• There was a crapton of CODE GEASS news and spoilers that came out today courtesy of upcoming issues of Newtype and Animage, both of which feature the show on their covers. As you can see on the right, one of the big stories is that Newtype gave an official announcement that CODE GEASS was getting a sequel. Admittedly this was something that most of us had already treated as a forgone conclusion ever since December, but it’s good finally to see it in print. I’m gonna stay away from talking about all the spoilers, but if you really want to know, you can read about them here (a big kudos goes out to poster Celiss Galvea). However, I will say that I was very intrigued by the fact that Show Spoiler ▼
  • In other news, I’m getting really excited about the Spring 2007 season. I’ve started to compile a list of upcoming anime, and several have already caught my eye – Darker than Black, RomeoXJuliet, Shakugan no ShanaKaze no Stigma, Hitohira, Idolmaster XENOGLOSSIA, and the list goes on… There are also things like KOTOKO singing the opening to Hayate no Gotoku! and UVERworld singing the opening to Chikyuu he… that make me even more interested in those shows. In any case, the final list is going to be quite long, so please look forward to the full Spring 2007 preview, coming in a couple of weeks.

    1. Man….I’m really excited for GEASS…I really want whatever artbook comes out for it.
      The Spring anime is equally exciting (Hayate (the KOTOKO opening is a nice addition) and RomeoxJuliet are on my “going to watch” list)

      Nice cover…….I’ll probably get that issue.

    2. I hope the sequel will NOT let Zero come back in the last few episode and let him say, “hey, guys I’m back. Eh, it’s ending soon? But, I just came in…” Sound familiar? Watch Mai-Otome(another sunrise production). It’s Mai who said that.

      The girl in Kaze no Stigma appear to be the high school version of Shana – version 2.5???

    3. someone wrote code geass is a shounen show, i personally dont think show.. code geass definately different from gundam seed or w/e shounen crap.. so the ending wouldnt be as typical

    4. Yay, nice to see Celiss getting some kudos on here! I really can’t imagine how Geass is gonna end though, x_x. I wonder what Chikyuu he is all about, since I’m a big fan of UVERworld.

    5. Ohhh~ I’m so excited about RomeoXJuliet! XD I love Shakespeare (although admittingly most people find it tedious) and from what I hear from other people there will also be other Shakespearian characters in this anime, not just those from Romeo and Juliet.

    6. RomeoXJuliet soon yay. Kaze no Stigma, wonder what that’s about, looks insteresting 😛 an shana like..
      Idolmaster XENOGLOSSIA uniform reminds me of haruhi suzimiya for some weird reason O_o
      Darker than Black looks interesting too ;D UVERworld song? KOTOKO song? Banzai~!
      Can’t wait to see more GEASS ^____^

    7. For Geass 2… Well, it really depends on how they end this season, but my guess is the same as WonTon, that they’ll reveal more about the power of Geass OR/AND show the rest of the royal family…

      I never heard of ‘Kaze no Stigma’, but it looks kinda interesting…’Hayate no Gotoku’ is a must watch! But I’m abit worry how much they’ll change from the manga.

      Most important of all, StrikerS!!!! (Omni doesn’t like Nanoha? :D)

    8. the person that going to die in “Bloodstained Euphie” could be Cornelia. I was thinking if it’s Lulu, then what’s the point of code geass if there’s no Lulu. And it looks like Suzaku will play even more role in upcoming episodes.

    9. Woah, KOTOKO singing Hayate no Gotoku’s OP? That makes it a must watch in my case.

      Weirdly, I never watched Shana, despite ‘being’ being one of its OPs. Get round to it one of these days.

    10. YES YES YES!!! I already knew of the sequel but i can’t wait xD

      Suzaku is holding a sword o_O i’ve seen the same illustration done by CLAMP, maybe it’s part of the sequel ¿?


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