OP Sequence:

OP: 「SECRET AMBITION」 by 水樹奈々 (Mizuki Nana)
Watch the OP! Mirror 1, Mirror 2

The evening twilight is dyed a crimson red. A compound in the distance is engulfed in furious flames, the arising plume of smoke so massive even the heavens cannot breathe. Desperate firefighters try to contain the blazing inferno with a few squirts of their 60-gauge supersoakers (complete with refill backback), but their efforts are futile as they run out of ammo (the backpacks were reduced in size because some whackjob had complained about back pain).

A child wanders from within the flames. At this point it’s not clear whether the child is a boy or a girl, but judging from the frilly skirt, kiddy purse, and little ribbon bow on the shirt, it’s likely to be a trap. For clarity’s sake, we’ll still be referring to him using female terminology.

She’s crying. Dad? Sis? They’re nowhere to be seen. A violent explosion (most likely caused by residual supersoaker ammo reacting with calcium deposits in the construction) knocks her to the ground. The pain is terrifying. The heat is suffocating. She can’t take it anymore. She wants to go home.

“Somebody save me!” she cries out. As if purposely smiting her childish hopes, the towering stone statue of an angel behind her mysteriously crumbles at the solid foundation, falling toward her at a lethally dramatic speed. She closes her eyes in dread as her short life starts to flash before her eyes…

No wait, that’s the flash of some magical circle appearing out of nowhere. Is it the Elric brothers? Is it Hermione? Yoda? No…it’s some teenager cosplaying as that loli from that anime Lyrical Nanoha, complete with bunny ear ribbons, pompous yet conservative uniform, and a long rod she’s steadfastly grasping on to.

“I’m here to save you,” the cosplayer says. “I’ll take you to a safe place.” She aims her shaft towards the ceiling and begins to emit a pink glow that’s both warm and menacing at the same time. In a sequence likely to be more memorable than the Death Star firing sequence, the cosplayer shrieks what sounds like “DEVYINGGGG BASTAAAA!!!” as an enormous pink laser emerges that not only demolishes the ceiling, but any unwary birds, aircraft, or space shuttles in its immense wake that stirs memories of Squall’s ridiculous “Blasting Zone” limit break where he chops the world in half just to defeat a level 25 mosquito. We can also conclude at this point that since a laser was indeed fired, this cosplayer is probably the real thing, meaning that she is no longer considered jailbait internationally, but only in most countries. OH SHI-

After being airlifted to safety, the little survivor lays on her stretcher thinking about the girl who had saved her. So strong. So gentle. So cool. Staring at the cool girl’s pantsu as she flies away, the little girl despairs at her own weakness. I’m so pathetic, she thinks.

Four years later, she’s a changed girl.

Standing as tall and talented as Amare Stoudemire, we see that she’s maintained her boyish charm but has filled out quite nicely. Her petite waist is accentuated by her rockin’ thighs and shapely bottom, scarcely covered by a pair of denim hot pants (the bulge in the front of her shorts raises further speculation about the possible trap designation). It’s a shame her surely sensual ankles are hidden by the cuff of her rollerblades, which oddly only have three wheels and no rear brakes (more on this later). Subaru, we find out her name is. Behind her, a girl resembling Rosette from Chrno Crusade loads up her gigantic triple-barreled gun. This girl’s name is Imprez…wait, no…Tiana.

A screen pops up in front of them – it’s Reinforce II, as spirited as ever. It seems like Subaru and Tiana are about to engage in a field examination! Overhead, a helicopter containing a lusciously legal Hayate and a smoking hot Fate fly by, checking out the trainees. Elsewhere, Nanoha is making the final checks for the examination. The timer is started…


Tiana turns a knob on her gun and fires out a grappling hook, as Subaru catches a little underboob as she hangs onto her. As they are pulled in, Subaru lets go early and busts through a window, promptly engaging the rapid-fire sentry drones within. She disposes of the first two with dashing hand-to-hand combat moves, and needlessly yet appreciatively shows off her overwhelming firepower as she disintegrates the last drone in a blast emanating from her metallic drill arm. Meanwhile, Tiana disposes of several terrorist dummies while skillfully evading the hostage dummies. The two rendezvous on a lower floor as they comment on how well their watches are synchronized. Fate and Hayate (with that delicious hint of Osaka-ben) seem impressed.

After the commercial break, more slick drone-dispatching moves ensue. They execute a well-designed decoy play which results in a gut-wrenching, adrenaline pumping crossfire that decimates the remaining drones. They stop to catch their breath and reload while Subaru comments on how sick her moves were. As Tiana turns around to shut her up, she spots another drone hidden in a cloud of smoke behind Subaru. Subaru, watch out!! Tiana tackles her while narrowly evading the beam, and quickly runs for cover. Her foot catches onto an imperfection on the ground and twists her ankle in a sickening crunch, immediately regretting that she didn’t spend the extra 20 bucks on a pair of Nikes with patented ankle support system. She quickly recovers and fires several shots to destroy the last drone. Unfortunately, she also knocks out the surveillance camera in the process.

For the next several minutes, we’re treated to several sudden mind-changes by Tiana as she goes from “Don’t touch me! I’m fine!” to “Forget about me and go pass the test! I’ll just take the test in six months by myself!” back to “Are you going to convince me to go with you already?!!” Temperamental teens…must be the raging hormones.

Anyways, we see Tiana emerging into camera sight running rather spryly. Was that sickening crunch all just an act? She’s immediately shot down by an odd heat-seeking laser (some loli scientist must’ve figured out how to consciously bend laser beams…) but emerges again from the debris. Turns out that she’s doing some magical version of kage bunshin that’s throwing the tracking lasers all haywire – as a diversion. Subaru stands atop the building muttering to herself about how she’s going to be cool and strong like that girl that saved her, and pounds the ground amidst a magical blue haze while shouting her own magical phrase that sounds something like “WIG… GOAT-O!!!!”

From the rotating magical triangle a bridge of light extends to another building – this is the building where the main drone is housed. Tiana sends a few more bunshins to throw the laser off as Subaru’s six wheel drive kicks into top gear and careens towards the building. Ripping off some more moves from previous animes, she busts through the concrete wall and lands her furious metallic punch on the pink force field, pushing through with more fury and intensity than the first sperm to make it to the promise land. She finally breaks through and destroys the final drone. SCORE!

“We still have a minute to make it past the goal line!” Tiana says. She hitches a ride on Subaru as the two charge forward with full-time all-wheel drive. Only sixteen seconds left! Subaru flips the red switch and smashes her NOS button as the two blaze by Vin Diesel and pass the goal line at mach 5 – but they can’t stop! As they plummet towards the wall, Nanoha casts a pink holding net spell from her perch while Fate summons some marshmallow tentacles from her helicopter. SAFEEEE!

At this point Reinforce II bursts into a tiny ball of steam as she mouths off at the two trainees, one of which is flashing her ass in RII’s general direction. No matter, they’re not listening to her anyways as they marvel at Reinforce’s tiny book and wonder how anyone possesses the eyesight to be able to read it. Nanoha descends with her long socks and calm demeanor, her zettai ryouiki prominently on display. Naturally, Subaru realizes that the fully legal hottie in front of her is the same one who flashed her pantsu four years prior, and breaks down into a sobbing mess as Nanoha congratulates her on a job well done (while notably ignoring the cripple). Once again, the bulge in Subaru’s shorts provide evidence to support the trap theory.

ED Sequence:

ED: 「星空のSpica」 (Hoshizora no Spica) by田村ゆかり(Tamura Yukari)
Watch the ED! Mirror 1, Mirror 2

Well, Omni had a hard time deciding whether to blog this or not, so I went ahead and did it. Nanoha is one of those shows that deserves some kind of attention one way or another. It’s actually surprising to me that such an Otome fanboy like Omni wouldn’t be all over this…but oh well, to each his own.

Anyways, this new series seems to retain all the aspects that made the previous two series so successful, such as the solid animation, good music, and fast pacing. The jailbait appeal of old has now been replaced with the onee-san appeal, one that seemed to work wonders with the Shizuru x Natsuki dynamic, so I foresee no problems with this new group. Not to mention Subaru and Tiana are a lot more spunky and much less annoying than Arika and Nina…that’s always a good thing.

Note that my understanding of Japanese is rudimentary at best, so I had to fill in the holes with my blunt insight and poor sense of humor.

So I had fun writing this one up, and while the first episode was entertaining, I’m pretty sure I would completely crack by their third and just go on a freezeflame tirade about how sh…naw, I won’t start. So, any cheap shots and baseless biases notwithstanding, I won’t be blogging or talking about this show any more!



  1. The mecha attacks Subaru made:

    Broken Phantom (GaoGaiGar. Complete with the Phantom Ring)
    Grand Dasher (Combattler V)
    Revolver Stake (Alteisen Riese, SRWOG)
    Spinning-thing on the Revolver Knuckle (Gear Fighter Dendoh)

    Village Idiot
  2. I want more Fate and Signum in action XD(cause the manga show it a bit, well i guess the manga is the transition) this show Nanoha Strikers maybe focus more about the “strike” (forward) member than Nanoha,Fate since they are as commander. Just my assumprion hopefuly they get enough time in this show.
    @Genestarwind according the manga Nanoha, Fate,and Hayate is 3rd year high school

  3. I do know what I’m talking about thank you very much. I have both the 1st 2 seasons (thanks to a friend) and i just didn’t find anything special about Nanoha. If anything i found it to be a little over-the-top with not much character development.

    Now i don’t hate these animes. They are better than some other animes I’ve seen at least.

    I don’t hate it, i just don’t like it either. I’m neutral about it. I just don’t find it blog worthy.

  4. @Hudson: Damnit, if you’re going to be so persistent in telling Omni not to blog shows you don’t like despite it being a waste of time to try, how about you go volunteer at a suicide prevention hotline, where your persistence might actually save someone’s life. Leave us alone.
    And yes, I know it’s jaalin who’s blogging it at the moment.

  5. I’m not complaining. If he chooses to blog this then by all means. I’ll just ignore the blogs he makes about it. I was just saying in my opinion i don’t find this show blog worthy.

  6. Well I have to disagree and I’m thankful that Omni decided to blog it. The first episode blew me away and so far its the best anime I’ve seen this season. The op once again had a great song and is now stuck in my head like all the other nanoha openings. ^_^ Anyways a lot of good action scenes and yes I agree there were many references to other games, anime but I didn’t let it bother me. Well I can’t wait for the subs to come out (and a better raw) and also to Hypernova the person with the red hair with the weapon that looks like its from Busou Renkin is a boy.

  7. actually nanoha is not in high school anymore. at the end of a’s, she’s 15 and in high school. over the course of the a’s to strikers manga, though, another 4 years passes, during which we can assume she graduated high school, and is probably now working in her TSAB job

    oh, and jaalin, GO CRY TO SUGINAMI

  8. Hudson: you are complaining, and you said ‘please don’t blog this show’. So keep quiet and read what you want to read, or, if you’re so concerned about what’s ‘blog worthy’, write your own damn blog. And you don’t know what you were talking about, because in the Spring preview thread you basically got everything you said about the show wrong.

    I haven’t watched the episode yet, but I am lamenting the depature of the loli cast, and fear that this will be too much action, due to the success of A’s.

  9. I loved the OP since whenever I heard the live version on the net somewhere, especially around 0:50 and 1:10. I didn’t expect the animation to work so well with the song, but I really like how they presented it.

    I also think it’s funny how Nanoha and Fate’s hair go back to pigtails with the transformation. But they’re older and taller now so they’re um.. un-lolified? XD But with pigtails still. Rant on other uniforms – Not really digging the black leggings thing for some reason… though Fate’s transformation outfit (black barrier jacket with white on top) with the black leggings looks great.

    Ah… and based on the uniforms, yes – the red haired guy with the Buso Renkin-ish weapon is a boy. He gets to wear pants 😛 unless there’s an issue hidden there, but I doubt it. Chrono’s unavailable now, they needed a substitute… just not Nanoha’s age 😉

  10. Well, most people already said all there is to say (Even if SOME said more than they need to…)

    So feeling different, I’ll just thank you for the OP and ED video =)

    Still, I’m still sore that a number of important characters from the last two seasons aren’t as important as before now… =(

    P.S – Oh yeah, to make people feel better, Yuuno and Arf are still alive, they’re just busy with things not related to the current situation, which seems to be more about the rookies for now…

  11. i actually want to see yuno for once through all 3 season i watch i find him annoying at season 1,2 but now without him feel kind of weird. i dont care if it is going to be nanoha X yuno or anything like that but i just want to see him pop up for a bit

  12. Excellent, first the infamous Negima troll annoys/entertains (depends on your perspective) everyone here everytime Omni blogs an episode of that series, now he’s moving onto Nanoha once Negima has ended.

    Well, at least we’ll see the last of him knowing that Omni never intended to blog beyond episode ~1-3 of Nanoha StrikerS anyway, thereby reducing this troll’s exposure considerably. (He could always try and start an edit war in Wikipedia, much like he did with the Negima entry, and fail miserably, and become the biggest laughing stock once again. )

    Kinny Riddle
  13. Well, there’re bound to be someone (or two) going on a crusade against popular series, only to get pwned by the fans while using the ‘It’s my opinion’ defence or the ‘I don’t like it just because’ offence.

    It was Kanon and Code Geass last season, I’m guessing it’ll be ‘StrikerS’, ‘Hayate’ and ‘Lucky Star’ this season…

    I don’t find Yuuno annoying, just lacking… Oh, but I do want to see that YuunoXNanoha thingy getting into gear- Since my no. 1 pairing…’sunk’.

  14. @Chaos2Frozen i doubt very much there will be any yuno X nanoha in this one because i think the anime is 24 episode is going to be kind of hard to squeeze the new characters development and action and the romance of nanoha together i mean if they do it for nanoha then they prob have to do it for the other previous characters as well.
    but damn i really want to see some romance in this one.>.

  15. That was hilarious! haha. I pretty much detest magical girl animes since they mostly are run-of-th-mill, but I love the way you blogged this, it was very entertaining. Just one tip, maybe try to get better quality screencaps? Other than that, it would be neat to see more summaries from you =P

  16. oh joy… so the first reviewed ep is an MSTing. loverly. *sweatdrop* hey omni, wanna go back and do this thing a little more seriously than this “jaalin” fellow did?

    and hudonson, bugger off.

  17. @genestarwind

    chapter 1 of a’s to strikers begs to differ, pg1 notes that they’re already in high school. then chapter 3 of a’s to strikers mentions an additional 4 years

    >while Fate summons some marshmallow tentacles from her helicopter. SAFEEEE!
    despite the fact that fate has the little magic ring around her wrist, the marshmallow tentacles are reinforce’s. note the velka (triangle) symbol under the net (fate is mid-style, not velka), plus the marshmallows disappear when rein closes her book

  18. Seems the quality is a bit high (i really like the fight scenes (or rather test)) but still there is this thing that make not put Nanoha not on my priority that much (not like the first the 2nd season (maybe too much of Nanoha) (just like Naruto ) or the feeling that its like i’m watching a loli show in some supermarket were kids watch some sentai shows again and again

    then again its enjoyable somehow ^^ more DESU~ is fun ^^

    load (silver) cartridge…… Fire!!!! (ehe load cartridge really reminds me of Natsuki and Duran than Nanoha and Raging Heart) ^^

  19. @Rinkun
    26 episodes actually, but I get the point… But anything’s possible… For now, I still carry hope!

    “but damn i really want to see some romance in this one.>. ”

    I feel ya… Okay, maybe I’m more picky, I wanna see SPECIFIC romance (Already got shot down once…)

  20. I think you guys should lay off Hudson. All he did was give his honest opinion about the show. And isn’t that what we are supposed to do. Not many people are brave enough to admit that they don’t particularly care for a show.

    He never said he hated the show you know. He’s just neutral about it and said he doesn’t find it blog worthy. I myself also find the Nanoha series to be a little over-rated. But that doesn’t mean i hate it.

    SquilinPigie 123
  21. Well Negima!? has ending so there is no piont into comming into this aurgument. I really do not like it when Hudson was complaining every single week saying that “Negima is fuckin retarted” but its all finnished.

  22. Hey where are the 2 boys from the first and second seasons???
    why do you waste the plot making the female characters grow up like that without male characters to envolve the romance????
    I didn´t like the way they choose this time….and why this ” OHH! NOW THE PEOPLE FROM EARTH
    also The future like apocaliptical state from the city they live SUCKS too!! The anime was better on a more clean state city!!
    Tell me something boys!! Does yono kun and the other boy that worked with her mother on the ship appears on this future version????
    Also WHERE IS FATE´S STEPMOTHER( also the mother from the boy from the ship )
    Man this whole thing got me angry this time!!!
    ” YOU SUCK LIKE HELL PAL !! ” Let you son or your daughter write for you that I BET we could get LESS SHIT from this plot!!! T_T

  23. I’m not sure you are trolling or if you have ADHD, tensai otaku. But I will try to explain a few things.

    Chrono is married to Amy with two kids, but he should make a cameo or two.

    Yuuno is busy with work, and he is simply not Nanoha’s type. (You can’t force someone to like you)

    They are not police. They are an anti lost logia task force.

    It does not take place on a post apocalyptic Earth. It takes blace in Midchilda. Birthplace of Chrono and Lindy. Notice the 3 moons they have?

    Lindy has desk job now, and she’s helping Amy out with the kids.

  24. so i guess no romance then….
    i do somehow think that red hair boy and the pink hair girl look like a couple maybe they end up being sibling or something.. i dunno.
    but i really just want to see some emotional development i dont mind it even is going to end up fate X nanoha but i think ppl dont read the manga may have miss abit too much there is like a hugh gap in the stroy accord to u guys.
    P.S @T_l what do u mean by yuno not nanoha type? did nanoha say so in the manga or something? or ur own theory. if is ur own theory u should tell pl is ur own otherwise they get confuse and lose hope…..

  25. It is confirmed by the producers that Nanoha sees Yuuno as a sibling

    He himself has given up on Nanoha in the manga. Partially because he feels he can not keep up with her life style.

    Nanoha does have romance for something, but it’s not something tangible. She loves the sky and her job. You know how some boys love sports a waaaaaay a lot more than girls? We’ll she’s like that.


  26. jaalin I liked your writeup. I was thinking it read like some kind of fanfiction and then someone mentioned MST which is probably the closest thing to what I was thinking XD. The overall comments are great, plus the aftermath – onee-san appeal = so true, Omni and the Otome fanboy-ish not all over this? = that makes sense.

  27. @genestarwind
    the manga occurs between the a’s anime and the strikers anime. so considering they’ve already graduated from high school during the manga, and strikers takes place after the manga, they’ve already graduated in the strikers anime

  28. i can feel omni on his decision, they be milking the sheet outta this series ,what they think, this is pretty cure or something?? but yeah it was always cool the animation on the weapons and stuff but i never felt enough substance, AND HOW OLD ARE THESE BROADS ALREADY, FREAKING 21 OR SOMETHING… THEM BROADS ARE TOO OLD!!!!! *pedo comment of the day*

    brooklyn otaku
  29. Hey T_I Thanks for the explanation Now I can enjoy the anime.( because I never read manga)
    And I really didn´t know that had happened!
    But hey THX!!
    PS: Chrono got luck!!
    Poor yuuno but I really thought that in the end he would never got to be with her.
    Nanoha by the other side HAS a koibito = Kanojo no MAHOU!!( pretty cliche stuff for a kid anime )T_T

  30. @tensai_otaku
    “PS: Chrono got luck!!”

    Somehow it doesn’t feel that way… =(

    “Poor yuuno but I really thought that in the end he would never got to be with her.”

    Ahhh, but the series’ just started, who’s to say what’s Definite? =D

  31. Hmm…

    Nanoha as Shizuru serving as a dependable onee-sama for the new kids.
    Fate as Natsuki in an oversight role.

    and the newbies are Arika and Nina.

    I like the shipping possibilities this opens up.

  32. Pretty much the Nanoha series has something for almost everyone: magical combat, cute lolitas, cute 20-somethings, cute milfs, ummmmmmmm, o yeah, and if you ignore the substitution of mecha with all the cuteness — all the bang and zoom of mecha. The first few seasons actually contained interesting stories and character development/evolution – too early to tell if this season offers much of that yet.

    Nanoha’s motto: “Shoot First, ask questions later!” and “Be my Friend or else…”

  33. @Vexx
    “Nanoha’s motto: “Shoot First, ask questions later!” and “Be my Friend or else…” ”

    I still can’t get this out of my head…

    “Maximum power is very important!”

  34. Kyaaaaa, I’m re-watching the first seadson and I can’t get over the yuri vibes. Nanoha spends the middle few episodes doing nothing but thinking of Fate’s beautiful eyes and hair… ^^;;;

  35. >>In the first StrikerS Soundstage, Fate and Hayate both seems to want to see Nanoha end up with Yuuno.

    No, they wonder why she gets along well with Yuuno yet they are not dating. They conclude that their relationship is locked at sibling status.

    Hayate then goes on to yap about family

  36. So I actually got a chance to watch this. I couldn’t stop laughing the whole time at how awful it was…but in a good way, almost as if the show unintentionally parodies itself (unless it’s intential, if so…good job mates!) It seems like the whole series can pretty much be summed up by that one Excel Saga anime parody episode. lol

  37. @ShinSenshi
    Well, you have to remember that Nanoha is designed so that it’s target audience is the slightly older males (something like 13-19 I think was quoted), rather than the usual younger girl audience. As such, there are a few things that a tongue in cheek (I take Arf’s existence as being somewhat tongue-in-cheek when you realize what her age is), while there are a few things that are obviously a fanservice thrown in. (Ex: All the Fate/Nanoha moments in the first two season where it looks like they’re about to kiss but back off into an embrace = kyaaaaaaaaaaaa).

  38. Shinn I was refering to the short haired boy in the intro not Vita.
    Checks Wiki.

    Private Erio Mondial (Age 10)
    エリオ・モンディアル (Erio Mondīaru, エリオ・モンディアル?) (Voice: Marina Inoue)
    A boy whom Fate takes in and cares for, and the guard wing of the Lightning Squad. He uses an Armed Device named Strada, a staff similar to a combination of Durandal and Raising Heart Excelion.

    Oh crap he’s also a ten years old… I fear for both Subaru and Teana. Especially Teana!

  39. shinn and nanoha waht are you crying am sorry nanoha that ok we fine you never destroy mai otome dont cry shinn need to help you no gunslinger girl and no gunslinger boy no more so name is JOEL PEREZ yes your rabello and claes need help for JOEL PEREZ well yes nanoha good guy yes want shinn asuka that good who your gundam seed destiny destiny gundam waht have to do love anime ok by sunrise and bandai good thanks you


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