Because they’ve both missed so much school, Suzaku and Lelouch are forced to stay behind in class with a teacher yelling at them about how they’ll have to repeat a year if they don’t attend enough. While the population has reacted to what happened in Kyuushuu in various ways, the Black Knights themselves are discussing how everyone was surprised that Zero intends to create his own country and Tamaki agrees with Zero. He feels that if he hadn’t gotten involved with the Black Knights, his dream would have been decided by the drug Refrain. The next day, Milly has the school festival started with Nunnally saying “nyaa” over the announcement system, and all the noise awakens the sleeping C.C. With the festivities going on below, Lelouch is on the phone with Diethard when Milly comes running about a crisis. Although Lelouch hangs up, Diethard still manages to hear a little of Milly’s voice. Milly scolds Lelouch for not doing work, and Lelouch turns the subject to how Milly wants to make a 12-meter diameter pizza to top last year’s 2-meter one.

Ougi meanwhile has brought Villetta to the Ashford Academy and mentions that he used to be a teacher. The reason he stopped is because a childhood best friend died and left him in charge of his friend’s dream. Hearing Ougi call the dream a little burdensome, Villetta tries to pull him into the festival, and a group of students urge them in. Suzaku is at that moment working on chopping up crates of onions when Kallen approaches him from behind with her knife drawn. She is surprised when Suzaku says that he’s glad she’s here because he thought she wouldn’t come to school anymore. When she questions why he didn’t tell anyone about her real identity, Suzaku affirms that she’s Stadtfeld Kallen right now, not Kouzuki Karen. He says that he won’t go easy on her on the battlefield, but he’s going to continue to try to persuade her here because he wants to choose persuasion over fighting at school. All Kallen can reply back to this is that something about him changed. When Lelouch then enters the room and finds them together, Suzaku tells Kallen that what happened before has nothing to do with school.

Kallen is then sent back to class to help with the horror house and isn’t too happy that she has to be a grave that pops up to scare people. She comments to herself that she only takes orders from Zero and then notices another couple coming. When she scares them, she finds the couple to be Ougi and Villetta. Cecile is also here at the festival, and she’s outside playing a whack-a-mole game that’s populated by actual students, but she’s only hitting the one student who resembles Lloyd. Her hammer accidentally hits the sitting Lelouch on the head, so she goes over to apologize to him and recognizes that he’s Suzaku’s friend. However, before she can say anything else to him, C.C. interrupts them to ask Lelouch where she can eat the best pizza in the world. Over at a Britannia military base, Schneizel is getting ready to depart and is being seen off by Cornelia and her new Glaston Knights. Schneizel embarrasses Cornelia a little by saying that she shines more beautifully on the battlefield than any flower or butterfly at a ball. Cornelia then wonders where Euphemia is, and Schneizel only reveals that he talked to her last night. When Schneizel changes the topic to the matter that General Bartley is taking care of, Cornelia wonders if that has any worth. What they are talking about is Jeremiah, who is currently suspended in a vat of liquid and connected by several tubes.

Back at school, C.C. continues to pester Lelouch about pizza, but he’s more concerned about getting her out of the view of all the soldiers and media who are here. Their conversation is interrupted by the arrival in the warehouse by Kallen, Ougi, and Villetta. Recognizing that Villetta is not an Eleven, Kallen questions who she is. As Ougi is struggling to find an answer, Lelouch approaches them to tell Kallen that this place is off-limits and recognizes Ougi. Unbeknownst to all of them, a disguised Euphemia has also come to the festival because she wants to talk with Suzaku. The previous night, she had approached her brother with an idea, and he had said that it was wonderful. Schneizel had also told her that it was fine for her to go down the path that she believed in. As she’s thinking about her brother’s approval, Euphemia nearly bumps into a girl in a wheelchair: Nunnally. Euphemia quickly recognizes her, and Nunnally soon realizes that she’s hearing Euphemia’s voice.

Kallen didn’t want Lelouch to see Ougi and Lelouch doesn’t want them to see C.C, but before either side can act, Suzaku and Shirley come into the warehouse looking for a gas cylinder for the burner. Out of sight, Lelouch prepares a trigger button he has ready while C.C. inches over him to suggest using his GEASS. Lelouch, however, thinks that it’s dangerous to use on Ougi and a person he doesn’t know, and plus he’s already used it on the others. When C.C. lectures him about the consequences of his actions, Lelouch raises his voice with her, only to be heard by Shirley. She wants to talk with Lelouch, but he tries to put it off until later. Deciding to create a commotion so that Ougi and Villetta can get away, Kallen suddenly cries out and looks up at the ceiling. While everyone is trying to see what she was looking at, Kallen cuts the tie on a set of boards. They fall over, and as Lelouch tries to warn Shirley, he presses the button he had ready and pink gas comes spewing out of several prepped canisters. In the aftermath, Lelouch and Suzaku are holding the boards from falling on Kallen and Shirley.

Ougi and Villetta made their escape outside during the chaos and he apologizes for getting her involved in something strange like that. She claims she actually had fun, but then Ougi turns serious. He asks if she’s going to leave Area 11 because of the person who shot her coming after her. Villetta responds by questioning if the previous her was happier and thinks that it’s fine for herself to become an Eleven. Meanwhile, Nunnally and Euphemia have returned home for some tea, and Nunnally remembers how they once fought about who could be Lelouch’s bride. She questions how Euphemia feels about Lelouch now, but Euphemia doesn’t answer. At that moment, Lelouch is watching Rivalz start the main pizza event, and he comments to himself about how carefree it is. When Milly enters the control room and Lelouch mentions how optimistic everyone looks, she says that that’s the reason festivals are needed. Their conversation is interrupted by the arrival of Nunnally and the still disguised Euphemia. Recognizing her, Lelouch excuses himself and rushes out.

By now, Rivalz has unveiled the Ganymede-type Knightmare of the Ashford Family being piloted by Suzaku. With all the cheers coming from the crowd, Nunnally’s maid Sayoko explains to Kallen that there are a lot of Elevens here because the festival is open to everyone and because this is the school that Suzaku attends. In other words, Suzaku is a star of hope for the Elevens. Watching from nearby with Milly, Lloyd notes that the Ganymede is a 3rd Generation Knightmare that had been used by Marianne. Because of Marianne’s death, it was removed from the next generation competition. These words cause Milly to comment on how he must be marrying her for this purpose, and Cecile steps in to interject that Lloyd doesn’t have any sensitivity towards the opposite sex. As Suzaku uses the Ganymede to toss around the huge pizza dough, Lelouch sits off to the side with Nunnally and Euphemia. He feels that today is the last time they can meet, but Euphemia thinks that they’ll find a good way. Lelouch then gets spotted by Shirley who thinks that Lelouch is making a move on some girl. When a strong wind blows away Euphemia’s hat and unfurls her hair, Shirley realizes that that girl is actually the princess.

Everyone in the crowd hears Shirley say Euphemia’s name, and they all turn towards her. While Lelouch wheels Nunnally away, everyone rushes towards the princess. Realizing that she’s in danger, Suzaku accidentally lets the pizza dough fly away from the Ganymede’s hands and onto a nearby tree. C.C., who already had a plate ready, views this with shock because her pizza just got ruined. Cecile and her co-workers form a protective circle around Euphemia, but that’s not enough to keep them from getting mobbed by the crowd. During all this, Sayoko has approached Diethard, and he tells her to stay in the Britannian settlement as a spy until he eventually introduces her to Zero. Back at the commotion, Suzaku uses the Ganymede to pick Euphemia up from out of the crowd. Lelouch has brought Nunnally out of harm’s way, but she surprises him by saying that Euphemia and Suzaku have done well together and are well-suited for each other. After seeing that Lelouch and Nunnally are safe in the distance, Euphemia decides to make an important announcement to everyone here and to everyone watching the live television broadcast.

To everyone’s surprise, Euphemia declares the establishment of a Japanese Special Administrative Region around Mt. Fuji. She explains that inside this Special Administrative Region, the Elevens will regain their Japanese name. They will also not be restricted and the Britannians will not have any special privileges – in other words, the Elevens and the Britannians will be equal. As she makes her speech, Lelouch thinks to himself that she should stop because this is an empty dream. To his shock, she calls out directly to Zero and says that she’s not asking for his past or what’s underneath his mask. She wants him instead to participate in this Japan, and she proposes that they create a new future together inside Britannia. The Elevens in the crowd start cheering her on, but the Britannians aren’t so sure of what to think. Some go even as far as to suggest that this is all because she has an Eleven as a lover. Lelouch meanwhile frustratingly realizes that whatever he ends up choosing, the Black Knights will now collapse. Euphemia thinks to herself that it will be like old times again with Lelouch, but he knows that it’s already different from how it used to be.


I had expected that the school festival would be a pizza-centric comedy episode almost akin to the chase-Arthur episode, but that ended up not being the case. In fact, I don’t even think I saw Pizza Hut appear in this episode. It was, however, hilarious to see C.C. so caught up with the prospect of pizza. I thought her gasping from the preview last week was because of something serious, but no, it was actually just because her pizza got ruined.
In any case, the festival brought a lot of people together, but it didn’t quite end up being the clusterf*ck I envisioned that it could be. The secret that Zero is Lelouch hadn’t been revealed to anyone who didn’t already know, no one saw and recognized C.C., and neither Shirley nor Villetta got their memories jogged by seeing each other (and that’s assuming that they did see each other in that brief moment). Euphemia did manage to run into Nunnally and then see Lelouch again, but at best the only thing that resulted from that was her announcement at the end.
Speaking of that announcement, as soon as she said it, I got the feeling that Euphemia’s days are numbered. She may be a hero to the Elevens now, but I can imagine either her getting assassinated by a disgruntled Britannian or even by Lelouch himself. This all smell like a set-up by Schneizel, who I keep thinking is much more evil than he lets on. Cornelia, on the other hand, again shows that she’s almost the opposite of that because she keeps getting more likable with each episode. This week, it was the scene where she takes Schneizel’s compliments.
The other thing of note is that Jeremiah appears to be getting ready for an Orange comeback soon. I wonder if he’s getting cybernetic enhancements or something and what will happen if he runs into Villetta again while she’s still in her amnesia state. After seeing him in the current opening sequence, I’ve looked forward to his return. As for next week, it looks like maybe Kaguya is finally going to make a significant appearance. I’m kind of hoping that Lelouch doesn’t do anything to Euphemia that he’ll regret, but we’ll have to see what happens. Given that next episode is called “Bloodstained Euphie,” I’m doubt things will turn out all right.


  1. my download is not done yet… but I skimed through the finished part a bit. These are the points, I will correct/add some stuffs when I finished watching the complete download version

    – The best part of this episode is at the end, see it at the last point.

    – As the result of Zero’s annoucment last episode, some members of the black knight are not happy about it. They think that its unrealistic and it doesn’t really matter as long as they can live in peace. Ougi is still tinking about Vieleta.

    – School festival begins! Lulu is the manager this time.

    – Susaku didn’t tell anyone about Kallen’s secret. Kallen now is back to school, she is working for the horror house.

    – Kallen’s quote, “herher.. the only one who can order me around is Zero”, “Its hot in this suit. The couple which is coming will be getting a taste of sweat and tears!!” (yep, that couple surprisingly is Ougi + Vieletta,

    – Orange-kun, unfortunately my download cuts at the point..

    – CC: “Hey you (lulu), where is the biggest pizza in the world”, what’s bad is… Ceciel has seen CC.

    – Lulu took CC and to hide in storage place. However as he was talking to her, Kallen comes in with Ougi + Vieletta and starts discussing why Ougi has non-japanese gf. Worse Shirley walks in… and Susaku enters.. weeee.. bare pinch~

    – He didn’t get exposed btw, see for yourself.

    – Euphie talks with Nanaly. My download cut here too :3, oh well..

    – Finished talking, Euphie makes herself known to the public and annouce the openning of the special zone. Cheers from the students with hidden critisium floating around.

    – Euphie has done it at last… without knowing the reason why Lulu has to hide his face and work with the terrorist to create a power that can protect the weak, Euphie just annoucing it like that. She thinks that doing so will bring back old times when she and Lulu was happily playing together. Lulu is angry at her naiveness, “It won’t be the same…” damit my download cut again >_

  2. Even though Suzaku now knows about Kallen, even she’s got leverage against him: she knows that he killed his father.

    Definitely a LOL @ 3, I can only wonder what that’s about 😉

  3. Euphemia asked for advice from Schneizel about her plan for a special zone, and he told her it’s a good idea and to go for it….. uh oh lol.

    I feel bad for her, being used till the end, probably as an excuse for an all out attack.

    Now the better question is, who’s gonna kill attempt to kill Euphemia first, Britannia, or Lelouch 🙂

  4. “- As the result of Zero’s annoucment last episode, some members of the black knight are not happy about it. They think that its unrealistic and it doesn’t really matter as long as they can live in peace. Ougi is still tinking about Vieleta.”

    When you are a married man you don’t tend to take risks.

  5. ok watched it fully now, added points are here

    – CC has 3 Cheese-kun now!!!

    – Ougi and Vietta is dating.. He was thinking about admitting her to hospital. But he can’t because it would be dangerous for him.

    – We also learn about Ougi pass a bit. He dropped school because he wants to continue Kallen’s brother: nagato’s dream.

    – Kallen was trying to kill Susaku again :3! But susaku tells her that he watns to keep school stuffs seperate from battle field. Kallen accept.

    – Ciciel in school festival, playing the hammer of god.

    – Schnizel is flattering Cornalia :3, The new pilot have arrive btw.

    – ORANGE!! we don’t know anything about him yet. Just a flash

    – Euphie wants to talk to Susaku. The plane for Euphie’s special area was approved by Schnizel! this guy…. he had planned everything out damit…he knows that it would fail.

    – Kallen: “this is bad… he has seen Ougi…”
    – Lulu: “this is bad… if they see CC…”

    – The room is full of ppl who Lulu already geassed :3, CC: “You did it to yourself didn’t you”

    – Shirley has something to talk to Lulu, most likely its about the letter? She doesn’t seem to be serious though, she probably thought that letter was some prank letter. Lulu said he will find sometimes to talk to her later.

    – hehehe Ougi x Vietta is really heated. Vietta: “Its fine if I becomes an 11″… err we might be seeing marraige scene sometime soon..

    – A lot of the addience are 11’s, they comes to see Susaku. To them susaku is “hope”.

    – The KMF susaku is using this episode is the same type as that Lulu mom was using.

    – SHIRLEY RUINS THE DAY AGAIN! She just shout “Euphamia-sama!!” which burst the whole show into chaos…Lulu and Nanaly has to run. Pizza is ruined because of her…. CC’s wish scattered before her eyes. CC: “ah.. Pizza..”

    – Shirley annoucement of the special area. Lulu has thought about that already, he knows full well that’s its a dream. Euphie is not just a puppet of Schnizel to dispose the black knight.

    – Euphie: “Luluche, everything will be like before.”
    – Lulu: “Wrong, it can’t be like before anymore. Euphamia!”
    aww the closing is freaking cool..

  6. “- Shirley annoucement of the special area. Lulu has thought about that already, he knows full well that’s its a dream. Euphie is not just a puppet of Schnizel to dispose the black knight.”
    should reads

    “- Euphamia’s annoucement of the special area. Lulu has thought about that already, he knows full well that’s its a dream. Euphie is now just a puppet of Schnizel to dispose the black knight.”

  7. Orange-kun DU-DU-DUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUNNNNNNN you can hear the suspense hahaha oh andn the outfit Lacur, err sorry Euphy was wearing this epi was…. horrible… anyway… it seems we’re having major javoc soon! :)! Oh and Cornelia’s face was hilarious jajajaja

  8. I cannot wait for next episode! KAGUYA! At last!

    As for the episode itself, my download isn’t complete yet but merely judging by the screencaps I have to say that Euphie’s outfit makes baby Jesus cry. What was she thinking? Not even the potential fanservice shots that the outfit offers can redeem such ugly outfit. But then again, Euphie fanservice isn’t as appealing, to me at least, as Kallen, C.C., Villeta, or Shirley fanservice. Speaking of fanservice, is anyone with me when I say that we need some Cecile and/or Cornelia fanservice? I can’t be the only one that finds both of them sizzling hot.

    Ok, shallowness aside, Euphemia really does strike me as a sucky leader. Realistically, having good intentions and integrity doesn’t automatically make you a good leader and so far, she hasn’t display any qualities that convince me that she would be a good leader. I know several people are hoping for her to become emperor or whatever so she can reign and make everyone happy and pink but I have a hard time seeing that. Also, judging by the spoilers, I’m not exactly being overly pessimistic.

    I’ll have to watch the raw to make any further comments but let me just say that… ORANGE-KUN! AND MORE IMPORTANTLY… KAGUYA!!!11

  9. I was laughing my guts out at the beginning – screenshot three, btw – where Nina and Millay got Nunally to make ‘nyaaaa’ once again, making the whole school go wild. XD ROFL. Really.

    Cecile playing hammer of God to vent her frustration against Lloyd was fun, too. As was Kallen doing her thing in the Haunted House. BTW, did anyone notice the masked Lancelot cosplayer? If people don’t know, it’s a reference to the Code Geass – Suzaku of the Counterattack side manga, where Suzaku disguises as a masked pilot, whose attire is based on Lancelot’s appearance.

    On the other side, what was up with Diethard at the end? Did he REALLY figure out who Zero truly was? I can’t speak Japanese but I got the feeling that he said that Sayoko belonged to the Zero squadron. Was she assigned as his Ashford bodyguard or what?

  10. Q :On the other side, what was up with Diethard at the end? Did he REALLY figure out who Zero truly was? I can’t speak Japanese but I got the feeling that he said that Sayoko belonged to the Zero squadron. Was she assigned as his Ashford bodyguard or what?

    A: Sayoko was hired by Diethard since Orange was trying to have him help investigating Asford. He doesn’t know who Zero is yet, but Sayoko is one of Diethard’s network ppl. He will introduce her to Zero soon according to him.

  11. side note:
    – Nanaly found out that Susaku and Euphie are dating. “They both suit each other didn’t they? Onichan” T_T Nanaly-chan~

    – reaction to Euphie’s stupid plan from Cornalia was… “WHAT THE HELL IS THIS!?” funny as hell.

    – Euphamia’s existence officially becomes treath to Lulu and Nanaly. whether they choose to join or not the black knight will not be supported. What will Lulu do?

    – The special area is really forming up. What will be the fate of it? Schnizel has everything under control now.

  12. the biggest surprise is O-O-ORANGE-KUN!!! 😀
    now the vibes from OugiXViletta is…weird but not in the bad sense, ok well maybe a little if we look back in the beginning of the serie when she was a “Purist”
    and about Shirley I thought she would have confronted Lelouch about the letter but it seems it’s not really serious for her to go straight to him
    also omg@Euphemia for making Nunally sad 🙁
    finally omg@Euphemia when she declares the “Japan zone”, how naive…

    P.S: the C.C moment when the “giant pizza” fell to the tree is priceless 😀

  13. @Nigredo
    more likely than not, as Diethard fancies himself as Zero’s biographer. I wouldn’t worry though, Diethard knowing it’s Lelouch actually makes Lu’s position more secure, as he’d have yet another person he can safely confide in.

    I always like Diethard, Toudou, and Larksharta for being 3 people in the order who will never betray Lelouch. (well, there’s the possiblity for Toudou I guess, but I doubt they’re going to make use of that)

  14. In regards to the beginning of the episode.

    Was Lelouch and Suzaku taking night classes because they were so far behind in their work? I mean with all those teachers outside the door I mean…funny though, that the teachers are putting that much effort for them 😀

  15. Uh oh… Yuffie is in DEEEEEP shit XD

    Her brother played her for a fool to obviously force Zero to reveal himself to go along with her plan or if he refuses it he’s basically saying that he’s not trying to actually help the 11’s… damn Lulu got fucked over on that one and he sure as hell knows it XD + either way the plan goes to hell Yuffie either gets killed (in her brothers mind) or shows her how cruel the world really is which drops all the crap in her head about equality…

    the saddest part is that she actually thinks she’s doing a good thing, poor poor innocent Yuffie… I wonder if Suzaku actually thinks this will work, both of them are very naive but I hope Suzaku isn’t THAT naive…

    This episode was awesome really, a lot more of Shirley then I thought we’d see, but honestly instead of hearing Yuffie’s announcement I’d rather see her confront Lulu >.

  16. Random funny thing: Apparently Nunally and Euphemia fought over who would be Lulu’s bride when they were little girls…

    On a side note, Shirley seems VERY insistent on talking to Lulu – she goes looking for him at one point, and at another point calls him trying to get him to meet her privately. In short, she’s definitely going to confront him about the note… hopefully next episode…

  17. Soooooooooooooooooooo

    – Euphemia states a special zone for japanese.
    – Schneizel used her to piss Zero off.
    – Lelouch will continue to attack the Empire of Brittania and makes his own country.
    – Schneizel will targt Euphemia and kill her but got rescued by Suzaku in extremis.
    – Euphemia will discover all the bad plans of his older brother and make this special zone, a zone for Brittania AND Japanese, renamed ORBN (Organization Renamed Brittania-Nippon).
    – While Schneizel and Lelouch fight in a mindbattle, Suzaku and his new Lancelot with Strike backpack, Freedom dragoon system, dual wielding Excalibur goes berserk and kill everything.
    – In the end, Suzaku removed Lelouch’s helmet and discovers the face of his best friend saying before his death:”Take care of my sister….uuuugh”.
    – ORBN prevails and Lacus… I mean Euphemia will become Commander In Chef, Mayor, President and Queen of this new country.

    End of Code Geass 1st season ~ Lelouch of Rebellion

    Beginning of 2nd season: Code Geass ~ Nunnally will kill everyone

    – Nunally is upset of her brother’s death and with her Knightmare: Judas Perceval, kills Suzaku and cuts Euphemia’s head.

    medetachi, medetachi, happy end.

  18. I really wanted for all of them to meet up in one place at the same time so that Lulu’s Zero gig goes up and every one will recognize him as a disinherited-rebellious person who is up to kill his mother’s murderers and take veangence on his dad.

  19. Looks like Euphy won’t be having a happy time of her life next episode…

    Lelouche (Raww Le Klueze) 君は存在してはならんのだよ!!—> Euphy (Frey Alster) *Dead* 私の本当の思いが貴方を守るわ・・・・—> Suzaku (Kira Yamato) ユーフィーーーーーーーーーーーーー!!!僕は君を守れなかったっ!

  20. Hm…

    Fllay was the daughter of someone who got killed, became angry at the organization that did it, then joined the military for revenge. She did nothing noteworthy except attempt to screw with the mind of the male lead and be used as a tool by everyone. She, in fact, is a big part of why everything escalated with the nuclear plans.

    I think Shirley’s about halfway there, rather than Euphie.

    I have high hopes for the second to last episode.

  21. Yay for Euphie. One announcement like that and she rocks the entire world. Better head back to Int’l Relations 101, Euphie!

    Ah, the Suzaku and Kallen moment. Reminds me of the saying, “Keep your friends close, but keep your enemies closer.”

    Sigh, Viletta is so pretty! Gotta love that 2nd screenshot! Milly also looks great.

    C.C., you’re looking for the best pizza? No, you won’t find it in Pizza Hut. You probably should go to Italy…but before that, eat Papa John’s! California Pizza Kitchen! Or better yet, eat the $1000 pizza in NYC!!;_ylt=AiSYTLIhwcBOC2.pDZcYeA7MWM0F


  22. No offense but…

    I blame all these chaos on Shirley.
    Euphie didn’t plan to just do a surprise announcement just like that. She was about to tell Lulu about it too. “Don’t worry, I found a way..” then Shirley just shouted out interupt and screw everything. If Lulu was to hear the plan first, he would surely stop it. She even plan to tell this to Susaku too.

    Messes that Shirley cause this episode:
    – Bring susaku into store room and almost expose Zero and Kallen’s identity. Fault of being at the wrong place at the wrong time.
    – She shout out screwing the school festival completely. So much for those effort lulu put in.
    – Lulu and Nanaly has to run for their life.
    – CC’s pizza is not happening.
    – Declaration of Euphie was made without Lulu hearing it first. The statement which would doom the knight and might end Euphie’s life.

    I probably won’t go back and dig out history of what Shirley has done before to screw things up including almost get Lulu killed since ep1. But by now you must have known she is the real lady of destruction. She destroy everything and extends the plot x 100 times even when she didn’t intended to. Why can’t she die already?~


    go DL IT NOW it will make u laf ur ass off

  24. I’d say Schneizel acts more like Light. He seems better at suppressing his emotions and manipulation than Lelouch. I’m pretty sure he’s also very smart, as I read something about Lelouch not being able to beat him in chess.

  25. Yeah, things are looking good for Euphie. Unfortunately, unlike a certain other pink-haired princess *Cough* Lacus *Cough*, the ditziness is not an act.

    My call on who off’s Euphie…

    It’s going to be Nina, in the drawing room, with the little ‘present’ from Lloyd.

    Can you say thermonuclear? I knew you could.

  26. dang shirley, everything she does that’s connected to lelouch( I mean that’s connected to her romantic feeling to lelouch) cause a lot of gravely dangerous trouble. starting from episode 1. well but those are not her fault, it just that she brings unluckiness. >.

  27. in the end lulus face expression his voice his hate and anger. spetacular. i think euphies last speech ;turn to lulu a real monster. it seems thinks going harder for all of them. and at last kallen: this helpless and midless girl what is she doing she herads some good things for fuzaku for toher pepole and starts dokioki.

    at last zero/lulu’s real ally only c.c. cruel world isn it ?

  28. Lulu and Schnizeil = Light
    Euphie = Ditzier and more Naive then Lacus
    Suzaku = Not sure if he’s more naive then Euphie yet
    Nunnally = Um….yeah….
    Shirley = the bad luck lady…(Go find a 4leaf clover~! xDD)
    Viletta = pretty…marriage…
    Ougi = …love love…
    kallen = …so dedicated to Zero…still wondeing what will happen when she finds out Lulu is zero…
    Orangie-Kun = soaked in orange juice…lol…
    Kaguya = FINALLY~!
    C.C. = We all wanteed that pizze…stupid shirley…
    Cecile = haha for anger venting
    Lloyd = …..ha…ha?
    Sayoko = Wow….spy lady…
    Cornelia = so nice~! Well, seems to be…
    The rest…= Yeah…sure…

    LoL, okay that’s what I got from what I’ve read so far from post and story`! LoL

  29. I bet you, Schenziel is going to have Euphie killed by Orange-kun. He’s so evil under that nice exterior, he’s going to have his sister shot, and then blame the Black Knights and Zero for it. I just know it! Suzaku is going to find how really corrupt the empire is, and with a request from Euphie, join then Knights and avenge her death.

    Whatever this plan is, Schenziel is going to twist it into evil. Like turn these “regions” into Eleven nazi death camps. I mean, his name even sounds German…

    Irene Sharda
  30. C.C has really became an pizza fanatic, lol. Sadly I would hate to her 20 years from still eating pizza hut. Pizza hut supports the rebellion but not support C.C turning into jabba the hut

  31. Well this put a monkey wrench on Lelouch’s plan.

    I know they’re the royal family but… Eww.

    Well at least both sisters have a thing for Suzaku. Nunally giving way even if she saw him first.

    Poor Euphie Schneizel is just using you.

    Saving your two siblings means going up against your two other siblings and your father.

    Euphie is beginning to be the next royalty cast out after Lelouch and Nunally.

  32. >>Hypernova
    CC didn’t geass her, Lulu did some episodes ago, he wanted to know how long his command would last, so he commanded her to make a mark on the wall once every day. And so far, she’s stayed faithful.

    Irene Sharda
  33. “I’m kind of hoping that Lelouch doesn’t do anything to Euphemia that he’ll regret, but we’ll have to see what happens. Given that next episode is called “Bloodstained Euphie,” I’m doubt things will turn out all right.”

    OMG! This is a Sunrise series! If an episode is named after a character, there’s a 85% that character will hit the dust! T_T

  34. @SARS – lol, well, you have a point, it may be instead of Euphie dying she and lulu might be in some pridicament where she has to become blooded~! Like Shirely and how she shot viletta~! Lol

  35. well it might not be her being literally covered in blood, the title can very well allude to her Japanese Britannian settlement being the cause of alot of death and suffering for the people she is trying to help.

  36. Naive is making an Eleven your knight spontaneously when you’re supposed to be presenting at an art mususem.

    Being an idiot is attempting to create equality when you have no power to back it up and simultaneously calling out the leader of one of the most dangerous organizations in the world. Yes dear, he’s your brother Lelouch, but he’s also Zero.

  37. @ Spectrum, nah thats not naive, DG04’s is closer to naive.
    But that naive action is close to stupidity cuz the emperior’s favorite saying is not everyone is created equal….

  38. Naive is something along the lines of expecting positive things to happen without considering the possible negative consequences.

    Euphemia is much more naive than Suzaku is, and down right ignorant regardless of being able to figure out Zero’s identity. But I suppose that is all given with her nature. She’s cheerful and carefree and doesn’t consider the repercussions of her actions. But no doubt this is throwing a twist considering that Lelouch is going to have put his sister in her place, which is interesting enough as it is.

  39. dunno if anyone else has suggested this, (’cause I’m tl;dr’ing the comments beyond page 1) but… shneizel himself might be out to off euphie. he’s demonstrated already he doesn’t care about her, so…

  40. Yah, usually when someone is called bloodstained it means they got their hands bloody. Because of this I doubt Eupie will die next episode, but she might inadvertently kill off some people by her idealistic views.

  41. Euphie is such a moron, I thought Lacus was flighty, but this princess is downright dumb! Lacus at least used a rebellion force to spread peace. Euphie has no one to back her up, Schienzel is setting her up, those “Japanese Regions” are just going to become concentration/death camps. I think her brother wants a “Final Solution” to these undesirable numbers…

    There blood will be on Euphie’s hands.

    Irene Sharda
  42. You guys are being a tad harsh on Euphie. You can’t compare Lacus to Euphie at all, Lacus knew her people were being misslead and that there were some real evil people at the head of their government so she started to apose them. Euphie has been a sheltered person with no responsibilities for her entire life and doesn’t think bad of her own family or government… lets wait until she finds out the truth and what actions she takes before you drag her through the mud.

  43. Not to mention Lacus matured from the first season, and she was quite active in her political ventures. Euphemia is naive like a little child; they become really ambitious, but when reality hits, it’s going to hit hard. But her intentions are good, it’s just the circumstances that are bad for her at this point.

    Besides, even if it is a trap, Schneizel isn’t going to kill ALL of those Elevens just like thatbut he would intend to threaten their lives to bring out Lelouch. And the rest of the Elevens would not reflect on that matter too kindly. It’s all just a matter of how Lelouch approaches this, and on that note, whether Schneizel’s intentions are as vile as everyone expects. The only clear thing I can see is that Lelouch is upset because she is putting a thorn in his plan to bring down the empire. If there’s peace, then it’d be more difficult for him to convince people to fight.

  44. Being sheltered is no excuse. Lacus was the daughter of the Plant chairman, Cagalli was an Orb princess, even Kallen was the daugheter of a rich Brittanian noble. I bet you they could have lived very pampered, sheltered lives, however all three noticed the injustices in the world they lived in and did something about it.
    Euphie’s seen the ghettos, she’s heard the prejudice veiws of all the people around her, including her siblings. She’s seen, and yet she still proposed that idiotic plan? She is dumb.

    Irene Sharda
  45. “Euphie’s seen the ghettos, she’s heard the prejudice veiws of all the people around her, including her siblings. She’s seen, and yet she still proposed that idiotic plan?”

    Hmm maybe that’s exactly the reason why she wanted to establish that special region for the Japanese?

    Because she thought the above mentioned would not appear anymore?

    But she didn’t think of what might happen if she just announced it outright just like that at that particular time?

  46. LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL at 18:00, a guy says to the camera guy… “We’re going to broadcast this!” and the guy responds in a squirtle-like voice (from Pokemon.

    Oh, and Euphie needs to die…fast.

  47. knowing and experiencing are two differant things. Euphie is naive and ignorant of the world because Cornelia always pampered her. Lelouch experienced first hand how cruel the world can be even if you are born into a priveledged life. Sure Euphie saw the ghettos and the discrimination but that only made her want to “help” those people in a way that she thinks everyone will be happy. Remember people shes a princess, she probably only had people display kindness to her and does not understand firsthand just how cruel humans can really be.

  48. Lacus and Cagalli had parents that aposed the major goverments views so of course their parents arent going to sugar caot the state of the word, Kallen is half 11 so I bet her parents don’t see eye to eye with the Britanian goverment either so they’ve all been exposed to the truth through their families. Euphie’s parents and siblings are from the major Britanian family so of course she’s only been fed lies since her birth… she may have seen the geto, heard the rumors, and seen battles but she hasn’t seen any on hand personal tragedies created by her family. I’m sure if she had been around when Clovis tried to purge the getos of 11s she would have tried to stop him… she would have probably failed but the slap from reality would have changes her views of the world. Since the next episode hints at her becoming bloodied I would wager her eyes are going to be opened… after all if the series folows the same path as Gundam Seed we all know Lelouch and Suzaku are going to join sides wich means Euphie needs to join their side as well.

  49. Other thing to mention as well Kallen didn’t apose the Britanians until after her brother died. Were not told how he died but from the amount of hate she has towards the Britanians we can only asume he was killed by them. Kallen may be fighting for the 11s but like Zero its to avenge the death of a loved one.

  50. Actually I think Kallen rather then fighting out of hate for the death of her brother, seems to fight because she wants his life/death to have meaning. Or rather shes trying to find meaning in his death opposing Britannia and affirming to herself that he did not die for nothing. Also to create a better world for her mother to live in, so in that respect shes alot like Lelouch, in that they are both fighting for the past and a future of a loved one.

  51. Euphemia hasn’t any prior political experience, nor has she really made a name for herself with her own people or the Elevens. She’s jumping the gun no doubt, but she really does believe this is probably for the best.

    Lacus used her reputation as a singer for good. And Cagalli was already a part of the political process very early on. So it’s not simply being the daughter of some noble or leader that makes a person sheltered, it’s that she’s been kept out of harms way or out of the public scene since forever, until recently. Notice she was trying to get out and see the world for herself (episode 5). She’s never been in a situation like this before, so she has no real experience in these matters. And besides, she’s still just an innocent little child who believes that things can simply be, when in fact there are always conditions or consequences involved.

  52. Everyone is subjectively judging Euphemia’s actions from Lelouch’s perspective. Lelouch said that this was utterly ridiculous, but he ALSO mentioned that it was undermining his effort. So it’s not necessarily as if he doesn’t believe it will work, he doesn’t like it because it puts a thorn in his goals. I have no idea yet whether Schneizel is being genuinely ‘nice’, but after watching this episode, everybody’s flaming Euphemia because it’s negatively affecting Lelouch. Will it work? In theory it could if that was what people (ie, the rebels) ACTUALLY desired. But they don’t want a state of peace, they want their country back in their OWN hands. That is all nationalism. Of course the Elevens will continue to face discrimination, but they’ll eventually become accustomed to the idea. Even in modern day, there’s still racism and prejudice and discrimination, but why oh why is it not as much of a deal anymore? Because we are tolerant. And the Britannians would become tolerant with accepting the Japanese as citizens (though not equals). Yet, we already know Lelouch is going to have a hand in undoing all of this.

    If you hate Euphemia, hate her because she didn’t put enough consideration into this, not because she’s ‘stupid’. It’s in her nature to be impulsive.

  53. Well if the subs were correct Lulu actually said that in the past he was considering doing something similar to what Euphie is trying to do, but afterwards concluded that it is impossible for it to work. Or at least that’s how I understood it.

    On the other subject:)
    I wonder what are the real intentions of spy – maid . I mean she must have joined the order of black knights as a low ranked member, at a time when Zero didn’t deal with such small maters personally anymore. It would be better if she turned out to be truly loyal to Nunally
    because if she as Diethard promised Her meets Zero in the near future and begins her report with something like “ so I work for this two spoiled Britanian brats those idiots really seem to trust me” then her carrier in the order as well as her live will be rather short.

  54. well, i hate her exactly because she is stupid…not cause she is impulsive

    her decisions may be impulsive, but they are still rooted in stupidity…

    only an idiot would jump out her window to go sightseeing, appoint a dirty 11 as a knight, declare her love for him in the middle of a battle, or make that stupid proclamation at the school festival

    suzaku is also stupid…he always talks about how he believes in following “the rules.” isn’t killing your dad against the rules? or how about concealing the identity of terrorists (lelouch and kallen)?

    they are a couple of fools…i hope they both die at some point. or at least i hope one of them dies, and that makes the other one turn to the dark side

  55. I agree in part about the whole negitive additude towards Euphie due to us seeing her actions from Lelouch’s perspective. However, about the Japanese region, even if the rebels actually desired it sadly to say they are not incharge. Remember what Cornelia said to Euphie when she made Suzaku her knight, Britannia has a policy of distinguishing between Britannians and the Numbers, its their national policy and to change that means you need to become emperor.

    Remember it is not just Japanese nationalism in play but also Britannians, how would they feel that a people they conquered getting rights and priviledges equal to their own? Remember the American Revolution? One of the factors that led to it is that the British granted the conquered French along the St Lawrence special rights like keeping their language and laws. In Code Geass’ case there will be very few Britannians, especially those in a position of power that will support Euphie’s idea.

    Another problem this poses is the fact that the proposal of this area came with an invitation to Zero. Meaning that it is like acknowledging Zero’s influence and giving in to his terrorism, which could in turn spark fiercer rebelions in other Numbers area who see this as a chance to regain their lost rights and freedoms.

    In short this is something that Britannian cannot actually let happen and Euphie is just naive about how the world and politics work.

  56. If the “rules” he’s given follow in line with his objective, then it’s reasonable is it not? He killed his own father because the Prime Minister made a proposal that was against his ideals. And concerning how he decided to keep Kallen’s identity a secret, he already stated that he would “disobey his orders”. Suzaku does NOT know Zero’s identity. If he did, that would change the entire scenario. And it appears very foolish for Euphemia to jump out the window and just go ‘sightseeing’, but in essence, she wanted to get away from the restrictions placed upon her by whoever it was that was watching her, though I don’t know whether she wanted to go to the ghettos to understand the plight of the Elevens or simply for the hell of it. If you only consider Lelouch’s perspective in all of this, then yes, they are nothing more than fools. So why doesn’t Lelouch INFORM them of his objectives? Because he does not know how they’ll respond, and that’s whats keeping the gap between his relationship with them.

    @DG04: So who is in charge then? If Euphemia simply went up to the ‘podium’ like that and proposed her plan, of course it wouldn’t sit well with others. But if you consider that she received the approval of her brother Schneizel, who is superior to her in authority, then it’s official is it not? We see clearly that it’s not going to sit well with Cornelia, so we can only wait to see how she responds. However, even if there is some sort of policy where they are to distinguish between Britannians and numbers, does the authority of a royal family member not override that? Especially Schneizel’s authority. I’m not saying that Schneizel has good intention in accepting it, I do believe there are ulterior motives whether positive or negative. Regardless of whether others are satisfied or disturbed by the proposal, she’s a royal family member, a Britannian with the title of PRINCESS. Unless someone with higher authority overrides her order, it’ll stand. How others respond to it is another case. Will they go as far as persecuting the Japanese? Or will they slowly come to accept the situation and be tolerant of it? We don’t know. All we do know is
    Show Spoiler ▼

    Why did Euphemia throw in that invitation to Zero? I believe that she probably thought he was fighting for the independence of the Japanese people. This is the biggest fact of all time and it will stand until someone finally discovers it: only Lelouch and possibly C.C. know of Lelouch’s intentions, no one else. That in itself labels Euphemia as a naive character because she is not considering that there is possibly more to it than meets the eye.

    I don’t know whether the emperor truly cares about being superior to everyone else or not, but he is definitely interested in all the ruins around the world. What did the Britannians interpret this as? Dominating other peoples and expanding their superiority over others. So it is really an instilled mindset for the Britannians. However, Euphemia is making an effort to change that, or possibly just to aid what she believes is Lelouch’s goal and Suzaku’s desire. Whether Britannians accept it or not, it’s going to happen. The problem is, there is no way for her enforce it since she doesn’t command a standing army. You’re right though, she has no experience in politics and she’s making a huge leap without possibly considering the repercussions. But even so, Euphemia’s proposal would be workable, had Lelouch not existed or had he not been so determined to bring down the empire.

  57. Geez, she’s like gathering lambs for the slaughter. What better way to get a people concentrated into one area then to give them a sense of nationalism. It’s only going to serve to divide the britannians and elevens even more. The elevens will flock to the new zone, while the britannians will move out of it. Then all it would take is one event, say attempt on Euphie’s life, and the britannian military can siege the area. Lulu is screwed, his supplies come from Japanese sympathizers, he had an entire country as his chess board, this fantasy of Euphie’s will either cut him off from his supplies and leave him stranded or with his supplies completely surrounded.

  58. @Juvyniled

    Ofcourse Euphie and Schneizel obviously have alot of pull being royalty but remember in ep 18 and I quote:

    Euphie: Governer-General, you should have seen it yourself.
    Cornelia: Treating numbers differently is a national policy of britannia.
    Euphie: Then I’ll try and change that.
    Cornelia: Do you know what that means, Vice Governor-General? It means that you wish to be the Emperor!

    What I gleaned from this conversation is that inorder to enact that kind of large scale change the only one in the Empire with that kind of authority is the Emperor. Even if we assume that Schneizel has no ulterior motives in encouraging Euphie, it is still questionable if they have enough authority to do so as neither of them are the Emperor of the empire.

    Leaving Lelouch aside whats even MORE damaging to her cause is having Suzaku as her lover and knight. Remember the knighting cerimony and when Euphie announced the Administrative area? People think that Euphie made Suzaku her knight because she is in love with him and because her lover is an Eleven they believe that her establishment of that Japan administrative area is also because of her romantic attachment to Suzaku. It seems the most majority of Britannians see Euphie as a figurehead, a pretty princess set up to look nice as decoration for the administration. They are respectful of her because of her title not because they see her abilities like with Cornelia and Schneizel. Even without Lelouch, Euphie’s plan has a very slim chance of succeeding, and worst case is that she goes the way of Marianne, and lets not forget Marianne was one of the Emperor’s consort and someone still offed her.

  59. Euphemia is trying to advance her position on the matter. Is it a clean start? No. But if that is the case that she has to approach every matter as ‘correctly’ as possible, then she will never be as respected as well thought of as the emperor is because she does not have the same tenacity, leadership, or capability. She isn’t going for a full-fledged leap in trying to receive peace and pseudo-independence for all numbers; she is making an attempt to start somewhere. I can definitely agree that her actions prior have set herself to receive a negative reputation; knighting Suzaku makes her look all the more biased in favor of Japanese people. Define success in terms of this proposal. She’s intending to get everyone to live together and have everyone try to get along. Will there be harmony? Nope. There’s a lot of racist sentiment and hatred amongst the two sides (Elevens and Britannians), but over time their differences should settle.

    @EliteF22: Why would they siege the area YET AGAIN? They invaded the country, only to declare its independence, and then to invade them again. The problem is, I don’t know how expansive this Special Adminstrative Region is, but it’s definitely not as if the empire is coralling all of them into one little niche. Euphemia doesn’t have to be assassinated nor does Schneizel have to put up such a proposal. If he wants to lure out the rebels and eliminate them, he could use tactics such as threatening to kill the Japanese people.

  60. Euphemia’s Special Administrative Region is doomed to fail for one simple reason. If it worked the show is essentially over, who wants to watch the peaceful reconstruction and coming togetherness of the Japanese and Britanians? But forgetting that there are six plot reasons that I can think of that will make it fail.

    -Leouch, this plan total screws him over and he has to stop it somehow.

    -Schneizel, it is highly unlikely that he actually likes this idea. More likely he is using it to undermine Zero/Lulu. If a major “incident” were to occur he could also use it as an excuse to seize control of Area 11 from Euphie and Cornelia because of their apparent incompetence. The likelihood of a major Stalinish or even Hitler level crackdown may be in the works.

    -If you noticed only the Japanese cheered her announcement. Euphemia is the only Britannian, who hasn’t lost her memory, who thinks of the Japanese as equals. None of the students were too happy about it. In short think apartheid in South Africa. A small number of racist white people run a country with a majority black population. They are not down with giving up any power to the underclass no matter how small it is. It is almost gaurnteed that their will be no Britannians in the special zone.

    -Euphemia is “vice-governor” so she has no authority to issue any kind of commands, especially as others have pointed out national policy changing orders. But by doing it on live TV she basically forced Cornelia into doing it because if she didn’t at that point it guaranteed a lot of rioting from the Japanese.

    -The Japanese want their country back not some lame special zone. This might appease them for a while but it will only embolden them to demand more and more. It could go Zero’s way but it would take years for that demand to build enough to help him.

    -And finally hmm could turning a section of a conquered country essentially back over to them be construed as an announcement of defeat? Euphemia technically just committed treason by returning territory to them. She may just get arrested and possibly executed for this. Maybe the blood on her hands is Suzaka trying to protect her from Britannia troops sent to arrest her.

    Also I’m not sure if I heard it right but did they talk about the mech Suzaku was using to make the pizza and said Leouch’s mom was connected to it somehow and that after her death it was pulled from production and replaced by another model? Just wondering if maybe she was killed not to get Leouch out of the way for the throne but because someone else wanted to get rich off of making war mechs?

  61. I am not denying that she is making a step in the right direction, perhaps I haven’t been clear, what I am questioning is whether she has enough support and backing to actually pull this off. You are right there will be alot of racist sentiment from both sides and if they can live together as equals then its a first step in putting that those prejudices behind them. However, how many Britannians would jump at a chance to live equally with the Elevens that they have treated as third class citizens(if even that)? Even moreso if they see Euphie’s actions as “making her boyfriend’s people accepted”, rather then an action that would benefit the Britannian people. Just because it is a step in the right direction does not mean that she will not trip and fall when her legs give out on her. What she needs now is first give people reason to follow her because all she is doing right now is committing political suicide.

    And also as I have stated in an eariler post, Britannia CANNOT afford for Euphie’s administrative region succeed. Otherwise it would appear as if they are giving into Zero’s terrorism which in turn will potentially spark even fiercer rebellion movements in the other conquered areas. And my understanding of the reason the conquered countries are renamed as numbered areas and their people called numbers is to crush their nationalism and farther asimilate them into Britannia, if they regain their nationality then they would somewhere down the line want independence and be recognised as a country rather then a subjugated zone, farther undermining the Britannian rule.

    It is not a simple matter of Euphie wanting to do this, this is politics. The reason I mentioned the worst case scenario is that IF she was assasinated while establishing the administrative zone and if it looked like a terrorist attack either Zero or a Japanese group then Britannia would have an excuse to even further oppress the elevens and whatever little sympahty is there for the Elevens would be swept under a wave of propaganda and farther discrimination. Remember Japan surrendered before their military was completely crushed, therefore alot of Elevens still cling to hope like Toudou the miracle and Zero, and why refrain is spreading to the Elevens. Britannia could very well use a Euphie assasination scenario to come down harder on them and farther drive them into a corner and crush their hopes.

    Also even if Schneizel and Cornelia give their ok for this to the wider public it would look more like they are humouring their precocious little sister while she is playing girlfriend with an Eleven.

  62. All very valid points, but I can only really believe for sure that the plan will fail because of Lelouch.

    Schneizel most likely intended to undermine rebel efforts in this manner, though I still believe like others that there is a fair possibility that it could be a trap. Though, if the Britannians wanted to enslave the conquered, nothing is essentially bound to stop them (nothing that they know of). But that is not the path they have chosen.

    Though I’d agree that hatred and resentment will reign, it’s not as if all of them will oppose Britannian inhabitants. Besides, the Empire is not exactly giving them their country back; they’re monitoring them, so basically it’s a puppet government.

    Schneizel not telling Cornelia what transpired between him and Euphemia sparks some vision of betrayal in my mind. Although, Cornelia would have definitely disapproved and gone to Euphemia herself had she learned of it. And I doubt Schneizel wants Cornelia as an opponent so early on.

    The Japanese ideally want their country back, but only the extremists will really continue to resist until they have everything for themselves. Most of them are really moderates; although they’ll be kept on close watch, they’re satisfied for the time being because they’ll have some ‘peace’ and equality in the sense that they won’t be oppressed (though discrimination by Britannians is no doubt a consequence of this).

    It’s been titled “Special Administrative Region” for a purpose. At the very least, Euphemia would know that handing the country back would have dire consequences. And to Cornelia, this would definitely be something of what you said; a sentiment of defeat.

  63. “And my understanding of the reason the conquered countries are renamed as numbered areas and their people called numbers is to crush their nationalism and farther asimilate them into Britannia, if they regain their nationality then they would somewhere down the line want independence and be recognised as a country rather then a subjugated zone, farther undermining the Britannian rule. ”

    It’s bound to happen regardless of whether or not one country is given it’s “freedom”. Empires fall under their own weight because they cannot sustain all the colonies they annex/conquer. But assimilation is only the cover for a much deeper intention, of which we do know – the ruins. What the emperor wants out of them and what happens to the conquered people is all subject to speculation because we know they will not succeed.

    “Britannia could very well use a Euphie assasination scenario to come down harder on them and farther drive them into a corner and crush their hopes.”

    I suppose there is some psychology involved in this. What wouldn’t make sense to all the other players is why the Japanese would assassinate her, since she is basically doing them a HUGE favor. Although, they could potentially be blamed regardless I suppose, given that the empire has the power and influence to do so, and that its people feel they are superior to others.

  64. And how would you see the situation?

    ‘This is an anime and not the real world. ‘ true, but have you not notice some of the similarities in THIS particular anime?

  65. @lalala – we KNOW this is anime not the real world…we’re not dumb -_-;; but some of us like to debate and analyze, just for fun? And lol, the people here that are doing it, should really go into poitics or governmernt work~! I really enjoyed reading the comments you all made.

    So from my understanding, some think that Lulu will wreck this plan no matter what and some think that this plan will fall apart because of the royalties.

    Okay, lets see, if I were to view this not from Lulu’s view, I would STIlL thin it would fail, one because that would end this fantastic series and two, because like many said, only the Emperor can change the national policy and by creating this, she’s trying to give freedom to the elevens.
    Now, Lulu’s view, Euphie screwed up his plans…so now he has to think of a new strategy to move his chess pieces~! LoL

    Then, some think euphie is a naive person and some think she’s just down right stupid/idiotic.

    I don’t think she is an idiot but naive, but that can’t be helped, like you guys already stated, she hasn’t gone out much in the world and has been in school. Though, she may see/know all of what’s going on, she can’t really just turn her back on her family, they’ve been with her for….her whole life and has treated her kindly and pampered her. She is also just a normal person…she liked Marianne and she loved the time with her brother and sister, so, you…I guess can say that her hope and dreams of that coming true, i naive or just impossible, but since she THINKS and hopes to be able to be like corny and schine. as stated in episode 20. She knows she’s not as helpful and just get in the way of her brother and sister corny, but she WANTS to do something, to HELP Lulu and Suzaku, but now it’s only harming lulu’s plan.

    and by the way…..Orange killed Marianne?…..I just read that someone typed it…um..joe?..when was THAT announced…?

  66. KANNIE said: “”@lalala – we KNOW this is anime not the real world…we’re not dumb -_-;; but some of us like to debate and analyze, just for fun? And lol, the people here that are doing it, should really go into poitics or governmernt work~!””



    (FYI, Kannie: You’re contradicting yourself)

    What’s been demonstrated here is not a gift for serious “analysis”, but a penchant for conspiracy theories (surrounding someone else’s fantasy no less).

    Granted, some posters probably thinks this qualifies them to be in charge. More is the pity ;_;.

    WEREWOLF said: “”Euphemia’s Special Administrative Region is doomed to fail for one simple reason. If it worked the show is essentially over””

    And that alludes to the only relevant factors in predicting the next step here: the personalities and styles of the script-writers and their director.

  67. @Terry: The simple conclusion is always there, and that’s the result that keeps us from turning this debate into a insult war. We ARE in fact analyzing what could be and what could not be in Euphemia’s proposal.

    There is in fact a ton of speculation in determining how it could all play out, but it is accompanied by analysis of the situation as well. You can interpret this from Lelouch’s perspective or from Euphemia’s perspective, or even both, and the end result is different points of view that determine what it is that is objectively being sought.

  68. @Terry – okay, maybe i said a bit wrong, as in if they wanted to, they could take classes and it may work well with it, and though this IS theory because it is a show, they would still have to analyze it fom the first episode to now, to actually come up with the conclusions and theories, and like Juvyniled said, there will always be a conclusion, because it’s a show made by another, so, when the episode is aired, I’m sure whoevers theory and analysis is wrong, wouldn’t mind much, since it was just for posting and fun.

    Hm…did i say anything harsh? Sorry if I did…and can anyone confirm about the jeremiah and marianne thing I was asking about in my previous post?!?! Please and thankyou~!

  69. @Juvyniled: No argument there. Just concerned about breakdowns in distinguishing reality from fantasy. Posters can be so passionate sometimes! ;P.

    OK, I’ll give it a go:

    Hopes? Cornelia and Euphie survive and Lulu gets his just desserts [manipulative prick].

    Predictions? Ain’t gonna happen.

    Euphie at some point is overtaken by Lulouche’s Geass, forcing her to assasinate her sister Cornelia, thwarting Euphie’s dreams of a Special Region by ending her credibility in the Empire. Two of Lulu’s aims are met in this scenario:

    (A) Establishment of the Region is doomed and
    (B) one of his strongest enemies, the Governess (not to mention the Vice-Governess) falls.

    This scenario is plausible in that Lulu already has access to Euphie; after all, she appealed to him directly as “Zero” on national television (she knows who he really is). All Lulu has to do is answer her. Then he can order her to set up a private meeting with Cornelia – he can even ask those burning questions he’s been harboring for so long – before he orders Cornelia’s execution at her sister’s hands.

    Thus the “Blood-stained Euphie”.

    In addition, Euphie (and by extension, Suzaku) might be forced to seek refuge with the Black Knight terrorists. In short, Lulu, “saves” his victim [a twisted prick, no doubt]. This would be a pretty good setup for a final showdown depending on what else the director has in mind (the Ruins, political instability in the 11th territory, etc).

    On a lighter note, I’m not sure if the director is sadistic enough to use this plot line. There are many possible tangents from this basic stem of events; for example, what ultimately does when he gets his answers from Cornelia. Nevertheless, I get the uneasy feeling that either (A) Euphie must die or (B) she must experience a great loss which entails “blood” and strips her of her innonence. And that indicates the death of one of my favorite characters, Cornelia. Damn.

    Any thoughts?

  70. @Kannie: Certainly they could, and moderated ambition is something of a virtue.

    Nevertheless, I’d suggest getting a real job in the practical fields (engineering, services, medicine, military) before trying to order such people around from on high. Don’t tell the job interviewer about analyzing anime fantasies or conspiracy theories (you’ll get the boot). College Classes and Government Bureucracy are all well and good, but people and the private sector generally don’t respect it as much as they respect practical experience.

  71. Euphie’s simply trying to garner the acceptance of her siblings. Where I believe most of her other siblings were mentally strong to stand on their own, I think Euphie’s more of the weak link among the siblings. So, in order to validate herself, she tries to garner the love and respect of her siblings (specifically those more successful than she; ie Schnizel, Cornilia, Lloyd, and, now, Lelouch).

    Once more, I love the Arthurian legend references. Though I still can’t decide if Lelouch is supposed to represent Arthur or Mordrid. Maybe a bit of both, since he is out to technically ‘slay’ his father, while at the same time, having an incredible power and a band of knights to fight with him. In the end, if the trend keeps up, I predict that LeLouch and Suzaku will have a fall out, with Euphie involved somehow. And Lulu perishes while achieving his goal of avenging his mother’s death. Suzaku will then watch over Nunnaly and so on.

  72. More rather, she is trying to earn the respect of Lelouch. Euphemia naively believes that Lelouch is fighting to free Japan.

    If she wants to gain acceptance from her other siblings, she’ll have to stay away and live a sheltered life forever to appease Cornelia, she’d have to avoid getting in Schneizel’s way all the time to make him satisfied, and she’ll have to keep her hands of Suzaku to make Nunnally happy. 🙂

  73. Guys jeez with Screenshot 3 get your minds out of the gutter haha. Lmao this was hilarious especially C.C after all the hype saying “wheres my giant pizza?” when at the end it gets owned by Susaku now shes going to go seed mode saying “WHERES MY PIZZA!!!” xD. Euphie-Chan is going to get layed down when Leouch owns her since that big announcement she made.

  74. @Juvyniled – lol, correct, she HAS to do all that to gain the respect~! …lol

    @Terry – No more word~! I agree~! Hehe, I just love the posters in the Code Geass area, always so forward and yet kind~! Also so logical and very willing to post replies~! 😉

  75. Did anyone else notice the…uh…hints given by Rivalz’s comment on Nina being “cheerful”, and Lloyd’s hint that he’s certainly not…uh…asexual? Someone out there is recreating that in doujin form as we speak (*shudder* ewwwwwwwwwwwwww)

  76. the Ganymede, marianne’s famous knightmare, became a pizza maker!!!

    and what the shitty hell is that man wearing suzaku’s plugsuit and the lancelot’s head as a helmet?

    and what is Orange-kun doing at the school festival??

    knight of one

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