the situation force him to run.

    – Susaku got mind blast again when the geass floor activate, no idea why. It might be because CC blast him before, or he might be some ‘modified’ human lol.

    – It is revealed that Lulu geassed Susaku to ‘live’, thus he + lulu did escape from the Gwain’s blast last episode.

    – Susaku was captured because the ‘recorder’ record susaku’s voice when he was under geass. He was doing things against the order.

    – There is no pizza here both in the island and on Zero’s sub. That might be the ‘real’ reason why CC is pissed lol. Those in zero’s ship eat curry rice!! that’s so japanese

    – Kyushu (i think) got attacked and will be invaded by the japan army!

    – Nina is talking with Euphie in the room ‘alone’, this is dangerous.. The subject sems to be touchy too. (about Lulu?)

    – Lancelot just got upgraded to strike lancelot. It can fly now

  16. And about the GS comparison, the company directing it is Sunrise. Instead of reusing scenes (it would be a pretty good laugh and disappointment if they did reuse a scene though), they’re reusing concepts. Go figure?

  17. Gosh.. Euphie is so sharp despite her dumb characteristic. She knows Zero=Lelouch even before he puts off his mask.

    Show Spoiler ▼

    This episode is not as thrilling as the last one but

    avocado sushi
  18. ANSWER:

    “Euphemia blushing while around Lelouch? oOoOo, I need to see what’s going on there… Hopefully she’s not a degenerate”

    > She just had sex with Lulu thats why she was naked and blushed… just kidding, Her stomach grawn because she was hungry and relief. So she blushed.

    I wonder if Euphie will tell Conellia about Zero’s identity.

    > Euphie knows about Lulu’s identity since the hotel jack. She decides not to tell Cornalia, that’s what she told Lulu at least.

    Still, how did Kallen survive the blast anyhow? I don’t think this episode explain it

    > It did not explain why Lulu + Euphie + Susaku + Kallen is on a the island, and in different places too. My best theory on this would be the geass. Lulu uses geass while Gawain was doing some beam attack. Gwain is a test KMF developed from technology of Geass. There might be some teleportation effect there. The ruin might also be part of it… who knows :3, or it may be the ‘white hair’ girl’s doing.

  19. This episode is not as thrilling as the last one but I’m sure it will lead to another interesting plot. I’m suspicious of the Japanese troops at the end. Is it from Kyoto? Maybe it’s time Kaguya appears?

    avocado sushi
  20. @Juvyniled
    yes, they’re down.

    and we don’t know who the girl is. no one has even refered to her in the show. 0_o

    the reveal that Euphie has pretty much known Lelouch was behind the mask since episode 8 gives me some newfound respect for the girl. oh, and the arguement on the sub was halarious. too bad that Todou and Diethard have started off on such bad terms though. ;_;

  21. This also begs the question what happens with Cornelia and Euphie since Lelouch now knows that Cornelia has been trying to find the killers herself and respected his mother (Which was revealed in spoilers) so…but then again Schnizel has showed up.

  22. @dxanato
    I think CC mentioned something about piloting a knightmare in her talk with Tamaki. :3

    schniezel’s mother is different from Cornelia+Euphie’s and Lelouch+Nunnally’s. they’re all children of Wakamoto though (so he’s they’re half brother.)

    alright, and now I’ve commented to much. >_> till next week.

  23. I like it how everyone is assuming that the forces attacking Kyushuu are automatically Japanese troops.

    Think about it for a second. The largest Japanese force in Area 11 “was” the Japanese Liberation Front. After the last great battle, the JLF was largely decimated, its command structure slain or assimilated into the Order of Black Knights. So what organized resistance is left within Japan besides the more powerful Order? Obviously, with Diethard and Todou at odds with one another, they wouldn’t have come up with a massive assault without Lelouch/Zero’s approval.

    This leads me to the conclusion that someone other than Japan has taken an interest in Area 11’s fate. Oddly enough, I think that another country (*cough Chinese Federation cough*) that Lelouch sent C.C. to visit has seen the chaos created in Area 11 in the wake of the Order of Black Knight’s upheaval. Could there be a more perfect opportunity to wrest control of Area 11 away from Britannia? It even includes the added bonus of coming in the form of a liberator!

  24. So, apparently, Schneizel doesn’t give a crap that the Gawain was stolen as its ‘only an experimental model’. Which means he probably has mechs even more badass, and powerful, than the Gawain in hiding….

  25. Yeah, wasn’t he and lloyd having another secret weapon/experiment…what not..?And yeah, i’m guessing it is the chinese pretending to be a different goup, if not then they have yet aother Hapan Organiztion backing the rebellion! Hehe, and wow, my other post go cut off…

  26. Iono why, but I keep seeing a EuphieXlulu possibility…wierd…maybe because I think he DOES have a sister complex to all sisters…well, maybe not all…sorry for the double post!

  27. rather than giving an order to live, isn’t it more benefit to give an order like this
    “follow my orders…”
    -i want you to live..
    -i want you to leave the brittania army…
    -i want you to join kuro no gishidan…
    this way he can give multiple orders with on order….

  28. If only it worked that way 335557…

    I believe Schinizel and Clovis are full brothers. Euphie and Cornellia are from the same mother and Lulu and Nunally are from the same brother.

  29. I thought Lelouch’s geass could only be used on the same person once. He already used it b4 to save Nunally by commanding Suzaku to do it so how is he able to use it on Suzaku again?

  30. WonTon, Lelouch didn’t use Geass on Suzaku to save Nunally. He told Suzaku what to do to disarm the bomb and save Nunally, and then used Geass on HIMSELF to forget he had told Suzaku what to do. Suzaku was already willing to help save Nunally, so there was no need for Lelouch to force him using Geass.

  31. I’ve got it! I know why Lelouche’s mother (Mariane) died!

    Spoiler for those who don’t want to hear a ridiculously out there but amusing theory =D:
    Show Spoiler ▼

    Highly unlikely, but it would be hilarious nonetheless =D.

  32. suzaku completely dominated karen in combat ( which was to be expected since he was from the top-notch army ) but does anyone else think that this guy is too overpowered?

    he can dodge automated sensor machine guns and move fast as hell to avoid bullets, and so far hes unrivaled in combat

  33. like producers state somewhere along the interviews I read:

    Suzaku supposely have some special power from experimental in the past.

    Don’t quote me on this though, I’ll have to find the source.

  34. @Celes

    You are refering to one of the spoiler interview. It went like something like this..

    (Is Susaku a human?)
    Yes, he is.
    (So he is not some kind of newtype modified human?)
    No, he is not. But there is a reason why he is this strong. It will be explained later on.

  35. Misuzu, avoid reading/watching too many dramedies (drama comedies).

    @Shak: C.C. seems to have eternal youth and the ability to give people supernatural powers (Geass). It doesn’t seem unlikely since all he really has is uber physical talents. And Celes seems to be hinting at genetic modifications.

  36. Hee hee… More evidence for my theory that Yuffie is The Big Bad of the series.

    1) She’s known that Zero is Lulu, but doesn’t tell anyone, so she can use him for her own ends. Plus, she cries when she meets him here, but not back at the hotel when she realizes her “long-lost greatly loved dead half-brother” is still alive? FAAAAAAKE!

    2) She makes Lulu think Cornelia is a good guy (she probably is) because she’s already got “onee-san” in her back pocket (see episode 16), and doesn’t want Lulu mucking up her plans until she’s ready to take them both out.

    3) She didn’t say anything about Lulu killing Clovis, because that’s just one more person out of her way, too, since she couldn’t have had Clovis under her influence.

    4) Schniezel is a nice guy. It’s an obvious double misdirection. We’re supposed to think he’s just acting nice, but we can tell he really is, because characters like Cecile are always a good judge of character (and she has yet to meet Yuffie).

    Next week: Yuffie meets Nina. Nina will either end up as the right-hand sex slave to her mistress of pain, or as an eviscerated corpse Dalton has to cover up (possibly both!).

  37. @quigonkenny holy crap! Euphie is quite the mastermind. After reading your post I now feel like fool. Who would had though a cute pink hair girl would be so ebil. Thank for let me know otherwise I would had been fool like the others.

  38. This definitely beats SEED/Destiny. It was so easy to determine who the villain was after a few episodes, but the mastermind(villain) of Geass is really a toss up now (and no… I do not believe that Euphemia will be a villain -_-;).

  39. and why not? She’s the least likeliest person to be suspected, thus she can do anything she wants. And with her goody 2 shoes/slightly stupid persona, she can fool anyone. I remembered reading Agatha Christie’s Hercule Poirot when being asked why he speaks foreigners english in front of everyone while in fact his mastering of teh language was top notch is that ‘When people sees you as stupid, egoistical, and foreign, they let their guard down easily’. That I think that sums up yuffie.
    Now let us see if Lulu can figure this out.

  40. “and why not?”

    I could certainly ask you this: Why? You’re right anyone can be a villain, but what is their purpose? Nobody acts without a purpose. And if her purpose was to look “good” in her father’s eyes, that would definitely be interesting. But she hasn’t shown anything of the sort, not even the slightest remotest sign.

  41. Just watched the sub and I discovered something VERY INTERESTING!
    after the argument between C.C and one of the members of Kuro Kishidan, she was talking to herself.Spoilers: I think she was talking ‘in mind’ with the mysterious character we saw in a flash when the geass symbol shined. C.C was saying that this character’s playful decision (should be transporting 4 of them to the island) caused her to quarrel with others.Then, C.C said abt Kallen is also interesting(mysterious character point of view). C.C commented this mysterious character saying that he/she has a bad interest of acting like an observer. That explains why they don’t remember anything after Lulu used geass on Suzaku. Plus, C.C is sure abt Lulu is alive.

  42. @Juvyniled – Haha, did i confuse you there? I meant to say, since they said there was a reason to Suzaku’s super strength, so if that reason were to not have happened or him not having did whattever made him that strong then he probably wouldn’t have had brawns nor brains.

    LoL, I found the Yuffie evil thing hilarious, it could be true, but I’m leaning more to the side that she’s gonna end up with Lulu’s side, since, as the show goes on, I don’t see that she likes her father that much but rather likes Marianne, lulu’s mother. I wonder what Corny and yuffie will do if the Emperor really did kill Lulu’s mom, since it’s said that Corny has been investigating and Yuffie liked Marianne and so did CLovis.

  43. “I could certainly ask you this: Why?”
    “…if her purpose was to look ‘good’ in her father’s eyes, that would definitely be interesting.”

    Heh, you’re thinking too small. She doesn’t want to impress her father, she wants to become him. Maybe it started out that way, but considering what it takes to impress him, how could it end any way other than trying to replace him?

    Frankly, I do think they’re going to go the tired route of having Schniezel being the mastermind, or the even more tired (and very obvious) route of having it be Emperor Vicious. But if they could come up with some plausible way for it to be Euphie, that would just be epic. Either way, after next episode and her encounter with Nina, I think we’ll know a little more about her, and probably be able to tell which side she’s on.

  44. Lol, while it’s not completely impossible for Euphie to be evil I doubt it. Once we see the next ep and ep 22 (the AniDB title for it is “Bloodstained Euphie”) we’ll probably know for sure.

    My guess is that the one behind the death of Queen Marianne is one of the other Queens, or one of the other siblings – someone we haven’t seen yet (and probably won’t see in this season). So it’s not Cornelia, nor Schniezel, nor the Emperor. The reason I think this is that in GG’s fansub Clovis said only that Cornelia and Schniezel MIGHT know. Maybe because both have been investigating what happened on their own?

  45. If I’m thinking too ‘small’ then Euphemia is just in the same boat. Why manipulate an Eleven when you can use many other high ranking Britannians? Suzaku has Lancelot, but other than that, he does not have much potential to go anywhere. And only now has she come face to face with Lelouch.

  46. Well, I wouldn’t bet tht Euphie is evil, since we don’t have enough evidence, so, probably we’ll know for like the next two upcoming eps. But it’d be pretty interesting if she were evil.

  47. And I do not believe they will cast the Emperor, Schneizel, Cornelia or any other Britannian for that matter. Probably not even the Chinese federation. We have yet to see a lot of key players, and even though we’ve see a lot of the negative things some of these characters have done, I can’t help but believe there is a ‘higher power’ (someone much more manipulative). Show Spoiler ▼

  48. Juvyniled: Remember when Lulu saved C.C. from that pod. She whispered to him saying: I have found you. Also the first pictures of the very first episode, we see Suzaku and Lulu, and a close up on C.C.

    How did she got in that pod? Simple, she never planted it.

  49. Haha, yeah…gotta admit…Lulu isn’t so…good…with the physical stuff…lol, and the more I see the pictures the more contrast it gets…Euphie = Brains; Lulu = Brains; Suzaku = Brawns; Kallen = Brawns….was that planned…? The Emperor’s kids are all smart but are weak…? Well, that wrong, Cornelia kicks @$$…so…nvm! -_-

  50. CC was saying something about Kallen in the episode, saying that the person (mysterious girl) thinks that she’s interesting. I wonder if that’s the same with Suzaku, as the result, they got pair up on the island.

  51. Tina at 3:55 pm on March 4th, 2007
    The scene by the mountain is so similar to the one where Shinn and Stellar met in Gundam SEED Destiny. Not very creative of CLAMP.

    … the storyline is not created by CLAMP. only the character designs.

  52. okay Definetetly! DEFINETLY!
    gundam seed rip off, geez jsut so much of it going on =(
    and shiet? that geass thing WOW
    like soooo lost city of atlantis !
    okay yeah the 2 couples stranded alone..a LOT like athrunXcalgalli in that one ep geez
    (euphie=princess, CALGALLIE= princess.)
    tsk tsk butyeah SHIT great episode!
    too bad, just to bad lelouch had to of used the geass =(

  53. wtf, this is so freaking random. you just got freaking blasted to crap by a battleship and the first thing you do is take a shower? WOW, that is SO SMART you know. Like germs can kill you and crap. I’m not against fanservice but like there’s right time for everything.

  54. Oh, also, I bet that Schenziel is actually very evil under all that niceness. Like a wolf in sheeps clothing. It just seems sometimes that he’s too nice, and I bet he has some big evil agenda too.

    Irene Sharda
  55. meijiOrO at 9:38 pm on March 1st, 2007
    It’s nice to know that in the end Lelouch still cares about Suzaku (even though he should have left him to die) that even though his actions are questionable that he does still have a heart unlike Light. Notice the wording Lelouch used to command Suzaku, he told him to “live”. He could just told him to evade or something of the sort but didn’t. We know that Suzaku has a death wish so I wonder how long the geass is gonna last. Too bad he used his trumph card.

    remember that the geass power will come before your emotions, thoughts, wants, etc.

  56. Okay, I don’t understand why Euphie has her clothes off for a moment, but in the next scene she has them back on. O.o Blatant fanservice? I just don’t see the reasoning. xD

  57. The reason Euphie was naked was because her clothes were wet, she was probably washed up on the beach like Suzaku was.

    Her clothes were laid out in the sun to dry them and LuLu gave her his coat to cover up while they dry. Wet clothes in survival situations is bad, so he was doing something nice.

    The C.C. bitch and Ho part of the ep was the funniest thing awhile. C.C. really needs to get more lines she awesome.


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