With Nerine having come to terms with her feelings for Rin, she tells Sia that it’s now her turn. Sia, however, questions if it’s really okay for herself to be happy. Returning home one afternoon after seeing Rin shopping with Asa, Sia’s other side Kikyou speaks up about how Sia isn’t doing anything to further her love with Rin. Sia feels that no matter what Kikyou says, there’s no way that only she can be happy. Because of this, Kikyou takes over and drags Rin on a date the next day. Her aggressive attitude tries to kiss Rin at the end of the day, but he backs away, causing her to run off in tears. Sia and Kikyou argue about what Kikyou did, and Sia ends up repeating that she can’t be happy by herself. Kikyou realizes that it’s her own fault and decides to disappear forever after telling Sia to become happy. On the way to school the next morning, Sia sees Rin interacting with the other girls, but she notices that his relationship with Asa particularly stands out. After class, she calls Rin out and apologizes for yesterday. She finally reveals to him that the Sia he went out with yesterday was still herself – the other Sia in herself. She should have had a twin sister, but she was the only one who was born safely. Before she was born, she had accepted her twin’s feelings into herself, which is why there are two Sias inside of her. Sia had decided that she couldn’t be happy by herself, but now she knows that Kikyou hated that. Kikyou gave her courage, so Sia confesses her feelings to Rin. But as she had suspected, he turns her down because he already likes someone else. Feeling refreshed again, Sia mentions to Rin that the God world has a polygamy system.

This episode covers the Sia and Kikyou material from episodes 16 and 17. Again, I’ve got nothing much to say about it since it was straight recap. In more exciting news though, episode 12 will indeed be new stuff, and it looks to be Sia-centric episode. The description on the official site doesn’t make it sound like the alternate ending I was hoping for, but rather a beach episode. It seems that the group is going to the God world for summer vacation and Rin disappears. Two more weeks…


  1. I like this season but not as much as the first. The reason why is that it dosen’t go in order as in the first one, and it seems like a a whole bunch of back stories(which it is.) It deals with Rin and one of main females characters and not everyone all together.

  2. So this SHUFFLE! is only going to have 12 or 13 episodes with only 1 or 2 episodes being new (and from the looks of it, the next one being a stupid filler/fanservice episode no less)? That’s freakin’ garbage -_-.

  3. Sia-centric episode is always a good thing for me. Episode 12 should be the 4th episode I of this series that I would watch. =/

    I think we should be happy that this is just a rehash after what happened to poor Da Capo


  4. I agree. I liked the Asa ending. It fit well enough with how the story unfolded. Very curious about the new episode though. Only 1 new episode out of 12… Kind of weird. Although I honestly did like all the new character-specific intro animations. About the only reason I watched the first 6 episodes. I’ll be curious if they use the ep 1 intro on ep 12, or if there’s a new one.

  5. Well, Da Capo was never gonna be fine since Nemu was the lead and Jyunichi got his personality sucked out.

    I’m not watching any of the Shuffle recaps, but I’ll watch episodes 12 and 13.

  6. I would have liked to see either:
    1) a series made up of the various game endings (so all the fans could drool).
    2) a series made up of “in between moments” things that happened that we didn’t get to see during the main series, little comedy moments, occasional poignant bits.
    3) a “theatre pile of omake” — just lots of fun with the characters.
    4) a director’s recut that followed the general plot line and same ending but untangled some of the bad transitions and plotholes that crippled the first version (makes Asa look even better, eh?, for you Asa fans).

    But no, this no-budget atrocity doesn’t even have the good grace of being a decent “Memories” scrap book of each character. Its all going to boil down to that last episode and from what I’ve read it’ll be a sort of omake or “in-between” episode of some sort.


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