• As the title says, the MBS GEASS site has a note announcing that episodes 24 and 25 won’t be airing until summer of this year. They don’t provide any further details, so we might be in for a long wait.
  • In the meantime, at least there’s the drama CD coming out on April 25th (cover seen at right). According to the official site, it will have three parts, the first of which – STAGE 0.515 – is more background on Lelouch and Suzaku. The other two sound like fun though, with STAGE 9.725 being about Shirley imagining things like Lelouch marrying Kallen, Rivalz, and Nunnally, and Suzaku proposing to Lelouch. STAGE 12.55 is about Suzaku visiting Lelouch’s room (where C.C. also is) the night before the decisive battle, and Lelouch confessing his love. The CD will also include a C.C. character song sung by Yukana.

    1. well damn. i agree. they better be two damn good eps and one of them better include CC’s name. i think this just shows that recaps should never be shown again. they are to evil to be shown on normal television.

    2. I don’t know where you got this information but you’re wrong, Omni.

      According to Shoboi’s Calendar, Code geass episode 24 and 25 is being aired at another station in April 11th and April 18th.

    3. Taishi, that really depends on if BIGLOBE goes ahead and streams the episodes or not. I could be wrong, but I’m willing to bet that they won’t, at least not before the regular broadcasts.
      ANIMAX also still has the episodes listed as airing in late April, but there’s also a note at the bottom of their tv schedule that says they can change program contents and air-times without prior notice.
      As for what syoboi says, you might also notice that the last updates for the BIGLOBE stream and ANIMAX entries came in February and December, respectively. That information could very well be outdated, especially since this news out of MBS is fresh.

    4. My thought. Original eps 24 and 25 was meant to be the conclusion… Now they’re changing them to be “open” for season 2 (after Lelouch of the Rebellion, Orange of the Fruit Juice 😀 )

      Sir Lachdanan
    5. C. C. character song = MEGA WIN!

      @___@ Seriously, I was only expecting a Lulu, maybe Suzaku, character song, but this wins twice as hard. Luckily for me, there’s an anime convention around the time it comes out–I’ll be searching for it =3 And I’m cosplaying as C.C. too.

    6. Sounds like we are going to wait for about 3 to 4 months for the final two episodes. It is going to be freaking long. These 2 episodes better be a good ones and to satisfy us after such a long wait ^_^!

      “Lelouch confessing his love.” since it is in Stage 12.55, does that mean he is in love with Shirley? Poor guy.

    7. Summer doesn’t start until around June 20th (I only remember that b/c the iPhone comes out before the end of spring–don’t know if I’ll get it) so that’s about 3 months we’ll have to wait to clear up whatever massive cliffhanger appears today (and it will be a hell of a cliffhanger too). Someone got a cryogenic chamber I could borrow? Don’t know exactly how I’ll justify it to the boss though…

    8. I can’t believe this. We have to wait months for the last 2 episodes of the season because these guys couldn’t schedule right? How do you mess up so badly that you run out of time to air your season finale? Episode 23 better have one great preview if it’s going to hold people over that long.

    9. To jounin:
      Actually, on Japanese television, the summer season begins in July:

      Fall Season: Begins in October
      Winter Season: Begins in January
      Spring Season: Begins in April
      Summer Season: Begins in July

      Usually, most anime premieres are in those months, although there may be some exceptions. So Episodes 24 and 25 probably will air sometime between July and September.

      I am also disappointed, but a little puzzled as well by this. I don’t understand why they would air the last two episodes of the first season so much later, but oh well. I can only hope Darker Than BLACK (as well as a couple of other shows) can keep me entertained until Geass comes back.

    10. Well, one of the “spoiler” guys on 2ch mentioned that they are still discussing whether to air 24 and 25 as 1 hour special or separately, and said that if they don’t decide soon it might be pushed back a lot. And that was some good time ago, so I guess they weren’t fast enough.

      Also, AFAIK, Code Geass was supposed to be 2 season long from the beginning. They added the first recap ep to supposedly let people who missed the first eps get the basic idea(it got more popular than expected). 2nd, no idea, prolly just had too tight schedule >_>

    11. Ultimate spoiler! EP23 pic for all of you. Click if you dare!

    12. I’d have preferred if they’d made more picture dramas instead of just drama CDs.
      Too few of those get subbed, and they are of almost no use to those of us who don’t know japanese well.

    13. If those drama CDs are real, they sound really good! Especally about the last two like you said… but I like the idea of seeing Shirley’s imagination going wild again. 😀

    14. i think is just a joke. It is not tat easy to change schedule. And too, with a break like that,they may lose alot of fans and stop the momentum going. Why would they do that in the first place? wait for copyright? or wait for insert songs to be released?

    15. Huh… when I saw the title of this post, I thought you were gonna talk about the “Air In Summer” specials. XD Anyway, I’m not a Geass fan, but I offer my sympathies to everyone who was really looking forward to the last few episodes of the series!

      Neo Horizon
    16. Reminds me of the days of Initial D 4th season, when they release episodes every 2 months.
      Such long waits. This is even worse, as the announcement seems so sudden.

      With another season coming, as a consolation, we know there would still be questions even after the last 2 episodes …Well, at least we have a whole bunch of new summer anime to watch in the mean time!

    17. figures…. spring season starts next week and there are a lot of shows. Not too surprised that this season didn’t finish. Also, if they had cut out two of the filler/recap episodes, 24 and 25 would have fit

    18. Apparently they didn’t plan those recap episodes. They were they due to popular demands. Too many people started watching the show in the middle, they added those recap episodes for them.

    19. I hope its not real, im too shocked when i heard it since im still hoping that there’ll be airing it at next month. but the official site had also stated it so it has been confirmed. *sigh* whatever, now except to accept it there are nothing you can do.
      But it also indicates that the 2nd season must in series but not in ova or movie, right? thats my thought. I dont think they make us wait longer for months for that remaining last 2 episodes & finish it with just an ova/movie only. Now maybe they’ll make this last 2 episodes as a opening for next season. the timing will fix too if 24 & 25 epi air in the end of summer season & the 2nd season start at fall season.
      then just hope that these 2 epi are really a so damn good epi & worth to watch & to WAIT! no, they must be very good indeed.

    20. Well, I hope that at least immediately after those 2 episodes end next season, the 2nd season starts to sort of compensate. I can’t believe Sunrise is doing this! ;_; *is going to suffer Code Geass withdrawal*


      Not ALL stations are broadcasting this over the summer.

      According to this site a few stations will be airing the final two episodes in the show’s regular broadcast time, with RCC doing it as early as NEXT SATURDAY, and some streaming services doing it in late April.

      So no fret, guys.

      The Truth
    22. The Truth: The same things I said above about ANIMAX and BIGLOBE Stream apply to RCC TV. I doubt they’re going to show it before MBS, and those syoboi entries are over a month and a half old whereas this news is fresh.

    23. On one of the forums I visit someone speculated that this may be Sunrise moving some of the top animators on this project to Gundam. If so I hope it doesn’t kill the animation in CG entirely because it’s been amazing up to this point…

    24. I honestly never liked recaps and never saw a good reason for them. If you haven’t seen the episodes its covering they won’t show you enough to make up for it. If you have seen the episodes there’s no point since you’ve already seen it. Gah, annoying. Really makes you wonder who is planning this stuff. They didn’t figure recap episodes might have them running out of time? Let’s just hope it doesn’t actually take until July for these episodes to air.

    25. @ShinSenshi
      Maybe its because of the Gundam Seed Destiny Movie coming soon. :\ Either way, this is almost as bad as Jack getting “Shanghied” is the end of 24 Season 5. Gosh 1/2 a years wait. T.T

    26. … Shirley imagining things like Lelouch marrying Kallen, Rivalz, and Nunnally, and Suzaku proposing to Lelouch.
      LOL that’s so crack, can’t wait to listen to the Geass Drama CD…
      and I’m so anticipating the two episodes XD

    27. If you go here (Japanese site): http://cal.syoboi.jp/tid/962/time

      You will see that major stations such as MBS and TBS are airing episodes 24 and 25 at a later date, but Animax (アニマックス) will be airing it on the 24th of April and 1st of May respectively.

      中国放送 will be airing it next week 7th and the following week 14th while BIGLOBEストリーム will air them on the 11th and 18th.

      I don’t know if raw providers will have access to them but I’m hoping they won’t have a problem getting them, cause waiting a few months to watch two episodes is irritating.

    28. nuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu…… fudgeing it was like the best anime eva why the hell would they do this there idoits i soooo wanna wacth episode 24 or i think i was up to 25 but they betta make these episode dam good or i fuking kik there asses and they betta not make leiluch or how eva the fuk yu speell it die and i want his friend to die if they do fight zoooooommmmmmgg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! do any1 no if they have a manga for code geass 24 or no?

    29. Can’t wait to see episode 24 and 25. I’ve been waiting for like Forever…they better put C.C in there…i want C.C and Lelouch to be together!!!
      Is there gonna be a 2nd season coz’ i’m not aware of it. Hehehe


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