With Euphemia calling for the deaths of all Japanese, Zero mobilizes the Black Knights. Led by the Crimson Lotus and Toudou’s Gekka, the Black Knight forces have no problem taking out the Britannian Knightmares and are even cheered on by the Japanese population. Kallen stops a particular Gloucester that is shooting at people and is surprised to find out that Euphemia is its pilot. Euphemia recognizes Kallen’s voice as the person from the island, but before Kallen can do anything, Zero arrives on the Gawain to stop her. After Gawain’s finger weapons shred the Gloucester so that only the cockpit remains, Euphemia emerges from the wreck with killing still on her mind. She grabs a gun and starts shooting at the Gawain, but soon runs out of ammunition. While she’s looking for more and reloading, Lelouch puts on his helmet and goes out to face her. At that moment, Suzaku is searching for Euphemia in the chaos and finally catches sight of her, but he then sees Zero pull the trigger and shoots her. As she falls to the ground, Euphemia questions in her mind why Lelouch did that. Lelouch, on the other hand, says goodbye to her and also admits that she was probably his first love. The sight of this enrages Suzaku so much that he charges the Lancelot towards them, is able to avoid all of C.C.’s Gawain cannon fire, and kicks the Gawain onto the ground. Then, in one swoop, the Lancelot grabs Euphemia’s body, knocks the Crimson Lotus down, and flies up towards the just-arrived Avalon. With blood all over him, Suzaku takes Euphemia onboard the ship and asks Cecile and Lloyd to please save her.

Lounging in Diethard’s control room, Laksharta listens to the man talking about how he’ll show this footage after some editing to the whole world through the Internet. Diethard feels that it’ll be easy for people to understand which is justice. This causes Laksharta to comment on how he really doesn’t have any feelings of loyalty towards Britannia. Diethard doesn’t want to serve a Britannia that he considers a finished subject matter, and he then questions why Laksharta is helping the Black Knights. She explains that she only wanted data, but she would feel bad abandoning them and finds Zero an interesting man. Back onboard the Avalon, the outlook doesn’t look great for Euphemia. When she wakes up, Cecile and Lloyd give Suzaku some time to talk with her alone, and the first thing he asks is why she gave those orders. Euphemia doesn’t seem to know what he’s talking about and her eyes instead light up red again as she identifies him as Japanese. She struggles with the control GEASS has over her and eventually opens her eyes again to ask what happened with the ceremony and Japan. It is at this point that Suzaku realizes that she doesn’t remember anything. Euphemia asks if the Japanese people are happy, not knowing that at that very moment, they are cursing her name as Zero gives a speech about how Euphemia is a symbol of Britannian hypocrisy. Zero continues on to declare independence from Britannia, but he’s not going to be reviving the old Japan. Instead, he’s creating a new Japan where all races, histories, and principles are accepted and where the strong won’t oppress the weak. The name of this country is the United States of Japan.

Euphemia then asks Suzaku if she did well, and, unable to tell her the truth, he instead says that it was a huge success and that everyone was very pleased. She is glad to hear this, but then she comments on how it’s strange that she can’t see Suzaku’s face. Realizing what’s happening, Suzaku grasps her hand tightly, and when she talks about going to school, he tearfully says that they can still go to Ashford together where there is happy student council. With tears in her eyes too, Euphemia starts to say that she was happy to have met him, but she stops short of finishing, and the nearby heart monitor flatlines. Meanwhile, in the aftermath of his speech, Zero returns to a room where C.C. is waiting. She asks him if he intends to attack the Tokyo Settlement and he confirms that he does because this is their best chance. Taking off his helmet, he looks away so that his perma-GEASS left eye isn’t facing her, but she informs him that it has no effect on her. Lelouch then gets a phone call from Nunnally wanting to see Euphemia again because Milly had said that they could redo the school festival that got interrupted. Nunnally doesn’t know what happened with Euphemia because the radio broadcast had ended, and Lelouch doesn’t tell her. He instead says that he’ll return tomorrow, and they can discuss it then. After he hangs up, C.C. asks Lelouch if anything else changed aside from him not being able to switch on and off his GEASS. Lelouch reveals that Euphemia tried to resist the GEASS order, so he thought that its power might have diminished. However, he reasons that it was probably to be expected since it was not an allowable thing for her. Hearing this, C.C.walks over and holds him in her arms, saying that they contracted, so only she will stand by him.

With the Zero’s forces growing to over tens of thousands strong as they approach Tokyo, the Britannian military officers are worried, but Guilford refuses to move without Cornelia’s orders. It seems that she has shut herself in Euphemia’s room, shocked at what happened, though it’s a quiet kind of shocked unlike Nina over at Ashford Academy. Onboard the Black Knights’ commandeered command vessel, C.C. is talking to someone again even though she’s alone in the hallway. This time, she talks about how happy she is and how she had forgotten how to be kind. She then identifies the person she’s talking to: Marianne. Ougi is meanwhile on the phone with Villetta, but since he doesn’t know her real identity, he calls her Chigusa and tells her that he has something important to tell her when he gets home. She’s really happy because this is the first time he’s called her by that name, and she says that she’ll be waiting for him. However, a group of men then break down the door and accuse her of being a spy. At Ashford, Rivalz, Nunnally, and Shirley are listening to the news broadcast, and it causes Nunnally to wonder if this place will become a battlefield too. Rivalz tries to reassure her by saying that Cornelia’s forces are here and then changes the subject to how Lelouch hasn’t come back yet. Shirley is surprised to hear that name, and Rivalz uses the chance to tell her to call him Lelou and to reconcile with him. Shirley, however, didn’t realize that she called Lelouch by that name. Milly has actually gone to tell Nina to come back to the school because the rebels are approaching Tokyo. Saying that she knows Zero is coming, Nina continues working on the Ganymede from the festival and vows to avenge Euphemia.

As he keeps vigil over Euphemia’s body onboard the Avalon, Suzaku questions why she did those things. Suddenly, a voice volunteers to tell him why, and Suzaku turns around to find a young, long-haired boy standing behind him. This boy knows who Suzaku is and identifies himself as V.V. Down in the city below, Cornelia has finally got herself back together and is giving out orders again. Zero is at that moment telling his men that defeating Cornelia will win this for them. After ordering the army to stand by in accordance to the strategic plan, he leaves command of this vessel to Diethard. As he heads to exit the bridge, Zero runs into Kaguya, and she immediately starts talking about how glad she is to have made it in time. Kaguya explains that she’s been his fan ever since his debut, and she came so that she could see her husband fight. She feels that Zero will need a wife sooner or later if he wins this battle because he’ll need someone to compensate in the circumstance that he can’t show his face. Kaguya also thinks that he’ll win because she’s the goddess of victory. Zero, however, tells her that he’s already contracted to the devil – it’s already too late for him to get along with a god. Around this time, in General Bartley’s laboratory, Jeremiah’s capsule suddenly bursts from a rise in internal pressure. With his body half covered in metal, Jeremiah gets on his feet and greets everyone good morning.

Flying out in the Gawain, Zero introduces himself to the Britannia side and intends to start at midnight (which is less than 3 minutes away). C.C. tells him that they can still go back because as things stand, it won’t just be Area 11 – the entire world will get stained with Lelouch’s battle. Lelouch says that he understands and starts to explain, but he gets interrupted by his cell phone ringing. He is shocked to see that Euphemia is calling, but it turns out just to be Suzaku using her phone. Suzaku starts by asking if Lelouch is at school, and Lelouch truthfully replies that he’s not, though he says that he’ll be going back soon. The reason Suzaku is calling is because he doesn’t want Lelouch and the others to look up into the sky. He then asks if Lelouch has someone he hates so much that he wants to kill, and Lelouch admits that he does. Suzaku explains his feelings about how not fighting according to the rules amounts to just murder, but he admits to being controlled by hatred now. He is going to fight to try to kill someone, so he’s going to murder in the skies above Tokyo where everyone is. Knowing that Suzaku is filled with hatred because of Euphemia’s death, Lelouch tells him that it’s okay. Lelouch also admits that he’s already personally decided not to turn around, and Suzaku figures out that it’s for Nunnally’s sake. With midnight rapidly approaching, Lelouch tells Suzaku that they’re friends, and Suzaku confirms that they’ve always been friends since seven years ago. The two hang up the phone at almost exactly midnight, and at that very moment, the ground under the Tokyo settlement collapses.

Starting to laugh, Lelouch says that his hands are already dirty, so he doesn’t care if he has to face Suzaku. In fact, he welcomes it because they are friends. As the buildings of Tokyo are falling in front of him, Lelouch says that destruction is necessary before creation. He thinks that it’s okay to get rid of your heart if it gets in the way and feels that he can’t do anything but move forward now.


Well, I thought that this was probably one of, if not THE, best episode so far (I’ve probably said that before, but that’s how good this show keeps being). It’s that mix of action and near-constant twists and turns that kept me excited through the entire episode.

As expected, Euphemia died, and she was indeed killed by Lelouch as some of the spoilers had previously said. I actually half thought that she would suddenly try to choke Suzaku or something when he was at her bedside because he was Japanese, but it was instead a very touching scene since Suzaku let her die thinking that the Japanese were happy. I liked the song they played there, and I felt really sad when she died. They did a great job contrasting that scene with Zero’s speech and the crowd chanting.

Suzaku of course took her death rather hard, and V.V. (who is male if there were any doubts) appeared in the perfect moment to take advantage of him. It’s not clear what V.V. revealed to Suzaku, but I got the distinct feeling that Suzaku knew who Lelouch really was by the time he called Lelouch before the destruction in Tokyo began. There was something very creepy and cold about the way Suzaku asked if Lelouch was at school, and there’s also the fact that Suzaku chose to use Euphemia’s phone. The rest of the conversation didn’t quite seem to reflect Suzaku knowing, but maybe Suzaku just wasn’t letting on.

And then there’s the subject of C.C. communicating with Marianne. Theoretically, either Marianne is alive or C.C. and people like her can talk with the dead. The latter seems more plausible because, as many people have pointed out, the Emperor back in the very beginning of episode six mentioned that he had talked to Clovis even though Clovis was already dead by that point. That being said, I can only imagine how Lelouch would react if Marianne were indeed alive (or if he could just see her again in some way).

There’s a lot of miscellaneous character highlights this episode too, all of which will carry over to the next episodes. First, it seems pretty evident that Nina is going to try to join the battle in some way using a modified Ganymede to avenge Euphemia. The question is if she’s going to use her nuclear/Uranium-235 knowledge. She’s not very emotionally stable, so anything could happen. Then there’s Villetta, who it looks like is going to be the victim of an angry mob. I doubt she’s going to die, but this may lead to her getting her memory back in some way.

Kaguya meanwhile was almost sickingly cute. I say almost because I do like her character. I hadn’t realized how small she was until she was standing right next to Zero. She’s got to play a bigger role than just being the girl who wants to be Zero’s wife, but it’s unclear to me what that will be. And finally, there’s Jeremiah. He has now more or less been activated, so I expect to see him fairly soon. I assume he’ll return to the battlefield in some more-powerful-than-before form, but I also think that he’ll have to be involved with Villetta again somehow.

Now that episode 23 is over, the wait begins. The preview at the end of this episode wasn’t really a preview, but rather a notice that confirmed that episodes 24 and 25 won’t be airing until sometime during the summer. It was basically what had been revealed earlier on the MBS GEASS site. I’m looking forward to an epic conclusion and am hoping that episodes 24 and 25 don’t end in a huge cliffhanger for the second series. We’ll have to wait and find out…


  1. OH.DAMN. I had a ominous feeling from the title of the last ep and the title of this one, but to think this happened……Damn. I’m sad, but excited at the same time, so many things are coming at you in this ep alone, makes me wonder and fear how they’ll top it next season.

  2. Now Nina will have to fap to pics of CC like the rest of us.

    Sad though, I miss Euphie already. She was definitely the sweetest of the lot (well maybe tied with Nunally).

  3. I kinda wonder, though. Couldn’t Zero have just shot Euphie without killing her? That could’ve probably stopped the Geass order.

    Very sad episode, but it looks really good. I feel sad for Euphie. 🙁

  4. He could’ve, definitely, but do you think Euphie could live with herself knowing she issued such order? Because even if they lied to her I’m sure she would’ve eventually found out, not to mention that the order probably would’ve triggered whenever she encountered random Japanese people.

  5. dammit, i thought euffie deserved a more epic death. That was more like a shuffle through the side door…

    But now just about every action Lelouch does now merely confirms what Suzaku was saying in the beginning of the series. That the right result obtained by the wrong methods is still wrong. methinks Lelouch will self-destruct and lose everything by the end of this.

  6. btw, seems like episode 24 and 25 will be a big blast. orange kun is back, nina will ride on the ganymede, and not to mention all star(cornellia, etc) attack on the decisive tokyo battle. >.

  7. It’s good that euphemia died (i personally didn’t like her because she was all about flowers, birds, and butterflies that kinda stuff) in the course of executing the genocide order provided by your’s truly, Lelouch. This allows the Black Knights to have the best excuse to take over Tokyo and possibly kick out Britannia which will set the stage for war on a larger scale against the Britannia empire.

    P.S. I pity tablefap-chan and I also hope Suzaku dies.

  8. This episode looks interesting. This is why Code Geass is good…no stereotypical good triumphing over evil… rather, people are twisted to do all sorts of things. Perhaps V.V. would try to add oil to fire by telling Suzaku everything and then giving Suzaku a geass power to fight Lelouch.

    Lelouch probably had to kill Euphemia anyhow…if she was stopped and awoke, she would have told others what happened, and then everyone would know Lelouch is Zero and etc. But Euphemia’s character is a very common character in many literary works, i.e., a “foolish/naive” character pays for his/her “sins” by death (I used quotes because its all relative).

    Judging from the screencaps it looks like the geass is controlling Lelouch?

    Why the heck does is 23 and 24 airing in summer?!

  9. @whatever – when good people start dying like that as well, pretty much everyone knows what is right and wrong. Now that Lelouch killed a loved one, there’s nothing to stop him from doing just about anything b/c everything will pale in comparison.

    That was just a bad way for Euphie to go. Very few people deserve to die like that. But in the screenshot of Lelouch’s phone, it says Euphemia but Suzaku is using it right? Did V.V. tell him that Zero is Lelouch? Does Suzaku know and wants to talk to his friend one last time before he has to kill him? It’s quite symbolic to be talking to the killer on the victim’s cellphone.

  10. wow that was intense
    i think suzaku might actually kill zero even knowing it is lelouch after this
    now it is most likey that lelouch is gonna be dead at the end of this series
    and on a different note i read somewhere that V.V is a guy not sure if that is true or not

  11. ahhh ..too much drama !!
    Nina is one of the ugliest characters Iv’e seen!with no siginficane what so ever!! what exactly dos she want ?! her “goddess” was randomly killing innocet people and she is shock when she is put down ?! I hate that she will be an eyesore in the rest of the story =_=
    and why the hell dos v.v. look like a girl?!

    1. She obviously knows ‘her goddess’ well enough to understand on some level that Euphie is not the kind to do something this horrible. So yes, she is shocked and is right to be

  12. Denizen, I don’t see Euphie as being simply naive b/c when she set up the SAR she knew she would have to pay a price and chose to give up her rights to the throne to make sure it was accepted. It was also a way to keep Nunally safe. It would have succeeded if it weren’t for Lelouch’s Geass. She is more of an idealist character trying to stand out behind powerful figures like her sister and make her own way in life. In the end it was not meant to be, but there was no sin she had to pay for.

  13. I was right! I was right! I was right! I was right! I was right! I was right! I was right! Zero shoot Euphy and dammit THAT’S lot of blood AND for the people watching this… Lelouch sure got that sof side of his….. wow Suza might now know what happened and V.V. (I always knew he was a male….) might turn this scene to make Suza believe that LELOUCH ACTUALLY DID IT CONSCIOUSLY big problems ahead darn it! NOW I HAVE 2 WAIT TILL AUGUST 2 FIND OUT! 🙁

  14. @jounin: She is naive because she believed people would accept the SAR. And Euphemia giving up her claim to the throne reaffirms that she believes in the success of the SAR despite not maintaining control over it herself.

  15. @Juvinyled
    The telephone Convo between lelouch and suzaku pretty much implies that, since it goes like:
    Show Spoiler ▼

    If THAT doesn’t imply the fact, the no one does :E

  16. Okay….Nina just looks totally insane….
    Aww…Yuffie ends up dying…
    I wonder if V.V. will tell Suzaku Zero is Lelouch….I don’t know if he knows but he talks with C.C., so I wonder…
    Kaguya is SOOO cute~!! Hehe, and she wants to marry Lulu?…Kawai~! Though, I still think Lulu X C.C. is best~!
    Well…which does Suzaku love more…his girl? Or his guy? LoL~!
    Aww….summer?!?!?! That long?!?!? This is killing me~!!!

    1. She was a huge letdown for me, sorry to say. I always found her intriguing from her appearance in the first OP and I guess I built up too much expectation… she’s just another basic cutesy shortie with a meaningless crush on Zero. But I guess I just don’t understand the appeal of characters like Mei Chang on FMA. They’re really distracting

  17. I can’t believe Euphemia died…. she was by far one of THE sweetest characters… with the exception of nunally… I thought there could have been much between Euphemia and Suzaku too… dang. That’s pretty jacked. And what the crap. I’m kinda gettin annoyed with C.C. I initially liked her, but I feel like she’s hiding some MAJOR sinister secret and jacking everyone with her stupid GEASS power crap. Dang… and she gets no screen time (aka very minimal) and so I have no idea what the heck she’s about. I don’t think I’m diggin her anymore. I no longer believe that the relationship between Lelouch and C.C. can be romantic either. Where is Shirley?! I didn’t like Shirley in the beginning… but now I think I’m starting to like her character and the possibility of something between her and Lelouch. (: I’m switchin sides here and there. C.C.’s character development be good and start happening fast.

    Whoa that was long. (:

  18. @Sinless – Haha, if that’s how you want to see it~!

    And wow…now I really think that Suzaku knows…but…I wonder if he does know will he tell Britanians…Cornelia and such….and Cornelia also will resent Lulu when she finds out he is Lulu, though it did say that she liked him as a sibbling…now…it’s revenge for dear naive yuffie….that died…TT_TT

  19. I has turned out like Death Note were the protagonist becomes evil. Lelouch was only concerned about pride and victory. He wasn’t a man at the end. I mean how can he even kill his own first crush.

  20. the reason of ep 24&25 obviously is caused by a combination of 2nd season, and scriptwriters going insane from not knowing what to make up next. Think they had to rewrite huge parts of the script really quickly, and now are struggling to make a decent ending out of this mess.
    code geass is a huge mess, but an incredibly entertaining mess.
    classic sunrise.
    ending will prolly be like:suzaku will find out zero’s identity, and flips on lelouch, only to do something that would make yaoi lovers nose bleed to death. cue season 2.

  21. But that conversation could likely go the other way as well. Suzaku could have been asking for forgiveness since he hasn’t DESIRED to kill someone himself before. It’s essentially repentance before committing sin.

    Everything in the episode does somehow indicate that Suzaku knows, but nothing confirms it for sure.

  22. Nya No…. Euphi’s dead.. NO matter how anticipated it was… it’s just so….. schocking…..

    I was never a big fan of euphi that’s for sure… given under the impression of her being another lacus clyne… a perfect “goody-goody”… I guess going through all the plot twists in code geass finally made me realize that she was not another lacus Clyne after all/ RIP Euphi-chan

    Nina is a retarded dumbass Who’s not even worthy to starr in code geass -_-…..
    And i dont’ say that often about things

    on a more… random note… Doesn’t it seem that Euphi’s dress is sliding off.. i mean look at the first few scenes and than when suzaku was carrying her…. is this fanservice i see ? o.0

    Vitsu’s a Dude? wow… i sure been living in a turtle… i mean he looks better than Citsu o.0….. I’ms till confused… OMNI’s review show that Suza-kun and Lulu are still friends and that Suza-kun doesn’t know that Lulu’s Zero whil the comments show diffrently o.0

    Can’t wait till summer….. good thing is that time passes by fast :D…… Nore more pizza hut supporting the rebellion till than i guess

    BTW on a more a”shoujo”-esque note.. now that Euphie’s dead do you think that kallen-chan will go with Suza-kun?.. I mean they have the entire Asucaga vibes around them o.0.

  23. Actually, from what I gleaned from my audio translation, Suzaku doesn’t know that Lelouch is Zero yet. He actually told Lelouch to tell everybody at school (Lelouch just said that he was coming back to school soon) “not to look at the skies”.

    So it’s most likely that he doesn’t know (at the very least) that Lelouch will be in the battlefield that he’s going into.

    If anything, it seems like V.V. only told Suzaku that Euphemia was geassed by Zero for Suzaku to be so calm while talking to Lelouch on Euphemia’s cellphone. And Suzaku is too hot-headed to be that calm if he knew who Zero really was, I would think.

  24. Wow, that was awesome!!!!!!!! Especially how the episode ended with Lelouch giving the same speech he did at the end of episode one ending with the “Dakara…” then Mosaic Kakera coming on :DDDDDDDDD And according to someone on the Code Geass LJ community, episode 24 + 25 will be immediately followed by season 2 in summer (I don’t know where this info comes from, but the person said it was an official announcement, so take this news with a grain of salt…)

  25. @Mao: It seems like Euphie’s dress is torn. ^^

    Nina’s face absolutely scares me. I hate her so much. Cornelia looks so devastated. Dude, you could see the outlines of teeth very well this time. XD

    And that shot of Kaguya is by far very adorable!

  26. 264 post last episode, will this episode top it? 70+ in only a few hours. Omni, do you know was the largest number of posts for an episode and what episode was it?

    To make this a credible post, from a translation of Lelouch and Suzaku’s conversation, I think Suzaku knows. You don’t ask some of the questions Suzaku asked and you don’t use Euphie’s phone unless you know. Suzaku also has to know that Euphie and Lelouch were siblings, so this makes it even more senseless in Suzaku’s mind and I’m surprised he was so calm. He’s probably in shock over the whole thing.

  27. btw, what ever happens, either suzaku knows or not, etc. Lelouch is well not destined to win kind of. Let’s say he does defeat britannian, he can’t still show his face, especially to the eleven.>..

  28. Lelouch method is not wrong. IN fact, that is the right method to do things against an implacable foe. That was how America and most of Europe was founded, and that is also how American won the civil war. Not with chivalry’s, but by being brutal and merciless. Arm conflict have always solved more of the world problems then talking ever did.

    Suzaku method is wrong, killing one own people in order to try and change it from the inside. We call those type of people collaborators.

  29. *looks at those last two screenshots of Lelouch*

    Oh man, please don’t tell me they’re going to make Lelouch evil. I mean, look at his face in those last shots. Seriously, it’ll be a /huge/ letdown if he just degrades into an end-of-Death note Light Yagami or Shinn Asuka. >.>

    Otherise, major “WTF??!!”, in a good way ^^, at the rest of the episode. I honestly didn’t expect them to kill off Euphie, so that was a huge surprise. But good or evil, there really wasn’t much else that Lelouch/Zero could have done. However, I expect this event to be a big clue for Suzaku to find out about Lelouch’s Geass.

  30. If he can shot someone like Euphie, he can definitely chop off Suzaku’s head. Lelouch should have killed Suzaku in the first place, now he is forced to kill his first love. That’s a LOT worse! Even if Lelouch survives at the end of this, he still would have to atone for his sins by committing suicide.

  31. United States of Japan?! 😐 LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    That’s rich, Japan is the United States now eh, how’s that for tooting your own horn. If history tells us anything, the victor is the one who decides what was right and wrong, because right always wins. So if Lulu wins, which he probably will, then his path was the right path.

  32. Watched the episode.. This is my summary..

    – Kallen met with Euphie in KMF. They recognized each other after being called “Doll Princess”. However before Kallen can finished her business, Zero and CC appears.

    – Gawain has another weapon other than the cannon, its cutter finger. This incapacitate Euphie’s KMF in one shot.

    – Zero get off his KMF and shot Euphie, Susaku who just got there in his Lancelot withness the scene and go berserk. He actually dodge several shots of Gawains Cannon and able to off balance Gawain too. Given that CC is piloting alone, Susaku isn’t doing so bad.

    – Bang!
    “huh….Why… Luluche..”
    “Good bye Euphie, probably… you are my first love”

    – Dielhard and Raksha conversation about what would they do next. Diethard is as weird as ever and Raksha don’t really care, she just want the data.

    – Kirihara suggests that Zero should join them. However Zero rejected and said it is the other way round, they will be the one joining him! He will not accept a rejection. Their way of survival has comes to this.

    – NANA!! THE BERSERK. Cornalia the shock!

    – Susaku on Euphie bed side. The geass effect is still there however Euphie is able to suppress her feeling of hatred towards Susaku as Eleven. She asks Susaku whether if the special zone area went well. “Are the Japanses happy?”. Aww…. this is so sad…. Susaku has to say Yes… The scene is very moving.

    – Zero nails all the blame at Euphie and link her to Britania as the whole. He is able to gain support from all the japanese population. Now he is ready for war!

    – Zero declare his dream. United State of Japan. The place where race, occupation blah blah blah doesn’t matter.

    – Lulu seems to understand that as long as he bear geass he would be separate with other people. Nanaly calls him asking whether if its possible for them to go to school festival with Euphie this time…. aww… (yes, Millen is making another one!! she is not giving up).

    – CC: “We made a contract…. I will stay by your side.” She embrace Lulu who was about to cry. aww Lulu x CC officially won. Should we close the romance trend now?

    – CC: “No… thats not the case. I am actually happy.”
    – Marianne: “”
    – CC: “Ahh… seems I did forget how to be kind, Marianne..”

    – Vielta was attacked by Britania haters. What will happen to her!? May be her memory will just got back and kick their ass!

    – Shirley has no idea that she used to call Luluche “lulu” before.

    – Nina is working on the robot in the festival.
    “I know… Zero is coming right? Wait a bit Euphamia-sama, I will avenge for you!” She is fired…. Zero bewared, she might screw your plan.

    – VV (yes, he is a boy), shows up and tell “something” to Susaku. Most likely about Geass and Lulu.

    – Kakuya!!! damit she is freaking CUTE!
    “ahh.. how mean of you. You are going to just hurry and leave me behind? I am always your fan you know, since the beginning…. she said a lot of other cute stuffs, I am just lazy to translate. One of them is having her as a victory reward. They will win because I am “Angel of Victory” she said lol

    – Zero rejects her saying that he already made a pact with a devil (camera zooms to CC). It is too late to be friendly with a god. He and CC exits.

    – Orange went out of control, the testube break… and he is awaken… “Good morning” he said.

    – Susaku calls Lulu from Euphie’s phone. This is the conversation… translated by me, so appologize if there are minor errors
    S: Luluche? Its me.
    L: Susaku? What is it, at this time of day.
    S: Luluche, are you at school rightnow?
    L: No, but I will be back soon.
    S: I see. Then tell everyone this for me…
    L: What is it then this time?
    S: Sky..Don’t look up at the sky.
    L: eh?
    S: Luluche, do you have a person who you hate so much you want to kill?
    L: …ah, I have.
    S: I have always thought that that kind of thinking is not good. If you ignores all the rules in a flight, then it just becomes a murder. But now…I am being consume (lead) by hatred. I am fighting to kill people. On the sky of Tokyo that everyone is living in, I am….that’s why…
    L: It is ok to hate. It is for Euphie. And I have decided. I will not turn back.
    S: Is it for Nannaly?
    L: Ah. It is about time, I will cut the call.
    S: Thank you Luluche.
    L: Don’t worry about it, we are friend after right?
    S: From 7 years ago, always.
    L: Ah, later.
    S: yeah, later.

    I think its pretty clear that SUsaku know that Zero == Lulu. But the translation is up there. decide for yourself.

    – “Yes, before a rebirth. There must be a destruction”, Zero is bombing the whole tokyo settlement….. “I might be what I have always wanted from that day.”

  33. ZOMG!! Look at Nina’s face!!! D:

    Yaaay! C.C.xLulu-ness! Only she can stand beside him. And Nunally, if she could stand. But she’s pretty much safe from the Geass, seeing how she… can’t see…

    Oh, and V.V., don’t you DARE give Suzaku any Geass. He doesn’t need it, he already has his abnormal reflexes and freakish ability to outrun a machine gun. He doesn’t deserve Geass, he’s the hero-complex idiot who usually stars mechas, he doesn’t need any extra cushioning.

    OMG! Little Japanese princess girl is finally getting invovled in stuff! Yayz! But what’s up with evil-looking Lulu laughing at the end? ;_; -waits impatiently for RAW to download-

    Magical Poof
  34. Hmmm, actually I suppose Suzaku might know that Lelouch is Zero. It all depends on what and how much V.V. told him in the earlier scene. Although if Suzaku knew Lelouch was Zero, I would have expected more ferocity from Suzaku towards Lelouch in the phone call.

  35. Suzaku should have guessed it already: Zero = Lulu. He saw CC with Zero. If VV explains CC and Geass presence to Suzaku, Suzaku would have figure the missing link.
    CC – Lulu – Zero.

    Lulu was not careful enough on the phone conversion!!! Suzaku mention he is troubled: he wants to kill someone. Lulu reply by saying it is ok to hate people; you are doing it for Euphie, right?
    1.Why did lulu mention about Euphie???
    2.Euphie death should not have been disclosed to the public.
    3.Even as Euphie’s knight, he would not resort to kill people by hatred.

    Although Suzaku is a fool, he is not dumb at all…

  36. *SIGH* Guess Lelouch have no choice but to kill Euphie. That’s most probably the only way to stop her but I can see Lelouch having to live with the guilt of killing his own ‘sister’. Its natural to see Suzaku get so mad and all but…*BIG SIGH*… if only the power of GEASS is able to bring dead people back to live.

  37. I defenetly say Suzaku knows, its not just what was said but what he was doing… during the conversation he was clenching his knight insignia out of anger (probably trying to hold it all back) and the fact he used Eupies phone.. come on the love of your life just died and you use her cell phone… no way. It was Suzakus way of stiring up Lelouh… the “I know what you did” and the hole conversation was a final farewell.

    And how can you ask if Lelouch isnt evil yet? I’d say its dam obvious hes not even fighting to restore Japan anymore… a multi cultural state? thats not what they wanted that is not going to restore their Japanese individuality. Even then to continue to make sure that Nunalies “Perfect World” will stay that way you know hes going to have to be the Emperor / President to make sure its done correctly… so hes just a dictator now. Mind you Lelouch has done probably the most obvious mistake, he hasn’t even asked her if this is the world she wants, and I’m prety sure she doesn’t want one that built on countless lives, a huge freeking lie, and a masacre her own brother is responsible for.

    I really feal bad for all the Japanese and the Black Knights in this episode them cheering Zero on and denouncing the Britians for Euphies masacre wile in reality they should be hanging Lelouch up by his toes and using him for target practice. I hope at some point they find out the truth. At this point Zero / Lelouch is worse then anything the Britians have done.. even Clovis. Its true that it was a mistake but look at how hes using it.. thats completely wrong.

    I find it strange that no one kind of remembers how Euphie met with Zero just before she went on her rampage. Here we have the kindest person most people know and after her talk with the rebel leader goes completely on a killing spree… how much does it take to add 2 and 2 together?

  38. Well, it is mentioned that use of the Geass drives the user insane (Mao anyone?)

    So coupling that with killing his own Sister might have driven him over the edge?

    (Speculation ftw)

  39. Why else would Lelouch not mention Euphemia’s name? Suzaku had already confessed that he was going to kill someone. He has no other reason to kill anyone and he’s never previously had a desire to do so.
    Who of anyone would not have known what happened to Euphemia? It was broadcasted GLOBALLY. Regardless of whether her death was released to the public or not, her actions are widely known, and he could probably assume that Euphemia had conducted strangely because she was under some influence.

  40. well done lelouch, kill his own sister. Just to relieve her pain. He did the tight thing. How will euphie live for the rest of her live, after realising that she killed so many people..

  41. That’s it. This has definitely has become my most fav anime ever. This is the first time that an anime has moved me so much that I seriously wanted to cry. The relationships in this series are so tragic. Euphie, Suzaku, and Lulu all basically love each other but one accident made the world go strait to hell. I’m in the group that Suzaku knows Lulu=Zero so the phone conversation between the two was so moving. It’s starting to become more like a Athurn and Kira conflict but way more moving. I donno why but the Lulu Suzaku friendship felt alot more deep than Athrun and Kira. Maybe it’s because I feel that Lulu and Suzaku’s resolve are definate than wishy washy.

  42. I cried a lot, but I smiled too. Too much exciting, impossible to hold on everything.
    And I thought Euphie would be killed by Suzaku’s hands, not by Lelouch’s. Hope Japanese Summer pasts quickly!

  43. Okay so since this show is now clearly using little bits from historical rebellions I think it’s safe to say that Lelouch = Napoleon. Both great military leaders and instill stability and purpose in revolutions that weren’t going anywhere before they arrived. And of course the most obvious reason Napoleon is an Emperor which is exactly what Lelouch wants since he is totally planning (assuming he lives long enough) to conquer the Britannian Empire.

    Also about crazy Nina if I am remember right a few eps back she had a conversation with Llyod about Uranium and the process of fission. Now she is working non stop on something in a highly unstable mind set? I’m thinking possible nuclear bomb with legs.

  44. oh boy. v.v., marianne’s connection to C.C….makes me thing shes involved in this somehow ever since her “death”..revenge against the emperor?

    and euphie is definitely dead…talk about destroying the happier times in ep. 1-10 ish. T.T

  45. @TSE. yup VV is a BOY.

    so i guess the torch of “positive bright sunshine” character has now officially passed from euphie to kaguya (who is very short and sounds like shes 13-14 >.>)

  46. Yeah Kaguya really makes the day seem brighter. I wonder if there is going to be something between Lulu and Kaguya since they been living together for a while at the that dojo/shrine place.

  47. After reading the phone convo. though some say Suzaku shouldn’t know since he would act more rash or furious. Think about it…he finds out Lulu = Zero…he freaked out before calling and once calling he settles himself…knowing that it could be true since they’ve always had different views on how to change Brittania. Though, those who said Suzaku doesn’t know could be right too…but if he did know…then that phone convo…was so touching…and sad…TT_TT

  48. Damn it! Yuffie is dead, Yuffie is dead…
    And mroe damn it! Wait three or more months to see the series final… shit

    C.C. is more open to Lelocuh… what will happen now…
    Man, twists like this is what I like

    Syaoran Li
  49. The scene where C.C, in comforting/holding/etc Lulu is just like the situation with Mao. She falls in love with Mao, Mao goes crazy, she kills Mao. Do you guys think this will happen with Lulu?

    A property of the geass seems to be that the geass-ed are best when they are alone with the geass-er. Like Mao was only “sane” when alone with C.C. away from society, it would seem to be the case that Lulu would be “sane” when alone with C.C. away from society.

    Away from society because with the perma-geass, anything Lulu says is done, which although sounds fun, gets dangerous pretty quickly.

  50. well the reason for Mao needing to be alone is because he hears the thoughts of others. Being overwhelmed with everyone’s thoughts and burdened with knowing the “true nature” of people drove him over the edge. The only reason that being alone with CC helped is because he can’t read her thoughts because she is immune to Geass.

  51. I was wondering now… why C.C. can speak with Marianne, that makes that place were the King of Britannia was laughing the last episode some kind of gate between this world and the other one. Remember that scene in the OP where C.C. is sitting near a pool and behind her was that place? Damn it, they left more many questions without answer.

    “United States of Japan”… LOL, so Lelouch will be Republican or Democrat?

    Lelouch sure got rid of his heart after killing one half-brother and one half-sister. He even said that Euphemia was his first love… shoku news for me.

    Well, we’ll have a bunch of series this Spring meanwhile Code Geass takes a long break.

    Syaoran Li
  52. nina is freaky…omg that pose is just sick. and am i the only one who thought she was kinda cool when she was working on the nightmare? although i smell suicide attack and i hate suicidal tendencies, i must admit theres some heroic aspect as well.

  53. damn this ep owned. with that said i just want to address those peeps who are on suzaku’s side and think that lulu should die since he killed his half sister. umm think about it. suzaku killed his father. lol im sure yall are now wanting to talk about all the other people lulu has killed. well suzaku is in the military so i hope yall know he has killed more than his fair share cause there is no way (specially if society is against u) that they would let him on the battle field if he kept from killing anyone.

    next thing. is anyone else disturbed by V.V. its just hard for me to match the voice with everything else lol. so until i see proof i will claim that he is a girl. now that i think about it, he reminds me of a certain musician who,s nose just happens to fall off from time to time.

    todays random thought: although is lulu getting owned by his own geass, C.C. is not to blame cause she is still hot.

  54. Rock on Orange with some brand new components!

    This series will not have a happy ending one way or the other. Too many people had died for it to amount to a happy ending. But I’m loving every bit of it. Lulu, once more, is awesome, while in the center of all this. Suzaku’s finally decided to wake up and smell the roses; I love it when an anti-hero protagonist (Lulu) completely overwhelms and destroys a pro-hero antagonist (Suzaku). Zero may be high and mighty about himself, but his views, IMO, were straight forward and down to earth. Suzaku’s POV was similar to that of a child who believes that the world can change without any sacrifices being made.

  55. I too, got a feeling that Lelouch of the Rebellion will end by the end of episode 25. I smelled the climax. Code Geass season 2 with whatever title hopefully is Suzaku related.

    It is expected that Euphie will die. Poor Euphie. Is V.V. going to aid Suzaku? Then he’ll be on par with Zero with C.C. by his side. Did V.V. revals everything about Lelouch? I won’t be surprised if Suzaku kills his friend for revenge.

  56. Sorry but I didn’t bother checking ALL the comments, so if I repeat something here, forgive me.
    If you go here (if you can read Japanese it helps otherwise have fun playing with Babel Fish):

    You will see that a few stations are airing episode 24 and 25 at a later date but several others will be airing them in April.

  57. Well, I HOPE it doesn’t end Lulu..since I don’t favor Suzaku that probably if the second season is Suzaku ALONE and with other minor characters, I’ll probably not be watching with such anticipation like this~!!
    Also, I REALLY REALLY hope Lulu doesn’t go Light on me, Light was way pathetic coward in the end. But you never know, how he laughed in the end with the evil smirk and how he said Suzakuu to come and fight…yeah….not far from Light, well, Light was ALOT more wierd…evil…lol
    And for some reason, I keep thinking that Suzaku KNOWS Lulu = Zero and that Lulu knows that Suzaku thinks he is and while on the phone just hints him and back up Suzaku accusation to let him know that he (Lulu) is indeed Zero…

  58. To AJ:
    I think those stations are assuming than SUNRISE is joking about the delay for episodes 24 and 25. And let me tell you something, I think is a good idea for them to do this. Why you ask, because after everything that happens until now, they need some time to clear their minds and gave an excellent ending to this first season.

    Well, if you check SUNRISE’s background (especially Gundam Seed), you will see that when an episode is named after a character like episode 25 is called ZERO, that could mean two things: that Lelouch will make a crucial decision or he will die (Zero as a fellow or Lelouch as the person behind the mask). Are we heading another GSD? Only time will tell.

    I felt in love again with C.C. I believe that she deserves some kind of happiness in her life. What is her wish? Will be able Lelouch to grant that wish? Too many questions indeed…

    Clovis, Euphemia… and then…

    Syaoran Li
  59. Anybody else think that Nina will develop nukes and nuke Japan in avenge of Yuffie? Surely seems like an open end (and an ironic twist to history).

    (In case you don’t know, nukes are not developed in Code Geass universe, and it was suggested that Nina was working on it)

  60. @ AJ: hmm..if that is true…im sensing an overload of visitors to biglobe’s online streaming site >.>

    @lyro: it is quite alarming that nuclear weapons are not in the code geass-verse yet..of course, if nina is able to figure it out somehow (and even more likely by the second season), things will get quite horrifying indeed… D:

  61. I have a bad feeling that this series won’t have a happy ending for everyone after the 2nd season, especially for Lelouch. I guess either he will die(with everyone misses him) or go insane(with suzaku taking care of him) at the end.

    Don’t get me wrong, I still liked Lelouch character as ever, but I don’t think he deserves to have a happy ending.

  62. i think Lulu wont just die yet since this is just the turning point of the story and killing him off would be such a bore.. even more so since sunrise just decided that they need till summer for ep24-25 cos they needs to change the script… ^^

  63. i’m guessing that the next season will focus on suzaku trying to get his revenge but soon he and lulu both come to a conclusion that they are both wrong having killed their loved ones for their ‘own justice’.then, they discover the horrible truth behind geass and reason why there was geass that it might have all been fate/destiny in some ancient prophecy(since C.C. said “Or is it because..He is also..” when Suzuku saw her in Garwin)so there must be some force at work…
    or someone was maupliating them like chess pieces maybe the king who laughed as if he knew everthing(since it’s really too coincidential that just when lulu turned to faced euphie that his geass activated)..they finally reconcile and fight against the one behind all this..something like gundam seed.. lol
    it’s so unpredictable since there are so many unknowns..haha

  64. @Genesis

    Sure Suzaku has killed people but never in cold blood, how many times has Suzaku defied orders from killing or finishing off an opponent because killing wasn’t necessary? Suzaku is a very honorable combatant. Lelouch on the other hand has killed with no remorse for strangers and he even sacrificed / murdered his own comrades, in my book Lelouch is scum. You also can’t compare Suzaku from when he killed his father to who he is now, we have no idea what motives he had when he was what 5? For all intense purposes he could have been scared for his own life with his father going on about “There is no retreat, no surrender… we will die trying”. I very much doubt thoughts of saving “Japan” by surrendering even crossed his mind at that age. Your analyzing his actions from then as if he was the Suzaku of now (adult) and I think thats flawed.

    Doesn’t anyone else feel a tad disturbed by Lelouche’s commencing attack? That was a bit to big, thats like droping an atomic bomb on the city, how many inocent people did he kill in that opening attack? lot of sky rise buildings were toppling in those scenes, and even if they were all Britanians, its not like all of them are stuck up snobs that the royalty are.

  65. You can say that Lelouch shows no remorse, but on the other hand, to think that he has no other option to choose other than walking towards the path of destruction lied in front of him(cuz of the Geass) makes him a rather sad character.

    I think if he gets to choose, he had rather chosen a path which has less blood-shed(as in ep22 where he decided to cooperate with Yuffie, where at the end it’s the Geass power which left him no choice but to follow down the path he’s given)

  66. The part where Lelouche admits that Euphemia “was probably his first love” is a bit disturbing. Um, aren’t they brother and sister? It’s one thing when as kids Yuffie and Nunnally were rivals to become Lulu’s wife when they’re grown up (it’s even cute), but this admission when he shoots her just makes it all the more of a Greek tragedy.

    I was sad to see Yuffie go so violently like that but in the end I wasn’t surprised at all that he’d go so far as to kill her and it made perfect sense in Zero’s plan (ever the opportunist). Clovis and Euphemia are dead by his hand, and that just leaves Cornelia and Schniezel (unless the Emperor has more children we don’t know about).

    The writers deliberately left Lulu and Suzaku’s phone conversation open to interpretation just for dramatic effect (damn cliffhangers!). Suzaku keeps saying he’s nothing like Zero but in the end they both have more in common than they’d like to admit (the blood of their respective relatives are on their hands).

  67. Euphie died because Zero wanted to kill her…. Mao didnt die the first time because he didnt tell the officers to kill him, just put him down. Basically he wasnt shot anywhere vital whereas lelouch shot Euphie in a vital spot with no immediate medical care either =P. I think the whole ep24/25 thing is an early april fools if its airing in some places in april. Awesome edit @ Nina, need more! More witty nina monster shots!. Oh yea I dont owe everyone a pizza party woot. I win. Woulda been better if Euphie knew everything and her last words to Suzaku was somthing about trying to resist orders and not being able to or something. Actually I see a gundam seed moment coming when Suzaku goes after Lelouch, Suzaku learning about his geass where Euphie comes to him in a opportune moment nude(like, Stellar and that other wierd red headed chick) with psychadelic colors from th dead to tel lhim Lelouch didnt mean it. Watch! thats my next prediction for this series. If it doesnt come true i’ll walk around with a cheese-kun doll for a week.

  68. @Neco: IT was just me or did Lelouch vomit after kiling Clovis? it was just me or was Lelouch crying while he ordered Euphys death? was it JUST me or was Lelouch really CRYING b/c he killed euphy… and lots of people while at it? Did he not try to stop her? Lelouch may be the calculative ice-boy we all know BUT that doesn’t mean he’s 100% cold-blooded, true sometimes when things do get out of control you HAVE to be cold-bloded and think with emotions aside so that the situation might not get worse… just imagine what would’ve happened if Lelouch went too emotional? one way or another there would me MORE CHAOS, this way things cooled down a bit, and Lelouch kmnows he’ll live with this burden for the rest of his life… Oha and not only just that, Lelouch knows he has no redemtion THAT’S why he speaks with Suza, it was an intangible “I know you know it was ME please friend destroy me” why else would he want to battle head on with someone who he cares for and has the geass “live at any cost (it’s an adaptation)” the guy wants to die…. U___U AND I don’t like it.
    Suzaku on the other hand needed that rude wake up… lets face the facts, he killed his dad, big deal (no seriously that’s a BIG DEAL) but instead of moving on and maturing (learn from his mistakes) he stood on that inocent, no scratch that NAÏVE shell of his, and he wanted to die, people… it’s like if we get a confrontation between the Gandhi (sp?) method and the France revolution method which one was more bloodied? which one was more effective?
    we too have to see thaht it might not be the whole britanian Population in Japan that are such b@stards but the 95% of the population is and they aren’t just a bit.. they are total conservatives on that matter! so….

    @ Saiyoran Li quote “Well, if you check SUNRISE’s background (especially Gundam Seed), you will see that when an episode is named after a character like episode 25 is called ZERO, that could mean two things: that Lelouch will make a crucial decision or he will die (Zero as a fellow or Lelouch as the person behind the mask). Are we heading another GSD? Only time will tell.”
    I’ll put the money in that Zero wil die, whereas Lelouch does or not that’s a mistery that would be solved in the second season…. do people understand that? oO

    @Ryuma in the royalty peoiple used to marry their cousins even thheir brothers to “maintain the lineage” and that was by no means odd, and even more…. and yes it does sund like thos Greek tragedies hahhah something worth of an Homero piece ^^
    and the emperor has more children if theh people by his side in thhe last epi was any indication.



  69. @Ryuma – Well they are NOT Brother and Sister. Yufie is only half-sister to Lelouch and in many countries (including my own) the half-siblings marrying each other is not considered incest, so maybe in britania/japan/geassearth it is considered normal too?

    About children…Lets not forget that Lelouch is 17th in succession line, that means he has 17 brothers and sisters born before him. Did you forgot, that Emperor has 108 wives…for all we know he may have a shitload of childrens…

    You can begin walking with cheese-kun doll already…Show Spoiler ▼

  70. i think both lulu and susaku are sad characters both experienced painful past and could not get over them…Lulu was kind of betrayed by his own father who left him out in cold blood.this i feel is what caused him to grow into someone full of distrust.after all, how would you feel if your own father does that to you? to him nunnally is the only one person whom he can trust and his life purpose is to let her live a happy live.He would do anything to accomplish that goal even if he have to walk down the path of carnage because to him the world revolve around nunally. he also seems to think that there was no turning back though knowing his mistakes he wanted to put an end to it all the Euphie incidnt happened.. Given his pride,he wouldnt step down unless someone led him the way as euphie did..however that path was jeopadized by fate..

    in the case of suzaku, he killed his father as he felt that it was for the ‘best’ and yes he felt remorse but given time that subsided till mao came to open his wound. both lulu and suzaku are toyed around by fate and both believing in their own ‘justice’ think that what they are doing is right though the methids used are different. it’s like they are destined to never find happiness, drive by their beliefs and revenge their paths cross. they are the very similar in many aspects, both sides neither right nor wrong

  71. Omg! Euphie died! Well, she’s not my favourite, thought I don’t think any bad of her either. Seriously she don’t deserve to die. But since what happened in epi 22, it can’t be helped, she sorta have to go. Even if lelouch had not killed her, she couldn’t live with the facts. This is the best ending she can possibly get after all the accidents that happened.

    Personally I don’t really like Suzaku, the overly idealistic teen. I mean he just keep believing what he feels is best and try to force his ideas on others. As much as he is nice, he is super ultra irritating stubborn. -_-|||

    Now that Lelouch looked evil… I love lelouch very much and seriously hope he doesn’t follow his father’s foot step. Somehow, I hope he survives the series, and so does suzaku. As much as I am irritated with suzaku, I still don’t look forward for his death. hahaa! And both of them wake up in one way or another. >_

  72. Obviously people are not as concerned with genetic defects that could result from the combination of two recessive genes …. -_-;

    Suzaku’s turned towards Lelouch’s path because he lost his chance of a decent future in Euphemia. Without her and especially after what she did at the stadium, I can honestly say Suzaku must have lost all favor with many Elevens. He was associated with her, so they’ll likely correlate his position as being in line with hers. Not to mention, and it is hard to imagine, but she loved him of all things. She died because she was too innocent and too naive, and I’m not saying she deserved it but everybody gains the potential to be victimized when they involve themselves in the conflict. It’s fairly reasonable why Suzaku has turned out this way.

  73. Many questions unanswered, Lelocuh has taken the path of downfall, he has to do it because he hasn’t another chance since he reach that point of no return after killing Euphemia (and his permanent left eye in GEASS-mode). The big question here is if Lelouch will die/dissapier/retreat in episode 25.

    And more intriguing, why is C.C. so willing to sacrifice so much for let Lelouch grant her wish? I know they have a deal, but… what is that important thing that C.C. desires to archive?

    Damn it! Well, at least the good shows of this Spring will help to kill the anxiety.

    Syaoran Li
  74. my o my, that V.V. boku is so cute… with long hair too! how deceiving…
    somehow i have a feeling that Suzaku got some power from V.V. which makes him a demon in the next 2 episodes…
    It’s been a while since we had such a great action anime… ever since GSD… Code Geass might just surpass GS… only time will tell..

  75. Is it just me or was that comment by Lelouch when he was talking w/ Suzaku about how “he wasn’t at school but will be” a bit disturbing? Was he planning to show up to school riding on Gawain? There is about to be a major conflict in the Tokyo settlement and I’m sure he has no expectation that the Ashford Academy is going to be safe. I think he will head straight there to pick up Nunally before the battle gets there, but what about the safety of his other friends? If he shows up as Zero, I see Nina attacking him on sight and the conflict ends up killing Nunally…wait that might just happen!

    The possible spoiler aside, I see Suzaku having a make-shift family to go back to. Cecile obviously cares for him (in what way I don’t know) and Lloyd is like an oddball older brother so I can see him going back to the Avalon if he survives ep 25. Suzaku will obviously be a changed man, but he doesn’t have to be alone.

  76. Having a weak stomach has its disadvantages. One of them is when you aren’t able to keep yourself from throwing up after seeing one of your favorite character die. Although I chuckled at Nina’s facial expression shown above, I pitied her at the same time. She had lost her ‘first love’, if you can call Euphemia that, and now she’s on her own path of revenge.

    Appreciate your work, Omni. Don’t get sick on us again and keep on blogging for us!

  77. nooo Euphemia died :(…I liked her soo much…I was expecting that at the end suzakun and her would be together.too bad…well now I hope that suzaku kills zero! don’t really like him….I think that the end both of them die or something like that

  78. OMG…my intutition say that Nina somehow will play an important role on the next 2 episode
    and Nouuuhhhh Euphie is dead, she was my favorite character in the anime beside theevil genius Lelouch(sp?).

  79. As I said before, killing Euphemia it was a necessary evil. After all, the order to kill the Japanese appears to continue, because as you know, Lelouch doesn’t specified how many, only the word “Japanese”. Since the GEASS activated permanently on Lelouch and Euphemia received the order in an indirect way, her fate was doomed. You did your best Euphemia, but Zero/Lelouch path was clear since he made again a symbolic deal with C.C.

    I hate SUNRISE for keeping us in suspense, and now a bunch of theories will appear thanks to that. The only thing about this delay for episodes 24 and 25 is that SUNRISE can play its cards well and gave the series a good ending for its 1rst season.

    All Hail Britannia!

    Syaoran Li
  80. Too many comments & different of pov here, so im just voicing out my opinion here instead of argue on something.
    First, still its a amazing & indeed good epi. Its has a pretty good ending for 1st season that makes me think that this epi is really the last epi. Well, i suppose Sunrise must has modified something indeed.
    Still i cant believe Euphie was dead, like that? I thought Brintannia’s medicine is good. Though its very touching but maybe, willl she comes back at next season. Btw, i never expect that she’ll gains conscious again. Isnt her body is so weak to overcomes Geass? or the Geass power will dissapears when someone gonna dies? Nina is scaring me, with that face. She is making a nuclear bomb now, gonna dies with Zero. @_@ I wonder where she get the news about Euphie death. It seems like this isnt announces yet & i dont think the news is spread so fast. What makes sense is she only knew Euphie got shot from Zero in what happened at the afternoon.
    Zero shooting Euphie scenes – I votes for Euphie alive but it seems i was wrong. But if Euphie must dies then Lulu who kills him i think is the best way. Its like you start it up so you should end it by yourself. Though the Geass thing ( Suzaku vs. Euphie) will be more dramatic but i never thought that Suzaku’ll shoot her. Also Lulu will even sadder if his best friend kills his sister all caused by his Geass. Btw, its confirmed that Euphie & Lulu is both first love for each other. I think its just a kids thought because kids ever can fully understand the reason of siblings cant married. if there are a girl who is so gentle & a boy who is so excellent i dont think they cant be falling in love to each other. But those words just added more painful that i feel to Lulu.
    I wonder also why the people cant figure out they are something wrong about Euphie that why she suddenly going massacre after meeting with Zero. Maybe the citizens cant figure it out but The Black Knight should have some doubt to get all ready outside & what happened next.
    A little bit about V.V. he’s a bit annoying when he suddenly appeared in front of Suzaku (which i think he’s only feel bored & wanna find something interesting) & told him something but actually that’s what i hope for too. I very hope that Suzaku will know Lulu = Zero (same like kallen too) since its pretty unfair for Lulu knows others but no one knows him.
    still, i’ll splitting it in 2 post since its too long here.^^

  81. About Lulu/Suzaku conversation, im pretty sure Suzaku knew Lulu is Zero. Btw, i suppose Lulu is thinking Suzaku knew it too. I dont think they just doing this scene for nothing since Code Geass pace is fast so that almost 1 minutes talks is really a development for their frienship & position. I think he will starts questioning Lulu afterward, why i think he is so calm now is he still cant accept the fact & dont want to listen to what Lulu will explain though he made the decision. Well, this epi really makes me like Suzaku a lot. I still think he is too idealistic before that his plan will waste many time & you cant promise it’ll succeed or not. So eventually he stands the same point as Lulu that to revenge.
    Marianne point…I have two thought, whether she is dead or alive. I wonder all this happens & the Geass thing is actually the fight between the Emperor & the Empress. Marianne maybe is from C.C. clan that will not dead. (C.C. piloting skills is seems good too) If its like this i guess the next one who will be killed bu Lulu is her. lol~ Well, thats why the Emperor is feeling nothing when he knew Marianne death. Im guessing also that C.C. always protects Lulu is not only because the contract between them but rather its a request from Lulu’s mom. It seems like C.C. had recognized him after he came to Japan.(from epi 1)
    And the last, this one really make me feel bad. The last scene of Lulu & his quoting make me feel like, Oh no! U not gonna be a real villain. But thats horrible for those tall buildings collapse so fast for one sec. I wonder the building is empty or not since maybe Brintannia will evacuated the peaple since they have known has a war. But Lulu dont he worry about his friends & family, or at least Nunally. With that massive destruction, he sure will knows that its dangerous to still stay at Tokyo. Well, I dont want to decide so early about him first. so next see what he will doing at this summer.
    Someone has mention it here but it seems no one reply.So do someone here has some hints about who it is? the black hair reminds me of Marianne but i think thats a guy, i guess.
    Sunrise will got a huge times to adjust & redo some part for the last 2 episodes from now on & i bet they still working to it & have some space to change the plot due to our response. They sure know there are a huge popularity now that they dont dare to have any wrong steps that will ruins everything. Btw, im looking forward to Darker Than Black that will fills Code Geass timeslot nextweek. 🙂

  82. I am also wondering about Dalton. Lelouch probably didn’t leave him alone in ep22 and could have Geassed him at that time. In ep23, we see he’s barely alive and insisting to see Cornelia, but is that just so he can carry out Lelouch’s plan to capture (and maybe kill) Cornelia? He had his eyes closed, so we can’t tell.

  83. I see Suzaku leaving his watch w/ Euphie’s body signifies that his ideals died w/ Euphie. If any Japanese gets in his way, the guy is dead. I’m also disappointed in Lelouch saying “It’s alright to want revenge” in that it’s almost like an encouragement that if Lelouch can cause carnage, it’s alright for Suzaku to do it as well. But then again, Lelouch is in no place to say anything different…

  84. >>>I think he will starts questioning Lulu afterward, why i think he is so calm now is he still cant accept the fact & dont want to listen to what Lulu will explain though he made the decision.

    I think that Suzaku accepted that Lulu is Zero and the conversation is like their affirmation of their long friendship with eachother and despite that friendship they are clarifying to eachother the path they have chosen.

    hm Orange-kun kinda reminds me of Ryu Soma from Argento Soma lol

  85. @DG04: Yep, maybe you are right. But its not something that you can accept so suddenly I think. He had choose a side to oppose Lelouch & i agree that its their affirmation of friendship & clarifying the path they chosen. What I mean is Suzaku abnormally calm is because he still cant believe it though he know Zero is Lelouch. If its a normal Suzaku, he will question him full of rage. But somehow he dont want & no energy to talk with that person anymore. He has exceed his limit already that leads to a abnormal calm. Because its a really shocking news that you’ll remain in calm at first but you’ll go burst out afterward. What in his mind now is only revenge & kills the one who killed Euphie. So just talk like before for the last time & go for it. But if he has meet with Lelouch later, all his rage will burst out with his super piloting skills and I dont think he’ll not questions Lelouch seeing his that masking face. He is a human being, & he is Suzaku, also thats his friend. He cant just forget everything & kills him without let him saying one word.
    I hope it make things clear. ( but rather confusing huh?^^’) Well, its just my speculation to his feeling if he did knew Lelouch is Zero.

  86. at the end I BET after lelouch kills his father and free the country for everybody he will fake his death and live happly forever with his sister and CC ( if his sister do not die by the hands of suzaku , that lelouch could probably kill) or LULU will try to kill himself after killing his father to give the britannians what they want ( zero´s death )and when he tries to kill himself CC or kallen stops him so he could turn out to be the new emperor!
    And about kallen she could turn out satying with suzako or lelouch depending on the twists from the plot.But something is for sure IF CC dies probably lelouch will die too and if that happens and suzako doesn´t die on the twists till the end HE will probably take care of LULU´s little blinded sister!!

  87. I think Suzaku knows that Lulu is zero by now. However, at the same time, the call was like a civil declaration of war. Both sides saying, “We’re good friends…but you’ve now gone too far and I’ll do anything in my power to kill you. I hope you can return the favor.”

    Also, I don’t think neither of them will die in so soon. It’s completely too convenient for either one to be killed so early. Though I do have a feeling that Suzaku will start on his descent to becoming a vengeance driving, warmonger, who’s only focus in life is to do what he can to hurt Zero/Lulu (even if it means killing the few the Lulu cares for). Suzaku will definitely have a direct hand in Zero/Lulu’s death and/or downfall.

  88. Well frankly speaking, I don’t really see that Lulu will die in CG. Why ? Because the fact that they emphasize the fact that Geass user will be a “king”, but he will be alone forever. I am guessing that someone close to Lulu (e.g Nunnaly) will die in the future. Furthermore, the possibility that Lulu will probably kill Suzaku (and Euphie in this episode) with his own hand shows hoe Lulu will eventually become the ruler but end up alone.

  89. I am very much inclined to agree with Coba’s theory. If he continues on this path, Lelouch will gain everything he’s despised and lose everyone he’s ever cared for.

  90. I just had a thought. With Nina working on the Ganymede and vowing revenge, what if she decides to activate it and fight the black knights. If Lulu’s forces detect a knightmare around the Ashford Academy they will most likely destory it and possibly the school as well and injure or kill Nunaly.

  91. @DG04
    That would be an interesting plot. Then Lulu would have to try and stop them, possibly revealing his identity to either Kallen only, the entire Ashford Academy, or to everyone.

  92. Look, if they REALLY wanted to, they could have kept Euphie in the series. They could have written it off as something like, Lelouch uses his geass a bunch of times on soldiers trying to stop Euphie, so much that it grows more powerful again and allows him to give a second order or maybe he’d get it in his right eye too and that would allow him to erase a previous order. Then if they wanted to explain the situation to the public they would make up something like an imposter or being drugged by Zero.

    But they didn’t, thankfully. I really didn’t like Euphie’s character.

  93. She’s dead. Even if she can be contacted through Geass… she can’t make a big difference (unless they like to reuse the same concept where the dead girl comes back as an astral projection and tries to convince the targeted person to do the right thing, aka GS and GSD). Euphemia’s death is the perfect circumstance to solidify this conflict as of right now.

  94. @Coba
    Hmmmm…never really thought of it that way.

    Once more, I just can’t wait to see how this season ends. When I watch CG, it feels completely different from most other anime. It feels more like I’m living as part of that world, as oppose to just simply watching it. I guess that’s what makes it so damn addicting. When I watched FSN, Kanon…etc…the line of reality and anime was so clear cut, that no matter how engrossed I got into the show, I could never really feel the actual tension. With Code Geass and watching Lulu, I feel angry, mad, sad, happy, relieved, worried, anxious, and scared all at once. I hate it that Lulu killed Euphie, but at the same, it was a monster of his own creation. What was he to do? We all know that he’s Geass power, as far as we know, is completely absolute and will not stop until the order has been carried to it’s full extent. The only other was for him to deal with Euhphie was to capture her and practically keep her locked up (potentially for the rest of her life). I hate it that I’m sure Nunnally will die. She has almost nothing to do with any of this and she’s had a hard enough life up to this point on her own. It’d just be too much of a tragedy.

    I hate just about every decision that Lulu’s made up to this point. But, at the same time, I have to say I wouldn’t have done the same thing had I been in his predicament(s). Hindsight is 20/20. And as viewers, we have the good fortune of being able to make detached decisions and not worry about the consequences. But if I’d been forced in Lulu’s position and had to make split second decisions with hundreds of lives on the line if I screwed up, I’m sure my own decisions would’ve been just as disastrous, if not more so.

    So here’s a shout out to LeLouche: May he reap what he sow, but continue forward on the lonesome path of death and destruction that neither God or the Devil had even dared ponder to take. (Remy promptly downs a shot of Alcohol) VIVA LA RESISTANCE!

  95. Use Geass to make MBS to show the last two eps the next two weeks instead of having it in the summer. Come on its the battle of Tokyo. LOL!!!!!!!!!! It be better the best two eps. or else……….

  96. omg. and here, i was starting to like euphie finding out that she’d die in this episode. oh crap. and lelouch seemed to have embraced reality that he has killed a good friend and is facing that he already is Zero. now he’s the devil. because it was his fault also why a lot of japanese died. you think suzaku is going head to head with lelouch? possibly, yeah.

    off-topic: i find suzaku and kallen to be a good pair but then again that kind of thing wouldn’t happen.

  97. With two episodes rolling down the road, its that time again!

    Yes, time for random predictions.

    Nina, despite her mad skillz at engineering and nuclear physics, is like Lelouch. They can’t pilot a fighting Knightmare if their life depended on it. (In this case, it does.) I feel that Nina’s comment regarding, “Euphemia-sama, I’m coming. I’ll avenge you;” has suicidal vibes. What’s she going to do, realistically, with one Knightmare? Unless she plans on setting off a nuclear device in the middle of the battlefield in hopes of catching Zero in the blast, I fail to see how she even has a shot at accomplishing her mission.

    Then again, a nuclear device going off would be a wonderful way to kill off a whole truckload of miscellaneous characters as we move into season 2. Ougi, Viletta (that ties up another loose end), various Order members, (dare I say it…) Kallen, as well as perhaps a few ex-members of the Japanese Liberation Front. (I’m leaving out Todou, he’s a little too important to the post-war stablization effort.) I highly doubt that even Lelouch would expect the Britannians to be desperate enough to set off a nuke in the TOKYO of all places. Then again, if it does happen, Diethard will have a field day with the press. I can see the headlines already: “Britannia Sets Off Nuclear Weapon! Tens of Thousands Dead!”

    Another interesting tidbit was Suzaku’s comment regarding about not looking into the sky. This I believe to be Suzaku in (Aile-Strike form) Lancelot vs. Lelouch + C.C. in Gawain over the skies. (Ah, Knights of the Round vibes, anyone?) Suzaku hopes that the Ashford students won’t witness the struggle between friends, I’m assuming. However, this has its controversial side, considering that Suzaku is trying to maintain a facade of friendship while literally going all out for Zero. Then again, this IS Suzaku we’re talking about here. Who else is more wavering or controversial than our lost White Knight?

    On a final topic, (this has probably been suggested) I think Cornelia will be killed at the end of season 1 by Daltron. I note that since Daltron confronted Lelouch at Euphie’s massacre, we have never seen him open his eyes. Whether his eyes are shut due to the pain or (gasp) because he’s trying to hide the red-rimmed pupils is open for debate. Personally, I thought Lelouch’s comment regarding Daltron’s status as one of Cornelia’s confidants a little too interesting for Lelouch to simply let such a valuable pawn leave unused.

    On a final note, does Lelouch even give a damn who killed Marianne? He’s not exactly going after Schieznel or Cornelia demanding an explanation. (Alright, *shows Geass* who killed my mother?) He almost has a Kill-Em-All attitude when viewing Britannian royals, which I suppose appeared after he made the conscious decision to shoot Euphie.

    Dear Lord, let Code Geass 24 air as soon as possible. (read: next week) Amen.

  98. Hmm…. after this long episodes….

    i learned a few important topics:
    1. Don’t ever give in to hatred
    2. Don’t trust anybody (even if it’s your family or best friend)
    3. Politicians always talk C**Ks and B***S**T
    4. Looks maybe deceiving
    5. Must be wise when choosing a partner (no mater what partner…. life partner, business partner, etc)

  99. Dreyakis, I see Nina’s role playing this way: Lelouch is worried for Nunnally when the chaos starts to spread too quickly and flies off in Gawain to pick her up. Nina spots Gawain and attacks in the nuclear-powered Ganymede and in a mismatch sets off the bomb which also catches Nunnally in the blast and thus eliminates Lelouch’s final link to humanity.

    I also think that Suzaku’s comment about not looking up at the sky is referring to the rain of death he is about to unleash and doesn’t want people to see (kinda cheap since then they wouldn’t know what hit them). Some Black Knights are going to say “Hey look, it’s Lancelot. We’ll be safe b/c he doesn’t kill anyone” and be in for a rude surprise.

    As for Cornelia, it’s hard to say what will happen to her. I’m pretty sure Dalton was Geassed b/c Lelouch could never pass up such an opportunity. I can see Dalton getting close to Cornelia and taking out Gilford when Gawain arrives, thus putting Cornelia at a disadvantage. But there is also a high possibility that Suzaku will interfere.

  100. One thing really didn’t make sense. Mao who was practically turned into swiss cheese was repaired for the most part. The avalon i’d expect would have medical facilities just as advanced as a Brittanian hostpital. Yet they can’t heal a simple gun wound.

  101. the scene of lelouch gunning down euphemia while suzaku watch reminds me of the scene in X/1999, where Kamui had to watch the one he love the most kill by the one he trust the most; the association is more profound giving the fact that both X/1999 (story & char) & CG’s characters are created by Clamp.

    i doubt lelouch will die anytime soon; the creator of the show have not make him suffer enough yet. don’t be surprise if suzaku makes a brief stop to ashford and kills nunnally, with either lelouch watching or tells him when they meet in battle. afterall, dead man feels no pain; but a live one will have his heart shred to pieces & lose all humanity once his reason for living is destroied. in fact, i hope this will happen; lelouch with humanity is not nearly as enjoyable as lelouch without

  102. @Keith

    If it hasnt already, i find that episodes just keep getting better. Episode 23 was definately the best for me.
    Lol and i thought i was the only one that wanted a Suzaku/Karin… although it seems pretty unlikely. I don’t know, I really liked Lelouch in the beggining but for me hes turning into a Shinn Asuka or Light Yagami, both characters which my respects plummetted as the series went on. I still like Lelouch but i want Suzaku to get his revenge for Euphie. Euphie T_T

  103. Who knew there were people out there that liked the SuzakuxKallen pairing. After everything that’s gone on I can’t see them having any time to work that out. Though Kallen doesn’t seem to have a chance with Zero with C.C. getting closer all the time, and now Suzaku has lost his leading love interest. But really back to the episode at hand.

    Personally I couldn’t follow the path Lelouch has gone with since I don’t have the ability to handle causing that much death. Plus I’m just not that manipulative :). It’s a horrible situation for Suzaku. Everything he’s done for these last few years has all been for nothing. There is no way he can get involved politically after being alligned with Euphie. He won’t be welcome in his homeland any longer. Since his best friend has killed the person he cared about all he has no is Cecile and Lloyd. There is no path left for him but revenge.

    That phone conversation was really chilling. Both sides said what they needed to, affirming their friendship before they entered the fray. I think Lelouch could do nothing but tell Suzaku to follow his revenge. He knows that Suzaku’s paths are gone now and joining up now will never happen. I wonder how C.C. puts up with the maniacle laughter behind her. How is Suzaku though going to fight for 2 episodes with that float system on? Unless they re-worked the power situation or remembered to give him a few extra energy fillers.

  104. Tower: Aw well who needs Euphie when you have Kaguya. ^.^
    Amen to that ^^

    NinjaKai: One thing really didn’t make sense. Mao who was practically turned into swiss cheese was repaired for the most part. The avalon i’d expect would have medical facilities just as advanced as a Brittanian hostpital. Yet they can’t heal a simple gun wound.
    like i said x pages ago…
    o well, we cant really expect sunrise to not make ANY mistakes for the awesome mess that is code geass. maybe KyoAni. but not sunrise. though this is quite a big step up from most of their other series… GSD… cough, cough

    Tensai: If it hasnt already, i find that episodes just keep getting better. Episode 23 was definately the best for me.
    thats exactly what i thought too. when i watched 22 i was all like “omfg this is da best geass shit eva” but then 23 came along and i repeated that line XD… i wonder if sunrise can do a good enough 24 and 25 to make me do that again, cuz that would be masterful. 4 eps leading to the ending, each better than the last…

  105. I think trying to suppress Geass influence breaks her body even more.
    And her body looks so weak too.
    Somehow I believe that she may remembers who shot her and that crushes her mind into pieces.
    To me, she seems to die because of sadness even if Susaku lied to her about Japanese.

    I must say that I didn’t feel sad by watching anime for a long time. T-T Good job Sunrise.

  106. WOW! This episode was a really roller coaster ride with lots of action and drama (Eupies dead was rather sad). But to end with a such cliffhanger was too much and now we have to wait about 2-3 months for the two last episodes. Not funny!

  107. man if its bandai the ending of the series will prob have the emperor build a giant death star or weapon of mass destruction and suzaku flies up trying to destroy but to only get lelouch knocking his machine down and ejecting C.C. from the gaiwan. Then he goes up to the thing and says something like this world doesn’t need people like us then kills his dad and he destroys it while still in it, then it hits the ocean. Then after a year later Nunally becomes the empress and people from around the world comes greeting her, then a noble family comes to greet her with a servant that has bandage around his face which is Lelouch(or make him have amnesia as well) and after that they leave with Nunally not knowing who it was cause shes never seen her older brothers face, while he’s leaving he passes Suzaku and Kallen(who are knights now) and they turn around thinking if they have seen him some where before(and throw C.C. somewhere in there) and it ends here. Since it’s bandai this ending isn’t completely impossible…

  108. The United States of Japan, eh?

    Well. I’m not sure if that’s a jab or not. Still, seeing Euphie’s ultimate fate was heart-wrenching. She just tried to do good, and she almost succeeded! SHE ALMOST WON — she beat Lelouch.

  109. You know what I just realized? The most amazing thing about this show is that it makes you care for every single character it introduces. You want everyone to be happy, but you don’t know if they will be. “Chigusa” and Ogi, I wanted them to be happy, but it’s not going to happen that way, is it? I wanted Euphie to live on and get her wish, but it didn’t happen. Etc. etc.

  110. just a few last random thoughts:

    at first glance i thought this series was going to suck hardcore. lol it took me a while before i even decided to give the show a chance and i must say it is the best i have seen.

    since lulu’s geass evolved it has been said that the only one left for him is now C.C. but when u think about it he can just hook up with someone he has already geassed or just give someone a stupid command like come eat with me. well with his bad luck the geass might just evolve again to the point that the commands are taken to an extreme. just picture someone eating till they die. even better picture a fat kallen stuffing her mouth till she died lol (someone needs to make a pic like that). but anyways, since im all for the lulu/c.c. pairing, im happy with how it turned out.

    last thought here. well lets see. suzaku went insane, lulu just cracked, and c.c. is the only one that is happy. seriously how the hell can this end on a good not without one of the two main guys getting killed by the other. my personal thoughts on this is that there is no way that they can kill off lulu with a second season in the mix. just think, what director would kill off his most popular character. all so there is NO code geass without lulu and no this in not my usually suzaku bash. think hard about this one. it the show did not have lulu, then how would it be any different from gundam seed. THERE IS NO DIFFERENCE AT ALL! here is how i think it should end to keep every one happy. i feel that they should do the whole suzaku shots down lulu’s mech or self-destructs with it (just destroying it for u suzaku fans) then they break out the ending credits. after the credits they show lulu waking up to see c.c. sitting over him. after a few seconds he ask her who she is and she answers with her real name. well anyway i feel that part is all good at least till the second season and somehow we regain the old lulu with his bad ass attitude. yes i know that my ending is just screaming for more cheese to be added but after noticing how popular suzaku is with some people, if lulu somehow kills him half the fan group will be pissed and the other way around. either way the show owns and there is NO WAY IN HELL that they will kill off lulu and if they do it would be until the show is completely over.

    sorry the post is so long but since its the last ep for a while i had to get it all out. also i would like to hear yalls comments on my thoughts

  111. fuck sooo STUPID!
    omg i am soo pissed AGAIN!!!
    the fact that euphie DIED in one episode …or within 10 minutes of getting SHOT!
    really pissed me off..
    the writers of this damn show really REALLY show no mercy for the sake of the damned plot!
    like HOLY FUCK?!
    who else agrees with me that THAT was the worst way to die -_-
    i mean..MAO for godsake took about 50 FUCKING BULLETS! and he was up and kidnapping
    nunally the next episode!!!
    but NO euphie..a shot BELOW the the stomach or w/e!!
    and shes dead !
    oh gawd these ppl really..for shame
    and the part where she actually has a nice last sweet as it was..NO NO NO!!!
    for FUCKS SAKE!she cant go against the geasss -_-
    well i can let that go and blame it on V.V. or something ahahah
    damn susaku !! if he gets a geass to dammit to HELL!
    ok well end of my rant!
    but still GREAT EPISODE!
    a bit unbelievable but i hope they make it up in the summer 😉

  112. You people are idiots comparing love interests in this anime rather than the frigging point of this story. If you want namexname go watch a fucking soap opera. Anyways, i think this series is getting really good since we have V.V. the newcomer

  113. here’s my 2 cents, I believe that Euphie’s death is a quintessential step in advancing the story. First, if Japan is established according to Euph’s vision, then Zero has little to no chance of gaining any solid political power to oppose the Britannian empire (not that it should matter, but we can all speculate that if Zero didn’t pull that move on Euph, the series would end rather nicely with the scheduled 25 ep run, but since they are going for another season, her death seems appropriate) Suzaku’s contract with VV just complicates the Geass universe- to me it looks a lot like a X/1999 twisted version.

  114. @gaerg: Agree, there are no more rebellion without Euphie’s plan fail. (But I don’t want her dead) Well, though they dont said it it’ll be a second season but I think they had planned it at the beginning. Sunrise just waited for a right moment to announce it when the Geass popularity is increase. Between, there are impossible to start 2nd season now (that suppose to air as early as this fall) compare to they start Geass Project from 3 years ago. I hope the quality is still as good as now or even better.

    @Genesis: Yes, its absolutely the best anime this year. ( I still hook to Gundam Seed as my most favourite. Since there are 100 episodes & Geass is 25 episodes, or added another 25, its can’t be compared right?) I don’t think the two main character will die, at least for now. People always like to watch the battle & struggle between two friends. Sunrise must has to utilize it before cut them off so Lelouch & Suzaku will still remain in the 2nd season. Well, I hope both of them will remain till the end. Its possible to happen because Code Geass is full of plot twist so maybe in next season the truth of Geass will reveals & its changes Lelouch’s thought now. Ahaha, Lelouch get amnesia that sounds interesting but I dont think it’ll happen. Code Geass is about a show of rebellion not a show of romance. He need to achieve his goal plus C.C. is not a human. I never think Lulu has some feeling to C.C. or even in the future. First, love love thing is not something he should thought now. Second, Lulu is a realistic person that he will not fall for somebody thats not a human.

    Um, last its something I thought for sometimes. If Nunally is killed at epi 24 & 25 by somebody then Lelouch will fully become Zero & no way to return. I still wonder what the last epi title indicate – ‘Zero’. I hope my thought is wrong. Then is Shirley. I still think she has the possibility to reveal Lulu’s identity. Nina is gonna do something for sure. Maybe Shirley will accidentally leaks out Zero is Lulu seeing Nina suddenly act. Let see who is the person. Will it be Suzaku, Villetta, Shirley or that Kyoto old man?

  115. @iFool
    If someone shoots you to stomach or your liver gets shot, i dont think you will survive long.
    If normal human gets shot into liver, he dies in aproximatelly 39minutes. There is no helping for it, even transplantation wouldn’t help, since the materials from liver have already poisoned your body.
    If normal human gets shot into stomach, he will die in LESS than 39minutes…
    Livers, Stomach, Heart, forehead&vertebral column are the considered deadly places. Forehead & Vertebral column hits are considered 1hit-kills.
    As for Mao. First of all, Lelocuh ordered “to put him down”. So Policemen could have took it directly, shoting to his legs, arms and so on, so when Mao fell to the ground they would stop shoting. Also, maybe Mao was SOO lucky to not be hit into any vital spots.

    As About geass…Lelouch stated that the order was something what is very against her nature…that for sure helped, but the main fact was that she got her will up to “not think about the order she got” for Suzaku. Everyone knows, that dying people can’t think cleary. Geass orders most likely can be negated in near-dead state, when human brain begins to stop functioning, which later results in blidness(“suzaku, i can’t see you~”) and late to full stop of it. Since brain stops working, heart stops working too, because nervious system stops giving the impulses…

    While its not centered about love stuff, it still DOES exist. Lelouch, hismelf statedthat yufi was his first love. He also said some things at episode 14, that can be implicated that he is kinda in love with Shirley. The love is always there, although is not a main center, like “love saves the world”, but it IS here.

    thats very clear. I got a feel that CLAMP character designs are cursed… >.or his prototype, Sayoran going on Show Spoiler ▼

    which, for suzaku, would be avenging Yufie.
    talking about clamp…have i heard it clearly? Sumeragi Kaguya ? I think it was Subaru’s last name in X/1999, Tsubasa Chronicle and Tokyo Babylon…So now its clear, that Author of COde geass is giving out constant homages to the ones who did character designs :E.

    or IF nunally is killed, Lelouch may go into coma/get amnesia or even redemption…since, he might begin to understand on that his actions indirectly killed the one for which he was doing these actions. As for Shirley leaking everything…Possible, but not likelly. I can fully see Shirley-plot getting thrown into second season. “Zero” episode title made me wonder two….it leaves few possibilities: either Shirley will blow it out, Suzaku will blow it out or Lelouch will fake Zero’s death(“dead heroes work better than alive-just-became-president heroes…)

  116. dang… lulouch… wow things took a really sharp turn. I was kinda dissappointed when i found lulouch giving up so easily but to expect so many japanese killed out of a mere accident and having the plot turn a whole 180* o.o…. wow… *speechless*
    waahh! I can’t believe it ends here for now. >_

  117. Somehow, now that i finally watched the epi… (gg sub) I am just curious why Suzaku used Euphie’s phone. The rest of the conversation is still ambiguous to whether Suzaku really knows Lulu’s identity as Zero…

    Anyway, code geass seemed to have gone wrong from the start… Lelouch seem to accept geass so easily… never pondering if anyone else has geass… and never ask CC if there are more “CC” (pple who can grant geass) around.

    Basically, geass plot ish so so messy now, I wonder how Sunshine gonna conclude it. Too many questions to be answered. Just a few to name it…

    1) C.C. real name
    2) What is the contract
    3) Why C.C. got this geass power
    4) What is C.C. made of? (she doesn’t die -_-)
    5) Whatz up with the king???
    6) Marianne’s death????
    7) How did nunally turned out this way??
    8) Lloyd, cecil & vakstan’s relationship?

    ok… more questions, and no answers… 2 epi left… and the rest to season 2… I really hope sunshine dun screw this up….

    and pls dun kill lulu… T_T

  118. My opinion:

    1. I like Euphemia, death is a little bit harsh of an ending for her, but of course if they let her live and she found out what she done. Death might be less cruel to her.
    2. I totally hate suzaku, no matter what everyone say he is still a god damn traitor to me, a traitor to his family, traitor to his ppl, and a traitor to his country. I hope he dies, thats the most proper way to treat a traitor.
    3. Lelouch is a traitor some might argue but at least he had a good reason for doing that having witness your own mother being murder and no one cares, can’t blame the guy. But suzaku what was his reason to turn traitor, just because his country is loosing a war, he can just go surrender and change his nationality, he got no backbones if he hadn’t notices there are still many japanese fighting for freedom unlike him being the spineless coward he is. U know what they say once a traitor always a traitor, wonder what happen if the Japanese actually won the war later, will he turn traitor again and say hes going back to being japanese, god I hope he get kill soon lousy traitor.

  119. @Mike

    So your argument basically is, If your a traitor, have a good reason to become a traitor. Right? Not, All traitors deserve death. And yes you did say you dont care what anyone says, your totally entitled to your own opinion, but Japan was losing a war very badly. And the president (his father) states that they will go down fighting, a tactic they wanted to use maybe cause of honor (remebering samurai), Suzaku being what? 5 years old? kills his father because he sees no point of fighting. His 5-year-old brain just seemed like it was the right thing to do, and he did save countless lives. Now, Lelouch, did he just not kill many many japanese just by uttering a few words? unintentionally maybe, but he still said them, and then goes onto blaming Euphemia, noting that Lelouch killed his half-brother AND sister who was also his first-love. Lelouch was a traitor to his family, and HE will also go on to kill his father (probably) or at least have the intent on killing him. And yet you still bash Suzaku for killing his father, based on the fact that more people would die if he hadnt done it? Suzaku still has traumetizing memories as Lelouch, given that he did show some weakness when he did it, does not. Also A spineless coward does not pilot Lancealot that will become a huge trump card on any battlefield and also does not have absoulute resolution in avenging someone he loved very dearly, even if the dangers are extremely high.

    On another note Can anyone see Shirley telling Everybody Lelouch is Zero, cause of much of a screw up she is (indirectly, kinda, possibly had a helping hand in killing Euphie) then Nina going and killing nunally, saying stuff like, ‘ill show you what it feels like, taking away the most important person etc. etc.) Lol just me?

  120. @Tensai

    quote/ Lelouch was a traitor to his family, and HE will also go on to kill his father (probably) or at least have the intent on killing him./Quote

    But the difference between Lelouch and Suzaku is Lelouch actually having witness his mother being murder while Suzaku is actually the person that murder his own father. In that sense Suzaku is an actual traitor while Lelouch is force to being a traitor by situations. Secondly Japanese believes in samurai spirit even now there are countess ppl who would rather die in honor than surrender to a foreign power. So now having bow down to a foreign power and pilot a robot that fight his own ppl who try to win their freedom, if u don’t call Suzaku a traitor I don’t know what is. If he really wanna redeem himself then he better steal the lancelot and use it against the britannia empire to help his ppl win their freedom.

  121. In a sense what Suzaku did wasn’t wrong or make him a traitor because back then Japan had little chance at beating brittania, but what Suzaku is doing now is being a traitor because now Japan having a chance at winning Suzaku sides with brittania…

  122. I finally got to watch Code Geass from Episode 1 to Episode 23… I’m just that lazy D:

    I kinda… don’t think anymore that the Emperor really did abandon Lelouch, or if he did, he does not think of Lelouch that way anymore. Maybe it was all to give Lelouch a reason to act, to prove that he is the strongest of all the possible heirs after all, but that’s just speculation based on the Emperor yelling “He really did it!” when the massacre took its place.

    That leads me to all those questions the series has left me with until now:

    – Who and what is C.C.? (And V.V. for that matter).
    – What did V.V. tell Suzaku, did he maybe even offer Suzaku a contract?
    – Who exactly is the Emperor?

    For me it is pretty clear that the Emperor ordered the Killing of Marianne. That or Schneizer (or someone who was not introduced until now, but that aside). I wonder why she had to die? I can’t seem to put the feeling aside that all this was planned by the Emperor all along with some kind of ulterior Motive..

    Argh I wanna know. If they make us wait for 24 and 25 they could at least start season 2 right with it, because waiting two cours after having waited for the last two episodes will be hell 😛

  123. epic ep. suzaku/lulu final battle is a comfirm,even if suzaku knows lulu=zero, or not.
    somehow, we r seeing more of zero then lulouch latly,i got a feeling that luluoch will evenally become zero as in he can no longer face anyone without his mask, and be called zero 24/7.
    reason 1:he cannot look anyone in the eye without people seeing his’werid’ eye.
    2:being able to give command randomly isn’t helping him lead a normal life. and
    3:as can be seen, his geass is getting stronger/evoling slowly but surely, even if he can control it/keep himself sane, he cannot be sure when his geass might become a unlimited useage one.

    having him end as light will be a sad case, and worst if suzaku/kira lives.

    alot of things to expect in the following 2ep(or hopfully events leading to season 2). with sunrise, crappie endding is to be expected(maybe thats the reason for the delay? to make the endding better?) and of cose, a Season 2(they do know how to make money).well… can only wish and pray for a good endding…..

  124. it seems to me now that code geass = GSD+death note (or that’s the impression it gives me =/)

    Code geass really reminds me too much of GSD and death note.
    urgh. the way things are going, the ending might just… i want neither lelouch or suzaku to eend up snuffed out =S

  125. I honestly think that V.V. told Suzaku about the Geass and Zero’s ability. So, Suzaku now knows that Euphemia was not consciously ordering the massacre. At the same time, I don’t think he’s told Suzaku that Lelouch is Zero.

    Then again, I suppose you could interpret their conversation in so many ways. Thats why I love this series.

  126. Nina’s face was so uso-da!
    I’m going to hope,pray that the finale will be so awesome that Code Geass’s lame slow-as-dehydrated-snail pace and corny add-ins will become irrevelant and this will make the top anime on my list.
    In the meantime I have to watch Rozen Maiden and Gurren Lagann.:P
    And if I get bored,rewatch Top o Nerae!2 and finish Higurashi.
    Show Spoiler ▼

    Show Spoiler ▼

  127. well… i was just wondering why isn’t nunally dead or something… just blinded and handicapped. LOL!!! =XXXX That sounds really evil. I mean if they killed the queen… How come she managed to sorta survive? HAHAA!

    Also, if she was able to see before that, how come she can’t tell who are those who attacked her?? I mean maybe they are masked… oh wait… maybe they are in knightmares, so she can’t tell who those are or anything. weird weird werid.

    Pardon me for spelling sunrise as sunshine. My bad. Sunrise did gundam seed… =.= (wasn’t a big fan of it..) and they did neon gensis evangelion (For evangelion, their first ending cause them to have their building vandalised and they received threats, curses and blackmails from fans. >.

  128. This is late, but I have a theory concerning Darlton – you know, the other guy that hangs with Cornelia. In episode 22, Lelouch barely stumbles upon him and then we don’t really see anything about him until he’s in a knightmare “I must get to the princess” – I’m theorizing that Lelouch geassed him (the whole “You are part of Cornelia’s innermost circle”) to either a) kill Cornelia, or b) something crazy I can’t begin to comprehend because Code Geass does that sometimes.

  129. HAHAHAHAHA! Nina looks SO fucking dumb!! And now a Eulogy:

    So long Euphemia, you pink-haired bitch.
    I’m sure wimps around the world cried.
    When you got shot, then died.
    You were the most irritating of them all.
    Hope you rot. Cheers.

    Fucking peacenik…

  130. :(:(:(
    EUPHIEEEE (no i’m not as disgustingly obsessed as nina…)
    but its so sad!
    i was nearly crying when lelouch shot euphie right in front of suzaku’s eyes.
    “you were probably my first love” :'(

  131. OMG, this is really hard. I never thought a anime can touch me like taht. But Yuffies had beaten my heart
    All seemed so good, and then… i could cry.. no.. i do cry ;_;

    Jester Void

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