After Primula collapses and starts running a high fever, Rin learns from Eustoma and Forbesii that she’s an artificial life-form developed as part of the Yggdrasil Project to research life. Primula returns to the Devil world with Forbesii where it is found out that the magical power she had accumulated is a lot higher than expected. She remains unconscious until Rin and friends arrive and call out to her. With Primula okay again, the researchers want to keep her as their test subject, but Rin insist on bringing her back home instead. When Kaede later starts to lose it as Rin spends more and more time with Asa, Primula notices the warning signs, including Kaede stirring an empty pot and her blacking out of Asa’s face on the purikura pictures of Asa and Rin. After the incident where Kaede tries to get in bed with Rin while naked, Primula questions if Kaede was really doing everything for Rin’s sake. When Kaede disappears, Primula is the one to tell Rin, and when Kaede comes back home, Primula is there attempting to cook. She and Kaede then start a new life together, and Primula begins attending school with everyone.

This felt very much like a recap of a recap. Half the episode was Primula being sick and being taken to the Devil world, and the other half was focused on Primula during Kaede’s breakdown. Perhaps the only slightly redeeming thing is that they finished with the end of the original last episode, which theoretically sets us up for next week’s new material. I’m keeping my fingers crossed but my expectations are relatively low…


  1. “Perhaps the only slightly redeeming thing is that they finished with the end of the original last episode, which theoretically sets us up for next week’s new material.”

    New material? Finally! I was getting tired of watching these recaps.

  2. Prim and her cute twin tails are about the only upswing for the last 11 eps…

    I have absolutely zero expectations for the “new” episode mostly because I doubt the animation budget will be sufficient to make up for the rest of the season. The last 11 episodes being spliced as they were mostly highlighted just how inconsistent the on-model and animation was.

  3. 1 more episode, eh? Guess I’ll have to wait till next week. It better be as great as I expected(but by the looks of things, it’s not going to be). Worth a try though…..

  4. At least this episode explains why they were doing Primula last, even though her plot was cleared up first in the original Shuffle! – she narrated the second half of the last episode in the original Shuffle! too. So it gave them a good excuse to end the recap episodes with almost the same content the original Shuffle! ended with…

    Very curious about the new episode. Even though they already did the obligatory beach episode before. 😛 One more is okay. 😛

  5. aye…. its part of the infamous last half of the last episode … where the animation was so bad and the characters were so off-model you wondered what sort of pesticide-laced crack the animators were smoking. At the initial airing, I speculated the “brilliant innovators” from the old Clutch Cargo series had been hired (google on it for the horror).

    I’ll certainly give Primula that when they do get her right those twin tails and those eyes kind of distract. But meehhhhhhh, I’m glad this messy edit-hack recap is over. Now we’ll see if they put any budget at all into what is art/animation for the mysterious next episode. Some pretty cheesecake would be a saver, I guess. Already rolling my eyes at their hype for it (“shocking surprise” my a**).


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