Everything is back to normal now that everyone has returned to the real world, and Asuna is back to having a hard time getting out of bed in the morning. The class is even having a party and Anya is invited, but she quietly walks out of Negi’s classroom after the lesson is over. Suspecting that Anya still feels responsible for everything that happened, Negi, Asuna, Konoka, and Setsuna go after her while the rest of the class prepares for the party. The four of them chase Anya around school, but she eludes them with her magic until later that evening. It is then that Negi suddenly gets attacked by the darkness again and Anya shows herself to destroy it with her magic. She explains that there’s still some darkness left that’s free, but she feels that this is something she has to settle herself. Despite Anya not wanting to trouble them any more, Asuna insists on helping and Konoka says that it’s because they’re friends. When the darkness surges up again and captures everyone except for Anya, she uses her magic to free them. Negi then activates his contracts with Setsuna, Konoka, and Asuna and manages to get three cosplay cards. While the three girls strike, Negi gives Anya a ride on his staff and allows her to use her magic to finish off the darkness. After the battle, the five head to the party and Anya finds everyone waiting for her. Instead of a party for coming back from the magic world as Anya had thought they were having, the girls are actually holding a welcome party in her honor. In tears from happiness, Anya thanks everyone and joins the celebration. She also remembers that she has a present for Asuna: an egg that she hatches through magic into a baby Chupacabra.

ED Sequence:

ED: 「らぶ☆センセーション」 (Love*Sensation) by 佐藤利奈, 神田朱未, 野中藍 (Satou Rina, Kanda Akemi, and Nonoka Ai)
Watch the ED! Mirror 1
This is actually the same song they used for the OP of the Negima Summer OVA, so it’s not a new song, but at least it’s presented differently.

The animation quality was again really good this week (notice the famous Hokusai pieces in the background of the transformation sequence), though the content was divided between Anya and the side stories. It was amusing to see Asuna finally get a Chupacabra, and even more so because she put it to work signing t-shirts. Looking back at it now, I almost find it hard to believe that they kept up with the Chupacabra theme all series, but I guess they’ve been fairly consistent with all their running jokes. In any case, next week is the final episode, and I’m hoping the show ends on a high note (but I’m not gonna hold my breath).


  1. I second that motion!!!!!
    Looks like they haven’t gotten rid of the darkness just yet….
    and Setsuna was surprised too(the other being me) that there was really in fact, a chupacabra in the series.

  2. No idea if there’s anothetr group. I remember the case of Simoun where a fansub group was founded (it’s name Simoun Fans) and they subbed the series completely!
    Maybe something like that will happen with Negima as well.
    I still hope that Mahora will continue their work soon.

  3. “-Asuna finally got a Chupacabra!”

    but why would someone want a goat-sucker as a pet? *points at the wikipedia entry* they’re not exactly friendly. o-o maybe I missed one of the running jokes though….

  4. did anyone notice that the outfit that chisame is cosplaying looks exactly like the black winter uniforms worn in Otome wa Boku ni Koishiteru except that there’s frills for the shoulder instead?

  5. Oh sure Hudson. That way you wouldn’t even be here in this part of the website. You are freakingly hopeless in terms of common sense. The series is about to end and you are still on with this false crusade of yours. I am very sorry for you.
    Anyway at least it is about to end. And the chupacabra is sooo cute.

  6. think low budget do-rama with 30+ japanese girls fresh out of acting school and an asian teen trying to act Welsh. Imagine a teen trying to pull off an impression of Eva. Imagine low-budget special effects and CGI. Imagine having a plotline so thin …. o whatever 🙂

    Lets just say I’m setting my expectations to “1” on a scale of 0-11.


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