In the wake of what happened to Primula, Nerine helps convince Rin to send Primula back to the Devil world because she doesn’t want to lose someone important to her again. She repeats this line when Rin later wants to go see Primula, and she reveals to him that the important person was Lycoris, an artificial life-form created from herself. Because Lycoris gave up her life to save Nerine from an illness, Nerine now doesn’t want to lose anyone else important. She ends up going with everyone to the Devil world, and she is the one who uses her magic during a critical moment to help get Primula back. In actuality though, it was not Nerine who did this but rather Lycoris who acted with Nerine’s body. Upon returning to the human world, Nerine reveals that the person Rin originally met eight years ago was not her, it was Lycoris. Back then, Lycoris had told Nerine about Rin and had said that Nerine needed to meet him. Nerine now thinks Lycoris’ wishes came true when she was able to thank Rin before disappearing during the Primula incident. What’s left inside Nerine now are her own feelings for Rin, and that’s why she wants him to let her love him more and more. She then kisses him on the cheek after he promises to listen to her when she becomes someone who can sing her own songs.

I’ve said this before, but with the way this is all structured, it’s odd seeing Asa sick again after she used her magic in last week’s recap of the final episodes. Along those same lines, I wonder what are they gonna do when Primula’s episode comes around in two weeks since this episodes goes through a lot of the Primula story already. I don’t like the prospect of a recap covering stuff already in another recap (which they actually did a little bit of with the beginning of this episode and episode three).
Only two more episodes and three more weeks to go before a finale episode with (hopefully) new material.


  1. Since the series was sort of sold as a series of recaps told from each girl’s POV .. its only natural to see the same event from different POV…

    The problem is that such a concept naturally demands new footage, which we haven’t got.

    Even allowing for the situation that they’re portraying SHUFFLE to a “new audience” … I don’t really see the benefit for the viewer with the messy edits and choice of materials.

    Just a poorly thought process or a process that was the result of “budget zero uber alles”.

  2. *sigh* So far the only new footage we have seen is tiny bits and pieces in the OP and ED. I do wonder what the whole point of doing such a recap is? Are they going to do another TV series and is thus preparing their audience for it?

  3. Best answer I’ve heard from anyone is that the original series aired on “pay” tv in Japan and that channel has exclusive rights to air the show. This “montage” mess bypasses the exclusivity and so it can air on “free” tv. Perhaps they’re trying to stir up interest in the original series DVDs and other merchandise but I find the result lacking even for that motivation. A few OVAs might have been more effective.

  4. Chiu, if you did not see the first series, I would suggest that your time is better spent downloading that. That is a much better use of your time. The ending episodes in the original were really well written and intense for a show that started out as a harem comedy. I’m with Omni in hoping that there is more at the end, but am too much of a pessimist to have any faith for any new material to show up this late in the series.

    Yuri Rocks

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