I wasn’t planning on blogging anything today because I have an exam to study for, but Touka Gettan deserves a mention. It’s a well-animated show that had some great music, but the plot made little to no sense. My friend wrote up some thoughts on his own site that close closely reflect how I feel about the show, so give it a look if you’re remotely interested.

El Cazador also aired today, and while the first episode wasn’t bad (Kajiura Yuki music and the FictionJunction Yuuka ED were great), I don’t think it’s something that I’d continue watching.

Tomorrow, however, is going to be a very busy day.


  1. Omni, did you check out Heroic Age at all since there was no mention of it?

    In other news, Touka Getten made my brain hurt, seriously. My current theories of whats happening so far:

    1. Switches back and forth between past and present
    2. Totally random dream sequences
    3. Alternate/parallel universes
    4. It’s all a stupid story written up by the crazy blond chick
    5. Everyone’s a zombie (my personal favorite)

    As to why I made a list of this, I have no idea -_-;;;; I just spent most of the episode yelling “WTH IS GOING ON??!” 30 minutes of my life gone forever T_T…oh well, at least the opening and ending songs were nice…

  2. I’m glad that I wasn’t the only one who Touka Gettan confused the hell out of. The only thing that really caught my attention was the hot dog eating scene at the end of the episode, then it got confusing again.

  3. @GStike
    omg i was just about to do the same thing. lol my only problem is that somehow i got stuck on zoids chaotic century and we all know how long that is. i have decided never to stop in the middle of a series again cause the chain reaction caused by it would be endless (150+ animes! actually i got more but shit i had to stop counting).

  4. I hated haruhi from beggining to end just because it didnt make any sense. Never saw what everyone else did in it lol. Anyway that guys blog on the first episode had me in tears “because even native Japanese who played the game haven’t a ****ing clue. ” Classic rofl.

  5. Well I have just watch episode 1 and none of it made sense to me because I can hardly speak japanese. However the animations look really really good and we just may see omni blogging this.

  6. are traps the new trend of this millenimum. how can ‘that’ be a guy? ’she’ is too beautiful to be a guy… v_v

    Let’s put it another way: would you rather see an fugly male dressed in a white one piece clothing? 😛

    Let’s all appreciate the pleasant traps that we have, people.

    Then what’s the girl’s name?

    I don’t know what ‘girl’ you are talking about, but Touka has blue, short hair. Touka’s pic shown above is with a wig, I think. The other blue haired girl is Momoka. For your reference, here’s the ‘guy’ pic of Touka from the game:


  7. You know, thinking about it more I bet you this is a plot by the creators to generate fan interest. ‘Cause you know people will stand tune for a few episodes in the small hope the series will make sense.

    Genius I tells ya 😛

  8. Yeah, I was talking about the main girl protagonist. If it’s similar to Moonlight Lady, there is a main heterosexual sexual couple that will go through some REALLY trippy ceremony that’ll forge their relationship.

  9. @moyism
    Actually, I never thought about it that way. Kind of a double edged sword though. It can only make so much sense for it to be effective and can only make so little sense to actually generate any interest. I must remember this strategy though.

  10. However, the picture above is her alternate reality persona and since Touka misses her, he/she decides to warp after her by crying and sniffing her school uniform.

    The light looks like a repeat from YamiBou though, although brighter and visible from outside the house.

  11. …John-sama you got it backwards…Kao no nai Tsuki…IS a h-game…there is just a hentai based on it…that distinction is actually important…by being a h-game first rather than a porn the writers can cut out the H-parts…they can’t do that if it is a porn first…

  12. dunno where else to post this but…

    after watching the second episode, im thinking it’s pulling a haruhi and playing the whole series in reverse. the storyline itself probly has time shifts and the backwards storytelling makes it even more confusing. certain parts in the second eps seem to link to the first, such as the sword and the cellphone. its just a guess for now, further episodes should shed some light.

  13. in the op wasn’t he like in love with momoka
    they kissed at the train station
    and went on a date
    aren;t they a couple
    but Touka’s like ewwww no when momoka wawnted to kiss him if they meet again
    this is so confusing

  14. omg i didnt know so many ppl watched this!
    its not that famous, rlly
    but i watched it anywayz
    n i thot i was da only one who didnt get a single shit
    but i liked da last scene when Touka n Momoka kissed
    so i thot it was gonna b okay
    but u should’ve seen da 3rd episode
    Touka goes into his mama’s bedroom
    and..er.. he does that thing with her!!
    i got sick all over after watchin that-_-;
    so i gave up watchin it now
    n by da way Touka’s a guy
    but he used 2 b a girl when he was little
    n its weird tht he suddenly changed into a guy one day -_-;;

  15. in case noone has pointed this out the anime was aired chronologicaly backwards…the last episode being the first and the firs being the last in the show’s internal timeline


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