On the way to the hospital, Yuuichi and Nayuki pass by the scene of the accident, and Nayuki is shocked to see the piece of strawberry cake strewn among Akiko’s bags and shoe on the ground. The doctors at the hospital tell them that Akiko’s life is still in danger, so Yuuichi and Nayuki stay in the waiting room for better news. They are eventually told that Akiko’s current condition will last for a while, so they should go home for now. At home, Yuuichi finds a hungry Piro, so he fixes dinner for everyone, but when he serves Nayuki, she starts blaming herself for what happened because she had wanted to eat strawberry cake. Yuuichi calls her an idiot for saying this, but Nayuki doesn’t respond and locks herself in her room upstairs. Since he has to head to school to talk to their teacher, Yuuichi lays a plate of food outside Nayuki’s door before leaving. At school, he runs into Kitagawa who offers to do anything he can, and Yuuichi also passes by the now-melted snow bunny. After remembering what he did to Nayuki seven years ago, Yuuichi returns home to find the uneaten plate of food still outside Nayuki’s door. He tries to get her to open her door, but she just tells him to stop.

Back in his own room, Yuuichi pulls out the purikura photos that he took with Akiko, Nayuki, and Makoto. Looking at Makoto specifically, he wonders if she would have been able to brightened things up if she were here. His thoughts go back to how he slapped the snow bunny out of Nayuki’s hands seven years ago and how she’s remembered it all this time. The problem is that although he’s remembered everything about Makoto, Mai, and Nayuki, he doesn’t remember why he was crying on that day and feels like he’s forgetting something very important. The next day, Yuuichi leaves some food at Nayuki’s door again and then goes to the hospital to check up on Akiko before tackling some errands. Upon returning home, he finds the food eaten and the door no longer locked. Deciding to go into the room, Yuuichi opens the door and finds Nayuki curled up by the window. She tells him to get out because she wants to be alone, but Yuuichi changes the subject to his cooking. When he accidentally compares it to Akiko’s, he decides to confront the issue head on by affirming that Akiko will definitely be saved.

It is at this point that Nayuki asks if he can cause a miracle. Nayuki admits that she’s always been with her mother in this house, and she doesn’t even know her father’s face. She was never lonely with her mother there, but now because of her own fault, Nayuki feels alone. Yuuichi tries to point out that she’s surrounded by lots of friends including himself, but Nayuki calls him a liar for having forgotten her for seven years. He hadn’t replied to any of her letters, so she had thought he never got them. That’s why she had been afraid that he wouldn’t remember her name when they were finally reunited. Yuuichi admits that he now remembers what happened seven years ago with the snow bunny and apologizes for it. He tries to give Nayuki back the red marble from the melted snow bunny, but she doesn’t take it. She refuses to let him stay here with her and says that she can’t smile anymore. Nayuki starts crying as she remembers how she had always been with her mother, and then she tells him to get out again, this time with such force that Yuuichi drops the marble and finally leaves. As he lies on his own bed, Yuuichi thinks about the miracle and starts to remember someone else getting hurt badly a long time ago, but he hadn’t been able to do anything.

Seven years ago, Yuuichi had rushed to meet Ayu at the big tree and was bringing a present for her. As the two ate taiyaki together, Ayu reminded him that this wasn’t the last time they’d see each other because they promised to meet again here at this tree. Yuuichi had reaffirmed the promise and had even said that he’d introduce her to his cousin the next time he was here. When Ayu climbed the tree again a little later, Yuuichi decided that this was a good time to give her the present. Unfortunately, before he could do so, a heavy wind blew by and caused Ayu to lose her balance. Much to Yuuichi’s shock, Ayu fell off the tree branch and onto the ground below. At first Ayu experienced much pain, but she soon told Yuuichi that she didn’t feel it anymore. In addition, her body wouldn’t move either, and Ayu was most worried about not being able to play with Yuuichi again. They tried to promise that they will play together again, but because Ayu couldn’t move her hand, Yuuichi had to take it and do the yubikiri for her. Soon after they made the promise though, Ayu stopped responding to Yuuichi’s pleas that she had to let go of his finger for it to be a yubikiri. Having Realized that Ayu was gone, Yuuichi cried out her name in tears.

Having finally regained this part of his memory, the current Yuuichi awakens suddenly from this dream. Grabbing Ayu’s backpack and the angel doll, he runs out and past Kitagawa who came to visit. After telling Kitagawa that he remembers about Ayu and asking him to take care of Nayuki, Yuuichi runs off towards the forest. The fierce snowstorm pelts Yuuichi as he makes his way towards the tree stump looking for Ayu. Not finding her there, he continues trekking through the storm while calling out her name until he finally collapses. Lying there in the snow, Yuuichi wonders to himself if he can go to where she is and then apologizes to everyone as he closes his eyes. Things look grim for Yuuichi, but a bright figure suddenly appears in the storm: Makoto. She walks over to his body and hugs him as an even brighter light appears in front of him. Closing his eyes again, Yuuichi sees himself from seven years ago giving the present to Ayu. The present had been the hair band, and Ayu had said that she’d wear it the next time she met Yuuichi. The two had promised on this.


I had expected that something supernatural would happen when Yuuichi went into the forest during the storm, but I hadn’t been prepared to see Makoto again. That entire end segment didn’t make a ton of sense to me though. Makoto seemed to show up to help or comfort Yuuichi, but she also looked a little surprised to see the bright light. That ensuing scene with Yuuichi giving the hair band to Ayu was also confusing because it didn’t seem to fit into the timeline. Yuuichi hadn’t given it to Ayu when she died, so I can only assume that he gave it to her ghost or spirit afterwards…?
Speaking of Ayu’s death, that was such a sad scene. Given the previous clues, I had long since suspected that she would fall off the tree, but it was still painful to see Ayu lose all feeling and then die in the middle of the pinky swear. It also seems clear now that all those promises that Yuuichi made with Ayu is what led her to appear again seven years later. I’m still a little unsure as to exactly why Ayu suddenly disappeared two episodes ago, but hopefully that’ll be explained in the next episodes. With the way the preview shows only landscapes plus the Ayu voiceover until the very last shot of her, I’d almost think that next week would be the conclusion. But there are actually still two episodes left, though perhaps I should say that there are only two episodes left.


  1. Idon’t think that Ayu died. Nor i hope that she did. In the first series, she actually was sent to the hospital and she was in coma while her spirit came out of the body. There are two more episodes left. I don’t want to see anyone die at all. T_T

  2. well i wasn’T that wrong with my last post we’ll have noch a chance of 2/3 to get an canvas2 ending makoto vs ayu vs nayuki XD this’ll get really funny i can’t wait for it but for now i’ve got a theory about jesus havin a lolicon but that’s sometin completely different
    well to get back to kanon i think we’ll get somethin like makoto and mai helpin kyon uhm.. i mean yuuichi get back ayu so that we’ll get the original result but in a bit more interesting way and not like findin ayu just by coindicence
    now that’s that wait for my next crazy theory next week

    until then farewell

  3. @Jay: u’re right about that but even in the original it looked that way but i mean 7years this isn’t realistic in the slightest way
    but hey Key never produced somethin that’s realistic watch Air and you’ll know what i mean ^^

  4. To Mutio and Shinji103
    Show Spoiler ▼

    Part-voice system
  5. Wikipedia lists episode 24’s title as “The Kanon at the End of Dreams”

    Could be that ep. 23 isn’t the end, despite having the world “finale” as its title.

  6. This episode might be a little disappointing to Nayuki fans… As the focus is actually more on Yuuichi than her.

    I find this episode to be “okay” -just a little annoyed with the constant re-use scene of the snow bunny flashback for Nayuki. It’s like KyoAni suddenly ran out of materials for Nayuki.. and they keep having to show the same flashback…

    Other than that, quite another powerful episode and performance from the seiyuu(s).

  7. Jay:
    Show Spoiler ▼

  8. its highly possible ep 24 will be a recap, kinda like KyoAni did with ep 13 of Air.

    I personally thought the Makoto thing was a very nice touch. I mean they already showed her not gone at the end of the episode where she dissapeared. And if any one ever watche the Kanon Kazahana special from the original series she came back in that too.

    oh and @AvexMode lmao

  9. @Raniee

    In a very real sense, they did run out of Nayuki material. The majority of Nayuki’s story in the game deals with Yuuichi coming to develop feelings for Nayuki, but since Ayu is Yuuichi’s love in the anime all of that needed to be cut. Without writing new material, all KyoAni really could do was play up the two major events in Nayuki’s story that weren’t implicitly romantic – Akiko’s accident and the snow bunny incident.

  10. @ Revy

    I think it highly unlikely, for two main reasons:

    1. Kanon hasn’t reached a point where a single episode will provide a satisfactory conclusion. Nayuki’s story hasn’t been resolved; neither have Mai’s or Shiori’s, and Ayu still has two major events that have yet to occur. Toei’s Kanon, which ran for only 13 episodes, covered roughly the same amount of material as KyoAni’s version has left in its last two episodes.

    2. The title of the final episode, ‘the end of the dream’, is a line that is pertinent to the climax of Ayu’s story, leading to the belief that the episode will detail her climax (not that kind, sickos) and conclusion.

  11. This close to the ending and people are throwing around spoilers without tags 😉

    I guess those who can really appreciate the impact of the ending are those who don’t read these blogs, haha…

    – T

  12. Oh my god!! Please let Ayu die! Please oh please!!! I hate her!!

    Yay!!! Makoto’s back!!! It sucks that there was not much Nayuki here, but, hey, Makoto’s back!!!

    And where do you guys watch the episode??

  13. I don’t want the above post to be the last, so i’ll write this. Sorry Susan, but Ayu

    Show Spoiler ▼

  14. To Sakabato:

    Show Spoiler ▼

    Stupid Yuuichi! He doesn’t even do anything to help Nayuki…She needs him more than Ayu right now but he still leaves her without even comforting her…I hate him..I still can’t believe he just left her.

    Maybe we’re going for a Makoto ending. Afteral, she’s his wife right? XD

  15. Ayu is so cute…how people can resist to tease her when she says “uguuu”? ^____^.
    For me it will be better a Nayuki ending. Makoto after all is a secondary character. But if they follow the storyline much close possible to the game (or Toei 2002 version) they will surely go for Ayu route. I heard from some forum, that Kyoani could surprise us and go for “no girl” ending and then show us the finals one with Ayu and one with Nayuki (with episodes 25 and 26). I hope they will not go for the “no girl” ending. Good episode. I had to try to take my mind constantly busy…otherwise it will be another looooooooong week hehe.

  16. Well, it’s just that I hate main girls..ALL main girls, not only from animes.

    I support Nayuki also. Some say it’s anti-climax, but I don’t care. Ayu should just die.

    Also, where’s the miracle in Nayuki’s story? Makoto’s miracle was to turn into a human, Mai her healing powers, Hope, etc., Shiori living, and Ayu has her fair share of miracles too…But Nayuki…she sould have some magical thing about her too!

    I know Nayuki would get Yuuichi..I just know, because every girl I’ve supported in my life so far has never got the guy..

  17. Heheh me don’t think tis a matter of Nayuki/Ayu/Whoever needing Yuuichi but rather the truth + miracle that Yuuichi really needs right now and me think Ayu is the only key to that~

  18. Now now theres no need to keep on bashing someone whos already in a worse-than-dead condition… heheh ^^;

    Fyi Nayuki’s miracle is Akiko being alive. And I’d like to point out the rest of the miracles, Makoto’s miracle is no doubt turning into human theres nothing wrong with that, Mai’s miracle isn’t healing power, her power isn’t limited to healing. Mai’s power is simply the term of hope. Mai’s miracle, aside from saving herself, is breaking free of this cage that has imprisoned her self and happiness from those she cares/love. Shiori’s miracle isn’t just about living either, but rather her capability of facing her reality and smiling till the very end. Ayu, her presence is already a miracle between her and Yuuichi, and her third wish as well. So much for my bull talks heheh ^^;

  19. Apparently people seem to remember the game in a very strange way…
    These are some real spoilers from the game so beware.
    Show Spoiler ▼

  20. To rec:

    Are you sure the game works like this? Read this part of the game’s FAQ for Dreamcast. I’ll just copy the final part

    Show Spoiler ▼

  21. @Rec
    Show Spoiler ▼

    We’ll see what happens though. I really need to photoshop Yuuichi as a sad organ grinder because of this episode with Jun as his monkey.

  22. Hmmmm…I’ve never played the game itself, but I do remember something along the line of what Rec said in his reply a while back when the first Kanon anime came out. However, I believe that it’s already an Ayu ending, so at the moment, I’m simply waiting for it to conclude. Though it would be a nice surprise if it ended differently.

  23. Speculation for the ending
    Show Spoiler ▼

  24. >>”That ensuing scene with Yuuichi giving the hair band to Ayu was also confusing because it didn’t seem to fit into the timeline. Yuuichi hadn’t given it to Ayu when she died, so I can only assume that he gave it to her ghost or spirit afterwards…?

    That is the memory that U1 made up 7 years ago to deny reality… u can also say its part of U1 wish deep in his mind.

  25. A friend of mine who had been watching Kanon for the first time asked me a while ago “Did Yuichi die and join Ayu?”

    It made me think what it would have been if it was my first time watching Kanon, and didn’t visit spoiler-laden episode entries like this. I think it’s pretty much the reason why the first Kanon still resonated with me, coz I didn’t know what to expect.

    I remember someone once posted that they wished it was their first time viewing Kanon. I kinda wish that same thing right now – coz my friend thinks it’s the most beautiful and sad story she has seen… then again, I haven’t told her to watch Air yet…

    – T

  26. My theory is this:

    Show Spoiler ▼

  27. Show Spoiler ▼

    be on the look out for Episode 23 and Episode 24 “Canon of the End of a Dream ~kanon~”

  28. other scene that i confuse, why Makoto show up in the last scene of this episode? is it makes a sense? what sense? may be it clarify in next episode? i’m still waiting for it ^^

  29. Omni, I’ve always admired your efforts in this blog and you’re one of the best anime bloggers, if not the best, out there.

    However, I do have a compliant today, if you knew that the appearance of Makoto was a surprise, why are you placing a screenshot of her on the main page (you know, the six screenshots on your front page that serve as a summary for the link to this episode)? I normally don’t click into the main screenshot and comments page until I’ve seen the episode myself. That kind of spoiled the surprise for me as I’ve not watched the episode.

    Apart from that, this concludes all the memories Yuuichi had of Ayu that he had sealed away for the past seven years. Omni, about you jumping to conclusions that Ayu had died, all I can say is: Show Spoiler ▼

    Poor Nayuki. It’s heartbreaking having to see her so depressed.

    Also, concerning the flashback at the end showing Yuuichi giving Ayu the headband, according to the game: Show Spoiler ▼

    Kinny Riddle
  30. Harouki, you may be correct.

    If I’m not mistaken (tell me if I am), Ayu said that the doll would definately be found if someone needed it. I’m sure that Ayu would wish for someone else’s happiness rather than her own if someone really, well, needed the happiness.

    Maybe Akiko will die. Then Ayu would wish for her revival or something..It’s possible…right?

    This could still end NayukixYuuichi, though I very much doubt it.

  31. I just realized…Yuuichi has some off the wall imagenary friends. First, a fox girl. And now, a potentially dead girl from his past. If I didn’t already have a pretty damn good idea of how this was going to end, I’d make a few bets that Yuuichi must have some kind of undiscovered innate power to bring his desires or wishes to life (similar to Suzumiya Haruhi’s abilities).

    However, it did upset me slightly when I found out that Yuuichi purposely didn’t respond to any of Nayuki’s letters. In the case of just about every other girls that’re in Kanon, he’s forgotten about them completely or never meet them. In Nayuki’s case, Yuuichi out right, blantantly ignored her. I’m now actually rooting for an “All the girls realize they can do be better than Yuuichi, while Yuuichi realizes he’d taken their kindness and attention for granted and is left behind to wallow in his own regrets” ending. Quickly afterwards, when the credits are done, Yuuichi would then be promptly crushed by an Acme anvil.

  32. @Susan

    NayukixYuuichi aint gonna happen after she threw him out of her room like that.


    I’m sure Yuuichi had his reasons for ignoring the letters, tho i doubt they’re any good. But i guess his shock of Ayu falling of the tree had to have lasted for a long time, no one gets over a death of a friend that happens in front of them very easily.

    I wonder if that Light is Mai or sumthin, healing revival powers FTW member? Anyway the doll with one wish left and Yuuichi’s innate and limited power to make miracles. Will Akiko be saved so nayuki can return to normal? Will Shirori(i guess we forgot bout her huh?) be saved and his school life can look up? Or with Ayu be saved and he reunites with his childhood love? Can he make this miracle happen? Or will Ayu appear one last time and take away his memories?

    I hope we find out next week!!

    “Don’t worry, a miracle will surely happen”
    “Then my last wish. Forget about me…”

  33. Ayu’s wish: “I wish I disappeared forever and never came back and that you, Yuuichi, stop loving me IMMEDIATELY and go comfort Nayuki and eventually fall in love with her.”

    Aahh…perfect wish…

    I was actually rooting for Makoto, but I started liking Nayuki more and more, so she was kinda…kicked out…XD

    I love Shiori!!! I hope she comes back soon. Wait, let me think of a way to add in Shiori, Akiko and Makoto in Ayu’s wish but still have it all in one sentence.

  34. Lol, the title of next episode reminded me of Canvas 2…I mean, “Akaneiro no Finale”? Where have we heard something like that before? :p

    You know, KyoAni does such nice job with effects (not that I didn’t notice before). That moment when Ayu lost the light in her eyes was magnificent. I also like how the mashed cake resembles mashed snow bunny.

    It’s amazing though, how we haven’t had even one episode dedicated to Nayuki. I’m hoping to death the last episode will be dedicated to her. It may not be her ending, but maybe have her narrate the episode from her point of view or something. But all that aside, I’m sure KyoAni would do good job with the ending no matter what happens. 😀

  35. @Harouki

    I’m guessing that light comes from car, because Yuuichi stumbled on road. Check out At 20:22 and 20:50 there’s car tracks on left. So I’m believing that Kitagawa and Yuuichis parents are coming to save him or it’s kitagawa and teacher.


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