Krory recounts that all of the things in the castle were collected by his grandfather, including some prized ancient plants. It is because these plants attacked visitors that he and his grandfather became rumored to be vampires. His grandfather wanted him to take care of the plants and not leave the castle, but after his grandfather died, Krory realized that he was part of his grandfather’s collection too. It wasn’t until he met Eliade that he found someone who accepted him, someone that he could love. While Krory is thinking about this, Allen and Lavi are meanwhile being assaulted by the plants until Allen remembers that they need to express love towards the plants to get them to stop. As they yell “I Love You” to the flowers, Krory starts his attack on Eliade, but comes face to face with a wall of her purple balls. He soon realizes that these balls evaporate the water from what they touch, and his right arm becomes victim to one. Eliade calls him a coward because he kept blaming his grandfather for not being able to leave the castle. When she claims that rotting away in this castle suits him, Krory responds by saying that he would have been fine spending his life like that if it was with her. He still loves her even though she’s an Akuma, but he vows to erase her ugly appearance.

With Krory charging her head on, Eliade envelopes him with her special balls and withers him away into just a husk of a body. She returns to her human form and approaches his withered head, but much to her surprise, it springs to life and bites down on her neck. As she gets her blood sucked out of her, Eliade remembers that the thing she had wanted to do was the thing that made women become the most beautiful. But no matter how much she wanted it, she could never do that because she was an Akuma who killed all the men who got near her. Eliade had wanted to love. For this, she needed a man to love who she didn’t kill, but she also knew that this man would destroy her. Now that Krory has finished sucking her blood, Eliade admits that she wanted to love him as she turns to sand. With Eliade gone, Krory feels that he wants to die because he killed the person that he loved. Because of this, Allen tells him to become an Exorcist so that he can continue to kill Akuma to justify killing Eliade – that’s the reason he can live for. He asserts that Krory is an Apostle of the Innocence, just like them, but Krory can only continue crying.

Krory eventually confirms for Allen and Lavi that Cross Marian came by and returned a man-eating flower. That flower ended up biting Krory before withering, and it was soon after that that Krory lost all his original teeth and developed the ones he has now. Thus, the flower must have been originally carrying the Innocence. As for where Cross Marian went, Krory only remembers the General heading for an eastern country. With everything straightened up for now, Krory asks Allen and Lavi to wait in front of the castle. As they walk outside, Lavi feels that although Krory needs a reason right now, someday it will get easier for him. The pair are then joined by Bookman, and as Bookman and Lavi start arguing, Allen notices a rumbling. The castle behind them suddenly explodes, and although Allen is worried, he soon sees Krory emerging from the flames. As they leave town, the new Exorcist vows to himself that he’ll continue destroying Akuma because otherwise he wouldn’t have had to destroy Eliade.


I think that the anime conclusion to the Krory arc felt like it emphasized the love between Krory and Eliade a lot more than the manga did. It wasn’t that they necessarily said anything more than the manga, but they expanded Eliade’s part and made it clear that she wanted to love (working off the concept that women are the most beautiful when they are in love). Of course, romance between an Exorcist and an Akuma cannot be, so he had to destroy her before she destroyed him, which she came pretty close to doing.
Watching the preview for next episode, I was initially excited because it was showing the train scene and seemed to indicate that they would continue to follow the manga, but then it showed Allen and Krory returning to the Black Order headquarters. Since Komurin the robot was also in it, next episode would seem to be another anime original.


  1. OMG, chibi Krory looks adorable! Can’t wait for the summary.

    The preview seems interesting especially when Show Spoiler ▼

    *off topic* Found info about the 3rd ED from Sony Music Entertainment website. It is called “Yume no Saki he (Toward the Point of a Dream)” by surface.

  2. Krory is okay, but I felt that his arc was a little to long. Interesting thou.XD But the and only character I was awaiting for is Tyki. Waiting forever for this epi. I knew that he came after Krory but I didn’t know the epi right after,literally. Now I’m going to be anxious till next tues then I have to wait awhile longer till it comes on Youtube. : (

  3. this episode looks awesome. True that in the manga the arc is not that expanded but it is nice to see more of eliade’s and also how Krory looked like a kid. so cute!

    Finally…….. OMGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG…. TIKKIIIIIIIII *tikki fangirl mode*
    Seems we will get to see a mission with krory and then have more of noah’s action

  4. chavenz

    Show Spoiler ▼

  5. Lavi: I-
    Allen: -LOVE-
    Together: -YOUUUU!!!


    “Yume no Saki he (Toward the Point of a Dream)” hmm…? I never heard of ‘Surface’ though, are they new?

  6. @pach: i hope it is just covering the flashback, though i wonder if that is right since, as i assume, they didn’t know what was gonna be going on in the future chaps when they animated that. Let us hope for the best however i have a doubt on how
    Show Spoiler ▼

    @schwindelmagier: yup u not the only one waiting for Tikki sama to appear *____*
    *drools*… he is so damn funny and stylish we had to see him finally come alive in anime!

  7. @Chaos2Frozen
    I think ANN made an error because I found the info from Sony website (I was looking at the OST info) and got this link: and click on the information link, which announced their singing the ending.

    I have no idea who they are, but they apparently performed a lot of songs.

  8. @Ben

    The official romanization that Hoshino has given to the character is Krory Arystar, not Aleister Crowley. It was revealed in Volume Six Talk Room. He was based off the person but his name isn’t spelled that way.


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