As he works on his bike, Rivalz finds out that Suzaku got to know Lelouch a long time ago when Lelouch visited for a summer. Rivalz remarks that this is his first time with someone who knew Lelouch in his childhood since Lelouch doesn’t personally talk about it. Suzaku then recognizes Rivalz’s bike and recalls that he met someone with one when he was working in maintenance and washing cars before he joined the military. Rivalz figures out that it was a female and guesses that it was Suzaku’s sister or mother, but Suzaku explains that he doesn’t have a family and that this person he was indebted to has also… When Rivalz realizes that he hit on a bad subject, Suzaku tells him not to worry. Rivalz then asks about Suzaku’s home, so Suzaku reveals that he has none and is renting a room nearby courtesy of the military unit he works with. Hearing this, Rivalz suggests the school dormitory and offers his own room because he doesn’t have a roommate. Suzaku, however, cites his work and says that he chose to enter the army. Still, he thanks Rivalz.

Inside the Lancelot’s hanger, Lloyd is hard at work while humming to himself when Cecile comes to tell him of some documents he has to get together. Lloyd thinks that she should know his way of doing things after they’ve been together for so long since their university laboratory days. He gets her flustered by saying that she really likes research, but that is because she initially misinterprets his phrase to mean that she really likes him. Suzaku then shows up and reports for duty, but Cecile feels that he should say taidaima when he comes in. She insists that rank and nobility should be disregarded here, and since Lloyd doesn’t disapprove, she tells Suzaku to say it as if he were coming home because this place is like their home. Suzaku then says taidaima like he thinks she wants him to, but Cecile instructs him to say it louder and with more feeling, so he says it again. Cecile tries to respond with a welcome home, but Lloyd cuts her off so that he can say it first.

This picture drama centers around Suzaku’s lack of real family now and how Cecile and Lloyd are like his surrogate parents. I’m not the biggest Suzaku fan, but I really like both Lloyd and Cecile and hope that neither will die in the series itself. The funniest part of this was by and far Lloyd’s humming through the credits. It just captures his whimsical character so well.


  1. Yay, first one…I hope
    I wonder why Lloyd is yelling. Is he in pain or just yelling for the hell of it?
    I can’t wait to download this episode(can’t miss Lloyd’s humming solo.XD )

  2. i dont mind the picture drama series either, its like a nice, different way of presenting the material..kinda like japanese kami-oshibai for kids, if you know what i mean lol.

    altho the bath scene one was a bit much even for me >.>/

  3. I like the picture dramas too. Very fond of the first one since it told of the kiddies meeting. And now we have some Ceceile, Lloyd and Suzaku interaction. Dunno, but I’m very fond of those three. And some Rival scenes? Good for him. He always gets the bumbling 10 second screen time in the series.

  4. “FTP… I don’t know why they make these picture drama kinda things…”

    They give background stroy to the overall serie. The first one, for example, showed that Suzuka was a brat as a child, the second revealed the past history between Nina and Milly’s families. This one introduced a mystery as to the identity of the woman whom Suzuka met before he joined the military.

  5. @psychohare-lloyd has quite a following amongst japanese fans of the because of his quirky scientist persona. altho i would like to have see screentime “footage” (in the anime episode itself, not the extras/magazines) that kaguya was part of lelouch and suzaku’s childhood. >.>


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