On the heels of today’s Kanon finale came the news that Kyoto Animation is going to be animating the Key game CLANNAD. Rumors had been circulating about this, but the website just went live and they aired an commercial for it. Given that I think KyoAni has done a fantastic job with both AIR and Kanon, I can’t wait to see this. Heck, this commercial already got the opening song Megumeru stuck in my head.
The director is going to be Ishihara Tatsuya (who has done AIR, Kanon, and Suzumiya Haruhi) and the announced cast are Nakahara Mai as Nagisa Furukawa, Hirohashi Ryou as Fujibayashi Kyou, Kanda Akemi as Fujibayashi Ryou, Kuwashima Houko as Sakagami Tomoyo, Nonaka Ai as Ikubi Fuuko, and Noto Mamiko as Ichinose Kotomi.
You can watch the commercial Stage6.


  1. There is a lot working for CLANNAD based on that info alone. Ishihara Tatsuya directing and KyoAni animating alone would have made things successful, but including seiyuus with the talent of Nakahara Mai and ESPECIALLY Kuwashima Houko pushes things even more. Not to mention Noto Mamiko and two underrated seiyuus in Kanda Akemi and Nonaka Ai.

  2. “I never liked the Kanon animation-style, same goes for this one.”

    You mean you don’t like KyoAni’s animation style, cause the designs and style are the same as all of their other works’, including Air and Haruhi.

  3. i’m faster back than i thought it myself but this IS the best reason to write one more comment today which i could think of ^^
    to sum it up: watched air and liked it same for kanon and haurhi so this is a must for me and for you too *fallin at using the Geass*
    this’ll get very interesting for sure and if kyoani uses once more sugita as a main seiyuu it’ll get even better
    just imagine one thing: kyon talkin to stellar about dyin with his most sarcastic way of speakin this’d be too funny XD
    well but tomoyo isn’t like stellar and i don’t think we’ll get a 3rd kyon so… now i’ve depressed myself
    ARGH i’m just so stupid >_

  4. WAI!! i just saw the commercial at the end of my love love raw of kanon…I CANT BELIEVE IT! i mean seriously…first air then kanon now clannad? im DONE! this is officially the best year of my sad, sad life

  5. Just can’t wait!
    I caught a glimpse of the game months ago when a jap friend our country. too bad he wasn’t up letting me make s pirated copy of the game for myself, hey I am a pirate!

  6. hellionz: I believe it goes:

    Winter – Kanon
    Spring – Clannad
    Summer – Air
    Autumn – ONE

    ONE was made by the same people who currently work for Key, but it was made before Key became its own company.

  7. As excited as I am for this, i cant help but wish KyoAni would try their hand at another action series like FMP:TSR which, imho, they did amazingly. They have such a great animation style that I would like to see applied to something besides harem comedy.

  8. “I can’t seem to recall exactly what harem comedy KyoAni did.”

    To some people, anything with both male and female characters and with any amount of humor is a harem comedy. All Key games can be called harem comedies with that definition, but when you compare them to REAL harem comedies then you would come to see that Clannad can’t be a harem comedy. Or at least that’s what we hope people do.

    Someone said this anime’s due for Oct 07. Even if it’s before that, there’s still a lot of waiting. At least there’s plenty of stuff in-between to keep me occupied.

  9. Woot!! I’ve been reading up more and more about the Toei Clannad movie and their version already looks to be promising. But when I saw this announcement, my heart jumped into my throat! Screencaps are awesome! Seiyuu are awesome! KyoAni are awesome! CLANNAD TV is gonna be awesome! ^^

    DarkS Umbreon
  10. “I know it’ll be good, but god, can’t they change the art direction for once? It’s been the SAME for years.”

    Thats because the character designs have been the same for years.

    The person’s art (forgot her name) has changed only slightly in recent years, atleast their eyes have gotten smaller though.

  11. Bwahahaha! This is the BEST NEWS of this year! Poor TOEI… when they announced CLANNAD Movie, the fans went “WOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!” from excitement, but when KyoAni announced it, the fans fainted from TOTAL EXCITEMENT! I guess KyoAni really like Key for their heartwrenching story… I think I’ll call them KeyAni starting now :p

  12. This is brilliant news and I’m definitely looking forward to it (hopefully we don’t have to wait more than a year for it).

    I’m going to be crossing my fingers for a one episode OVA for Planetarium.

  13. to Gil:you can always go and watch Simpsons,for it`s beautiful animation style,or,for a real classic,Huckleberry Hound.Do you ever look a whole picture,background detailing,lighting etc?If one doesn`t like characters,there is still much to watch in quality anime like Kanon.Would be interesting to know what is the style Gil likes.Myself i like many totally different animation styles,but it looks like 999 of 1000 them are japanese anime.Rest of the world is 50 years behind and i fear it will never catch up,not the west at least.

  14. I haven’t been this excited in such a long time. The possibilities are great, but I suddenly fear slight shafting such as Miyazawa Yukine not included in announced cast though is technically a main girl character, though seemingly least main.

    This just had to come around as my Clannad interest increased dramatically the last few months, how timely! Though nobody I know has ever heard about it. :/

    Since it is Kyoani, the animation quality won’t have issues at all. Since the girls do interact with each other more than the Kanon girls did with each other, that already takes out a slight weakness that Kanon 2006 had, which was stories very independent from one another, so there were no overlapping transitions.

    It’s likely Furukawa based, though there shouldn’t be problems with integrating other routes. The preview itself already showed for the most part at least one feature of each main girl, except Yukine. Ryou doesn’t have a separate route but has a huge advantage with usage being in class 3-D.

    Hm, Tomoyo is only supposed to kick Sunohara about eight times in that scene but lighting kicks is faster and more concise.

    I’m curious as to how the characters will be balanced. Kanon had great execution, but had a few limits on it. Clannad already surpasses a few of those limits. The fact that there’s Sunohara changes the atmosphere entirely automatically making Clannad much different than Kanon. Though, an emphasis on a character route does reduce usage of other characters regardless. I just wonder what would be taken out since some events cannot coexist.

    About 26 episodes looks like the likely duration, but I wonder if that is enough, given the larger amount of content. Either way, the potential is exciting to think about, so I’ll look forward to it, even if it is a long wait.

  15. Only ever knew about this series after the commercial came on after my fansub of the last ep of Kanon2006, I like KyoAni’s work so i probably will watch this when it comes out. I liked the music playing through the commercial also

  16. brooklyn otaku: Uki uki uki ki ki uki!
    passerby 1: What did he say? Why does he look irritated?
    passerby 2: Maybe because he didn’t get what he wanted?
    passerby 3: Does he even have an idea what he’s talking about?
    passerby 4: I’ll translate it for you, he said ‘DAMN!!! yall people are gasing the hell out of this thing.. i’ll laugh my ass off if it sucks ass’
    passerby 1: That’s it? Hahahahaha, I’ll laugh my ass off it his ass is proven wrong to my expectation.
    passerby 2: Hahaha, he acted like a monkey just because he doesn’t know if it’s good?
    passerby 3: There’s a possibility that he didn’t get what he wanted, that’s why.
    passerby 4: I actually acted like a monkey before too, but later on I found out that I was just making a shit out of myself for doing so.
    passerby 1: Good thing you developed some manners 🙂

    Anyway, I’ll be looking forward to this since it’s Key + KyoAni

  17. Who ever wrote that above, loved your comment 🙂 Some people need to give some series a chance before making harsh judgments

    Nevertheless, I am very much looking forward to another masterpiece from KyoAni
    I played Clannad the game, and I can tell you the story is freak’in awesome


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