OP2 Sequence

OP: 「Brightdown」 by 玉置成実 (Tamaki Nami)
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At Black Order headquarters, Komui receives a phone call from Kanda reporting what the Millennium Earl had said. In fact, many Exorcists are phoning in the same thing. Unbeknownst to them all, General Yeegar’s carriage has been stopped by a small army of Akuma led by Road and Tyki Mikk. After allowing his Finders to escape, Yeegar starts fighting the Level 1 and Level 2 Akuma. His Finders are meanwhile able to reach the nearest town and make the urgent phone call back to headquarters, so Allen and Lenalee soon get contacted with the news of the attack. Yeegar actually has little problem handling all the Level 1 and Level 2 Akuma, but Road and Tyki Mikk are a different story. Although Yeegar manages cut Road’s cheek by grabbing and throwing Lero the umbrella back at her, she quickly responds by transporting him to her alternate dimension. There, she bombards him with images of his past where the children he taught were slaughtered by an Akuma. Yeegar attempts to destroy the Akuma, but the killing continues anyway. His mind eventually breaks under the pressure, and Tyki Mikk takes over to finish the General off.

With Yeegar now lying lifeless on the ground, the Millennium Earl arrives on the scene and starts crushing all the Innocence that Yeegar was carrying. Tyki Mikk then notices that Yeegar is still alive, so he decides to tie him up with his own chains. Before he does this though, he takes a button off the Exorcist’s coat – one that has the name Kevin Yeegar written on the back of it. The Millennium Earl, Road, and Tyki Mikk are all gone by the time Allen and Lenalee arrive to the battlefield. Standing to the side of the road is Thierry, and he shows the two Exorcists what happened to Yeegar: the General is strung up in a crucified position to a nearby tree. He is still alive though, so they bring him back to a safe place. Komui arrives sometime later and finds the injured and bandaged Yeegar sitting lifelessly in a chair singing the same song that Road had sung. Hearing the words about the precious Heart that the Millennium Earl is searching for, Komui explains to Allen that the Heart is one of the Innocence they’re searching for. It is special because it is the root of power to all Innocence and can return all Innocence to nothingness. They would have the power to stop the end of the world if they had this Heart, but it is also what the Millennium Earl is after.

ED3 Sequence

ED3: 「夢の続きへ」 (Yume no Tsuduki e) by SURFACE
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I’m not a very big Tamaki Nami fan, so the opening sounded like all her other songs – that is to say, it was rather forgettable. The ending song was much more something I’d listen to.


Well they went a little light on the religious imagery (a tree instead of a cross), but otherwise this episode concludes Yeegar’s story and shows the battle that finished him off. It was interesting to see how Yeegar got defeated, but the battle was more standard action fare. That is to say, I kinda wanted to see Tyki Mikk really show off his power in cool ways instead of just blasting Yeegar twice.
With this episode, we appear to be back on track with the manga again, but next week seems to be more about Allen’s past with General Cross.


  1. Whoa, what’s with the previews? Is the next ep gonna be a flashback of Allen’s past with Cross? Fishing? He really did do a lot while he was with cross didn’t he?

  2. Anyone else that thought the new Noah girl was hot? I dont recognize her from the manga but damn… she is one hot stud. =)

    New op and ed was both good. And I thought the episode was also good one. Probably the best anime original in the series.

  3. @riki

    Well its a close resemblence but it cant be said 100% that it is her. We will just wait and see, the main thing is she hasnt be introduced in the manga yet atleast.

  4. @Kecheke
    I’m just saying it may be a possiblity. ^^;

    The OP showed a lot of spoilers, that’s for sure.
    Show Spoiler ▼

  5. hello there people… dunno maybe u disagree with me but i have a veeeery bad feeling about the anime now. I know there is a female noah introduced in one of the chapters but hey still the female noah in pants there (female version of tikki) is just off. Seems they are gonna pull an anime version ending for D gray man instead of going for another season 🙁 what do u think?
    other than that the opening was beatiful, excellent animation and music. Episode wise… so sad yeegar ended up like that.

  6. I haven’t watched the episode yet, so I’ll leave comments about it later… The opening video is full of surprises… Okay, maybe only 1 surprise. I didn’t expect them to show a new (but probably not anime-original) Noah.

    They also seem to be focusing more on “Allen vs the Earl”… Interesting…Oh! And the Ace of Spades at the end was a nice hint =).

    Next week’s is a look into Allen’s past with Cross?! Count me in!!!

  7. I finally watched the RAW, and this episode was creepy! I still have chills thinking about it. I cried when Yeegar died; his death in the anime was more emotional here than in the manga because we got to see how he got defeated. The series has gotten darker… 😀

    I love the Ace of Spades reference. Since Yeegar represented a King, I wonder what the other exorcists represented in Tyki’s deck of cards (3 of the Generals = Kings; maybe Cross is the Joker because of his eccentric behavior?).

    In a way, it is, but it just took what happened in the manga and expanded the storyline.

  8. @Minami
    Lol, I’m not too fussy, so that Noah doesn’t really bother me… But I still think that they’ll end it off in the ‘Ark’.

    It’s only after I watched the show then I realise what you meant by creepy… Road sure is evil…

    About what I meant by the Ace of spades… It’s the one card that was ‘lost’, remember? =)

    Why do you asked?

  9. @qwertypoiuy
    ‘Filler’ in every sense of the word, means that the episode doesn’t progress the main plot. But since this story DOES indeed progess the story, then NO this is NOT a filler episode.

    Tell me, how is Yeegar suppose to sing WITHOUT A HEART? Also, he did take his button, remember the little boy? That’s where he got it from.

  10. @Spectrum
    Umm…I recommend you read the manga chapter again.
    Show Spoiler ▼

  11. The OP and ED song I don’t like so much. The new OP doesn’t do nearly as much justice as INNOCENT SORROW did and the new ED is not as good as SNOW KISS and Pride of Tomorrow, which I love, and I see I’m going to have to skip through the songs so I won’t have to listen to them.

    The episode itself was pretty good. Having not read the manga yet I can’t compare so I ‘m just going on what I have seen. More scenes from Allen’s past with Cross. I can’t wait to see that! Allen is so cute!!!

  12. @Chaos2Frozen
    my reason is stupied but i think the only one who knows how the character will react or fight or anything is the manga creater so i dont believe what the anime producers come with
    because i feel they will give me wrong impression about character
    for example i want to watch Tyki Mikk but he appeared in anime original episodes so i dont want anime to miss with him because he looks cool so i get wrong impression about him
    sorry for bad english

  13. @qwertpoiuy
    I don’t mind, I’ve seen worse english…

    But you don’t really have to worried that the character’s personality would be twisted, so far even if the story takes a different turn to get to the point, most of the characters still retain the traits that the Manga creator gave them.

    Take for example your favor character Ticky, he hasn’t really appear much, but the way he acts and talks isn’t different from the Ticky I know from the manga.

    As for this episode, they probably don’t intend to reveal his ability just yet, but you could see the ‘butterfly’ on his palm just before the attack =).

  14. @Yun
    I’m pretty sure it was always meant to be 52 episodes. Well, maybe not at first, but definatley at least before that 13 episode mark. There’s a good chance that the series will end in 26 more episodes, either with a cliff hanger or an anime-original ending.


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